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As Long as There are Stars Above You
Nina ordered another coffee this one slightly different because she changed her mind (black, sugar) shortly after getting up to the front. While she waited, she turned to Meera.

"Oh, yeah, I was sitting over with Sophie and Gray." Nina gestured casually to the two, who appeared to be enjoying a conversation. She was glad the two hit it off; it would've sucked if they ended up fighting for no good reason.

"So yeah, it's nice to see you again," Nina added with a cheerful smile. "You wanna sit down, or..." The barista called her name, and she stepped lightly over to take her drink with a cheerful "Thank you!" and a friendly grin.

cat planet cat planet cat planet
Gwen smiled gently. "Don't worry, I don't mind rambling." In truth, she'd lost focus a bit and began daydreaming a bit, but she was mostly aware of what he'd said. "I can be a rambler too. Tip for the future; don't get me started on obscure animal trivia." She snorted in laughter.

Gwen rolled the ball over to him, and walked back over to her sketchbook. Picking it up, she took up her pencil and began erasing a few errant lines. While she did so, she said to Owen, "I'm not sure what Fire Emblem is, but if you're drawing characters, that's not a bad start." She snorted in laughter again. "Spheres can be tricky, too, since it's hard to make them look 3-dimensional on a flat plane.

"The good thing is that you doodle. Doodling is great for just playing around with stuff, and it's a good time-waster, too." She traced a clean line around the last hexagon, and then began carefully shading in the shadows around the soccer ball.

Gwen looked up from her page, at Owen. "So you have a brother? What's he like?" Gwen was still somewhat intrigued by people with siblings, having never had one herself. She imagined it must be really loud all the time.

Trying to See
Gwen sat down on the couch.

It was funny how the little things always got people. She'd never noticed how pretty the pattern was; maroon and amber and violet and a menagerie of colors traced a delicate web across the soft fabric.

The TV was still off; Ann had the remote, and Gwen didn't feel like getting up and turning it on manually. Still, it was nice that Ann had bothered to take the time and offer to watch the nature documentary marathon with her. She knew Ann was busy with work, and wasn't big on animals.

Gwen wondered if this was a purely altruistic decision, or if she was setting up a talk. She shook the thought out of her head as Ann walked around the couch with a large tin bowl of popcorn. The buttery scent wafted off, and Gwen smiled.

"Aw, thanks!" She said, cheerfully. Ann smiled back; she was a petite woman, about Gwen's height but slender rather than round.

Ann set the bowl down between the two. Gwen took a piece, ate it, and immediately realized that this was unsalted and butter-free. Gwen figured it was another health thing. She sighed silently; so she wasn't an athlete and didn't exercise, and maybe she ate a bit too much, but she didn't have any medical problems, so who cared?

Still, she didn't bring it up. Didn't want to mar the night with bickering.

"So, which channel is this?" Ann asked, pressing the button. The TV flickered to life. Gwen told her that it was the Discovery Channel, and ate another piece of Styrofoam-flavored popcorn. Gwen adjusted her glasses.

As the introductive theme played for Planet Earth, Ann turned to her daughter. "You did very well on your midterms; I'm proud of you, and you're hard work."

Gwen's earnest smile reflected Ann's.

cat planet cat planet cat planet
Gwen smiled, trying to cover up her mild disappointment in actually having to get the ball. She stood, setting down her sketchpad (facedown, just in case) and quickly pursued the soccer ball.

It had rolled down a slight incline and landed in a slight indent. Gwen groaned as she knelt to grab the ball, almost losing her balance. Standing, Gwen shook her head, sending a violet storm around her face. She turned to glance at Owen, holding up his soccer ball.

Climbing back up the incline back to him, Gwen smiled at his question regarding her drawing. Didn't he know better than to bug an artist on their craft? Of course, Gwen didn't mind, and Owen obviously meant it innocently, so she answered.

"I was just doodling, drawing this ball," Gwen held up the offending object. "Oh, if you want to improve, the best suggestion is to practice and just try things out, see what works and learn your own style."

She smiled, and giggled as she listened to herself sound like a cliché teacher. "So do you draw?" She asked, trying to keep the conversation going.

