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Plush Wants To Read Your Living/Pregame Things!
Alice Baker.

RemoteCrimson presents totally original critque thread
Henry Spencer

V6 Yearbook Scrawlings
The Basics

Handler Name: Espi

Hey Guys! (Your trademark character): Henry I guess?

Where you at? (Current Status of Trademark Character): Rambling about jumpscares in film class.

Most Popular (Your favorite character(s) ): Hmm…Jae, Cass, Enzo and Bryony are some of my favorite reads.

Best School Hangout (Favorite thread): Puddles!

The Scrawlings

Class Clown (those who tickled your funny bone): Enzo is cool like that.

Class Sweetheart (Girl and/or Guy known for being a real nice guy/gal): Abby has no mean bones. Coleen also.

Best Dressed: Nadia, natch.

Most Likely to be President: I don’t even know

Most Likely to End up in Jail: No clue

Most Likely to Succeed: I still don’t know

Biggest Meanie: Caedyn staaaaaahp

Class Flirt: Sadly Dante didn’t stick around or they’d have it. I gotta go with Caedyn.


Most Unorthodox/Original Character: Enzo and Cass. Both are really good reads and have the nonbinary thing. Kimiko also.

Most Realistically-Portrayed Character: Hard to pick.

Most-likely to win in a Battle Royale : I nominate Enzo. Again.

Yearbook Quotes

Which character do you relate to the most? Cass

Which character do you feel the most for? Bryony stop being sad.

Which character are you cheering on to win SOTF? I’m holding out for a hero victory this version. Enzo strikes me as a solid winner.

Which character do you think has it coming? Caedyn, definitely.

Quick; Final Four for V6 - who's it gonna be? Enzo, Bryony, Georgia, Asha

Margin Scribbles

Most Emotionally Moving Scene: Divorce Bread was pretty sad.

Most Humourous Scene: Sting like a Stingray is headed that way.

Most Drama-filled Scene: Pitches.

Most Unexpected Scene: I didn’t expect my thread with Alice, Bryony and Isaac to turn out how it did. For one I wasn’t in, Hyperventilation Dance.

Talk About Yourself

What has been your favorite thing to write in V6 Pregame? Alice comforting Bryony, Henry’s oneshot with his dad, and Blair’s hair saga.

Which of your characters was your favorite to write? Henry for his eccentricities.

Which was your favorite thread to participate in? Too many to list.

What are you proudest of in V6? Improving so much from V5.

What do you wish you could improve? I hope that I get better at writing, basically.

What is your favorite OOC memory? Skyping people about whatever is always a blast.

What else would you like to share? Anything goes! DEMACIA

The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over
Alice tried to avoid being too judgmental of people. She figured if she didn't understand someone's circumstances, they probably had some psychological reason for their behavior, so why think badly of people when they were the person they were because of their environment?

Except Isaac Brea. He was an asshole, and anything nasty she could think to say about him wasn't enough.

Alice could only stare as Bryony raced out of the café in tears. She wanted so badly to go to her, to try to talk to her, get her to feel better. But she was emotionally drained, upset by Isaac coming up and ruining her efforts to make her friend happy again. She wasn't sure she was in the proper state to resolve her own emotions, let alone Bryony's. She just...didn't know what to say or do. She'd wait around a little while, see if Bryony returned. If not, then she'd have to go. She still needed to find a gift for her mom's birthday. That could wait, though.

Hopefully Bryony would be okay. Alice didn't know what to do anymore. She wondered if she would be a bad person for leaving Bryony by herself. Probably. She wasn't sure, but Alice knew one thing was sure. She knew for sure that something had to be done. She couldn't let that kind of person get away with their behavior, not after what she just saw.

She was going to fuck up Isaac Brea.

((Alice Baker continued in Not My Tempo))

The Spinster and the Bachelor

Henry was so excited he couldn't decide if he wanted to say 'yes' or 'yeah'. That was unfortunate, but ultimately inconsequential when the intrinsic meaning of the verbalization was made clear through context. Yes!

"I'd love to! We'll have a great time, I'm super-excited to go. Ooh, we should coordinate our colors, so how about I wear black and you wear, I dunno, red Pink? What do you like?"

