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Hypotenuse Murder Mystery Case
Alice wasn't fond of what happened next.

An object flew through the air and bounced off Alice's desk, startling her and knocking her pencil onto the ground. Looking around, Alice came to the conclusion that another paper ball had been thrown, and that it had been thrown by Wayne, a senior a few seats over. Alice reached out to grab her pencil back, but it was a little out of reach. She looked over at Mrs. Brown, who seemed focused on the lesson, and stood up to pick up her pencil.

"Alice?" The quizzical voice of Mrs. Brown caught Alice's attention, just as she got onto her knees and reached for her pencil, which seemed to have rolled under the teacher's desk. Alice looked up, and like a deer in headlights froze at the sudden attention being drawn to her. Her face blushed.

"I..." she said, trying to justify herself. It really wasn't a big deal, but she found herself painfully tongue-tied. "What are you doing?" Mrs. Brown asked as Alice stood up with pencil in hand and brushed some dust off her blouse. "Did you drop something?"

"Yes." Alice said, glad she didn't have to do all the talking. She sat down in her seat again. Mrs. Brown returned to the lesson, but Alice now had a bone to pick. Sort of. She wanted to confront the boy who threw the paper ball at her; after all, she hadn't done anything to him, so why throw something at her?

On the other hand, Alice didn't want to go and start something with him; he was bigger and older, and she wasn't exactly confident in her ability to stand up to him if she tried to talk to him. She was too shy for that. So she settled for shooting him a quick glare before returning to her notes, trying to reorient herself to understanding the information on the board.

Hypotenuse Murder Mystery Case
Alice had just glanced up from her notebook drawings when she noticed Jerry asking a question. Something about a squiggly line and how to get to it. He seemed very confused, which, given his apparent distractions was unsurprising. If he was going to read during class, he ought to be prepared for this kind of thing happening, especially if he was going to draw attention to himself.

Still, Alice shouldn't judge. She wasn't exactly the most focused student either, given her lovely rose drawing. Hardly mathematical.

Suddenly, a rapid movement through the air caught Alice's eye, and her head instinctively whipped over just in time to see a small sphere of crumpled paper fly through the air at Jerry. Alice scanned the room for the thrower, but amongst the sudden reaction of the other students she couldn't pick out who threw it.

She hoped Mrs. Brown couldn't, either. This was not going to end well for them.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
Heya Frogue! I know you're super-busy, but mind drawing Alice Baker for me? Thanks in advance!

Hypotenuse Murder Mystery Case
((Alice Baker continued from Rain, Rain, Go Away))

Alice did not enjoy math. It was frustratingly regulated, formulaic (in the most literal of ways) and unappealing to an artistic mind. She didn't have a head for the formulas and methods and rules, and there was little else to it that she could rely on to pull herself up. Plus, Mrs. Brown's lessons were terribly dry and uninteresting, which made it hard to focus. So it was little surprise that she found herself doodling a flower when she was supposed to be taking notes.

With a gentle stroke of Alice's fingers, the stem of the rose was complete, leaving just the petals to work on. Alice bit her lower lip thoughtfully, and then began the process of sketching in the front most petal, using stunted and wobbly lines to give it a feel of organic material rather than plastic. She slid her pencil around in a loop, completing the outside petal.

Glancing up from her sketchpad, Alice looked around the classroom. She couldn't help but notice the distinct lack of attentive students, most of whom seemed to be losing interest in Mrs. Brown's lesson like Alice. Jerry, sitting nearby Alice, even seemed to be reading a comic book under his desk. Alice stifled an amused chuckle and smirked. Then she went back to drawing.

The Critique Game
Guess I'll put my pathfinder character up:

Name: Rhoda Blackthorne
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Hobbies and Interests: Fighting, traveling, heroism

Appearance: Rhoda is a tall, muscular half-elf, with dark brown hair cut choppily above her shoulders. Her eyes are narrow, round and dark blue, and her skin is an olive tone. She has a wiry, athletic build, with muscular arms. She has a diamond-shaped face, with a pronounced jaw and prominent cheekbones, a somewhat large nose, thing lips and thick eyebrows. Rhoda's most distinctive feature is her scar, a thick one past her left eye from a sword strike.

