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Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
I've been really struggling regarding keeping up with mafia thus far, and I wholeheartedly apologize on that front.

As for the RC lynch, I'm sorry that it turned out like that, however I don't think necessarily I'm to blame for it. I'd argue that scummier people include Persy for targeting him pretty aggressively, and decoy for flying under the radar without making much sense to me.

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Would you mind doing Theodore Fletcher for me? Thanks!

Bananas Draws Sometimes

crabCaptain draw stuff ;w;
oh my god how did I never request something these are great!

Would you be so kind as to draw Nina Clarke?

The Dungeon of Doom!
"The dungeon's entrance stands on the edge of the Snowleaf Forest. An imposing black door mounted in a massive oak tree, black smoke blooming from within.

The adventurers who have chosen to stand before it today were...less than ideal, but to Mayor Berkhov, they were the best bet the town had. After all, nobody else seemed willing to clear it out, and it wouldn't do to have any more of those nasty monsters appearing in the area.

"Alright, listen up." Berkov barked, standing in front of the dungeon door and facing the adventurers. A ragtag bunch to be sure; a dog, of all things?! "Your task is to enter and clear out this dungeon, and destroy the source of it's power. Now, as far as we know, it's a relatively "low-power" dungeon, so there shouldn't be too much risk. Still, take precautions, because I imagine none of you would like to die today. Clear?"

Stepping aside, Mayor Berkov pulled open the door with a hiss. Behind it lay a stone staircase leading downwards, lit by burning torches along the walls."

You may begin! At different time periods I'll interject with events as stuff happens.

The Dragon of Herald Arrives!
Helen Cruz would probably get along pretty well with Ryuu. Both are into theater, and seem to have good temperaments.

Isaac Brea would also know Ryuu, being a big partygoer, though the specifics of the relationship is less clear.

The Dungeon of Doom!
Alright! I'll whip up a starting post soon as I can!

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
As for Doc, I do suppose you have a valid point. I'm keeping my vote where it is for now, but looking towards more suspects would probably be beneficial. And if nothing comes up, RC is still a prospective lynch based on his behavior.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Feb 15 2015, 12:05 PM

I'm scummy and suspicious. Yes. But why? I guess it's "just a feeling".

My biggest scum reads are listed in the big post I made earlier. Decoy, Espi and Slam.

I want to answer Persy's questions. That's what I want to express. But if you want, I could ignore Persy. But he wouldn't be amused, I bet.
I read you as scummy because your responses don't make sense and you're playing like you're hiding something. It's suspicious to point fingers every which way.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Feb 15 2015, 01:28 PM
Oh and a more useful answer to your question, Slam, would be:

Well, we're talking about me and Persy. So what now? Either we both are town, we both are mafia or one of us is mafia. And then? If you lynch me for example and I flip mafia. What're you gonna do with the other mafiosi? I doubt they get magically get killed the next day via a vigilante. They get a day of lurking and hiding and looking town and stuff. This isn't good. We need to find mafia. I doubt Vyse just had 1 partner.
No, they wouldn't. If you're mafia and we lynch you, we get a mafia down. "If I'm mafia lynching me is a bad idea" is nonsensical. If there's only 4 or so mafia, we'd have two of them down already, even better if you turned up as a mafia power role. Your logic makes little sense here.

As for your mafia reads, I don't see why you read me or Slam as mafia. Slam has read as pretty town to me, and you said previously you thought I was a null read.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
It is definitely odd that nothing went down last night. If I were to guess, I'd say either a doctor block on the mafia target or the mafia targeted a bulletproof. Luckily for us it gives more time to hunt scum.

As for RC, I'd definitely say his responses are somewhat suspicious to me. It could be a sign of his inexperience, but his attempts to redirect attention to others (Slam and Persy come to mind) makes him seem somewhat off. As such:


RC is definitely muddying the waters right now, and while I said last time that he was worth holding off on and watching, I think my vote can be put in a good place for now until we see something else noteworthy come up just because he's raising way more red flags this go around.

My question to RC is, simply put, what are you trying to say re; Persy? Also, who are your biggest scum reads?

The Dungeon of Doom!
So since this section of the forum hasn't had an actual roleplay occur in it in...8 months or so? I'm bringin' it back, baby.

The story is simple. Your character (one per person, please!) is a novice hero assigned to clearing out a local “dungeon” which has popped up recently. In this setting, dungeons appear at random and cause monsters and mishaps to occur in the region around them, forcing heroes to enter, loot and destroy the place so bad things stop happening. More details will be established once we've got enough people.

One character per person; once we've got a full party (between 5 and 8, preferably, with me “DMing”), I’ll close off and we’ll begin.


Character template!
Name: Fantasy characters can have all sorts of names!
Gender: Gender identify for your hero.
Character class: Anything you like, as long as it’s descriptive of what they do!
Backstory: How your character came to the Dungeon of Doom
Personality: What your character is like.
Equipment: What kind of gear you possess.
Abilities: Spells/techniques your character can perform, as well as noteworthy skills.

There’s no hard guidelines for any of this stuff, just keep it reasonable and not ridiculous. The game starts off with “level 1” characters, so keep that in mind.

Have fun!

