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V5 Fifth Announcement
She preferred happy poems

Thanks for a fun V5.

Last Goodbyes
((Gwen O’Connor’s story continues from God in Fire))

“The Final Moments of Gwen O’Connor”
By Anonymous

As rain and hope faded into the starry night
So did the will of a once-strong light
Dark clothes, violet hair
Once cheerful and brave without a care

But twilight’s kiss brought only fear
And a poor lost girl shed many a tear
For all was lost, and hope was dead
She’d never return home to bed

Never see her father, or even her mom
They did everything with great aplomb
Her beloved parents were faint shades
Lost in the mire of death island’s glades

Violet hair, black clothes
Gwen O’Connor had many woes
For her life was cut by tragedy short
Imprisoned deep in a hellish fort

SOTF was the game of “soon”
Everyone dies, as the sun becomes moon
And those who fight to keep their lives
Are just as doomed, by guns or knives

And as one who knew all too well
Gwen O’Connor could easily tell
That her life was good as over
A truth that would make anyone sober

The bodies in the hotel
Made her feel very unwell
And the hopeless fruitless day
“Give up” made her heart say

So she stood on a ledge
The Captain’s Cliff’s edge
And prepared to leap asunder
And find the end of her wonder

She’d done her best
Traveled east to west
But she had not heard
A word of Maynard

A beloved young man
Who made Gwen think, “I can”
And who deserve to smile
But was doomed all the while

And Gwen had decided
This game’s rules would not be abided
She would not fight or kill
Choose her fate of her own free will

So Gwen fell
To the ocean’s hell
And leapt from the cliff
With only a sniff

And as Gwen fell
To the ocean’s hell
She felt she flew
If only she knew!

She died hope bereft
Gwen thought “there’s nothing left”
Succumbing to the island’s horror
And what else is left to say anymore?

Gwen O'Connor: Deceased
80 students remaining

V5 Fifth Announcement
Also don't bother sending death ideas if I don't catch a save.

V5 Fifth Announcement
Well okay then.

I'd love a hero, more than you know. SOTF is literally the most fun I've ever had in my life, and to go out so quickly would just suck. If anyone at all wants to see what I can do with Gwen, please send me a hero, because I promise I'll only go up from here!

God in Fire
((Gwen O'Connor's story continues from Cantata Mortis))

Gwen was confused.

She'd been awoken shortly before dawn, and decided to get a move on and head to the hotel. She wanted to find Maynard, and she figured searching around the area she saw him last would be the logical location for him. Of course, she'd been traveling a lot in just the past day so there was no guarantee he'd be anywhere nearby. Still, she had no better leads, so why not keep up the current goal?

Of course, nothing was ever going to go right for her it seemed; she was approaching what appeared to be a fairly large hotel. It looked pretty, despite being abandoned for god-knows-how-long, and it probably was a good place to rest, but it wasn't the hospital.

Either way, she entered with some caution. Maynard might be in here taking shelter, right? It made sense, and it was totally possible that people would seek out a hotel to stay at on the island, right?

Alas, for Gwen, she was far, far too right. The second she entered the building something was terribly wrong. The scent was pungent and sickening, and all-too-familiar. She pushed forward, into the lobby itself, and discovered horror.

Blood and gore splattered the walls and floor like crimson dappled sunlight.

Crumpled corpses, charred and blown to bits, were strewn across the floor like broken dolls.

The stench of rot and ruin filled the room.

Gwen stared for several seconds, maybe 10 or 15. Then she fell to her knees and buried her face in her hands and screamed loudly over and over in terror and disgust and hopelessness and sorrow and mourning and loss and loneliness.

She took a deep breath several minutes later, and looked up, blinking away tears and wiping snot from her nose. Then of all things she heard the announcements start.

It took a while after that for her to recover. She was broken, sobbing again because Michelle really was dead and you know what? So were over a dozen other people, from the killer Theodore Fletcher to Sara Corlett, who was as sweet and meek as they came. Did any of them really deserve this?