Biography: A simple farmer's daughter from a major elf city, Rhoda was drawn into military service as soon as she was of age. A skilled fighter despite her humble upbringing, she quickly mastered the art of war and left her home in search of greatness.

Quickly becoming a bit of a folk hero for her relatives was the initial consequence of her skills in fighting against the orc threats towards her city, and Rhoda thrived in combat. She wasn't a fantastic leader, but her combat prowess alone led her to rise the ranks.

Tragically, she would soon fall, as a mislaid plan to ambush a tribe led to the death of all her men and her own capture. The orc chieftain took special interest in Rhoda, and she was lucky to escape before she suffered worse than a large scar across the left side of her face, barely missing her eye.

Emotionally traumatized, Rhoda was released from duty and returned home. But the strength she had developed fighting led her to leave her loving family for the roads of the world, seeking to right wrongs as best as she could. After a brief stint as a sword for hire turned her away from the mercenary business, Rhoda ultimately opted to travel the world to seek work for a more noble cause.

Rhoda is a Fighter who specializes in trip attacks. Her primary weapon is a scythe, which she wields to knock foes over and unleash punishing attacks. She is tough, wearing moderate armor, and athletic.

Stern and a little haughty, Rhoda is a bit too blunt for her own good, prone to crudeness and being fairly headstrong. She is forward, strong-willed and brave, but has some internal turmoil over her skills as a leader. She is very loyal to people she considers her companions, and seeing allies fall has a bad effect on her. She has a mild phobia of swords stemming from the incident that scarred her, and hates having to handle them.

Strengths: Athletic, skilled in combat and a capable warrior, Rhoda is a good ally in a fight. She's durable, strong and nimble. Rhoda is loyal and brave, and willing to charge into combat when necessary.
Flaws: Rhoda isn't the most sociable person, and has trouble relating to people. She's not unintelligent, but is prone to crudeness and stubbornness. She has a temper, is somewhat reckless, and doubts herself sometimes. Rhoda doesn't like swords.

Rain, Rain, Go Away
The handshake was awkward, sloppy and in all honestly probably a bad idea. Still, Alice appreciated Fiyori more or less humoring her, and she figured it could've been worse. At least the other girl seemed pretty nice, idiosyncrasies aside. Alice couldn't exactly call herself perfect, so who was she to judge someone, one who helped her out no less. It was just impolite.

"It's right over there." Alice pointed to her house, a modest two-story building. She wondered briefly if her sister was home yet. Probably, since her school was only about a five-minute drive and Alice had been walking for a while. She wondered what Molly would think if she knew Alice had come home with another girl in tow.

"It's okay, I'll see you later." Alice said before hurrying away from Fiyori to the front door. The rain had slowed to a light drizzle, and Alice lowered her head to avoid the blinding droplets.

((Alice Baker continued in Hypotnuse Murder Mystery Case))

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Alice nodded, not sure what to add. In a sense, it was often nice not to have anything planned. Free time was always pleasant, especially when you were like Alice and you could work on something like writing or drawing and enjoy it without stressing over homework or chores. For most people though, having nothing to do generally meant that you were bored.

Alice wondered absently what camp Fiyori fell into.

They walked for a little bit further, both apparently lost in their thoughts. Alice's mind drifted off again; she noticed a pretty tree with no leaves and curved arch branches reaching to the sky, and imagined her fingers tracing the same swooping shapes across a piece of paper. Hmm, maybe she could work on that later that night once her trig homework was done.

It was almost a surprise when she noticed her house a few yards further. Had they really walked that far already? The rain seemed to be slowing, as well. Alice looked up at Fiyori, and gave a shy smile. Then, a more friendly one.

"It's Alice. Thanks for walking with me." She slowly extended her arm to shake hands.