"Actually, nevermind that, I'll just call you later. I think I've got your number in my phone, we can set up a ride and stuff later." Henry's motor mouth was running on all cylinders, pistons firing, gasoline-ATP burning to move the muscle-wheels and make his jaw move and this metaphor really got away huh. He was super-excited!

Pouncing on Scarlett and giving her a biiiiiig hug, Henry grinned and said. "Thank you soooo much. I'll see you there?"

((Henry Spencer continued in the dance))

Gild The Lily, Beat The Drum
"What's wrong, honey?" Louise Baker's concerned question jolted Alice out of the book she was reading. It was a lovely little romance, about a young spirit-like man who wakes up in a different person's body every day, and he falls in love with a girl, and-

Right. Mom had a question.

"I'm okay, mom. Just reading." Alice said as soon as she bookmarked her page. God, she hated when people dog-eared books. So disrespectful.

"Alice, I know what you're doing. I'm asking what's wrong." Louise said, her expression still full of worry. Alice began to feel nervous. Oh no, did mom find out somehow? Who might've told her?

"Nothing!" Alice blurted out. Wrong move; Louise sighed and put her hands on her hips.

"Sweetie, why don't you want to go to the dance tonight? It'll be fun!" Alice suppressed a groan. She hated dancing, hated the loudness and chaos of the party, and most of all, she hated the expectation that she had to ask someone out. She couldn't possibly ask someone to the dance, and she'd be mortified when they said no. Better to just stay home and not worry about it.

"No, mom, really, I don't want to go. I don't have a date or anything." Alice said. Her mom was usually cool to let the girls do whatever, but she worried a lot when she felt like they were missing out. Hopefully she wouldn't-

"I think you should go. I'll give you a ride, and Molly might have a dress you could borrow. C'mon, you'll have a great time!"

Alice sighed. No point arguing, it'd just make her mom upset and then she'd be guilty and ugh, it was easier to just go along with it.

"Fine, but...it's semi-formal. I don't need a dress."

The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over
Alice wanted to go off.

Isaac was being the classic pseudo-gentleman, but neither she nor Bryony wanted anything to do with it. She wanted to tell him as much. She wanted to tell him off, tell him to go screw himself, whatever it took to get him away from her friend who desperately needed to be left alone. People in the café were staring, and even Alice was getting uncomfortable. Bryony seemed petrified. She couldn't let this stand. She had to get Isaac away.

But she couldn't.

She wasn't able to. She just didn't have it in her to confront the guy, even with her friend here in need. She was too weak.

Alice felt her face flush hot with embarrassment and a creeping sense of failure as she spoke. "Uh, thanks for worrying. We're okay though. Like I said, she' just had a rough day."

Internally, Alice didn't want to, but at the same time, she felt like she had to offer Isaac something. Please him, and he might leave them alone. "If you've got a project, maybe I can help out after I get Bryony a ride?" Mom would be fine picking up the two, she figured. If it meant keeping Bryony calm, she'd risk spending more time with this guy.

She was Bree's friend. That's what friends were for.

Screamer, Screamer, He's a Dreamer
Henry beamed at Alessio, his desk neighbor, but then that one girl Caedyn piped up and corrected him! Darn, and she was right. Henry wasn't a fan, she was weird with her dreadlocks and weird stuff. Henry was weird, sometimes, but she was even weirder.

"Oh, sorry! That was technically a screamer, my bad. But jump scares are the usual movie thing, so yeah." Henry said. Hmm, that was kind of mean. He hoped Caedyn didn't take it as him dismissing him. That could end badly.

The teacher, seeming bored, nodded and started discussing film techniques used in horror, suspense and thriller films. Henry yawned, covering his mouth. Then he looked over at Alessio. "You watch horror much?" He whispered. Alessio was cool, he was friendly and Henry often talked to him during class.

Dying in the Light
'I'll be okay for now. Thanks.'

Blair coughed some more, feeling the phlegm in her throat rattling. God, it was just disgusting. If she was going to be chronically ill, couldn't it at least be more glamorous? Or like, less gross. Snot lungs. What a shitty disease she had.

'You mean Jeremy was talking to someone? Weird. Does he strike you as the flirty sort?' Blair couldn't offhand remember why they called Jeremy 'jerbear'. Did Caedyn go out with him sometime? Probably not.

