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For the future; we could do with a standardized Death Order edit procedure.

So for example, it should say, "Victim Name - CoD, by Killer if applicable"

So instead of, "Bobby Jon - killed by Mary Sue" it should say, "Bobby Jon - shot in the head by Mary Sue".

Make sense?

I haven't read enough v5
Gwen O'Connor.


Go wild.

Ya Gotta Make That Play
Theo fell asleep there, lying flat on his back and beaten to absolute hell and back. Luckily for him, the wounds were mostly superficial; bruises and such, nothing really broken or fatal. It'd hurt like absolute hell for a while, but he'd recover given time. Time he may not have had, but time.

Theo slept for a few hours, until very early morning, at which point he slowly awoke. It was still before dawn, though there was just a touch of light peeking through the windows. Theo sat up, and rubbed his eyes. He was feeling slightly less pained, as the bruises had already begun to heal, his body stitching itself up during sleep.

Theo looked around, finding basically nothing had changed. The other boy had left, so as usual he was alone. Theo was feeling nauseated from the morning breath taste in his mouth, his body was sore, and he hadn't eaten.

Theo then saw the crackers and water on the table.

He ate them and they were fucking delicious.

Theo decided to get moving again; he needed a strategy, and staying in one place too long was going to get him found more likely than constantly moving. Not to mention Danger Zones could spell the end for him.

Theo left, leaving behind the empty food containers. Worthless junk. He needed another weapon.

((Theodore Fletcher's story continues in Memory))

Ya Gotta Make That Play

Theo felt something hard and forceful strike him in the face and he was knocked back and dazed by the blow. He lay on his back for a moment, unable to focus his eyes from the pain and dizziness.

Theo tried to breath, but at this point his vision was fading. He'd gotten the everloving shit beaten out of him, and his body was not would not and could not take any more.

Theo stopped trying to move; he simply lay still, eyes closed, resting.

Ya Gotta Make That Play
((GMing of RJ approved by his handler Un-Persona))

Theo stared for a second, feeling sudden fury and pain welling up from within. "Wow, man, real mature. When did anything I said become a command? I made a suggestion and..." Theo paused. A funny, crazy idea struck him. "That was pretty stupid."

Theo lunged, recklessly dashing forward to slam shoulder-first into RJ's chest. The two spilled backwards from the chair, and Theo found himself laying on top of the other boy, head swimming from the rush and pain. Theo rolled off and grabbed for RJ's bag, but suddenly he felt an upward force from below, and was sent rolling across the linoleum floor.

He regretted his decision suddenly; he needed food, sure, but couldn't he have just asked? He'd fucked up, to be sure. He'd made a stupid, crazy decision and it was about to cost him.

He sat up, and scrabbled to his knees, panting for breath.

Walk the Streets so Mean
Nina was feeling pretty fucking pissed after that statement. She took a breath and spoke.

"Okay, really? Are we still in school, with you thinking you have the right to boss me around like you're fucking worth anything anymore? We're dead, all dead, we just haven't actually died yet but we're still good as fucking dead. None of us are going to make it off this island and the one person who does is basically going to be mentally destroyed."

Nina took a breath.

"So fine, I will leave, but when everyone finds out if one of you is a killer, someone somewhere will make you pay. And your looks and wealth and your bitchy attitude will do nothing to save you." Nina looked between the two.

"And may I just suggest that neither of you trust the other. Only one person goes home, after all, not two. Have a nice fucking day."

((Nina Clarke's story concludes in Nemesis))

Ya Gotta Make That Play
((Theodore Fletcher's story continues from Calamity))

Of all the fucking luck.

Theodore had staggered into the high school with the simple intention of finding a place to rest. He doubted people would be in the school, right? They'd probably be bunching up in town or...something. Theo wasn't sure what he was thinking, to be honest. He probably wasn't concussed, but he was struggling with the aching sensation in his body and the pain in his head.

Fucking Xavier.

Well, in all honesty, it was probably Theo's fault that he got the shit kicked out of him, but Theo was too busy being pissed off to care. Still, it was pretty much Theo's fault.

Theo shook his head, wished he hadn't, and entered the school. The first thing he found was a corpse, lying at the bottom with...obvious damage. Theo winced at the odor, and continued upstairs, edging past the body. He heard a noise, and whipped his head towards a classroom.

Wincing again from the sharp pain, Theo stepped slowly into the doorway. RJ Rogers Jr. was in the room, zipping up a bag. "Hey, uh, hi." Theo muttered. Speaking more loudly, Theo said, "Listen, just...stay calm and don't do anything stupid, and we'll both be fine."

Theo hoped he didn't regret staying. He could probably run, but if he had the chance to get some supplies from this guy, willingly or otherwise, what was the risk? At this point, Theo's gut was sore for a number of reasons, one of which being "I haven't eaten all day feed me".

Theo saw the bullet enter Xavier's torso, but he didn't have time to process it before he was flung to the ground. He saw the gun spin away, towards a nearby pond. Theo scrabbled towards it, dragging himself over towards the gun.

Unfortunately, Xavier grabbed him and bodily flung him away, and Theo found himself laying on the ground , a few feet from the bench where what seemed like a second ago he'd been sitting peacefully.