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Alice tried to conceal her sigh of relief when the other girl took back her umbrella. For how nice Fiyori had been to help her out, she sure wasn't giving Alice an easy time with it. She couldn't help but notice Fiyori removing her shoes, which seemed kind of random, but she wasn't going to point it out. Alice gave a weak smile, and continued walking.

As Alice walked, she got a little more comfortable once silence fell over the pair. The drops of rain falling into the streets was kind of nice, and the moody storm clouds overhead were very evocative. Alice momentarily got so wrapped up in how pretty it was that it took her a moment to realize she'd been asked a question.

"Just a few blocks this way." Alice said, pointing with her left hand's index finger. Looking up at Fiyori, she added, "You don't have to go with meif it's out of the way, though." It seemed the polite thing to do, even if it inconvenienced Alice.

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Alice looked down at the ground, biting her tongue. She didn't want to cause an issue, since the other girl seemed to have meant it playfully, but the word hurt. She hated being called an idiot; Molly did it a lot, and it made Alice feel even smaller than usual. She turned away her blushing face and focused on the puddles on the ground.

When Fiyori stopped laughing and spoke up again, Alice was initially confused. 'These'? What were 'these'? And what was 'this'? Alice was so distracted moping that she needed a second to realize that Fiyori probably meant the umbrella.

Alice nodded slightly, taking the umbrella into her hand. She stretched her left arm up, trying to keep the umbrella balanced over Fiyori's and her own heads. The umbrella tilted slightly as Alice tried to balance the heavier top end from the very tip, but she managed to keep the majority of the rain out.

Rain, Rain, Go Away
The other girl, whose name was apparently Fiyori, slowed down a bit, which Alice appreciated since she wasn't the fastest walker in the world. Sure, it probably wasn't a big deal to the other girl, but it was certainly not necessary for Fiyori to help her out, so Alice was glad she ran into her. Plenty of people probably would've just ignored her.

"Nice to meet you." Alice replied, glad her question hadn't been taken as awk-wait, what did Fiyori just say? For a moment, Alice wasn't sure what Fiyori had said, and it wasn't until Alice looked up at the other girl's blank expression that she realized no, that wasn't a joke. Alice blushed bright red. This wasn't something Alice really knew how to respond to, actually. She opened her mouth and closed it again, unsure of what to say.

"Uh..." After another awkward pause, Alice tried again. "I'm a junior, actually. I, uh..." She trailed off again, against her will. She was just...how does one respond to that? She was self-aware enough to know that Fiyori had a point. She was short, skinny and probably could pass for a little kid if she tried. Still, it was kinda paintful to acknowledge that she could be mistaken for an elementary student.

Alice looked up at the other girl again. "Sorry." she apologized, almost out of habit.

Posted Image

I am the leetest

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Alice was quickly finding herself miserable. She had only been walking for a few moments, but she was already feeling the effects. The rain had soaked into her hoodie, her hair was getting wet, and water ran down her face like tears. She felt like a waterlogged cat already, and she hadn't even gotten out of the parking lot.

Suddenly, the drops of rain ceased, and Alice heard a quiet clattering, as if the rain was hitting something. Looking up, Alice found an umbrella held above her, and another girl beside her. Alice knew of her, having seen the other girl before, but couldn't put a name to the face. That made the situation even more unusual, though. Alice had no idea who this girl was, so why was she being approached?

Alice stopped in place, looking up at the much taller girl. "Dad's at work," she said softly. "Thanks, though." Alice offered a shy smile to the other girl. It was odd that she was helping her out, but Alice appreciated it nonetheless. She kept walking, trying to keep pace with the nice girl with the umbrella.

It seemed like an appropriate time for conversation, but Alice wasn't sure what to say. "Hey, uh..." reaching for something, Alice picked the most obvious question, "what's your name?"

Rain, Rain, Go Away
(Alice Baker Pregame Start)

Pouring rain was usually not something Alice took offense to. In Kingman, it was so hot and dry that rain was usually refreshing. Plus, Alice liked the sound of rain; it relaxed her. It was soothing, melancholy, and inspiring from an artistic standpoint. She liked rainy weekends, when she could stay inside and practice or draw.

