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Game On
"Hmm." Sleeping pills? Nina wasn't sure what to make of that. They seemed worthless to Nina, as well. No wonder Maddie wanted a spear, even one as shoddily made as this. Nina wasn't sure if it was even remotely useful, but Maddie seemed to think so. Hopefully she was correct.

"People to look for?" Nina...as she thought of it, she became more aware that most of her friends were on this hellhole. Owen, Emily, Meera and Francis were all here. But, what would she do when she found them? Watch them die? She might be able to protect them, but...the video, the fucking video with the two girls, best friends, and one murdered the other.

"I'm fine. I think it's more important to find a safe place." Nina crouched to her bag, averting her eyes from Maddie to avoid her gaze. Digging through it again, she looked through the map. She studied it over. "I think we're in the shipping yard somewhere, judging from the crates and stuff. That means it'd be easiest to get to..."

She thought over which area was nearby, and tried to decide what'd be safest. "We could probably hide out in the aviary? I don't know. What do you think?" She looked up at Maddie. Maddie was smart; she'd probably have a good idea of where was safe or easily defended. That was probably top priority.

The Unofficial V5 Student Roster
Cool beans, man.

Always Gold
Theo didn't hear anything else until Joey Caputo came out of nowhere.

Well, technically he just walked down, but close enough.

Joey was armed, Theo noticed immediately. He gripped the gun, both his hands wrapped tight around the handle, but the safety was flicked on. He held it at his side. He looked at the other boy, not wanting to look hostile. The thought crossed him that maybe Joey would attack him, too. Would he be able to shoot the boy if he came charging? Maybe. He'd already shot at Hansel, though he wanted to believe it was an accident. Still, the situation was uncomfortably familiar.

"Joey." He said, slowly and calmly. "I'm fine. Nothing happened." Theo knew he was a shit liar, but he also knew Joey wasn't especially bright. It was a risk to lie, but Theo didn't know Joey's relationship with Hansel. If he found out what happened, Theo knew he'd need to bolt. Otherwise another...event would be imminent. Theo would need to be very careful in this encounter.

The memory of the shooting, still fresh, burned in his mind. He could've killed him. He may have. He may have murdered an irritating, but ultimately innocent, human being. The idea made his guts twist up. It made him want to cry, and curl up in a ball and beg for forgiveness.

Even worse was the thought that it might be a good thing. Maybe they'd count it as intentional, and he'd stave off the inevitable detonation of all collars. He doubted it; people were likely to kill, and by now death was certainly happening somewhere. Still, the whispering being in Theo's voice, telling him he did good, was unsettling.

Theo then processed Joey's words for the first time. Something about Summer? Summer ran for class president, he was sure. And Baxter? Probably Brandon, a classic jerk jock. Wait. Was Brandon attacking Summer? Theo suddenly inhaled sharply. "Joey, what's going on? Where are Summer and Brandon? Are they fighting?" he said, coldly. He liked Summer; she was a nice girl, probably losing it on the island. He thought of running then, getting away so Brandon didn't turn on him, so that he'd live a little longer.

But would he be able to live with himself? He needed to make up for his mistake with Hansel. If Hansel was on the announcements tomorrow, Theo wanted to make sure at least one person was kept off by himself.

Tower of Alexandria
Oh, good.

Gwen felt bad about panicking and then overreacting, but it was sort of justified by the whole inevitable doom thing, right? Either way. At least Alex seemed friendly. Gwen nodded and smiled at the other girl. "Yeah, I guess "I'm okay" doesn't say much when you're the next contestant on this game." Gwen looked at Alex, trying to read her expression. She seemed relatively at ease, which made Gwen wonder if her crying-sobbing-breakdown made her look like the weird one.

Hmm. Were there cameras in that closet? Hopefully not. Gwen thought that might be embarrassing.

"So Alex. I've got a hammer. What did you get?" Gwen asked curiously. She wondered if Alex had a real weapon like a gun, a real but old weapon like a sword, or a crap weapon like this hammer. Gwen hoped it wasn't a gun; that'd just remind her of Mr. Davidge and all the blood and screaming and his lifeless corpse and

Gwen tensed up, her finger's grip on the mallet tightening, and she had to take a deep breath to keep from falling apart again. Oh, god that would be her it would be her it would be her. She'd be the lifeless corpse. God help her.

She smiled again at Alex; she didn't want to make the other girl uncomfortable with her panicking again. Alex seemed to be coping alright; why couldn't Gwen?

Best not think about it.

