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V6 Roll Call
Espi is ready!


Alice Baker

Henry Spencer

Blair Moore

Poe's Poems Pwn Posers
Dry ice clings
to the ground in sheets
of frigid-

Silent sun rises
the months of the days
passing slowly-

Icy wind
snowless cold

Ugh this sucked. Blair had no clue what to write, and to make matters worse, she felt the oncoming of a coughing fit. Raising her hand, Blair gathered up her stuff and made her way to the bathroom to clear out her airways. She supposed Bryony would be getting her way this time. Damn.

From inside the classroom, one could hear Blair's hacking as she stumbled down the hallway.

((Blair Moore concluded in Lostlorn))

He’s So Fine And Different

Henry grinned at Scarlett. She wanted to dance, and he would be glad to! Dancing was a lot of fun and was good exercise, though he wasn't one to get all sweaty and gross. Still that was the price one paid for aerobic activity. And it was pretty cheap, too; free, assuming you didn't ruin your clothes.

As Henry began to dance, the upbeat song got him even more excited. He tried to emulate a few styles, but ultimately settled on jumping up and down while karate-chopping on front of him.

It looked ridiculous. But it was fun!

Not My Tempo
Alice hung around until class started. Jeremy wasn't half-bad, it seemed. She still felt a little awkward, just hanging around without the teacher. Then again, she was almost an adult, right? Soon she'd be in college, and who knew how that'd be.

She was thinking about college more often lately. When she graduated, she needed a major. Her grades were good so getting in might not be an issue. But what to study? Music, art, english or something else? She loved to perform, but that wasn't very practical as a career goal. Art would be challenging to make ends meet. And her writing was only 'okay'; she doubted she could get published.

It didn't matter too much, but it was enough to distract Alice from her sense of anxious silence for now. At least the teacher would arrive soon.

((Alice Baker's pregame concluded in Requiem for Innocence))