Unfortunately, this was one of the times Alice took offense to the rain. For one, this was early January, and it was already freezing out at best. Moreover, she was faced with the fact she needed to actually expose herself to the rain, and had no umbrella. It hadn’t rained this morning, so Alice only had a light hoodie on to protect herself and her bookbag full of delicate papers. Not a great situation to walk home in.

As Alice stepped into the rain-soaked parking lot, she shivered and scrunched up her face. She couldn’t get a ride today; dad had one of the cars at work, and Molly was still at school, plus was unlikely to be willing to pick Alice up anyway. Alice didn’t feel like dealing with her sister today. Normally Alice didn’t mind walking, since she lived so close to the school, but now she was going to get soaked from it.

Glaring at the ground, Alice let out a sigh, pulled up her hood, and started shuffling down the sidewalk past the crowded parking lot. She lived a few blocks away, but it was going to be a long, wet few blocks today.

Alice Baker
Thanks for the critique. Edited as requested (I hope : P)

Alice Baker
Edited! Hopefully this fixes those issues.

Alice Baker
Name: Alice Baker
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, drawing, playing violin, blogging, songwriting, writing

Appearance: A petite, waiflike girl, Alice’s age is belied by her youthful appearance. She is only 5 feet tall, and weighs about 100 pounds. She is slender, with long, bony arms and legs. She has a flat stomach and chest, and isn’t very curvy. Alice’s hair is a light blonde, styled in a somewhat unkempt pixie cut with long bangs. Her eyes are large and round, with dark blue irises. Her skin is pale and clear of blemishes, though she occasionally develops acne on her nose. Her face is childlike; a large forehead, small button nose, thin light eyebrows, apple round cheeks and small ears. Her lips are full, and she has downturned eyes. Alice never wears makeup or piercings, but has excellent personal care; her teeth are straight and white after years of braces, and she takes good care of her hair, though she often forgets to brush it.

Alice dresses modestly, preferring pastel colors such as pink and blue, as well as skirts, blouses and tees. She often wears a black plastic hairband to keep her bangs out of her face. On the abduction, Alice wore a pastel pink blouse, a red pleated skirt and black Mary Jane shoes with white socks, as well as her hairband.

Biography: Daniel and Louise Baker, childhood friends and a couple since high school, had Alice in their hometown of Kingman, Arizona. Alice has an older sister named Molly, her senior by two years, and grew up in middle class in a small suburb of Kingsman. Her father was a marketing manager at a local business, while her mother was a homemaker.

Even in her youth, Alice was quiet, preferring to play alone rather than causing mischief. In contrast, Molly was far more energetic and eager, if a bit of a brat and prone to tantrums when she didn’t get her way. While her parents were always loving, Dan and Louise were a bit distant from their children. Though they were responsible and took care of their children, as Alice and Molly became more independent they were more or less content to let the girls go about their business without interfering as long as they got acceptable grades and didn’t bring issues to their attention. They favored a hands-off manner of parenting, preferring to allow their children to develop lives of their own without coddling them.

As the girls got older though, a hostile dynamic seemed to develop. Molly’s brat phase gradually evolved into becoming bossy and critical of Alice, often coercing her into doing things for her. Alice, timid and avoidant of conflict, often went along with these demands to avoid starting a fight. As this continued, Alice’s main motive of avoiding conflicts in general became appeasement, growing accustomed to letting the other person have their way to avoid causing a problem. This was further exacerbated when her parents got involved, as she quickly found that she didn't like dragging others into issues. As such, Daniel and Louise were generally kept in the dark when Alice found herself getting picked on, since she avoided telling them and most conflict came up when their parents weren't present.

This was to Alice’s detriment in school early on, because when other kids demanded she give them a toy or crayon, Alice usually did so. She was used to her much older sister doing the same, so it became second nature. When this began to grow into bullying, her teachers stepped in, but Alice never really stood up to people even then.

