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Alternative D&D 3.5e Campaign Interest Check
I'd be interested in playing, as long as it doesn't take up too much time. I'm thinking something melee DPS or possibly a jack-of-all-trades like a bard or gish. Something different from what I'm doing in the other game,

...No, this isn't a pity sign-up.

EDIT: I should also note that, if we desperately need one, I could try to DM, but I've never DMed so it might not work out so hot.

D&D 3.5 edition campaign Interest Check
And I guess I should stick to my own advice and link my character.


He's basically all done (though tweaks may occur), but I'd be willing to change if we end up with like 4 clerics or something.

D&D 3.5 edition campaign Interest Check
...Or you could use the built-in character sheet, make it public and link us to it.

D&D 3.5 edition campaign Interest Check
I'm going necromancer, probably human cleric, but a human sorcerer might work as well if we don't have a spellcaster\ but me and Ricky should be fine as we are building different roles.

D&D 3.5 edition campaign Interest Check
Alright, then we need to come up with a few voted-upon bits of data.

First off, we will probably be starting at Level 3, unless people have objections. Level 3 implies some level of in-character experience in combat, and thus should be reflected in your character.

Also, I'm okay with this setting idea, though it'd be nice if there's lots of variety in the world, for realism and adventure quality.

Now, any suggestions for other setting ideas?

D&D 3.5 edition campaign Interest Check
That's about it for players, unless others are interested in which case backups may be involved. The ever-important DMing position is still untaken.

D&D 3.5 edition campaign Interest Check
Alright. Will you be playing or DMing?

Also for the record, it might be nice if prospective DMs gave a base idea for the setting they'd like to do.

D&D 3.5 edition campaign Interest Check
I was just wondering if anyone was able and willing to DM a 3.5 edition game on Myth Weavers. This was discussed in chat briefly via PM, and I think a couple people might be willing to join and set up a campaign.

Basically, if you're interested in DMing or playing, post here and we can set this up. Myth Weavers is a good site for it, and I have no qualms with anyone who is new as long as you're willing to try and learn. I'm giving priority to people who post first, but I'd prefer no more than 6 or so players, maybe a few more if this is popular.

One caveat; the DM should have some experience as dungeon master of 3.5 edition. If you don't, I'd suggest not applying as DM because it'll be tough setting this all up with newer players, and a new DM makes things even more challenging. Any players who are willing to be active and put a bit of thought into this are accepted, though!

Interested parties:
Solomir (Dungeon Master)
Me (player)
Ricky (player)
Dom (player)
Deamon (player)
dmboogie (player)
Decoy (player)
Skraal (player)
JillSandwich (player)

For the record, this site, Myth Weavers is the site this would probably be set on. It has character sheets, rolling and other useful stuff for running a game.

EDIT: Worthy of note is that homebrew, while acceptable, should probably be agreed on by the involved parties, and a few basics (setting, starting stuff, etc) would also be up to the group decision.

Geez, I'm hungry. Anyone got some, like, crackers or something? Oh, we're voting now? Alrighty, then. I've been keeping up with the thread as much as possible, and it goes well with popcorn.

Personally, penguin might be possible, but we need to consider lurkers as well, since if they are taking night actions they wouldn't appear inactive. Beyond that, I want to save my vote, but Dom might be someone to pressure into giving some actual information.

Amendment to the Staff Heirarchy System
Yeah, I use Indulgence. I also prefer softer purples; this seems a bit redder, which is a bit harsher to my eyes on the background.

Amendment to the Staff Heirarchy System
Toben, whenever you and another staffer are logged on, the SotF Staff thing appears at the bottom twice...

Amendment to the Staff Heirarchy System
Well, that's interesting. How will new members join now, though, if they need to be checked by an admin to be authorized for posting and such?

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot

Ridley was kind of interesting. He wasn't the most-perfectly characterized, and I feel like he lost purpose after finding Raine. Still, he was decently written, and his end seemed to make sense even though it wasn't a continuation of any previous plotline.

