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Ave Imperator, Morituri Te Salutant
Gwen stood, shocked as Michelle grabbed Vergil's bag and raced off. She...didn't know what to say. That was really really out of the blue. She shook her head, and gazed towards the general direction Michele had run to, which was towards the gunshots. Gwen looked back at Vergil.

"Uh, should we chase her, or...?"

Gwen saw how fast Michelle was running; she was definitely an athlete, whereas Gwen was clearly not. She was still a little winded from that light trot from the lighthouse to this obstacle course thing.

Realistically, Gwen couldn't catch the other girl, but emotionally, she was so confused by Michelle's actions that she wanted to. What was the point? To make them chase so Vergil could take his bag back? Honestly.

"So, what do you want to do?"

Dream Melody
((Theodore Fletcher's story continues from A New World Fool))

Theo staggered through the thick woods, blind in many ways. He could already feel the itch of mosquito bites, and the scratches on his legs from stumbling in thickets. He'd been walking for a ways through the woods, and after all the running he was so tired he could barely function.

Theo saw moonlight. Streaming from the heavens like a beacon of hope, Theo panted as he stepped slowly into the small clearing surrounding some kind of large tower. Theo was briefly tempted to climb the tower, to find a safe place to sleep, but he didn't have the strength at this point.

Theo walked over next to the tower, and sat down with a thud. He rested his head on his bag, which seemed oddly comfortable considering it was full of a baseball bat and a bunch of supplies. Theo giggled, half-asleep already, as his mind came to a very unusual thought.

"Damn, I cried a lot today. Nancy's gonna think I'm depressed or something."

Theo's eyes closed, and he slept, peacefully.

One Final Very Last Minute Relationship Thread For Psyche
I feel like Nina would be relatively close with both of them, though maybe Gwen may also be friends with Kyran. Not sure, though.

A New World Fool
Theodore watched Maddie run into the safety of the woods. He knew, logically, she was doomed anyways, but he still felt bad for scaring her off. It was different than having killed someone; to Theo, at least, he was still in the surreal sensation moment, not really feeling like he'd even done anything. It hadn't settled in yet.

Theo hoped it didn't ever settle in.

Theo sat for roughly 20 minutes, as the sun started setting. He finished the bar, which wasn't pleasant but was certainly better than nothing, and polished off a bottle of water. He'd found that one of the bottles had been pierced by Maddie's shot. He'd tossed it off the cliff, pollution be damned, and taken a couple bottles from Dan's bag. He didn't really feel bad about taking Dan's stuff.

Not like he needed it, right?

Theo stared off into the sunset once he was finished eating "dinner". He felt nostalgic, almost; he was all alone, with no friends (and any friends would likely stop being his friend soon enough), but he was fed, and he had the sunset to watch. He wrinkled his nose as he noticed an unpleasant stench wafting, like...

He gazed over at Dan's corpse.

He'd killed him.

Taken and innocent life.






Theo walked slowly over to Dan's corpse, and with a primal, anguished scream, moved to kick it but though better of it and slammed his shoe into a rock a few feet away and he watched to soar off the cliff and fall into the deep black sea and he almost wanted to jump after it. He couldn't make it up the familyies could he.

He couldn't.

It was too late for that. Far, far, far, too late too late too late. Three people were dead, it was his fault. He'd murdered them, all him. Theo slumped to the ground, a few inches from the cliff, head in his hands, sobbing.

He had nothing left.

He cried like a child, until he was out of tears and he felt exhausted and empty inside. He hadn't decided what he'd need to do, but he needed to leave this murder spot. He really didn't know where he needed to go, or what he needed to do, or what his new plan was, he certainly wasn't about to win and redeem himself redemption was a lie. He'd killed 3 people, it would never go away and he'd hurt forever so much hurt

All he needed was to go.

((Theodore Fletcher's story continues in Dream Melody))

D&D 4e: Funhavers! Interest Check Thread

My character sheet is complete, with some adjustments from our lovely DM.

May The Odds Not Fuck You In The Butt
Nina smiled, relieved that nobody held any ill will for her, and apparently not for anyone else. A blessing, albeit a small one, to encounter a peaceful group, especially considering the stuff Nina was going through today so far.




The other boy.

The shooter on the cliffs.


Already terrible things were happening, violence and murder and hatred and death, but Nina wasn't able to do anything about it. She was too scared, to weak, too naïve, worthless. She clenched her teeth silently as the memory of Daniel's body, slumped on the ground came back, welling up from her darkest thoughts.