As a little girl, Alice was a book enthusiast; when she was very young, she would cry when one of her parents read her a bedtime story because she herself couldn’t read yet. When they responded by teaching her as soon as she could learn, Alice developed a voracious appetite for books. As she grew, she found reading a relaxing and fun way to spend her time, with exciting adventures and stories being told in many different ways. She found that books had more varied presentations and subjects than television, and vastly preferred the former. Alice continued to read later in life as well, favoring young adult novels featuring dystopias, with the occasional fantasy or romance novel. The extraordinary and surreal nature of these genres appealed most to Alice, whose vivid imagination made immersive settings more appealing.

When she was 8 years old, Alice’s love of reading quickly led her to look into means to express herself and tell stories in other ways until she could become a skilled writer herself. Her first instinct was to pick music, as her mother loved piano music and she loved the sounds it made. Her attempts to coerce her parents to let her learn to play instrument were met with surprise, then agreement; since Alice was usually not one to demand things, this was obviously important to her. After selecting violin for its elegant shape and because a character in a book she liked had played it, Alice quickly proved to be a skilled violinist. The sounds a violin made when played were particularly appealing to her. If she has a bad day, Alice would come home to spend hours in her room playing to help relax.

Alice eventually took a childhood fondness for doodling to new levels by practicing serious drawing. It took a lot of practice and study, but Alice’s rough sketches have grown to be rather elaborate and detailed, with a distinctly stylized flair. Alice favors drawing characters or events from novels, but sometimes draws her own original characters or the occasional scenery sketch or reference picture. Her vivid imagination gives her great expressive ability in art, as Alice able to quickly demonstrate an idea in a picture with simple yet often colorful or elaborate pictures.

While she loves creating for the sake of doing so, Alice had become somewhat disillusioned with her artistic endeavors around middle school. She didn’t have many friends and wasn’t very close to the ones she had, so much of her music and drawing went unseen by anyone but herself. After a period of artistic ennui, Alice discovered a fortuitous location to show the world her creations; the internet. Creating a blog, Alice uploaded pictures she’d drawn and videos of music she’d played.

This blog quickly expanded, gaining a respectable audience. Alice, enjoying her opportunity to share her works as well as do art for others if they requested it, began adding short stories, fanfictions and general writings she had created. Fanfiction in particular took up much of the blog, since Alice found great joy in recreating her favorite stories with her own spin. While her writing was initially somewhat rough, she quickly developed a distinct style, making use of her sense of humor and experience with other novels and fanfictions to avoid pitfalls and learn from her mistakes. Her work has greatly improved in both quality and speed since she started her blog, and Alice loves to write, perform, draw, and make use of her artistic talent.

Recently, Alice has begun experimenting with composing music. Her experience writing other stories and listening to lots of music has given her an inspiration to do the same herself. Despite her mixed results with some of her songs, usually played alone in her room, Alice enjoys the process of creating new and unique sounds and songs with her music.

Despite her relative success online, Alice is something of an unknown in school. While not as shy and timid as she was, Alice still has a tendency to be somewhat socially insecure and though polite avoids extended conversations. As such, she has only a small group of dedicated friends, mostly those who share her love for art, literature or music. Her teachers generally don’t make note of her, as she is quiet in class and doesn’t cause trouble. She has excellent English marks, and does well in science and history, but struggles some in math. Alice's favorite classes are her art courses, which she excels in from her extracurricular work in the subject. Her grades overall are excellent, as Alice is very bright and has a good memory.

At home, things are a bit different. Molly, attending her freshman year in a local college, thinks of Alice as a child. Since Molly still lives at home, the two remain engaged in mutually agreed toleration, and thus conflict is more or less averted, though tensions boil over periodically. Still, Alice gets along well with her parents, not expecting too much out of them and being content with them as they are. Her parents in turn get along with Alice, though they often wonder if they’ve done enough for her. In particular, Louise makes more of an effort to involve herself in Alice’s life, and the two have grown closer over books.

