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Espi Reads: V5
Queue's closed.

Espi Reads: V5
Madeline is an interesting character. I like how distinctive her voice is, and I think she's got a really interesting enemy in herself; she's not entirely unjustified in her questioning of her actions, having robbed a girl and later murdered two people. She's still very sympathetic though, and I think her interactions with RJ bolstered that a lot. I think Maddie's a very interesting person who's really unique as a not-quite-hero but not quite a villain, being in a shade of gray that gives her a lot of potential choices.

Queue is now open for new critiques! I'll be taking 5 once again, then closing up shop for a bit.

Espi Reads: V5
Finished Mirabella.

She's quite interesting. I feel like the common perception that she improves significantly is not entirely inaccurate; as the game goes on and she becomes less and less stable, her voice and personality become very cohesive, and I think her breakdown is fascinating, especially compared to the far more subdued Bella we see early on. Not to say that Bella was ever bad! Her attempts to hold it together prove interesting conflict in and of themselves, and it sets a good base point for her breakdown. My one issue is with the participation in the escape, if only due to the principle of the thing; Bella's desire to escape works okay, I just dislike the execution of the escape overall. Still, I enjoyed her a fair bit!

After I critique Maddie, I'll open my queue for five new kids.

BDA Quote Nomination Thread #8
"Even though we're classmates, I don't think you know me well enough to judge whether or not I'm willing to kill someone."

Takeshi Yoshikawa
I might as well bid, I'd love to see what I could do.

Espi Reads: V5
Alice Gilman, I think, had a really strong voice. She was pragmatic and logical without being robotic or stiff. She was still a human being, just a smart one. I really appreciated the chemistry in her group; it was a little stiff at the start, but I really felt that bond that formed between the three, and Alice's despair at times was very relatable without being over-the-top or excessive, since it came in enough to be a notable trait without being her dominant personality point. I think her story was pretty good; she avoided danger for the most part, so it really became more about her relationships, which I think were all very solid. I also appreciate that as soon as she tries to play the hero and steps out of her role she's killed.

Overall, I really liked Alice.

ON TO MIRABELLA (who will take at least a few days fair warning)

Also, as soon as I finish Bella and Maddie, I'll reopen the queue for five new kids.

V6 Concepts Thread
Okay so I've altered my concepts slightly. In fact, I have two rough profiles for two of my kids and am working on a third, new character. Ryder and Sadie are ostensibly similar but have a few key differences. Adam, I have decided, is not a concept I will be pursuing for V6 barring a sudden change of heart.

Ryder Jones:
Ryder's a bit stuck-up, but he's a pretty nice guy, and a devout Methodist. He was adopted by his aunt and her husband, but stays in touch with his biological mother, enjoying gardening with her. He also enjoys doing volunteer work, especially with hospice care, with his mom, and engages in pseudo-philosophical debates with his father. Ryder's biggest passion, though, is basketball; a starter point guard, he's very good at what he does. Ryder is fairly likeable, but he can be a bit distant at times, and is often busy and struggles to make time for friends.

Sadie Smith:
From youth, Sadie was one to go with the flow. She likes to tinker with electronics, is a member of the robotics club, and loves sci-fi and sitcoms of various types. Sadie is hampered, however, by fretful parents who pushed her ahead a grade and made schoolwork a huge priority. Sadie resisted, however, leading to a strained relationship with her parents and her. Sadie is for the most part, however, a kind and friendly girl who has some social eccentricities and can come across as strange or weird. She's not the most socially fluent, but she's certainly cheerful, and tends to be fairly easy-going and laid-back, if a bit lazy.

NEWCOMER Arianna Montgomery:
You can't talk about Arianna without talking about ballet. It's her passion; she loves the elegance and movement of it, and has done it all her life. A fairly well-off family has put a lot of stress on her, though; her mother demands absolute perfection from Arianna, and Arianna herself is a perfectionist and a control freak. She relaxes by painting, and enjoys garnering followers on social media like Facebook and Twitter. She also has a small blog where she discusses her life with surprising wit. Arianna is somewhat haughty, and tends to have a need for praise due to her perfection-seeking nature. She can be off-putting, however, with her short temper and bossy nature.