Not really, but just because you don't deserve to die doesn't mean you'll like it seemed. Gwen staggered bleakly away from the bloodbath building.

((Gwen O'Connor's story continues in Last Goodbyes))

Cantata Mortis
As Kammy departed, Gwen watched her walk off with dread settling into her gut. She might never see Kammy again if the poor girl walked off by herself. But on the other hand, Gwen didn't really feel like Kammy wanted her to go with her, and Gwen had to find Maynard. Michelle was gone and it sucked, but Gwen wasn't Kammy, and the one she loved was still alive. As much of a bitch saying it made her sound like, Gwen didn't want to feel how Kammy felt.

She wanted to find Maynard before it was too late, and now she had a bitter taste of what'd happen if she failed.

Besides, Kammy was probably going to need the alone time to think. Recovering from loss was hard, and Gwen figured Kammy would probably want to be alone while she mourned. Gwen hoped she'd be okay, but logically she knew unless Kammy was the last person left she'd be another Michelle or Daniel or Alex. Another bloody corpse on the ground.

Gwen didn't want to think of it, but she wasn't any better-off than Kammy. Neither was Maynard or Adam or Virgil. And hell, Kammy and Virgil had guns, so at least they could protect themselves. Gwen hadn't had been tested yet, but she didn't want to think of what'd happen to her in a kill-or-be-killed situation. Could she commit an irredeemable act and hurt or kill another human being if she needed to? Was she even physically capable of it, assuming she could muster up the mental courage to violate the moral code she'd stuck to for her whole life?

She walked into the building, shutting the door behind her as she prepared to bed down for the night. She'd probably have trouble sleeping again, as had been the case since every night but last.

((Gwen O'Connor's story continues in God in Fire))

That Teemo though o_O

Your Dead Kids

Cantata Mortis
Based on Kammy's reaction, Gwen wasn't exactly helping, which was, you know, probably be to expected. She did feel for Kammy, she really did, but she was also really, really, bad at talking to people apparently because she had no idea what she was saying and it obviously wasn't helping which was a bit frustrating. Gee Gwen, good job, way to fail miserably at helping people again.

Michelle had died saving her life, she knew, and this was the fucking thanks, was breaking the news in the worst way she could think of.

Gwen put her hands to her head and exhaled, trying to shake off all her frustration. She was upset from what'd been going down on the island, sure, but she shouldn't take it out on Kammy or even herself. She knelt in the mud, across from Kammy, and almost lost her balance as she sat cross-legged. "Okay. I can take you if you want, or if you want to go alone, I understand either way."

She took another breath. "And Kam, I'm sorry. For everything."

Cantata Mortis
Gwen nearly fell flat on her butt when Kam shoved her, and as it was she ended up on her knees. When Kam fell so did her heart, which then ignited with sudden anger. She was just trying to fucking help and Kam shoves her? What did she think she was, when Gwen was just trying to be nice? It wasn't like Gwen wasn't scared and mad and sad all at once too but she didn't take it out on-

Gwen took a deep breath. Getting upset would only aggravate the situation.

"Hey, listen." She said, voice commanding. She stood up. "I know you're pissed but it doesn't help to take it out on me. I..." She trailed off. "I cared about Michelle too, probably not as much as you did but, but damn it if she didn't deserve to be here!"

Gwen felt warmth running down her face, and brushed her cheek. She was crying, and the finger came back stained indigo. She rubbed her eyes again. "If you don't believe me you can go to the hospital yourself and find out."

V5 Final Ten Predictions
No particular order, either.