I think Ridley did well in his relationship with Raine, though, since they spent a lot of time trying to find each other, and he died avenging her (or rather, trying to and failing). Ridley was a hothead, and I think it was pretty suiting that he died attacking someone rather than being attacked or trying to run away. I think he died at a reasonable location for his story arc, as well, but that's neither here nor there.

Another! shatters post on the ground*

Post Restriction Mafia - sign ups
I would like to redeem myself, please.

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
"Thanks," Gwen said with a smile, appreciative of the compliment. "Truth be told, I was so worried it wouldn't fit me anymore, but it works fine." In truth, the dress was a bit tight around her stomach, but she thought it looked fine. Still, she should probably lose some weight soon; it was unfortunate that her prom picture would make her look pregnant, but it would be good for the memories in the future.

Gwen nodded to Maynard; he was a nice guy, and genuinely sweet, even if he was a little odd at times. Gwen figured that he was a better person for prom than some sports star who didn't really care about his date as long as she was hot. Those kinds of people were shallow and thoughtless; not her style at all.

She turned away from Maynard, but looked back to beckon him to the food tables. She didn't want to sound selfish, but she was really unable to dance, especially in this dress in this heat.

"Sorry, but I don't really feel like dancing quite yet, so lets get something to snack on." She said, and carefully made her way around the random people to the tables. It was pretty well-stocked, she thought as she carefully took some chips and bit into them. She was lucky that the school went all-out; a mediocre prom sounded even less fun than a nice prom.

She stopped and turned back to smile at Maynard, suddenly feeling bad that she'd sort of left him behind. Abandoning a prom date for some Lays seemed rather impolite, and Gwen felt a twinge of worry that he'd feel left behind, since that was not her intention at all.


Can I stop talking with that ridiculous typo thing now? Whatever.

Well, good luck guys. A shame I managed to screw everything up, but what can I say? I'm new around here, and cannon fodder to boot. Hopefully next time I'll get a power role and do better.

Good luck everyone!

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
Gwen was rapidly regretting her decision to go to prom.

Sure, there was food, and it was her only chance, but it was really hot in her dress. At least it was kind of pretty; a floor-length, black velvet dress with white fringe on the arms, the neckline and the base. A white corsage was placed over her right breast. She'd also let her hair flow down to her shoulders.

It was...unusual, for sure, but Gwen loved it. It was beautiful, and elegant and old-fashioned and she thought she looked really nice. Gwen just wished she wasn't overheating in it. It was pretty hot with all the people, and Gwen wasn't exactly a cool person. She gazed briefly at the other dresses; they were a menagerie of colorful, spiraling fabric, waving gently with the movements of their bearers.

She was nervous about entering the dance area, due to her utter lack of foot coordination. So, she found herself standing awkwardly in the doorway. She smiled over at Maynard. Wow, he was tiny; even shorter than she was.

"So, shall we enter?"

V5 Final Countdown and Character Application Deadlines
When will pregame end? As soon as V5 starts, or earlier, or what?

I associate green wit unvote, red wit vot, so I went yello just cuz.

@Pengwin; nobody will like that I suspekt Ricky, but I do. He is waaay to willing to revel as cop on just day 2. There's a lot of time cumming up, and he isnt going tob have a Doctor all threwout. Its a huge risk for early game, and I feel that Ricky and Toben may be mafia, making up this plan at night to get more townie.

Ricky mit be Mafia Kop, trying to take out power roles, or even it culd be Toben. Ether way, it mit be them. But then, wat do I no? I just clamed to. Its another posability, on peeple havent looked at much. Just throing it owt so peeple can see a diffrent side.

And yeh, blaming my linchers by accussing them dosn't look good eether. But watevr. Just a thowt.

Claiming Townie/Lollygagging Lackwit.

Feel free to disbeleve me and linch, but I have no idia how to convince u, so tis is my best argument.