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Cast in the Name of God
Panic and chaos.

Georgia Lee fell to the ground, not dead but bleeding.

Coleen raised her gun and started to count. Blair barely heard the first number.

Enzo's arm lashed out, grabbing at Blair. Instinctively, she swung her arm away, pulling the trigger again in the process, the bullet embedding itself in the ceiling.

She had to get out, get away, run.

She ran, her backpack slamming against her side as she ran from the room and, pausing only momentarily, back out towards the exit of this goddamned place.

((Blair Moore continued in The Plastic Ratio))

Tea Party with Death at Dawn
Alice nodded. Finding Alba was a good plan, a way to find some stability and security while they could. Survival, as callous as it seemed, was the priority. She had no idea if there'd be some sort of rescue, but the longer the class lasted, the morel likely that they would be found. The more likely they'd get to go home. "Yeah, let's go look."

Movement in the corner of her eye. Alice turned her head to look. Who was that guy over there? What was he hold-


Alice hit the ground hard onto her side, searing pain shooting under her red-stained hands as she gripped her left calf. The sound of gunshots echoed in her ears, deafened by her own gasps of pain.

Malloon's Attempts at Creativity
I enjoyed that! It flows well and you do a good job of imagery. Nice!

Cast in the Name of God
Blair didn't hear a single word they said. Not one. She couldn't move. She could barely breathe.

She was frozen in place, gun trembling, suddenly overwhelmed by the ramifications of her actions hitting her like a sledgehammer. She had been a second from shooting them. This was different from pulling the gun on Alba; Alba's reaction had been placid, put her at ease. She'd been scared for a moment, but calmed down.

This wasn't calming. This was fearful. Blair's fear response was heightened by that of the others.

Her hands kept shaking. Her eyes darted between the faces of the others. Georgia Lee, Olivia, Coleen. She was paralyzed by ignorance; she didn't know if she could trust them to not attack as soon as she lowered her weapon. But at the same time she couldn't exactly stand here forever.

She took a step back, bumped into the door frame. Her fingers tightened, and she clenched her teeth to hold in a scream. She felt like she was about to explode.

Movement. Georgia Lee. Reaching for something. Something out of sight. Every muscle in Blair's body tensed. A word shot through her; 'Gun!'

Since her Smith & Wesson was a semi-automatic weapon, though she held down the trigger for almost a second after the bang, it only fired a single shot.

But that was enough.

Cast in the Name of God
((Blair Moore continued from Cucurrucucú paloma))

"Good idea."

Truthfully, Blair was not happy to be back in the asylum. She'd spent enough time here to know it was a thoroughly unpleasant place, made worse by the presence of corpses. Once upon a time, she might've been worried by the creepiness.

Now? She had other things to deal with.

At least Alba and Enzo were acceptable company. Blair was a little wary, but Enzo's candidness and Alba's general demeanor gave her some confidence that they weren't going to murder her. There'd not been much discussion about...anything, really. Quiet, compared to Noah and Rene.

No time to mourn, though. It was tragic and all that, and hurt more than she'd care to admit. Despite that, Blair was still alive, so she could deal with the sadness when her life wasn't in danger. Either from getting home, or being dead. Either way. Arriving at the location labeled 'Staff Lounge' on the wall, Blair pushed open the door and stepped inside.

She froze in the doorway. Three people stood within; one recognizable by the scars on her face (though her hair usually covered them), and two that took a moment to identify. Dorky Olivia and stuck-up Georgia Lee. Coleen was the only one whose name she'd heard before, though Blair didn't remember the context.

The gun came up, leveled at Coleen, a split second's startled expression on her face replaced by a weird sense of numbness.

"Don't move."

Cucurrucucú paloma
"Yeah, that'd be good."

Blair's heart wasn't in the agreement, honestly; she was distracted thinking about what Alba had said about Caedyn. Best to clear that up while she could. "I don't really want revenge on Caedyn. I mean, yeah, she murdered someone, but lots of people have. And it's not personal or anything; just 'cause I thought she was a bitch at school doesn't mean I want to murder her myself. That's kind of fucked up, y'know?"

How to put this? Blair looked down at the floor. "I just...she's sneaky. I don't want anyone who's, what's it called, playing the game, to win. They don't deserve it. It should be someone like us, like, just surviving without being a psycho. With Isabel or Nancy, other people go for them because they're big killers right? I don't want Caedyn to slip under the radar."

She furrowed her brow, crossing her arms, feeling the gun's barrel pressed against her side. It made her shudder. Alba listened carefully as Blair spoke, taking in every word the girl had about Caedyn.