*Virgil Jefferson-Davis: I dunno, this is more in-character but I get the feeling he'll stick around for a while. His story's just hitting a potential stride to me.
*Maynard Francis Hurst: Bias aside, Maynard's got a lot of potential and I'd love to see him make it far.
*Makatala "Kam" So'oialo: Had to look up the spelling xD. But joking aside, Kam's a really strong kid, my personal favorite of Elena's and one I can see make it a good distance.
*Ami Flynn: Ami's an interesting character and I get a good feel about her lifespan. Call me crazy. Ciel's also done a nice job with her.
*Amaranta "Mara" Montalvo: Mara is my personal favorite of Vicky's, and I can see her doing some awesome stuff if she keeps the pace.
*Hansel Williams: Bias aside (again >_>) Hansel is a pretty solid character, and one who's been fairly interesting thus far with potential to take it a good distance.
*Jessica Sanders: Her low-key style makes her a good contender and I can't wait to see what happens when her fragile security breaks.
*Leona Van Camp: A potential darkhorse, John does great work and I'd love to see what happens now that his quiet kid made it farther than his big-name ones.
*Alda Abbate: Alda's had some good shit and her story seems very interesting. I look forward to her future stuff (especially with Paulo dead)€€
*Madeline "Maddie" Wilcox: Bias aside (3/3 >_><_<) Maddie's a bit of an unknown who I'd like to see make it farther.

Cantata Mortis
((Hug GM approved))

Gwen knew something was coming. She expected loud crying, declarations of "whyyyy" or the like, the kinds of things you saw on tv shows or movies or in books. It was only logical for someone to be able to tell that Kam's reaction was not going to be positive, and Gwen had been more than prepared to offer whatever support Kam needed.

Screaming loudly like Kam did was not an expected reaction, and it threw Gwen off completely. She wanted to help, she really did; she'd tried to be delicate, but she knew that she'd done a shitty job of breaking the news gently, so a freakout was inevitable. Gwen froze, watching Kam scream her lungs out, trying desperately to think of something she could say to help.

"Kam, I..." She winced as Kam broke into another shriek. "Kam, just...just take a deep breath, and..." Gwen paused again. "Listen, it's going to be hard, I know, but we'll make it through. Just, just don't give up."

"Michelle saved my life." Gwen stepped forward and gently embraced the other girl. "For Michelle's sake, we can't give up."

Cantata Mortis
On the plus side, Kammy was being pretty nice, and she lowered her weapon again (when it had been raised Gwen nearly wet her pants) and she seemed to have a good excuse for killing those two people. Well, it had apparently been self-defense, but that was about as good an excuse as there was. If there was, at least.

On the minus side, she was still looking for Michelle, and Gwen knew all too well what happened to her. Poor Michelle; Gwen's constant companion, the closest she'd had to a friend on the island, probably dead by Gwen's inaction and inability to help her. Michelle had been so sweet and kind and Gwen had abandoned her. It was unforgivable.

And now the first penance. Gwen had to break the news to Michelle's girlfriend.

"Kammy, I was...I was traveling with Michelle, ever since the first day. We were traveling, looking for...for people." Gwen thought it best to not specify the details of the plan, to avoid Kammy getting the wrong idea. "But, yesterday, remember how it was raining? We holed up in the hospital to stay dry."

Gwen took a deep breath. She didn't want to think back to the hospital. "And...and Eliza, you know Cody's sister the punk rocker or something, she came in with a gun while most of us were asleep. She was talking to Michelle, and I came into the room, and Eliza..."

Gwen rubbed her eyes. "Eliza started shooting, and she tried to shoot me, but Michelle grabbed the gun and Eliza shot her and she was bleeding so much and she told me to run and I..."

Shaking her head, Gwen stared at the ground. "I'm so sorry, Kammy. I think she might be dead."

Cantata Mortis
Gwen gasped as she saw Kam approach. She knew Kam, she wasn't exactly hard to recognize, and moreso she knew Kam was Michelle's girlfriend, Michelle who was dead now.

And had murdered two people.

Gwen stepped slowly out the door, hands held out in front of her. She wasn't sure what Kam might be armed with, if anything, but Gwen knew she had jack squat, and pretty much anything trumped that even if Gwen wanted to fight or had a chance of winning a fight. She had to be very careful, and she really, really, really hoped Kam wasn't actually playing. Two people dead at once might have been an accident, but Gwen didn't want to take any chances.