Character building: fun for all ages!
1: Alice likes orchestral and classical music, but she also likes dance and techno. She doesn’t have a lot of favorite bands; she just listens to different songs, usually one or two from an artist. Her favorite artist is Lindsey Stirling, because she admires how skillful Lindsey is with the violin.
2: Pastel blue.
3: Alice’s mom loves to make the kids dress up, to the embarrassment of Alice and resentment of Molly. Alice went as an evil queen, with a big ball gown and tiara.
4: Alicebaker@gmail.com. Boring and normal. Her screenname is usually just “Alice”, or “AliceB”. Her password is “alice12345” for everything because she can’t remember complex ones for the life of her.
5: Alice is a Capricorn which is shockingly accurate. She honestly could not tell you what her sign is if you asked her; she has no opinion on astrology.

1: Henry likes punk, heavy metal and really any music with loud guitar or drums. He’s also a fan of witch house, but mostly because he likes the name.
2: Black.
3: Henry LOVES Halloween, and makes really obscure costumes every year. This last year he was a Chupacabra.
4: Henry's email is mythicaltruth@gmail.com. His usernames are usually along the lines of "Darkest Winter" or "Infinite Abyss". His passwords are usually combinations of common words because he heard those were hard to crack; his currently-used one is ElephantGiantKey.
5: Henry is a Scorpio, which has nothing to do with him, which makes him sad because he thinks astrology is really neat.

1: Helen enjoys pop and country music.
2: Blue
3: Helen doesn't really do much for Halloween, but last year she went to a party as a zombie bride.
4: Helencruz@gmail.com. Her passwords are usually just letters and numbers, like "QsCaX135". She writes them all down in a ledger.
5: Helen is a Cancer, which is not very like her. But she doesn't really care about astrology so it doesn't matter much to her. If anything she thinks its a bit silly.

1: Isaac likes dance, punk and rock music.
2: Blue
3: Isaac dressed up as a werewolf last Halloween for a Halloween party. He also got rather drunk.
4: rockking@yahoo.com, mostly to troll people who hate Yahoo. His passwords are all "dontguessmypaswsord". Complete with typo.
5: I'd have to talk to MrMissMrsRandom about when Isaac's birthday is, but either way he doesn't care. Astrology's for hippies.

1: Ryder listens almost exclusively to country music.
2: Red
3: Ryder didn’t do anything for Halloween. The last time he did was 7th grade when he went trick-or-treating as an astronaut. He likes it, but would rather be doing other things.
4: bballryder@gmail.com. His passwords tend to be “Jonesing” or “Jones99”.
5: Ryder is an Aries, which is pretty fitting. Astrology seems iffy to him though, he’s not too fond of it.

1: Vanessa likes punk and rock music.
2: Violet
3: Vanessa gave out candy as a witch last Halloween.
4: ViviHart@gmail.com. She changes between passwords a lot and can never remember them, so she writes them all down. Her usual is “homerun89”.
5: Vanessa is a Capricorn. She could care less, but she hates that her birthday is Christmas Eve.

My questions:
-Do you like to travel? Where have they been?
-What is your favorite soda?
-Favorite food?
-Favorite movie?
-Favorite season? Least favorite season?

we were all born in the hunter's season
Henry and Asha would definitely get along, being friendly horror enthusiasts.

Rose and Vanessa know each other from robotics, and would likely be pretty friendly.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
@Vyse: Naft usually tends to go aggressive when he's town, a method I've seen him use a couple of times I believe (OOTS being recent). He leans town right now for me. I think Doc targeting you is interesting because I'm less accustomed to seeing all-out offense from him early on, though I may just be less familiar with his playstyle. I suppose it does fit him : p

I'm going to hold my vote for now. I do see decoy as a biiit of a bandwagon since he didn't really say anything about Vyse up till now. I am also iffy on RC using Slam's vote to make an example of him. It seems like a reactionary play.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
@Naft I believe it was mentioned that a few people considered him policy lynch materal. I wouldn't say RC is necessarily, but it was something brought up at the time.

Will add more content later when less busy.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Yeah, Yugi's could be a major detriment if he doesn't seriously contribute next time he posts.

For some original thinking, I'd say the suspicion on RC, looking at it with hindsight, is a bit odd to me. It seems like a way to target someone who is already a contender for policy lynching to throw him under the bus. He's definitely a good backup for now, but I'd keep an eye on people who push him too aggressively.

Other than that, getting a good feel off Turtle's last post, not much else new to report.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Yeah, Day 1 lynches can make or break town early on, since we really need to get info fast to stand a chance. At the very least we should look to pressure suspect moves and move in on them if we don't get leads.

I'd also like to hear from some of our less vocal members, get their takes. Decoy, boogie, Siege Perilous, Sunny? Reads, thoughts, etc?

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Yeah, this day one has been pretty hectic so far.

My initial reads:

-Naft is doing his usual thing, which in my experience implies very little. I'm leaning towards town, though, just from the content of his posts.
-Doc, similarly, is using his usual tactic, but what that means remains to be seen. His targeting of Vyse is interesting.
-Vyse is kind of a null read thus far.
-Yugi I can't say for sure what his read is.

Everyone else hasn't really contributed enough for me to get a strong read. The RC lead is also an interesting prospect, but I'm not sure it's a good candidate thus far, since targeting RC for his inexperience hasn't gone well in the past.

Star Wars Mafia: Game Thread
Goddamn guys.

Gimme a bit to organize thoughts/read 8 pages of stuff and I'll get back to you.