"She did it on purpose, I'm sure. She's selfish. If she goes home, I just..."

Luckily, any further clumsy explanation was halted by a voice. Not one Blair knew super well, but one she was familiar enough with; Enzo was an interesting character, though they'd never really been close with Blair. They did vines which Blair had seen online, and that was about all Blair knew about them.

Blair raised an eyebrow at Alba, and looked out towards Enzo. Alba did the same. "Uh..."

Hm. Not having been on the announcements, Blair had no clue what Enzo was up to. For all she knew, they'd been torturing people. Their demeanor seemed friendly enough, though. Having friendly people along would be nice again. On the other hand, she'd been glad to have Noah and Rene around for protection, and look where that had gotten her.

If she had a third hand, though, she'd have to admit that it'd helped her outlive both of them. On a fourth hand (what was she, an octopus?) that was an awfully callous way to think about it. Too much to think about right now; she'd leave the decision up to the others.

She looked at Alba again, and briskly stepped through the door and out to where Enzo was. Looking at them, she nodded curtly before saying, "We were just about to leave, look for some of Alba's friends. Tag along if you like, we don't want any trouble."

Blair looked down at the gun in her hand. Recalled that she was on the announcements. "Oh, but uh, we're both armed and...uh. We'll defend ourselves, but we aren't trying to hurt people. I promise. That cool with you?"

“Yeah, what she said,” Alba added. “We’re not looking for trouble. Just friends.”

Enzo leaned back, sticking their hands in their pockets. A shadow passed over their face for a second. “Armed only with my stunning good looks. And, y’know, crippling fear of death.”

Alba smirked a bit. “At least it’s something.”

Enzo looked back and forth between both between the two. “I guess that killing didn’t stop me hanging out before, so… well, we’ll… see, I spose,” they trailed off. “So I guess what I’m saying is that it sounds cool. Maybe like soda-from-the-fridge cool more than ice-cream-cool, but… cool.”

Blair shrugged. This worked for her.

“So, um, is there anyone you’re looking for?” Alba asked. “We’re looking for Brendan, Bryony, and a few others.”

“They’re back home,” Enzo replied shortly, before rubbing their forehead with the heel of their palm. “But Coleen. Vanessa maybe. My… friends’ band, y’know?”

“Okay. We can add them to the list,” Alba said. “So, should we head out? Blair?”

Blair nodded. “Yeah, I guess. Not gonna find anyone sitting around.” She paused for a moment, and added, “Let’s check the asylum. As creepy as it is, there’s probably lots of people there. One of them’s gotta be around that area.” That was the hope, at least.

“I already came from over there,” said Enzo. “But I’ve been hanging out over here for like all day. Could work.”

“Mmm, if nothing else we can just circle around. The whole island’s basically a big donut anyway.” Blair added.

“...I miss donuts.”

Alba nodded in response. “Okay. Let’s start walking.”

Alba made her way to the exit of the radio tower, keeping the rifle close to her side and adjusting the bags over her shoulder. She felt a small smile creeping onto her face. Maybe this was the little bit of good fortune she needed to turn things around after a horrible day yesterday.

They all needed it.

((Alba Reyes and Blair Moore continued in Cast in the Name of God))

Welcome To New V6 Staff
Congrats you two! Best of luck.

Cucurrucucú paloma
"We have to be able to."

Blair said, sharply, maybe a bit too bluntly but she couldn't afford delicacy here. "If people attack us, well, we're both armed, so we have a fighting chance. But we need to be smart. Picking a fight might not be a smart move." Of course, it was hypocritical to say such a thing, given she'd just been suggesting they find and murder Caedyn. But whatever.

"If we run into Caedyn, or any of these crazy killers, we need to be ready. So yeah, I think I could be physically capable," she held up her firearm, "and mentally capable. Of killing ,that is."

"If necessary, I mean." Blair added, somewhat hastily. "What're you looking for, by the way? Bryony and..." A quick subject change, hopefully not making her look too eager to shoot people. She wasn't, not really. Of course she didn't want to kill people.

Awfully specific denial, but fuck. She couldn't deal with self-doubt BS right now.

Tea Party with Death at Dawn

Alice wasn't sure what to add. Comforting her companions seemed an insurmountable task, with her shyness being only one factor in the way. She was numb, true, but her numbness was almost a shield, a persona she'd adapted to protect herself from despair.

To lower that mask was dangerous. She had to be strong, especially when others were weak. Not weak, that was a callous term, but vulnerable. Bryony was vulnerable, her gentle soul susceptible to the horrors of this damned place. Still, Alice couldn't bear to see Bree on the verge of breaking down. She had to say something.