Theo's head struck a rock, and his vision blurred as the burst of pain bursted in the back of his head, and he blinked woozily and tried to sit up but was too dizzy.

He rolled onto his stomach and tried to pick himself up, barely even aware of the other boy coming after him, at this point all he wanted was to crawl away and die, because his entire body ached and his hair was sticky with blood and he could barely even move.

He didn't want to die. Not like this.

That was what gave Theo enough strength to push himself to his feet, and, clutching his gut and blinking away pained tears, hobble away.

Xavier must not have given chase. Theo figured he knew why.

((Theodore Fletcher's story continues elsewhere))

Walk the Streets so Mean
Finn reacted like a prick, as expected, and Mara just straight-up-ignored her, which might've been even worse. Nina was tempted to just walk away, but something Mara said caught her attention.

"Wait, you...what happened?"

Then Nina processed what'd happened.

"You...you stabbed someone? What...what the hell happened?" Nina moved back into her left foot, just in case she needed to run. They both seemed to be armed, and Nina definitely didn't have the ability to fight with her fucked-up left hand. She wasn't sure if either or both of them were killing, and she wanted nothing to do with this situation if either wanted her blood.

Still. Might as well try and piece together what happened.

"Okay, who got stabbed and why?"

Hands around his throat.

"Umph" as he was kicked in the chest.

Gasping for air as he tried to struggle to his feet.

A tiny little gasp as a strike to his nose, he felt the blood running down his chin.

"uhn" as another blow, right to the gut, sent Theo wobbling, and one last hit to his chin sent Theo slumping to the ground.

He blacked out for a moment.

A second later, Theo was conscious, awake, aware, but terrified. He hadn't realized Xavier was a fucking MMA fighter, and he had nothing he could do to fight him.

A glint of metal just a couple feet away. Xavier's handgun, tucked just barely out of sight from above under a nearby bush. Theo scrabbled towards it, dragging himself over towards the gun.

He rolled over and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened, so now Theo had to struggle with the safety for a split second before he could fire.

Potentially a fatal error.

Walk the Streets so Mean
((Nina Clarke's story continues from Good Day Sunshine))

Nina had walked pretty much randomly through the woods, only stopping to eat, drink and relieve herself.

So when she found herself going along a path, and finding two people she recognized as bully-types sitting on a bench, she was not pleased with the results of her randomly walking through the woods.

Nina wasn't sure how to react to this. On one hand, Finn and Mara were both absent on the announcements, so Nina was reasonably confident that neither were killers. On the other hand, both might be looking to kill.

But Nina didn't really know, so why not try and talk to them? Mara was...crying? That seemed out of character, so hopefully nothing was going on. Might as well check.

"Hey, what's going on?"

((GMing of Xavier Contel approved by his handler))

Theo desperately wanted to follow Xavier. He wanted to be accepted, and to somehow wage a fight with the terrorists and win and go home and recover from this awful situation and redeem himself to the Parker and Liu family. He wanted things to end like an anime, like a Pokémon game, where good triumphed over evil.

But Theo knew better.

This was reality, and in reality morals had no say in who was victorious. In real life, the winners were the smartest, the cleverest, the strongest, the wisest, most prepared

the most ruthless.

When Xavier turned, Theo made his move. His goal; get Xavier's gun and bag and make a break for it. He lunged forward, crossing the distance in a second and full-force tackling Xavier, and sending them both slamming to the ground.

Theo didn't know where the gun was.

"Why?" Theo repeated.

Theo couldn't answer. He really didn't know.

"Okay, just give me a sec." Theo quickly checked the distance between the two of them.Theo had no idea if he could reach Xavier before he fired, and a shot at close range would probably not miss.

Theo had seen bullet wounds far too often to imagine he'd survive a close-range gunshot blast from that particular handgun.

Theo kept his hands raised, and he stared at Xavier square in the face. "I thought I had to, but I didn't. I shouldn't have killed Gabby or Dan, and I will regret that until the day I die."

Theo paused. "But I don't want today to be that day, and I don't think you do, either. So if you give me a chance, I can make it up to them."

Theo paused for a moment. Xavier's question was one he'd had all day. Why did he murder two people? Why had he done as they wanted him to, and given in and killed people, two innocent students his age? Why?

"Okay, uh, Xavier? We can talk, just.. just put, put the gun down, it makes it kind of hard to focus, y'know? I've had a gun pointed at me before, and I guess now, and it's really fucking stressful."

Theo gazed at Xavier. What was running through the other boy's head? Was he still thinking of shooting him? Theo wasn't sure how accurate Xavier would be, but the closeness of them really made Theo concerned. It'd be hard to miss him at this range.

"Kay, so if you could just set the gun down on the ground, I can explain what happened. You can keep it by your feet, if you want."

Oh fuck why.

Theo whipped around to see Xavier. He knew Xavier from doing a few tabletop games together, but they'd never been particularly friendly outside of that. He was pretty sure Xavier wasn't a killer.

But he also knew that he was probably going to try and kill him anyways. Theo wondered if some crazy person, somewhere, was claiming to channel Gabby's spirit and sending legions of vigilantes after him.