Game On
Nina was thinking intently as she walked with the other girl. Oh, of course she was listening, but she was focusing on the meaning. Clearly, Maddie had a plan, and clearly she was playing to win. Nina realized a few things as the pair wandered the shadowy labyrinth.

Maddie may not trust Nina.

Maddie had no weapon, or at least one she didn’t want to reveal.

Nina didn’t know what her weapon was.

And now Maddie was talking to her. Nina had just watched her eat a bar and drink some water. Nina had good endurance, so she wasn’t really starving yet; she decided to try and ration her food, save it for later when others were hungry so she’d have an upper hand.

“Oh, uh, question; what is your weapon?” She asked. “I haven’t checked mine yet. Oh, hold on a sec!” She dropped her bag, and knelt by it. Pulling it open and digging through it, she found food, water, other crap...

What the fuck was this?

Nina pulled her pistol dagger out of the bag. “Huh.” It resembled a hilted dagger of some kind, but along the edge of the hilt was the barrel of an old gun. “This is weird.” Nina turned it around in her hands, looking it over. It had no magazine clips, and there was a small satchel attached containing a number of small musket balls.

This was not the kind of gun Nina was used to.

The girl looked over to Maddie. “So yeah, weird gunblade thing ahoy.” She held it up for the other girl to see. “What do you make of it? I think it’s muzzle-loaded, and it’s weighted shitty with the knife part. Not a great gun or knife.” Still, it was better than whatever the hell Maddie was making with that stick and shit.

Nina tried to push down the pride she held at having a good weapon. She knew there was a variety of weapons, including vibrators and similar stuff. To get a gun, even a shitty one, was a minor blessing. Nina hoped she could use it to protect the pair properly.

"So yeah, you've got a good plan. Any ideas for what to do next?"

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
This is true. ._.

But yeah, it was a pretty good first death, which is a nice way to kick off the version.

Game On
Oh, good. Maddie had always seemed like a brainy girl, and Nina was glad that she might have a plan. Maybe she could figure out the collar mechanisms or something? All Nina knew was that they were metal and hard and uncomfortable. And explosive.

"Oh, good. What's the plan?" Nina smiled, offering her hand out. "If you want, we can work together and I'll keep you safe." Nina's idea was simple; do one single good thing on this island. Keep as many good, innocent teens alive as long as she could. Fuck over those terrorists if possible.

"How about it, partners?" Nina looked up at Maddie.

She would probably be more authoritative if she wasn't so short.

Always Gold
[[Theodore Fletcher Continued from Deep Breath Deep Breath]]

Shit. Fucking Hansel.

Theo had run for a while before getting tired. He'd gotten through the forest alright, avoiding any sources of sound or potential human activity. Eventually, he'd become too tired to run for much longer. He'd decided to stop, and to rest at this...nuclear site? That held bad omens, but Theo didn't really mind. It wasn't like there was any material left, right? He was feeling calmer; Hansel was likely not after him, and he'd probably missed.

Theo found a pathway, and following it he found himself in a parking garage. He'd never been a fan; they were too big and crowded with cars. This one was classically gray stone and pillars with markings on the ground, and it was mostly abandoned; he didn't seem to hear people.

Scratch that. People detected. He heard a loud, piercing scream and jumped. He then realized that the person might be in trouble, and slowly, slowly followed the source down the isleways. He didn't want another Hansel, after all.

Okay, maybe he hadn't quite recovered. His stomach clenched up again.

"Hello? Who's there?" He called out cautiously, walking forward slowly. The gun, the stupid gun, was clenched tightly in his left hand. The safety was on, though it was still cocked. He aimed it at the ground. "I'm armed, but not hostile!" That was unlikely to be encouraging, he noted, but there was only so much he could do in this situation.

Deep Breath Deep Breath
Theo didn't mean to fire the gun.

But when he heard Hansel's words, saw him step forward, saw him cock his gun, Theo panicked. He stepped back, faster, almost into a run, stumbled and landed square on his ass. That was it. He fell down, it was an accident he didn't mean it that was just an accident oh shit.

The jolt of landing caused his finger, still on the trigger, to tighten. The gun exploded, with a sudden jolt as a bang went off. Theo cried out in shock. "Agh!" He knew immediately he'd just made a fatal error.


Theo didn't want to see if he hit the boy. He didn't want to see. He didn't want to know if he'd just accidentally murdered a fellow man. He rolled over, and crawled swiftly through the flowers, until he managed to get enough of a grip to stand and go into a proper sprint. He ran into the woods, fleeing for his life and his sanity at once.

Theo knew he could outrun Hansel, should he still be alive. Theo was on track, he could run for a mile before even feeling tired. He could run, above anything else in the world he could play video games, ace a test and run and that was about it. So he ran, desperate to escape two things; he wanted to escape retribution from the angry boy.

