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Not My Tempo
((Alice Baker continued from The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over))

"Oh!" Alice exclaimed as she slipped into the music room that she'd assumed would be empty, only to discover that it was inhabited by a boy. Jeremy, if she recalled, though she only really knew him from sharing class. They weren't in the same peer groups as far as she knew. He was a gamer, she was pretty sure.

Alice had come by the music room as she often did, early, to practice. For obvious reasons, she liked the extra time to compose and practice at school, though she was occasionally thwarted by a locked door. Still, it was fair enough; her violin was very expensive, and besides money she would be horrified if it were lost or stolen. She'd had it for years, after all.

"Hi, sorry, I was...just popping in. Don't mind me." Alice said quietly. Too quietly, perhaps, since she couldn't even here herself over the piano. It seemed Jeremy was quite talented, which was surprising. He didn't look like a pianist. Then again, she really ought not to judge people by their covers.

More loudly, Alice said, "Excuse me, do you know if the violins are still locked up?"

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
I can't express my gratitude enough. Oh my god she is absolutely beautiful, this is so spot-on and perfect I don't even know how to words about how good this is.

I was going to put a picture of a smiley frog here but google only turned up gross-looking frogs or cartoon ones. SORRY.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
Heya Frogue! Could you do Henry Spencer for me? Much obliged!

Dying in the Light
Wheezing sucked. Coughing sucked. That feeling where she exhaled and it made a rattling sensation in her chest sucked. Being sick sucked. Being chronically sick sucked. Everything sucked.

But at least Blair was home, with some hot buttered toast and honey/lemon tea and other generic sick crap. And her meds, can't forget those. Oops, here comes a coughing fit! Isn't dying just so much fun?! Blair grinned in the most exaggerated way, as if someone could possibly miss the sarcasm so far. God, this sucked. She'd nearly dropped her toast, too.

Flopping haphazardly onto her couch-nest, Blair took a second to catch her breath and try to recover her poor useless lungs. While tossing the blankets around with one arm to try and cover herself, Blair used her other hand to grab her phone from the table and check her messages.

'Weird, huh. He probably didn't appreciate you.' Heh, as if anyone could really appreciate Caedyn. She was great and all, but she was just such a freak sometimes. Hmm. That was kind of mean. Where'd that come from? Whatever. Blair was sick as fuck, she was allowed to be a bitch in private. Who cared?

He’s So Fine And Different

The Final Frontier.

These are the lines that opened the original Star Trek, saying something about its mission and how grandiose it was and then they said that really dramatic line everyone remembered. Henry thought space was really cool, with the whole, 'random stuff like diamond planets and black holes and alcohol clouds' part and the 'unfathomable hugeness' and stuff. It was full of interesting things! Well, technically it was a vacuum, but arguably even vacuums contain stuff but anyway, there might be aliens in space! It was awesome. But as a theme for a prom? Seemed odd. Not very romantic, or 'fun' or anything 'normal' high school kids would be into.

In other words, Henry thought it was freaking awesome!

Plus, he was with Scarlett, who was really cool and seemed really excited! She looked really nice too, and she was holding his hand which was...pretty nice! Holding hands was cool, kissing was overrated. Henry looked over at her and smiled. He was really glad he'd asked her to ask him to come with her. This was going to be lots of fun!

"I think it's cool, yeah!" Henry beamed at Scarlett. The decorations were simple, yeah, but they weren't going to be crazy-fancy or anything. He was starving, though. "Yeah, food sounds good!"

Poe's Poems Pwn Posers
((Blair Moore continued from Barely Dead))

Hmm. This was going pretty good for once.

Blair's enjoyment of her English class experience was affected by two important facts; she hated the readings, and loved the writings. Today, they were writing poems in pairs, which was pretty fuckin' sweet since Blair wrote poetry all the time! There couldn't be a better topic for her. And better yet, it was supposed to be about a desert, something her scientific knowledge would make easy!

Blair already had a really great idea. She was going to write about Antarctica; after all, the frozen wasteland was technically a desert due to lack of precipitation, so it fit the qualifications but was less...familiar. Ugh, stupid Kingsman. Why was it the middle of fucking Arizona of all places? Nobody likes Arizona! If only she'd been born in Europe...

Wait, what did that quiet chick Bryony just say?

"Hey! You can't copy my idea! I was doing Antarctica already."

Screamer, Screamer, He's a Dreamer

As the lecture continued, Henry heard an awful lot of talking going on in the background. He wasn't especially interested in this part of class; the descriptions were the best part of the class when he didn't know the genre, but this time he did, so he didn't really pay much attention to that part? That was probably kinda bad, but Henry didn't think the teacher was super-invested, so whatever.

Michael piped up with something about chainsaws. Henry didn't mind slashers! He liked the gore and the scary atmosphere they often had, but he usually preferred the psychological horror. The ones where you have to step away and sit in silence after you watch them, as Noah put it. Noah was cool, he was funny and Henry liked him.

"Oh, I love Rosemary's Baby!" Henry said, glancing over at the other guy. "Which Haunting, though? 1963 or 1999?"