Theo stood, and held his hands up as Xavier pointed a large gun at him. "Okay, dude, let's...let's just stay calm and talk about this. Do you really feel able to shoot someone in cold blood like this? It isn't easy, and it'll haunt you, trust me."

Theo stepped around the bench, and stood roughly 10 feet from Xavier. He did not want to end up dead from this, and while he didn't want this to get too violent, he needed to be prepared to defend himself as quickly as possible.

A Conflict of Interests
Nancy had watched Theo shooting another boy, and all she could think was how could you. How fucking dare you, you douchenozzle, how dare you let these sick fucks who are basically killing you win. How dare you kill people. How dare you murder that boy and that girl and nearly kill another girl and break down in tears like he was soooo sympathetic, like he wasn't a murderer. Nancy stayed up late at night, watching him as he slept, and eventually she went to bed (her parents were asleep at 9 a lot lately, the grief was too much for them after thinking him dead and now all this). Then she watched him wake up, and she watched him end up in a dangerzone and escape with his life (what did she think of him living? Did he even deserve it, the asshole?) and then he talked to a girl.

He fucking


to someone.

No violence or anything.

Like he'd made amends.

Yeah, right. That was a lie. He was still a murderer.

Then he went to a club thing in a golf course (this island was nice, which made Nancy wonder why there hadn't been a military initiative yet, it seemed like a specific place) and he went in. Then people came in, threatening him.

Nancy's heart shattered.

Oh god, he might die. Her big brother, who she'd played with when they were young, when he'd gone into a slump she'd felt so ashamed for letting it happen, and now he'd just made a mistake and she was going to watch him die for a situation that never should've happened. Nancy sniffled, and she watched him go for his bag and that other guy tackled him but he ran away and oh he wasn't going to die after all.

Nancy shook her head. She didn't know how she felt anymore. Theo was a good guy, right? He'd never been, like, a school shooter candidate or something, so why was he doing this? Why?

Nancy didn't know.

Did she even want to?

She kept watching as he ran away from the clubhouse thing.

Good Day Sunshine
So Mal was gonna deliver messages to people? Huh. Neat idea, but Nina wasn't sure how effective that'd be. Like, two people were better than one in this case, she supposed, but the island was probably big.

Nina wasn't really sure how to feel. On one hand, everyone was so optimistic, but Nina felt like she knew better. There wasn't going to be a rescue this time, because if their kidnappers had a single brain cell among them, they'd probably patch the security holes that led to the escape ASAP.

Nina touched her collar, tugged it lightly, and nothing happened. She wasn't sure what she'd expected; wasn't it supposed to explode if she pulled it too hard? A risky proposition, tampering with it. Nina doubted she was clever enough to mess around with it.

Nina stood, bag over her shoulder. Glancing out a window, she saw the sun rising above the horizon. Nina felt stifled, suddenly; she didn't want this, any of this, any of these people, kind yet naïve yet how could she trust them on this shithole, and Nina shook her head and said, "I need some air, I'll be right back".

She walked out of the door with no intention of returning.

((Nina Clarke's story continues elsewhere))

((Theodore Fletcher's story continues from Interstice of Time))

Theo found himself, hours later, in the duck pond, thoroughly exhausted, half-starved, filthy, and emotionally drained. He might've just escaped a death sentence, for all he knew but at the same time this couldn't go on.

He sat down on a park bench, and watched as the sun began to set over the water. He needed food, or he could legitimately starve, especially if nobody was willing to share with a killer.

Which of course was highly unlikely.

Theo felt nauseated, and it wasn't just because he hadn't eaten in hours; he was a murderer, a genuine killer of two people. On one hand, if he was the last one standing, he'd go home. On the other, did he really deserve it? A two-time killer. Twice.

Theo shook his head, and sighed. He needed a miracle at this point if he was going to eat tonight.

Interstice of Time
((GMing of basically everyone in the thread approved. Skipping to leave the thread.))

As Theo reached for his bag, a number of things happened.

A voice cried out from the door, which Theo recognized as Ben Ward, the classic dumb jock/bully whatever. Theo paid him no mind.

The second thing that happened was a hard slam knocking Theo to the ground and sending him skidding across the linoleum floor.

Theo immediately scrambled to his feet, head spinning. He looked around at the other people, and back at his bag, which Jesse was now on top of. He needed to think fast; what was he going to do to avoid this rapidly devolving situation?

Theo shouted the first thing that came to mind “Jaquilyn’s lying, she killed her!” and pointed at the girl. He honestly had no idea if she really killed this girl, whoever she was, but in this case it worked. People glanced over at Jaquilyn, and Theo made his move.

Theo darted for the window, away from the group of people in the doorway. Thankfully, the glass was gone, as Theo heaved himself onto the sill and outside, jumping down to the ground, where he went full sprint as far away as possible as fast as possible.

His bag, which had his weapons and food, was left abandoned, and Theo raced away from the vigilante group as quickly as he could.

((Theodore Fletcher’s story continues elsewhere))

SotF Murdercast
I could guest, having a mic and a Skype account, but I'm not sure what I could say. Still interested, though!