And he needed to escape the consequences of his actions.

[[Theodore Fletcher's story continues in Always Gold]]

Game On
Nina saw a girl, a distance away.

"Hey, you!" She shouted, walking towards her. Nina became distinctly aware that she was unarmed, but she didn't really care. She wasn't going to get killed so easily, and she knew how to avoid danger. Besides, this girl, on closer inspection, was Maddie Wilcox, who had always seemed like a wallflower to Nina. Not one to be afraid of.

"Maddie, right?" She called out as she came within 10 feet of her. Atop the crate, it'd been quite warm, but it was cooler down here in the shade of the walls of crates. Nina was glad she was dressed somewhat warm. She waved to the girl. "I'm not gonna hurt you as long as you return the favor, kay!" She walked closer. Maddie appeared to have been crying, which was a pity.

Nina wasn't sure why she hadn't broken down in tears. She was more angry than despairing. She'd spent so much time working and being a good person, and she gets repaid with the threat of painful death? Fuck Danya, fuck Greynolds, fuck all these terrorists and their stupid ideas.

"You okay, girl?" Maddie was a bit taller than Nina, as were most people, but she seemed to slouch, while Nina stood up straight. "Don't worry, I'm not a psycho or anything." In truth, Nina was glad to have safe company. Maddie would be someone she could take care of, a last good act on earth maybe. Maddie could be a ward of sorts?

Nina was getting ahead of herself. She needed to focus on the now, and the now was this conversation.

Deep Breath Deep Breath

This was a bad sign.

"No." Theo said, refuting the other boy. His temper had flared, as it did whenever Hansel brought up his bisexuality. "I don't want to have a calm conversation with you, I want to live. You're going to kill me, aren't you? You want me to put the gun down so I can't defend myself!" He accused the boy with a sneer. He was set in this idea now, convinced that he was right; the other boy was going to murder him if he could.

But Theo wouldn't let him.

"So fucking leave me alone or I'll shoot you." Theo said this coldly, angrily. He wasn't going to die. He certainly wouldn't die to this bigoted prick. He deserved to live, didn't he? Longer than him, certainly. His finger slid into the trigger hold, and he started to squeeze...

He froze. The gun didn't fire.

He couldn't shoot this boy like that! He was an ass, but did he deserve to die, at the impulsive whim of Theo? No. Then there was only one choice. If Hansel didn't back down, Theo would leave. Better to run than to die, after all.

Theo slowly started to back up, still facing the other boy, eyes locked, gun tight in his grip. He just needed to get to the treeline, about 15 or 20 feet behind him. Then, he'd be safe.

Deep Breath Deep Breath
A voice.


Theo spun to face the speaker, and indeed recognized him as Hansel Williams, quite possibly the worst person to meet on the island. Hansel was the kind of kid who hated Theodore for his sexuality, liberal views, and pretty much everything else. Before, he'd just been an irritant, someone who was annoying to talk to but not a legitimate threat to anything beyond Theo's patience.


Now he was in a game where Hansel murdering Theo would be acceptable, logical and quite probable.

Theo leapt up onto his feet in a flash, aiming the gun right at Hansel's face like a TV cop and trying desperately to not tremble. He paused for a second to actually cock the gun, then resume aiming it at Hansel. Theo saw that Hansel had some kind of big gun. Bad news; Theo knew that, if Hansel wanted, he might shoot him in an instant and it'd be game over with no continues. Thus, he had to keep him away from him, force him to leave until he could find allies.

"H-hey!" He said, trying to sound authoritative. His voice cracked. "Back off. Just...put down the gun, or put it away and leave, and I won't shoot you." Theo wasn't sure why he was threatening the other boy. It seemed reasonable as he said it, but now he worried he'd be targeted more than if he hadn't. Still, he needed to keep Hansel away so he didn't go all Paladin-Smite-Evil-Kill-Sinner mode on him. He was pretty sure people did that in this game. People did lots of things in SotF. "We clear? Just...just back off, and leave me alone."

Hopefully, Hansel would comply, because Theo wasn't sure how to use the gun. Sure, he'd read the instructions and all, seen it on TV, knew how it worked conceptually, but that wasn't exactly experience with a fired weapon. So if Hansel decided he wanted Theo dead, even with a head start Theo might not be able to defend himself properly.

That'd be good game, you lose, no continues, you died.

Tower of Alexandria
Gwen gasped. Then she screamed.