"So, we've got a plan?" Nina smiled, as natural as any. "I think if we check the map, we could figure out a good place to hole up. I do like the idea of an apartment or something, I could use some rest." She scratched at the back of her head, toying with her pinned-up hair. "Besides that, though, do you have any ideas in mind?"

Anything would be better than dwelling.

New League of Legends Thread
Support in general wrecks ARAM. Lux isn't /technically/ pure support, but she works great in ARAM.

SOTF Grand Map of Doom!

A New World Fool

Or she'd keep running and shoot back at him. The shot was incredibly wide to the right, but the fact that she was armed made Theo concerned. He hadn't had to straight-up gunfight with someone yet, he'd always had the advantage. He wasn't sure if he could win a fair fight. Certainly he'd need to be careful.

Theo watched the girl, who he was pretty sure was Maddie Wilcox, race away. He wasn't about to chase her, though; that would only serve to put him at risk, and that would be really really dumb. Instead, he just...stood and stared after Maddie, and realizing that for her, like for everyone, she'd either win or she'd die.

Theo knew that applied to him. He wanted to win, though. He wasn't going to be a statistic, who died meaninglessly, he wanted to live.

Apparently at all costs.

Theo sighed and sat down next to his bag, about 20 feet from Dan's...body. He needed a breather; his hands hurt, his head hurt, and he was really exhausted. He watched from afar as Maddie Wilcox continued fleeing for her life.

D&D 4e: Funhavers! Interest Check Thread
*Doesn't recognize class*

*Clicks link*


Yeah, that's a homebrew class. I dunno what Jonny says about that, but I don't know if we can use those.

As for me, I am working on a weird hybrid-old-karate-guy-samurai-with-mysterious-backstory but I am not sure if I know what I am doing with it. I think I can make it work, but it'd be cool if Jonny could look it over and see how effective/useful it is.

Ave Imperator, Morituri Te Salutant
Oh dear lord what.

Gwen was suddenly hit with a variety of emotions, most of them highly unpleasant. For one, Dave Russell, a genuinely good person as far as Gwen was concerned, had committed suicide off a cliff. It was...hard to process. She couldn't imagine killing herself, giving up like that, but still, it was probably tempting in the face of inevitable death. The first wave, sadness and loss, hit her. A good person was gone from the earth forever.

No, not inevitable. Just likely. Rescue could come, or...you could win. Winning sickened Gwen, though. The idea of murdering for your own life was such a selfish thing, so corrupt and, and...and evil. A small wave of anger struck her at the thought of it.

But no, they wouldn't have to kill. Because Michelle and Vergil were smart, and had a plan. Gather everyone up, make sure that nobody was armed, and force the choice of collar detonation on the terrorists. They would probably all die, but that kind of defiant last stand, at least in theory, made Gwen feel stronger. A wave of courage kissed her shoreline of emotion *BANG*

A gunshot rang out, Michelle grabbed Gwen's arm and Gwen froze in terror as panic drowned her. Was she hurt? A quick mental inspection confirmed her perfect health (well, perhaps "normal" would be better terminology). She looked at Vergil and Michelle; both seemed unharmed, although they were likely equally frightened.

Michelle made a suggestion for the three of them to investigate. Gwen wasn't really sure what she wanted to do, in terms of yes or no. "Uh, is it safe? I'm unarmed, got a hammer and left it behind, but if someone's got a gun are we safe investigating, because what if they shoot at us? That'd be bad."

In truth, Gwen was scared to investigate. She didn't want to know of murder, she wanted to know peace. Just one killer, one heartless murderer, and there would be no hope for the plan. They'd lose, and the monsters who started this game would win. Gwen didn't want that to happen.

There had to be a way. There just had to.

New League of Legends Thread
Oh god.

That game.


New League of Legends Thread
*Disengages camera*

*Gets a double kill on two people attacking a tower halfway down the lane*


But yeah, unlocking the camera is great for Lux ults, or any ult that has crazy range like Ashe or Ezreal.

D&D 4e: Funhavers! Interest Check Thread
So basically we'd be rapid-fire posting? If so, sounds good. If not, I may need help because I wouldn't understand.

D&D 4e: Funhavers! Interest Check Thread
In as long as it doesn't die.

Thinking of playing a Sorcerer, or Wizard. However I am open to being any role required.

A New World Fool
Theo stared at Dan, shocked. He wasn't sure why he'd killed the boy; it wasn't to put him out of his misery for the hand, that was for sure. That was no excuse, he'd inflicted that wound himself. It wasn't really out of malice, though; he experienced no pleasure from this, only the aching feeling he'd made a tactical error.

No, it had likely been a split-second reaction, a panicked response to the fear of death, albeit likely an imagined one. Theo had not been in danger, but his reaction had been extreme. He hadn't wanted to kill again, but clearly he had. Now he gazed down at the corpse, his hand sore from the recoil now that he had a moment of calm.