Blair took a sip of water and gulped, trying to catch her breath from the heavy coughing. 'brb, getting food.' She typed out to Caedyn before trying to pull blankets off of her and make her way to the kitchen. She was starved.

The Spinster and the Bachelor
So far, so good! Scarlett certainly seemed interested. "Oh, good!" He said brightly, grinning at her. "Oh, uh, not good about the nervous thing. That's unfortunate, I guess. But I'm glad you want to go with me!"

Henry smiled again. His face felt warm; he was probably blushing, an unusual reaction for him. "It's okay, I haven't either. First time for everything, though, right? Well, technically no, things that are impossible like faster-than-light travel don't have a first time, unless they're possible. Then they might." Hmm, physics. An interesting topic, on he should get into more. Atomic structure and quantum mechanics were remarkably exciting.

Not now, though. Now he was talking to Scarlett. "Sorry, got a little distracted. But..." He looked down, feeling unusually awkward. "I'd love to go with you, if you'd ask me."

The Spinster and the Bachelor
Oh hey, there was a girl, and this time she actually was looking at Henry.

Scarlett or something. One T or two? He wasn't sure; some inkling told him it was with two, but he couldn't recall if he'd seen it written down or only heard it. Oh, don't get the wrong idea, they were friends. They talked about stuff, like movies, though their tastes differed since Scarlet(t) liked older movies or science fiction while Henry preferred horror. But she was pretty nice, and they'd talked before. Hm...

Ooh, idea!

Henry stood up, pulling down his shirt to make sure it wasn't riding up his stomach, then briefly stopped to adjust his hair. After self-consciously checking his breath, he nodded, smiled and approached Scarlet(t).

"Heya!" He called out cheerfully, then paused. Was that too forward? Perhaps he should've been more suave, like a spy. Eh, spies weren't actually that glamorous. Suave was out, then, so he should just be himself! "Listen, I've got a question." Henry paused. Wait. Girls were supposed to ask the guys out. He might have to subtly convince her to ask him.

"Will you ask me to the dance?"

That works, too.

The Spinster and the Bachelor
Darn, day of the dance and Henry still hadn't been asked to go.

Not that he was really wanting to go or anything! Or, well, yeah he wanted to go, but it wasn't like it was a huge deal or...yeah, no.

Henry sighed as he walked out of the school building and sat on a bench. His dad was going to pick him up today, so he needed to wait, which could take a little while. Henry supposed that it was a lucky break, since now he'd have one more shot to get asked. Still, he felt kind of mopey. He'd been so excited for the Sadie Hawkins! It sounded like a lot of fun, and Henry didn't usually go to these sorts of things. But now he was thinking he might not get the chance.

Henry wasn't a stud or anything, but he was an okay-looking guy, right? Like, he wasn't stunning, sure, but there had to be somebody who wanted to go with him. The idea of dancing with someone sounded really cool, but he didn't think he'd want to go if he was alone or something. That'd be pretty boring, huh.

Henry sighed, brushing his bangs back over his eye. At least he still had his killer fashion sense? Well, maybe. He was wearing his jacket, so bonus points there, plus his cool black jeans with the chains on it. His shoes were pink, which was an unusual choice, but he thought they looked nice. So yeah, he was doing okay style-wise. Wait, what was he reassuring himself for?

Oh right. Dance. Siiiiiigh.

Henry smiled at a nearby passing girl who, at second glance, was neither looking in his direction or particularly friendly-looking. Wait, was she in his grade? No, he was pretty sure she was a sophomore. Darn. Plenty of fish in the sea, but still...

Aw, that made him sad. The fishing trip for next month was going to be canceled, 'cause the campsite they went to would be closed the day they always went. And the other weekends wouldn't work because Dad had stuff planned.

Today was making Henry sad.

V6 Yearbook Scrawlings
So I figured this is a good time to put up V6 yearbook scrawlings (aka plastic hammers for pregame). Some might argue it's too early for that but THEY WOULD BE WRONG.


