"We tried to be better, but we aren't. I don't think anyone could last more than a week here if they weren't willing to do bad things." - Alba Reyes

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This happened

So yeah they sucked at knocking me out of my ult and I got a 1v2 double at the start and it went down from there.

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So after not backing till 3000+ gold, me and Garen were both 0/0/0 while his team stomped mine in every other lane. Then lategame came and I constantly melted their carries while hybrid MF puttered about ><

V6 Concepts Thread
Mine have been conceptualized for a while.

Ryder Jones:
My first idea is a bit of a golden boy. Basketball star, volunteers at shelters and such, and outwardly seems the good wholesome Christian boy. He comes across as a cool, nice guy; but, he has a lot of anxiety. His adoptive parents are more fundamentalist, while he’s more liberal in his faith, and struggles sometimes to reconcile his faith with theirs. So he ends up being a bit neurotic, coupled with a lot of social anxiety from being afraid of offending people. He also does yoga and enjoys gardening to relax.

Adam Bishop
Next up is pretty much the opposite. A bit of a hipster (complete with fedora ><), this guy’s an ass. He writes for the school newspaper just to screw with people by making shit up. He trolls internet forums because he really likes screwing with people. He’s pretty much a major troll and a dick. He enjoys conspiracy theories and occult shows like Destination Truth and Ancient Aliens just because they’re funny, though he does have some belief in the more realistic ideas. His parents are basically super boring and apathetic about him so he has free reign and no respect for authority.

Sadie Smith
For my final trick, my one girl because I write loads of girls. Coddled by her overprotective parents from a young age, and grew up isolated from making friends. This was not helped by her skipping third grade. Eventually however, she got fed up, and they let her have some more freedom. Without a lot of social experience, she’s a bit awkward, but she’s very bubbly and really likes to be around people. Sadie is in first robotics (with the rest of the cool kids), and on the soccer team, but also reads a lot and plays piano. She has a fondness for butterflies.

The title of this thread sums up that last game. Hecarim moved so fast, he literally caused visual lag by just suddenly appearing on screen. Revive+Homeguard+Teleport+URF mode with bonus 60 movespeed=Everyone in Skype screaming as he suddenly appeared and started wrecking faces.

Luckily he build no defenses and Ricky could melt him.