"AAAAHHH! No, please don't kill me!" She squealed, curling inwards with her hands covering her head in the butterball position. She didn't want to die so soon! Not pitifully hiding in a closet like this. "Nooo...." Her voice trailed off as she looked back up at Alex.

"Uhm..." she said, staring at the other girl's face. "You...you aren't going to kill me, right?" Gwen knew she was overreacting and panicking and hyperventilating and other things, but she figured this was probably an overreaction considering Alex's normal disposition, as far as she knew.

"Sorry. I'm kind of stressed, buuut I guess that's sort of normal, given this scenario, right? Heh." She smiled, forcefully. It was a crappy smile, but Gwen didn't care. She was glad to find someone who wasn't likely to kill her, unlike say Brandon or Adonis. She could see certain people playing, but it was hard to tell. Didn't someone a lot like her snap and kill a bunch of people last game? Gwen wasn't sure.

As she stood up, still in the closet, she hefted her hammer. "Uh, this is my weapon, and I'm a pacifist, like legitimately. So don't worry about me attacking you. Alex, right? How're you doing? Oh, sorry, don't mean to be so chatty, but I guess I'm coping or something?" A normal conversation, spiced with this bizarre situation, was so funny it nearly made her laugh. But that would be weird, so she didn't. Instead, she waited for Alex's response.

Hopefully she'd be willing to team up. Maybe they could hide out and wait for rescue? The guy said rescue was unlikely, but they weren't exactly going to tell them, "by the way none of you need to play because you'll all be rescued tomorrow." That'd make no sense.

Tower of Alexandria
Gwen O'Connor: V5 START

Gwen was hiding.

She was in a closet, peeking through a shade, watching Alex whatshername pacing. She was terrified; this was Sotf, this was the thing everyone was scared of. People died a lot in it. Gwen wasn't sure how to react to this; she wanted to laugh, cry, scream, beg, do anything to get out. But there was nothing to do. She was stuck. It was dark and cool in the closet, but bare save for a duffel bag and Gwen's person.

Gwen had awoken curled up in said closet, and hadn't panicked or anything. Her bag was lying on the ground, the rubber mallet weapon inside was now in her hand. She heard Alex, and she'd shut up so Alex didn't kill her. Alex seemed nice enough, as far as Gwen knew, but she wasn't close enough to determine if she would kill people.

She sat down, curled up in the fetal position. She wanted her kitty-cat. She wanted her dad. She wanted her mom, even. She wanted to go to Seattle, or Disneyland, or anywhere that wasn't this random island full of classmates and terrorists. She started to sniffle, unable to contain her sorrow. She couldn't hurt anyone, and with this weapon she couldn't protect herself. She was cannon fodder in the eyes of everyone.

She broke down into sobs. She had no idea what to do. She was going to die unfulfilled, never making a difference, never doing anything worthwhile but being a body in a headcount in a deathcount and oh Jesus help her.

She sobbed harder.

Game On
Nina Clarke: V5 START

Nina was stuck.

She was in a shipping yard, which seemed harmless enough. A bunch of large colorful blocks, like stacking blocks, were stacked everywhere. There was a maze of pathways networking the yard. From her vantage point on top of a crate, Nina Clarke could see the entire area or at least a lot of it. She stood atop it, gazing stone-faced around, looking for people.

The only thing she couldn't see was the point to this fucking game.

Seriously. This was fucked up. What was the point? There were no considerable monetary benefits, no ransoms were made, no threats were made, no reasons were offered, there was literally no reason to run SOTF besides shits and giggles.

Nina sat on the edge of the crate. She was roughly 20 feet in the air; a fall might cripple her. She needed a way down, but there were no ladders nearby; the one hung on this crate had fallen or been pulled down, as it lay dented at the dirt. She pondered for a minute. Could she simply hop from crate to crate like an action movie, until she found a ladder?

Seemed possible. She wasn't really interested in trying it, but why not? There was another stack about 5 feet across a gap, and there might be a ladder on the other side. She led off by throwing her bag over the edge, seeing it land safely on the other side. A good omen, hopefully.

She backed up slowly from the edge, to give herself a running start. She charged forward with a battle cry/terror scream, and leapt.

She landed face first on the other crate, the jump easily made. Her nose hurt, but she was mostly fine. She pushed up and off the ground and into a sitting position. She needed to calm down now.

Except. She was now pissed, absolutely furious. Why was she here, instead of enjoying her senior trip? Why was she risking her life for no reason? No reason, that's why. Fuck this shit. "Fuck this, whoever's running this, Danya or Greynolds I guess!" She shouted into the air. She took a deep breath, calmed down. She wasn't going to die. People would come, and rescue her and the others. Just a matter of time.