[big][u][b]The Basics[/b][/u][/big]

[b]Handler Name:[/b]

[b]Hey Guys! (Your trademark character):[/b]

[b]Where you at? (Current Status of Trademark Character): [/b]

[b]Most Popular (Your favorite character(s) ): [/b]

[b]Best School Hangout (Favorite thread):[/b]

[big][u][b]The Scrawlings[/b][/u][/big]

[b]Class Clown (those who tickled your funny bone):[/b]

[b]Class Sweetheart (Girl and/or Guy known for being a real nice guy/gal): [/b]

[b]Best Dressed: [/b]

[b] Most Likely to be President: [/b]

[b]Most Likely to End up in Jail: [/b]

[b]Most Likely to Succeed:[/b]

[b] Biggest Meanie:[/b]

[b]Class Flirt:[/b]

[b]Most Dramatic:[/b]

[b]Most Unorthodox/Original Character:[/b] Any character that strikes you as highly original or out of the ordinary.

[b]Most Realistically-Portrayed Character: [/b]A character who you feel that you can imagine existing in real life.

[b]Most-likely to win in a Battle Royal (Take an early shot. Who do you think will win?) :[/b]

[big][u][b]Yearbook Quotes[/b][/u][/big]

[b]Which character do you relate to the most?[/b]

[b]Which character do you feel the most for?[/b]

[b]Which character are you cheering on to win SOTF?[/b]

[b]Which character do you think has it coming?[/b]

[b]Quick; Final Four for V6- who's it gonna be?[/b]

[big][u][b]Margin Scribbles[/b][/u][/big]

[b]Most Emotionally Moving Scene: [/b] Has anything brought a tear to your eyes?

[b]Most Humourous Scene: [/b]Which scene served as the best comic relief?

[b]Most Drama-filled Scene: [/b]Which scene had you on the edge of your seat in the way of conflict, suspense, and drama?

[b]Most Unexpected Scene: [/b] Was there anything that you just did NOT see coming in pregame?

[big][u][b]Talk About Yourself[/b][/u][/big]

[b]What has been your favorite thing to write in V6 Pregame?[/b]

[b]Which of your characters was your favorite to write?[/b]

[b]Which was your favorite thread to participate in?[/b]

[b]What are you proudest of in V6?[/b]

[b]What do you wish you could improve?[/b]

[b]What is your favorite OOC memory?[/b]

[b]What else would you like to share? Anything goes![/b]

Espi's V6 Relationship Planning Thread
Bumping since V6 is approaching.

Dying in the Light
'Hahaha, oh god. Thanks though.'

Blair had a weird habit with texts. She couldn't stand using imperfect grammar and spelling. Like, she didn't mind when other people did it, but she couldn't help but feel it reflected poorly on her if she wrote in a lazy manner. After all, she was hardly an idiot, so why 'talk' like one? Convenience, sure, but that wasn't quite worth looking like you had 40 less IQ points than you actually possessed.

That aside, she sent the text right as the familiar tightening in her lungs prompted a fit of hacking that left her winded after about ten seconds. Panting slightly, Blair took a deep breath and focused on the text, trying to distract herself from the misery that currently occupied her body.

'I miss anything good? Give me the juicy stuff ; )'

The winky face totally sold it.

The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over
Oh, great, just as things were looking good to get Bryony feeling better, Isaac showed up. He was just...ugh, he was so ill-mannered! Alice was loathe to give people grief, but he'd clearly never learned that behavior. She could probably go on an on about her feelings on him, but what would be the point? Better to focus on the issue at hand, which was keeping him from upsetting Bryony.

Unfortunately, there were a few challenges with that. For one, they were in public, and just walking off would make her look like the bad guy in this situation. For another, as much as she hated to admit it, trying to tell off Isaac made her nervous. It might cause a scene, it might upset Bryony further...there were plenty of reasons for Alice to not just tell him to go away. So it was best to just give him what he wanted until he got bored. He probably wouldn't be interested in their issues, right?

"Uh, hi, Isaac. We were uh, probably going to leave soon. Bryony's had a rough day. Did you need something?"

Alice looked up at him, her expression neutral. She had to admit, she had spun that pretty well. As soon as Isaac left, the two could hurry out, and then they could actually have some private time. Alice was itching to get back to her latest fanfiction.

Sadie Hawkins Dance Planning Thread!
Alice probably won't go.

Henry would love to go, even if it's by himself. But he's definitely available if someone wants an adorable goth dork.

Blair will definitely go, and I'm open to suggestions as to who she goes with.