Alice is outwardly a shy and quiet girl who doesn’t make much contact with others and shrinks away from large social gatherings. However, she is keenly intelligent, with an excellent sense of humor, mostly online or in her private thoughts. Alice is witty and clever, but worries about offending people and never makes quips to people’s faces for fear of upsetting them. She is empathetic and cares about how others feel, but doesn’t express these often, and tends to recede into the background in large groups. Alice is very submissive and passive, and is loath to engage in a fight or argument, preferring to give in rather than standing her ground. She is happy with her life, and feels that while she has few friends in person, her online contacts and friends whom she engages with in chat rooms and the like, make up for it, as does her artistic bent.

As senior year approached, Alice initially worried about the prospect of living on her own, since she wants to have the opportunity to become independent as soon as she can and doesn't want to live at home for too long. She made some money drawing commissions on her blog, but she didn’t think she made enough to live on her own without a proper career. Her writing was good, but she was scared to publish a proper novel or short story. Her songwriting was fun, but she wasn’t excellent at it. Alice currently believes her talent with violin would allow her to become a violinist as a career, though she has doubts about how well this will go for her. She does intend to study at college for music theory, but hopes to find a way to incorporate all her hobbies into a dream career.

Advantages: Alice’s reticent behavior and slight stature makes her very non-threatening, unlikely to stir a conflict. She is smart, and tends to be good at managing tasks.
Disadvantages: Small, non-athletic and demure, Alice’s ability to actually launch an offensive is limited. She isn’t especially popular or sociable, which could put her at risk as an easier or more acceptable victim. Her submissive response to conflict also makes her likely to fall prey to violence.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Toben's claim makes sense to me, as well.

Yugi sounds like he's covering for himself, which is pretty scummy imo.

~♥Definitely not just changing my title to attract attention!♥~

I think Alice and BB might get along okay! Both are intelligent and musically inclined, and Alice isn't the type who might pose an affront to BB. Since they both have blogs, that adds another layer of potential for knowing each other. As for Gary, I don't see much connection.

Vanessa, being a fellow baseball player, would totally know Gary, and she'd probably like him okay. I can see potential for friendship.

Rory is a major slacker, and I can see him and BB getting along well, since he's likely to go along with her pretty well.

V6 Questions Game
Question: *Shows the next person Bloodgarden* How do you react?

Alice: Oh my god.

Henry: Wow, what's this from-wait, is this real? Holy shit, that's...oh shit! What the hell?

Isaac: You can get fucked, that shit's not cool.

Vanessa: That's disgusting. What kind of person would do that?

Rory: Isn't that SOTF? Not okay, man. Not okay.

Question: You get to bring one famous person from any period in history back to life. Who and why?

Alice: Maya Angelou. She was an amazing writer.

Henry: Steve Irwin. He was awesome. When I heard he died I was like, "Nooo, but he's the croc hunter!" and cried. Ooh, or Lee Harvey Oswald, so we can find out the truth about the grassy knoll.

Isaac: I dunno.

Vanessa: Probably an activist like MLK or Milk, so they could see the fruits of their labor.

Rory: Kurt Cobain? Dude made good music, I guess.

Question: You win 100,000 dollars! What's the first thing you buy?

V6 Questions Game
What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

Alice: I don't drink, sorry.

Henry: I tried vodka once. It was really gross, but I guess that wins by default.

Isaac: Nothin' beats a cold beer, man.

Vanessa: My family doesn't drink except on New Years, but a sip of wine is hardly enough to judge.

Rory: I prefer weed. A man of refined tastes, me.

What are two things you cannot leave home without?

Alice: My sketchbook for one. If I ever feel like drawing I need it. I always have a book, too.

Henry: Uh, besides clothes and stuff? I wouldn't leave home without pants. But other than that, I guess, I dunno, I always have my jacket. Plus I like having books with scary stuff in them. Fun and relaxing, amirite?

Isaac: Cell phone for one. Duh. Plus my pocket knife. I guess if for some reason I need to whittle or some shit.

Vanessa: My diary, always. If I lost it, I'd have a freakout. Cell phone, too.

Rory: Pencils and paper so if I get inspired I can doodle something. I guess my cell phone too, so I can play Flappy Birds whenever I want.

Question: You are placed in the classical philosophical quandary The Prisoner's Dilemma. What do you do?.