Theo stooped, gently taking the baseball bat from next to the boy's corpse. Upon closer inspection, now that he wasn't so freaked out, Theo realized it was Dan Liu, and felt an anchor drop into his intestines. He'd killed someone that, while he wasn't friends with, he actually knew personally. Dan was on track with Theo, and though they were not close by any means, Theo was suddenly ashamed of murdering a fellow athlete of his field.

"Sorry." That was all he could say. He walked over to his bag, picked it up and stuffed the bat into it before swiftly closing it up. Shoving his gun into his front pocket, Theo turned to leave the body of someone who could've, should've, almost was a friend in a time when friends were going to be very, very scarce indeed.


A gunshot went off.

Theo felt something hit his bag, then his chest. He felt a moment of fear as a burning sensation touched him, but as he touched the wound he realized it was only a burn from the heat of what appeared to be a bullet lodged in his shirt just short of actually piercing his flesh and ending his life.

He looked up. A girl, running away from him in the distance, what looked like a strange gun in her hand. He fumbled for his handgun, pulling it and firing a shot into the air, and winced as the recoil numbed his hands. He called out, "Stop! I'll shoot again!" his voice cracking with the last line. He genuinely didn't want to shoot four people on the first day, so hopefully she'd obey.

If she did, though...then what? Rob her, take her weapon or supplies and ruin her chances almost as bad as straight-up murdering her? was that appropriate?

Theo wasn't sure.

He'd need to think about it.

May The Odds Not Fuck You In The Butt
((Nina Clarke's story continues from Craven))

Nina's stay on the island had rapidly gone downhill from the moment she woke up for the second time. As soon as she found herself robbed, she really hadn't had it made, to say the least. Now, as she wandered, lost in her thoughts, she realized she'd come across a large wheat field of some kind.

She heard voices from inside. That either implied a haven or a hell, depending on who they were. After a moment of pondering, Nina recognized the voice as Mallory McCormick, a girl who she had mixed feelings on.

Still, Mallory seemed like a safe bet for a non-killer. Why not? Not like it mattered anymore.

"Hello? It's Nina! Nina Clarke!" She called out through the wheat, stepping gingerly through the tall field. Her lack of height made it tough to see over the wheat, so she had to wander in blindly and hope for the best. That'd worked for her so far, so why stop now?

"I'm not violent, though I will defend myself should it become necessary, so...yeah, let's be peaceful!" Nina wasn't sure why she needed to clarify, but it felt fair to offer warning that she wasn't going to lay down and die. "Mallory, is that you out there?"

Ave Imperator, Morituri Te Salutant
Gwen...needed a second to process Michelle. So for now, she smiled and nodded as she went through the other girl's words. Okay, They're okay? Good start. She'd had an accident, and someone tried to help her but they somehow hurt her? She pointed to her shouder...maybe she'd wrenched it somehow? She was moving it gingerly...






"Wait, what?!" Gwen gasped, dropping her bag. "David...David who? Who jumped off a cliff? Was it a big cliff or a little cliff?"

No, maybe she was wrong, and maybe he wasn't dead in some ravine, whoever he was, murdered by the game, not even a person, just that the killer was fate itself personally killing him. Well, the potential of screaming horrid dead, Gwen needed to keep calm, and try and figure out what had happened on the island so far.

"Oh uh, sorry, I kind of freaked out a little bit. You guys are okay, then, good. Do you have any ideas for a plan?" Gwen needed a plan right now, something to keep her calm, keep her from panicking, going crazy, whatever happened to people in this game, Gwen wasn't sure she avoided it at all costs.

New League of Legends Thread
Why is it that I'm like one of 3 people who think Quinn is worth playing this saddens me.

((Nina Clarke's story continues from There ain't no more cowboys, only men with violent hearts))

Nina was scared.

She had just fled through the woods, only to come out atop what appeared to be a barren cliff face. She'd run for a ways, but she didn't have the stamina to keep going. So she stopped, and sat down.

Then she heard gunshots. Close. One, two, three. She froze, stood and hefted her bag with her good hand. Nina wanted to run, but she didn't know which way to run to. She paused, looking towards the woods and out across the cliffs.

More shots. One, two, three.

Nina glanced towards the woods. She wanted to run, help the person, but at the same time...could she? No, she probably couldn't save some innocent person, certainly not unarmed, and now she had no hopes but to run back to the woods.



Live to watch others die.

Never save anyone but yourself.




((Nina Clarke's story continues in May The Odds Not Fuck You In The Butt))