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The SOTF Theme/Genre discussion
Gwen, had she lived longer, was aimed towards having a theme of strengthening. I wanted her to grow from her state of fear and requiring emotional support to becoming proactive and even brave. I was even hoping at some point she'd encounter someone dangerous and escape/win against them at some point. Rolls made this fail.

I'd also love to duo with you Toben, since I'm also trying to climb the ranks this season.

The Alignment Thread V5 - Halfway Mark
LG- Michelle Wexler
LN-Rosemary Michaels
LE-Hansel Williams
NG-Sara Corlett
NN-Mara Montalvo
NE-Katarina Konipaski
CG-Michael Mitchellson
CN-Jaquilyn Locke
CE-Paris Ardennes (By default I guess)

Nope! Free to play and you can buy all champs and everything "mandatory" like runes with in-game currency. You can pay real money to get RP which you can buy cosmetic stuff with, but it's optional.

Also I wasn't sure if you knew this based on your post, but you can own and play as many characters as you like! There's over 100 of them so you've got options.

V5 Halfway Plastic Hammers
The Plastic Hammer Awards!

The Basics

Handler Name: Espi

Your Trademark Character: Gwen or Theo

Current Status of Trademark Character: Both are dead

Favorite Character: Too many to say! Mara Montalvo, Maynard Hurst, Sean Mulcahy, and Hansel Williams are all up there. For dead kids, I liked Sara Corlett, Summer Simms and Michelle Wexler.

Favorite Weapon: Penis enhancement pump if only for the reaction the terrorist had when it was assigned. As for used weapons, the Stinger, though it wasn't used right.

Favorite Scene: Early threads are underappreciated, there were plenty of good ones. I liked . "Rebellion" was also pretty interesting as an early thread, and I was fond of writing in "Cantata Mortis".

Favorite Death: I liked Summer Simms' a lot since it was really made sense for her character.

Favorite Quote: Too many to count, personally. A lot of Summer Simms', Hansel Williams', and Paris Ardennes.

Favorite Post: Hansel's symbolic BKA oneshot was interesting.

Favorite Location: I'm a big fan of the hotel for being a huge source of violence.


Best Character Development: Mirabella Strong

Best Game Impact: Summer Simms’ story will probably alter the way future players interact.

Best Innovation: Alda's a bitch and very angry in general, and I find she's actually a really interesting if you look beneath that.

Best Realism: I’m a fan of Jessica Sanders despite Ricky’s dislike of her. She’s grounded and makes sense as a person to me.

Best Heroic Character: Michelle Wexler and Owen Kay.

Best Villainous Character: Summer Simms, Mara Montalvo if she counts and Joachim Lovelace

Best Tragic Character: Michelle who may or may not be Island Jesus.

Best Humorous Character: Michael Michelson has a very entertaining voice.

Best Tactics: KK Konipaski had this at first but I think she’s lost the touch. Paris Ardennes is similar with his manipulation.

The Sympathy Award: Sara Corlett was so sweet and shy.

The Empathy Award: Theo’s early panic was a lot of myself, though I don’t like the direction I went with him.

The Gone-Too-Soon Award: I had really high hopes for Paulo and I’d have loved to see him change more later on.

The He-Had-It-Coming Award: Theo, Theo, Theo

Scenes and Deaths

Best Tragedy: I was really sad reading

The Stomach-Churner: God damn it Summer.

Best Impact: I think that Interstice of Time altered Theo’s path which altered a lot of the game, as did A Classy Place to Meet

Best Comedy: I was amused by Tessa Blackridge’s death as black comedy.

The Sunglasses-and-Explosions Award: A Classy Place to Meet.

Best Feeling-Inducer: Garrett’s death was sad.

Best Drama: Tell No Tales is pretty messy at this point.

Best Surprise: I absolutely did not expect Summer to snap the way she did.

Predictions, Preferences, and Positions

If you could change ANYTHING that has happened thus far, what would you change? I wish I was still in the version for one xD. Also the crash shouldn’t have happened and I’m disappointed in a lot of my early writing.

V5 Final Four: List them! This can either be an ideal list, or IC or OOC predictions. Maddie Wilcox, Ami Flynn, Maynard Hurst, Mara Montalvo

Who of the surviving characters are you cheering on to win V5? Too many to count.

How do you predict the ending of V5 is going to turn out? Amazingly.

How much did you enjoy/not enjoy V5? I had so much fun I can’t even tell you.

What do you like the most about V5? It was an overall very solid version with nothing standout bad. There were no “oh god whys” for me and there’s not much that went completely terribly character-wise.

What do you think could have been better about the version? That said, not as many highs as V4. Less standouts, less huge memorable moments, it’s a bit of a solid but not spectacular thing.

How do you feel about V5 compared to prior versions? Fewer lows, fewer highs, very solid but not as exciting.

What do you think of the overall 'SOTF' story? It’s never going to be great, but I think it’ll always be fun and it’ll resolve itself eventually.

How do you think V6 will differ from/compare to V5 and prior versions? I think people might take more risks and be more out there, ideally. I know I’ve gotten way more experience and will be trying some more stuff that I’d never have touched when I joined.

Talk About Yourself

What has been your favorite thing to write in V5? Gwen was always fun, and I'm really proud of what I did with her.

Which of your V5 characters was your favorite to write? Gwen.

What are you proudest of in V5? I’m proud of my growth. I joined about a year and a half ago and wasn’t really that great. But after all this time I think I’ve gotten leaps and bounds better than I ever would’ve without SOTF. I’ve also made a lot of friends which would’ve been way harder without it.

What do you wish you could improve? I wish my early stuff wasn't as weak. I need to stop rushing as much in the early game, and I want to be able to tie a character's overall arc together better.

What is your favorite V5 memory? Being involved! I've never been in a big community like this before, so having so many people to talk to (and game with xD) has been such a fun thing.

What else would you like to share? Anything goes! While I'm sad I got rolled out already, I'm still really excited for SOTF. TV2, V6, and everything else is still coming up and I can't wait to keep on writing!

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Super proud of this Jinx game and also major props to Toben for being a solid support.


The Alignment Thread V5 - Halfway Mark
Theo: Chaotic Evil, basically being a crazy, violent and morally bankrupt mess. He has his compunctions and occasionally feels bad, but he keeps going back to killing. He could be argued for Neutral Evil or Chaotic Neutral I suppose, but I think his overall scattered playstyle and personality, plus his violent and random acts of killing, would push him to chaotic evil.

Nina: Lawful Neutral. This is mostly because she never really did anything notable to be good or evil, and she mostly tried to follow her personal code, though never really did anything with it. She's not that great ><

Gwen: Lawful Good. While in life she was kind of a rebellious, in game Gwen stuck to her moral code, refusing to harm others and trying to find the right way to handle things. She was in Group Nap Time because Michelle's plan honestly made her believe that it was the best, most good way to go about the island, by allowing everyone to die on their own terms. I guess she could be argued to be neutral good in that regard, since she wanted to stick it to the terrorists, but I think her personal code wins out.

Call of Cthulhu (6th edition) interest check
I'm cool with any setting tbh.

V5's Halfway Point
I'm still a bit disappointed in getting rolled out, but I think V5 was exceptionally fun and I look forward to seeing the rest of it and every version to come!

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I have never carried so hard with LeBlanc, but it was fun as hell.

Call of Cthulhu (6th edition) interest check
For the record I'll probably do an easy-going laid-back author so.