"It could've been self-defense. Kaitlyn was going to play a game, it said. Alba might have just been protecting herself. I'm sure that's what it is."

Alice smiled weakly and reached out to Bryony to put a comforting hand on her friend's shoulder. "She's not a bad person, I'm sure. You have good taste in friends, after all." An attempt at a joke, to ease the nerves. Danger could be anywhere, but Alice thought they were safe for now. "We should keep looking for her, though. Where to now?"

It occurred to Alice that she was talking much more than she usually did. Normally, she was somewhat quiet, preferring her art and music and stories to conversations. Oh, to be home again, and drawing, or writing, or playing her cherished violin..

No, wistfulness got her nowhere. Strength and courage would have to be her tools. She needed to be supportive while she could. That was how they'd make it home.

Cucurrucucú paloma
Jesus, what the hell? What kind of sick, twisted bullshit had Kaitlyn been up to? "A game? The fuck?" Blair muttered, letting Alba continue. Not much good followed. Blair hadn't seen any of those people.

"Sorry, I don't know where they'd be. Haven't run into them all game." Blair shrugged apologetically. God, poor Alba looked so pathetic, crying and being all upset over this. Not that Blair should be judging, given the whole thing with her own friends. Hm...

"If you want, I could help you look?" Blair said, slowly, unsure. Lone-wolfing had not been her best tactic thus far, and sticking with people you could (in theory) trust would give her an edge. Or at least a meat shield, but Blair would rather avoid that outcome.

"Two pairs of eyes are better than one, and I don't have anything worth doing. I mean, I'm just surviving, you know? I don't have anyone I really want to see again."

She paused. "Maybe Caedyn, but that wouldn't be fun for anyone, probably. We'd probably try to kill each other, basically."

Cucurrucucú paloma
Well. That was unexpected.

Blair was caught so off-guard by Alba's placidity that she lowered the gun in her hand and sort of stared for a moment. Alba was certainly not the kind of girl to murder Kailyn, come to think of it (if anything, it could've been the other way around), but her on-point comment made Blair more than a little uncomfortable.

"Uh, hey." Blair gave a little wave, taking her left hand off the gun and clicking the safety back on, fumbling only slightly with the unfamiliar motion. "I guess I'm alright? Not dead yet. That's good. Uh..." Blair thought for a moment. It made her choke up a little bit to remember the morning announcement's destructive revelation. She supposed it might help to share? Worth a try.

"Noah Whitley and Rene died, and I was with them for a while, so...yeah. Me and Noah got separated so I never really got to see him, and Rene I..." Blair bit her lip. "Rene was already dying and wanted me to end it. So that's what happened." Blair swallowed hard. That hadn't helped much.

Geez, this was more awkward than she'd expected walking in. Awkward and emotional, why bother spilling her story to the first person she ran into? She knew Alba, but not exactly well. "So, how are you?"

Cucurrucucú paloma
((Blair Moore continued from I Will Now Bow))

Damn, trip down memory lane or what? A week ago she'd been with Noah and Sandra and Rene had come in. Now only two of those people were still alive. It still gave Blair an unpleasant sensation in her gut to think about Rene and Noah, but she would have to just suck it up.

Also, she was wheezing more since this morning. Because she definitely needed to deal with her terminal illness while on murder island. More than usual, rather. That's how terminal illnesses work, duh.

She was walking along, minding her own business, holding her gun in one hand and gripping the shoulder strap with the other. She kept forgetting she was carrying a weapon, but then she'd remember and it'd make her uncomfortable. An unpleasant reminder of the dire situation she found herself in.

...Except there was music. What the actual fuck was music doing here? And to further exacerbate the weirdness, it was...some funky pop song? The hell?

Blair was pretty sure the song was coming from inside the tower. She raised her gun, flicked off the safety just in case, and held it outward as she approached. For all she knew, this was a cunning trap to ambush someone. Well Blair wasn't going to let herself get caught out like that.

The music stopped, and Blair raised an eyebrow and paused. Weighing her options, she opened the door and entered. There was a girl inside, leaning against the control panel on the right. Blair recognized her; Alba Reyes. She was a derby girl, a total ditz, and of course, she'd killed Kaitlyn Greene the day before. Also she was holding a gun.

Blair leveled the gun at Alba. She had no idea what she was supposed to say in this situation, so she just snapped "Freeze," Which was probably the most clichéd option but hey, it probably got the point across.

I Will Not Bow
((Blair Moore continued from Another Disappointment of Many))

Blair was dead to the world after arriving at the docks late in the evening. Had she been more coherent, she might have found it serendipitous that she had lost Noah, come here, and then lost Rene and come here again. But her mind was a storm of emotional distress, so she collapsed at the end of a pier and fell asleep watching the water ripple in the moonlight.

