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Not My Tempo
Jeremy didn't seem too pleased that she'd interrupted, and Alice's face turned red as she began internally berating herself. What had possessed her to start talking to someone while they were practicing? She hated when other people did it to her; it was just so rude!

Alice winced almost imperceptibly, and nodded quietly. "Thanks, sorry..." Alice said softly, before moving to her desk near the middle of the room. She liked to be close up, but hated being the center of attention, so she always sat in a relatively unobtrusive spot.

As Jeremy continued playing, Alice sat and listened politely. He was...actually quite good.

He’s So Fine And Different
Henry grinned back at Scarlett. "*I had no expectations whatsoever, so!" He paused. That didn't really answer the question, did it. Whoops! "Er, that is, I didn't really know what it'd look like. It is nice, though!" Henry smiled as he started pouring himself a glass of punch.

He took a deep drink from the punch. Mmm, that was good. He hadn't realized how thirsty he was, but this was very refreshing. He swallowed, then looked at Scarlett.

She seemed really happy to be here, which made Henry smile. Happiness was nice; even if it was just chemical reactions and all, it felt nice, and it felt nice to make other people happy.

That was getting kind of serious and philosophical, though. Tonight, fun times! Henry took another sip of punch and asked, "Anything in particular you'd like to do, milady?"

Poe's Poems Pwn Posers
As soon as Blair spoke, Bryony seemed to wilt in her chair. Blair would've been satisfied with that, but of course Gary had to be some knight in shining armor and start something with her. Well Blair wasn't going to back down. Blair really wanted to write this now, and if someone else did the same thing it'd just make her look bad.

"Hey, shut it. This has nothing to do with you, Gary." Blair said quietly, wanting to avoid the attention of the teacher. She felt a bit of gunk in her throat, but it was manageable, and she was going to finish this quickly enough.

She smiled as Bryony further gave in. God, she was such a wallflower. People who couldn't stand up for themselves barely had a chance to get anywhere in life. Blair got what she wanted because she took initiative and worked for it. If Bryony didn't know that, she'd need to learn.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. Thanks." With that Blair started to turn around and sit back down. She needed to get to work so she could finish in time.

Misery Loves Company
Fuck, you already know how this goes. Genes suck, Blair's got CF and she's sick on the day of the dance. Typical, really.

Not that she'd even wanted to go or anything! She was planning to go to Junko's party the whole time, even before she got sick. She didn't want to ask someone, but like, why bother? School dances were such BS. Hell, maybe she was better off at home!

Sure, just keep telling yourself that.

Blair wiped her nose and groaned, sitting up after about an hour of trying to reposition in her bed. It was relatively early to go to sleep, but she was exhausted and sick so fuck it. Of course, chest infections made it hard to sleep, with the spastic coughing and the difficulty breathing and all. So she looked around and reached for her phone, turning on the lights too. Rubbing her eyes, Blair idly started messaging one of her friends on Skype.

'Hey, what's up?' She typed.

'wtf blair, its like 4 am'

...Shit, right. Stupid time zones and being like 8 hours behind Europe. After sending a quick apology, Blair checked her Tumblr feed, to no avail, then her Twitter and Facebook. Nothing. Coughing again, Blair recovered her wits and checked some of her forums. No new posts. Jesus, what did these people do with their time? No new science articles on her favorite sites either.

Blair was starting to get frustrated. She couldn't sleep, was too tired to get up, and there was nothing to do. She could honestly not think of something to do besides lie here and be miserable. Suddenly an idea struck her. Maybe she could see if there was something to watch on YouTube? Worth a sho-

Her phone blinked off. Blair instinctively pressed the power button again, but nothing happened. Crap, had she charged her phone? Fuck, she totally hadn't. The charger was in the other room, too. Setting her phone onto the nightstand, Blair laid back and glared at the ceiling.

This was going to be a long night.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
We talk a lot about villains in SOTF, since they tend to be such strong motivators and are usually either very popular or very unpopular.

What do you guys think about heroes, though? What makes a good hero, what are some common pitfalls, and do you think heroes are easier to write? Or harder?

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
So on a more topical note, I thought this preview was interesting. From some of the description, I think that the chapel is actually part of a retirement home or something along those lines.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I set fi-ii-ire, to the island