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Battle Royale Mafia Fallout Thread
I suck at mafia.

A Moth of Peace
Though she was shocked in principle by the announcements, the sad truth was that in a way, Alice just felt kind of...numb.

Taking a deep breath, she glanced at her friends. Bryony was clearly devastated by proxy and Sandra was clearly infuriated by the death of someone or other. Alice felt guilty about that, because, in a way, she was relieved? Aside from Bridgette, she didn't know most of the people named very well.

But that wasn't right, she argued. She couldn't just go, 'Well all my friends' friends are dead but my friends are still alive so it's all A-OKAY'. That was just, just disgusting. She tried to shame herself, to will despair into herself. But she was also too eager to count her blessings and appreciate the positive.

Selfish, yes. But was selfish okay here?

Mulling it over was giving her a stomachache, so Alice turned to Bryony and held out her hand to gently pat her friend on the shoulder. "It's okay. There's nothing we can do right now, not for everyone." That sounded harsh, so she added, "Not yet, at least. People are gone, but..."

But what? Religious salvation was hardly comfort in dire situations for people not especially devout already. But what else was there, except for the rapidly-diminishing hope for rescue? Alice didn't know.

Dysthemia Morte
Rene sat down next to Blair, who tried to smile in return. Not much luck, but some progress was made. She sat up and brushed the sand out of her hair. She looked at her companion. The poor thing, she was probably used to eating a lot-well, okay, that was unfair. What a time to be judging someone for their lifestyle, when they're one of the few people you think won't be out to kill you.

"Hey. Go ahead, not like I'm doing much." Fuck, her mind went back to Caedyn. She'd won something, hadn't she? A prize for being a good sport. Hah. Fun times.

"It's a stupid name, Survival of the Fittest." Blair spoke up after a moment of silence. "It's a misappropriation of a scientific term. If this was about the fittest, we'd all be equally armed to start, so we'd adapt. And I mean, in the real situation we'd reproduce but nobody here is thinking about babies I'd bet."

Just then, before Blair could continue her random train of thought, some guy called out. She turned to look at him; he wasn't a familiar face, but at least he seemed not-crazy, unlike Alan.

"Sup. You here to kill us?" Blair heaved herself to her feet. "'Cause you can try, but I'm bulletproof and my friend here has, uh, we'll say eye laser powers. The water's, I dunno, radioactive or something." She shrugged comically. A bit of mirth, not like her, but she was beyond taking this seriously. Someone here was probably going to kill her, and it was doubtful she'd get a chance to fight back when it came down. Why not go out with a snarky one-liner?

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread


I'm The Vigilante with a catch. If I kill two townies in a row, I become vanilla.

My nightkill tactic was essentially to go after people who came up as scummy during the day, since at the very least we'd get some answers. Night one I killed Flare. Night two I killed Grim. Night 3 I killed Candy and lost my power.

Z is reading strongly towards town for me. I like her playstyle and generally agree with her calls.

Deamon I'm starting to go null-scum, he is generally looking like contributing but it never really seems to go beyond general finger of suspicion. He's not committing.

Yugi is confirmed town by Boogie. Not much else to say here.

Zetsu I am also nulling on. Pushed more for Flare but since he was also kinda sketchy that day was possibly defensive bussing.

Prim also has the cop calling town, so Godfather/insane cop aside, I'll let it go.

Toxie is probably inactive by now.

Vyse is Vyse, so there's a lot to parse. I'm willing to say Town because of the push on Flare and against some of the townflip lynches.

Boogie claimed, so unless he's insane cop or lying that confirms Yugi and Prim.

Decoy is also lurking.

Goose I'd say town, he's been playing pretty on point and I don't have a lot to call out on.

Naft is my big finger of suspicion, not just for pushing me, but also for pushing me by saying that it's scummy of me to be more active.

THat's about it.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread

Vote: Prim

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Feb 16 2017, 02:01 PM
I'm not even the godfather. And yes, I am a backup. I can be a backup to a town tracker, vig or cop when they die.
So apologies for my absence, been struggling to keep up.

Also, not EVEN the godfather? That's an odd slip of the tongue. Or rather, text, but still.