Opinions would be much appreciated, and if you've got a character you want relationships with I'd be happy to set something up!

Espi Reads: V5
Venice is done.

So this is probably gonna be way shorter than Ami because Venice is...way shorter than Ami. I think she'd have really benefited from a longer story and a more dynamic situation. She rescues Amy, plays Clue and is shot, and that's about it. Her death was kind of disappointing, because I think a more violent and/or drawn-out situation would've benefited Venice just by breaking her into the island rather than nothing really dangerous until her death. It just doesn't click with me, personally.

Of course, that's not really your fault, so Venice I'd rank pretty well for an early character aside from dying too early to do much which you can't control.


Espi Reads: V5
My thoughts on Ami Flynn:

I think Ami's a really interesting character. From a writing standpoint, I think Ciel's done a really good job on giving her this clear-cut identity while also making her subject to change and variation, which I appreciate. I really like the motifs of certain phrases (hindsight 20/20) being repeated at key times as well.

As for her story, I think Ami's got a really interesting one. From being this sort of protectorate under Ruby's care to being Mira's protector to taking her own life into her hands (or trying to) by planning suicide. I really like how her narrative is so self-loathing, especially after she kills Sara. Killing was also handled very nicely because it stays a huge part of her story and her mental health's degrading can be attributed to this action. She kills someone and it continues to affect her, which is awesome.

Ami's a really interesting person and I just find her thought process to be fascinating. She's a really unique person and I'm enthralled by her decisions, and her backstory and history is a lot more built-up and important to her than you might think. Overall, I strongly enjoyed Ami and would recommend her to anyone.

Next up is Venice by Persy.

Espi Reads: V5


Deamon's going to hate me for this.

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Basically I was fed but so was Vayne, but we popped Vayne's GA in a teamfight. I got a triple but was now 1v1ing Jax and Rengar. They popped my GA but were low, so when I came up I killed Jax, popped Rengar's GA (yeah it was a long game) and while he respawned I trapped under him, prepped my Q to hit him and ulted as he ran, securing the penta. Super proud of that play, especially since I then pushed to victory and took Nexus.

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So this happened.

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So this was an hour-long game. We got aced like 3 times but our focus on Kog'Maw was good enough that they never had the opportunity to capitalize and after we baroned the second time we aced them in base for thw win.

Also they ffed as we took their nexus so it exploded twice.

The Mulligan Thread
Okay, let's do this. Rereading my profiles overall they weren't awful but they weren't very good either. I'd make a lot of general wording changes throughout to fix the awkward phrasing I used a lot of.

Nina: Nina's profile wasn't actually too bad. I'd probably drop her extraneous gun training and her dumb earrings. I'd probably define her personality more though, make her more of a bossy bitchy person, just because she wasn't very thought-out first time around.

Gwen: Gwen's profile was decent, and aside from some nitpicky wording tweaks I'd probably keep most of it. The biggest thing I'd change would be her appearance, which I'd tone down her accessories.

Theo: Worst for last. I'd tone it waaaaay down; he had a lot of over-the-top bullying issues and random bad shit. His random relationship with a girl who was never mentioned would be completely gone. Randomly moving to Seattle would be gone, too. His overall personality would get completely reworked. I'd make him less socially awkward and more of a well-adjusted normal person. I'd drop a lot of his random tangents on stupid things like being a pacifist(?!) and whatnot.

That's just a rough idea, but basically I'd overhaul Theo and touch up Gwen/Nina.

I've been playing a lot of Jayce lately, to mixed success but doing fairly well. Then this happened:

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Honestly I don't know how I got so fed. He has so much damage and versatility it's crazy. New favorite top, for sure.