Hopefully this would work out.

Gwen lowered her arms and pulled her face into a wan smile. "Yeah, that's me. Hey Kam. You wanna talk or...?" Gwen swallowed. Kam didn't look aggressive, but Gwen wasn't exactly a master reader of intentions. If Kam was about to start shooting, Gwen would be the last one to know. "I'm not armed, or like, hostile or anything."

What Could Have Been
So since Theo died I'm going to revive this because I like talking about my ideas that have fallen through.

Theo kills Steven: So initially I offered to Toben for Theo to meet up with and kill Steven, in what would likely have been a similar scene to Steven's actual death. Toben eventually opted to go with KK instead, which I think worked out really well for him anyways.

Theo kills Hansel: Basically ever since Deep Breath Deep Breath AKA Theo and Hansel's start, whoever got rolled first would've been killed by the other. Obviously rolls decided that'd be me.

Theo meets Hansel, fights him and both live: Theo and Hansel's relationship was prettty important as is, but me and Naft really wanted to have them get into multiple confrontations before one died. Sadly we didn't get a chance; I think pre-crash we were going to meet up, but then things came up and we got bogged down and I got rolled.

Theo repents: Yes I know this is a terribly-easy-to-screw-up story arc and I would've probably made a mess of it, but initially after I decided Theo would play, I figured after a bloody Day 1 he'd realize he was a dumbass and try and make up for it. Then Interstice of Time happened and I opted to change his plan back to playing.

Theo watches Alice die: When Alice was rolled, I talked to boogie and we decided that Theo and Alice would meet up, discuss things, then someone (no idea who) would come in and take a shot at Theo but kill her instead. Not sure where this would've led, but it might've been interesting. Then Alice was heroed.

Gwen is fodder and has a camera rant: This was my plan early in pregame when Theo and Nina were my big two and Gwen wasn't established yet and I wasn't sure what I was doing with her yet so she was just there. I was going to have a thread where she went on a long camera rant and jumped off a cliff (this was my plan for so long I wasn't even sure there'd be cliffs to jump from). I even had a rought draft written for it. Then Gwen met Group Nap Time, I realized she was actually my best character and realized I probably shouldn't fodder her.

Gwen throws sharp thing, goes crazy: I initially toyed with the idea of having Gwen get like a knife or axe or something and kill somebody by throwing it at them in terror before snapping and beginning to kill people. Then I decided that would be dumb and threw it out.

V3 Read-A-Thon

I literally read the entirety of Charles' story during Madison's story, so I just skimmed it a bit. It was pretty meh, very one-dimensional and not amazing and basically a pretty obvious premade who very expectedly started trying to kill someone and dying in the process.


V3 Read-A-Thon
Heath was actually not awful. I think he started a little bit joke-y, but over time as the situation got serious. I liked his story okay, his relationships with various people were fairly decent and he developed into a pretty decent character over time.

I liked him. Roll me another!

V3 Read-A-Thon
Keiji wasn't too bad. His profile was pretty average. I thought his actual game was fairly meh, a bit of a joke character, though his death was a bit of an improvement in that sense. He didn't get much screentime, and I think he had some potential.

Roll one more!

V3 Read-A-Thon
Courtney was only like 10 posts long. I would call her extremely bland fodder but she had some decent characterization and I was okay with her I guess. I think her death was awful though; it combined songposts, flashbacks to home and other such things to make it very melodramatic.


V3 Read-A-Thon
Madison was I think a very weird character. I think early on she was okay as the scared weak girl with the twist of secretly considering violence. I don't really like where she went after that though, becoming basically a calculating murderer and then forming a solid alliance out of nowhere and dying with a sympathy angle. It seemed very flip-floppy on what she was actually like and I was very confused by her abrupt change from the thread where she runs from Melina and steals her stuff to being very polite and kind with Anna Grout. It didn't make a lot of sense to me.

Roll me one more! *Cringes in preparation*

(Also screw the thing I was doing earlier, doesn't work well for me >_>)