I also think the tracker thing is sketchy. So for now[color=#red]Vote: Prim[/color]

A Moth of Peace
((Alice Baker continued from The Latest Story That I Know is the One That I'm Supposed to Go Out With))

It was a beautiful moment, as she came up the stairs to a sunrise and her best friend. Alice smiled a little, watching Bryony from behind as she attempted to make conversation with a bird. The poor thing had been through so much, and yesterday only proved things would get worse for them.

It was funny how far she'd come in just a few days. Her survival had been something she took for granted. Then, in the first two days, she'd been so desperate to ensure it she'd been willing to throw away her relationships to go back home, hiding away. But now, she had come to a conclusion, that it was more important to be with the people you care about for a short time than to be alone for a long time.

She had wondered what that meant here, where her friends were endangered and so was she. But Alice wasn't going to worry about that for now.

"Hey." Quietly, she stepped forward to greet Bree. She sat down next to the other girl and looked at her, still smiling. "It's pretty, huh? The sunrise, I mean. Like a painting."

Dysthemia Morte
((Blair Moore continued from Creeping Doom))

It was too much.

On one hand, she was vindicated, proven in her suspicion of Caedyn Miller's morals, ethics and intentions. The bitch had apparently bludgeoned and stabbed a girl to death. Knocking someone over the head? Possible accident. Stabbing them repeatedly? There was no other way to put it; she was a psycho.

The rest of the deaths barely registered as she sat on the sandy beach; same killers, more victims. That Will guy killed someone apparently, the infamous Darius van Dyke, but that was all. Mostly it was Caedyn. Because Blair being right about the other girl was a chilling prospect; she really was dangerous.

It startled Blair when it occurred to her that murdering Caedyn was now much less morally questionable. Stupid idea. As long as the bitch didn't show up on Blair's doorstep, she'd probably get killed by someone else. It wasn't Blair's problem, sick as it was. Plus, she was unarmed and probably less fit than Caedyn, though she'd hate to admit it.

Since running into that creep Alan, Blair had spent the day wandering to and from the asylum, somehow slipping any sort of contact with other students, though she did have to hide on occasion. She had been soaked in the rain and cold and was probably going to get sick, but shelter was an enticing risk. After all, other people wanted it too.

Now that Day 5 had rolled in, she was frankly surprised she was still alive. Not for lack of trying and luck, but for all her bluster about staying alive, she'd had doubts. It was still early, and very likely that she was still doomed in the short and long run, but living to see morning five days in a row on a murderer-filled island was good enough for her.

Shivering in the wind, Blair checked her rations in the bag sitting next to her for the umpteenth time. Only about a day left worth of stuff. Not good, but what solution was there? Looting corpses? Robbery? She was better than that, and stealing was impractical, dangerous and difficult without a weapon.

Another day, another problem. How wonderful. She laid back in the surprisingly comfy sand and closed her eyes.

Creeping Doom
Hm. Blair cocked her head to look at him more.

On one hand, he said he hadn't killed anyone. She was pretty sure his face matched the name. On the other hand, there was something sleazy about him, a sort of...sketchiness. It was his face, she thought, that sort of smugness that screamed out that he was hiding something.

Okay, executive decision time. There was only one exit, and if he wanted to trap them closing the door would do the trick. Well, behind her was the smashed-open wall, but she was pretty sure that was not a safe jump. So logically, it was best to GTFO while they could.

"I'm leaving, that's who I am. Later."

Blair scooted around Alan, keeping a close eye on his hands, before briskly walking down the hallway away from the crazy.

((Blair Moore continued in Dysthemia Morte))

The Latest Story That I Know is the One That I'm Supposed to Go Out With
As much as Alice hated to admit it, she couldn't deny Nadia's logic. Survival was a perfectly sensible goal, as long as you weren't murdering for it. It was crass, of course, but looting was sometimes a necessary means.

Poor Bridgette, though. She had gone out in such a dreadful way.

Alice smiled at Bryony. She wouldn't let anything happen to hurt her, no matter what.

"Yeah, I'm glad too."

((Alice Baker continued in A Moth of Peace))