She stood, and crossed the top of the crate briskly. There was indeed a ladder down. She nodded tersely, glad something was going right in this shithole, and climbed down to the deck with her bag hefted over her shoulder. She now was on the ground, which was a relief.

She looked around, trying to see if anyone was nearby. Nope. So, now she'd need to look for a safe place to hide until the rescue came. Because there'd be a rescue again, right? Nina was confident. She walked down the path, in a random direction. In a way, it reminded her of the Maze at the Castle; large and maze-y and nobody was there.

Hopefully she'd meet someone friendly like Sophie this time, if she had a say in it.

Deep Breath Deep Breath
Theodore Fletcher: V5 START





“FUCKING no.” Theo screamed, striking the ground with his left fist. “No, no, no, no, NO!” He punched the ground with his right. Tears dripped from his eyes and mingled with snot as he broke down completely into sobbing on his hands and knees, staring through bitter tears at the filth on the ground. He was going to die. Everyone was going to die. This was FUBAR so hard. His life was over.

Theo knew fucking Survival of the Fittest. It was the 9/11 of his age, but he’d been only 14 when it happened last. He’d watched it, sure, but it had sickened him. He knew enough, though, to know he was dead. His little sister and his parents were going to watch him die on live TV. Mr. Davidge, his physics teacher, with a hole blown in his head…He was dead already.

He knew people died. Hundreds of kids his age or younger, all dead in a twisted game. People who didn’t realize death was coming were screwing themselves. The smart ones, who could be prepared, they’d live.

Theo came to this realization when he calmed down. It took a few minutes, but he was eventually calm enough to wipe the slime from his face, rub the smeary strands of his hand and onto the dirt, and think rationally. He didn’t see anyone around him, but he knew people could easily be hiding or just out of view.

Now, where was he on this area, which was presumably an island he supposed? He gazed around, picking himself up to a sitting position.

The land was beautiful. A single, large cherry blossom tree, fronds drifting slowly in the breeze, was in bloom. Wildflowers filled the area around him to the brim. He himself lay next to a small bush with bright pink blossoms. It was like a perfect park or something.

But most importantly, it was clearly, not Disneyland, and definitely not Seattle.

Okay, that was done. Next step; find his bag. It was, of course, only a few feet away, by his feet. He leaned forward, crawling swiftly to the bag and ripping it open. According to the tag, he was B027. A generic number to be sure, but it was better than, say, 13. Not that the numbers really mattered, but still.

He dug past the food, water, and map (though he placed that on the ground next to him to check for safe locations later) and found his weapon.

“Holy shit.”

A handgun? Wow, really? Theo had a gun. He picked it up, cradling it in his hands like a grenade. This was a plot twist. Theo wasn’t defenseless anymore, waiting for death. He was dangerous, a predator, a killing machine.

Except, of course, he wasn’t stupid. The thought to play was smothered as it was born. Players were targets. Getting a ton of kills was begging to be eliminated. Theo needed to be smart, and stay safe. If he did that, he could wait for rescue or, if necessary, win.

The idea of winning was an odd thought. He’d have to kill someone. Could he do it? Maybe. It frightened him, though, the thought of ending a life. He was destroying a person, completely and utterly. Could he live with himself if he killed a person? He didn’t know. Sooner or later, he might find out. For now, he didn’t want to consider that.

But sooner or later, he’d need to think about it…

Theo shook his head, sending locks of stringy hair into his face. He needed to stop thinking so hard, and prepare for the obvious dangers of an attacker. Theo started digging through his bag again, searching for a manual on his gun. He found it, gazed at it briefly. Did he need to know how to fire it?

Hell yes. How was he supposed to survive if he was defenseless? He’d only shoot in self-defense, of course. He flipped through the manual (discovering that the gun was a Browning Hi-Power) and began reading the instructions on firing. It was important to be prepared, after all. He wouldn't want to get caught off-guard, right?

He tried to keep the aching fear out of his chest.

V5 begins now





MurderWeasel's Brutally Hardcore Realism Litmus Test
I don't really feel like doing my kids, so I just did myself.

36 total. The reasons; Asperger, fear of the dark, being a premade player, went to a catholic school when I was younger.

Mitadake High/Pryce High

Enter that into the browser if the game isn't popping up.

Mitadake High/Pryce High
For those on the board but not chat, Persy (Un-Persona on BYOND) has set up a game.'

EDIT: It may not be working, actually. I'll update this later if it works.

EDIT2/UPDATE: Okay, Iceblock (who is Coldwater on BYOND) will be hosting instead.