Waking up to the announcements, it took Blair a moment to coherently understand what was going on, having slept so fitfully, but she was aware enough to understand what that fuckstain was talking about. First came Kaitlyn, which made Blair feel kind of shitty. She had no idea what the context was, but it sounded like Kaitlyn started something. Classic. Of course, Blair's mild and inappropriate amusement at the death of a rival paled in comparison to her reaction to the death moments later.

Noah was gone. Blair would've found it hard to believe, but...she couldn't believe it. She couldn't allow Noah to be dead. He was a nice guy, and funny, and he didn't deserve to be dead. Blair briefly, in a swell of rage, contemplated hunting down Isabel and murdering her. That fucking bitch didn't deserve to make it home. She was about to scream, in spite of the congestion in her lungs, but-

But Isabel was already dead. Blair didn't feel happy from this revelation; really, she felt nothing. It was hollow, with no anger or satisfaction. Noah was gone, so was his killer, and nobody could change that. At least, she thought morosely, Isabel was no longer a hazard. Fuck Isabel. Blair hoped she rotted in hell forever.

Of course, Blair then heard her own name. She wanted to be furious that she'd been slandered so flippantly, but she didn't have her heart in it. She stood up, gathered up the remainder of her supplies and packed it into her bag. She didn't want to go to the asylum-fuck that place-but being out in the open was begging for trouble.

It occurred to Blair that she was in trouble. Well, more than usual. Trust was a valuable resource here, and people wouldn't trust her with the perception she'd killed someone in cold blood. She was, most likely, on her own for the rest of her existence.

But something had changed. Now, she intended to go home. Well, maybe intended was the wrong word; it wasn't like she was going to murder her way to survival. Hopefully not, at least. But to hell with laying down and dying. Her family and friends, here and online and at home and all the other people who cared about her, she had to do it for their sakes. They deserved to see her stand and fight to make it home.

Their sake, a small voice asked, or your sake? Are you scared, Blair Moore? Do you want to live your own life just for its own sake? Do you deserve to go home, when you're already dying? Do you have the right-

She silenced the thought.

So she departed the docks. Her destination? Who knew. One thing was for sure though; if Rene believed Blair could survive, she would do her damndest to make it home. So many people had died, someone who deserved to live should at least get out. If Blair could be that person? So fucking be it.

((Blair Moore continued in Cucurrucucú Paloma))

Tea Party with Death at Dawn
Damn her, damn her for being so numb and devoid of empathy. Alice should have considered that the others might be upset by the corpse. Poor Sandra had seemed so resilient to the horrors of the island, but Alice should have anticipated that she couldn't hold out forever. Poor thing.

Alice stood and moved toward Bryony, a look of concern on her face. As she stepped forward, though, the distinct sound of the morning announcements played.

Alice listened. By the end, she had deduced three things. One: Rene had been killed, but it was hard to say why, looking at the corpse. Two, none of the people she was truly close to had died or killed. Three, Alice was a terrible person for feeling relieved at that.

"Okay, so where-" Then, a thought occurred. Alice glanced at Bryony, suddenly alarmed. Alba had killed someone. She had no idea what would happen to Bree, or how she'd respond. "Bryony?" She asked slowly.

The V5 Read-A-Thon

v7+ concepts
I only have one concept I'm set on so far. Shocker, I know, but here goes:

Selena Cruz: s a classic case of middle child syndrome, Selena's older brother is a successful athlete and got many scholarships to play soccer (or regulation football for the nerds present), while her younger brother is already looking at Ivy League schools for when he graduates. Selena's parents have offered to let her take over the family business, but she has less than zero interest in a management position. Despite her Catholic parents scorning it, she has always loved the metal genre of music, and has enough talent and practice with her voice that she is quite good at singing in the style. She is part of the garage band with Andy as forewoman as a result, and is hopeful about their prospects.

Selena doesn't rail against her faith, but sees it as in need of some renovation. She's not super-devout, though, so that's another sticking point for her parents. She even wants to move to Hollywood and become a makeup artist if the music doesn't work out. The relationship she has with her family is subsequently rather strained, since they think she's doing it to rebel. It's the other way around, really; Selena seems to be rebelling when she's just trying to do what she loves.

Selena can be a bit of a hardhead, and is competitive and aggressive, but she's not usually mean or angry. She just gets a little exasperated when things go wrong. She represses a lot of doubt about herself because she doesn't want to risk second-guessing. She believes strongly in going out and doing things, and so is a little reckless. She likes campy B movies and going to parties.