Heartbeat, Hearbreak
Theo laughed, nervously. Alice didn't seem to mind it coming in so late, so that was a good sign. Though, she definitely dodged his question, which was not a good sign.

Still, jokes were good.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Nancy is nice and all, but sometimes she really gets on my nerves when she whines about stuff," Theo watched Alice's expression as he continued.

"So uh, is 6 o' clock tomorrow night good for you? I uh, don't think we should go in like a limo or whatever, but I could probably drive us, if you don't mind."

That's right, try and look confident and not like you're about to stress out.

cat planet cat planet cat planet
Gwen nodded as Owen talked; she watched him spin the ball and drop it again, listening carefully. It was very interesting to her to learn about a place so far away.

As she watched, she did a brief sketch of the ball; a practice of sorts, not especially good, but it was quick. She carefully made sure each colored spot was the proper shape, and that the ball looked appropriately round with a few quick strokes.

"Hmm, sounds a bit like my dad's place a bit south; rural, but I bet it's very pleasant and peaceful."

Then she watched the ball roll away, and snorted. Her laugh was exasperated by his comment on English stereotypes. "You just can't keep a handle on that thing, eh?" She smiled, before shaking her head and watching the ball roll away.

"Uh, want me to get that?" She asked, for some reason. She didn't want to get up and hunt that thing down, but it would be polite to do so. She turned to look at him to see his response, wondering if he'd actually take her up on her offer.

Heartbeat, Hearbreak
Oh, thank god. Theo thought it, but didn't say it.

Theo wanted to cheer in happiness. He wanted to jump up and down in excitement. He was so freaking happy! At that moment, he paid no attention to Alice's sister, and only barely to Alice.

Not at going to prom, per say. That was nice, but...not what he wanted. Going with Alice was great too, but she wasn't so spectacular that it made him this excited. A good friend, yes, but not a great prom date.

What made Theo happy was that he wasn't being rejected! He was in, not being refused, and he was so excited that he just wanted to scream, "THANK YOU FOR CARING ENOUGH TO GO TO PROM WITH ME" with a whole ton of exclamation marks. He'd been so afraid of the dreaded "no" that it was like a rock embedded into his chest.

"Oh. Great," Theo beamed, with a toothy grin and a sigh of relief. He tried to relax and not look too tense or excited. "So, uh, what time should I pick you up?" That seemed an appropriate question at the time; logical and casual.

Heartbeat, Hearbreak
"Uh, hey Alice!" Theo said with an unnerved smile. He shoved his hands deeper into his pockets. "Yeah, it's nice to see you."

He had to psych himself up now; he had to just get it out into the air and say what he needed to say. Enough with the gibberish and whatnot! Just be honest!

"Alice, can we go to prom together?"

Ooookay, maybe not that honest. Theo had to suppress a laugh at the way he said it like that. Seriously, who talked like that except in a movie or something? He smiled awkwardly.

"Uh, as friends, I mean, unless you want to go as boyfriend and girlfriend, but let's just assume friends now I guess?" Theo said quickly, trying to explain himself before she got the wrong idea.

Tossing his hair back, Theo continued. "I mean, I've been thinking, and I was just wondering if that was okay with you, like if you didn't have plans?" He sounded so awkward it was funny. Except to him, 'cause he was sure he was probably scaring her off.

"So, uh, will you come or not?" Aaaand now he was setting an ultimatum. He needed to shut up. He glanced into Alice's house, double-checking to make sure her family wasn't watching.

cat planet cat planet cat planet
Gwen smirked. Owen seemed pretty bright, and was a nice enough guy to pay attention to the weird girl's needs. That was a definite plus on his part.

"Yeah, It's pretty warm out here, so I'll take a seat," I wouldn't mind tossing the soccer ball to you or something, though." She brushed a limp strand of hair from her face and set a brisk pace to the bench.

As soon as she got to the shade (which was remarkably cooler than the sunlit area) she turned back to him, squinting to see him.

"So, what was it like in England?" She called out. Gwen had passing interest in foreign cultures, especially their varieties of the arts. "Was it ever this warm out?"

Gwen took a seat in the bench, and was glad that it was quite cool, though not damp. She plucked a pen from her pocket and prepared her prose. Then she looked up at Owen to await his response.

cat planet cat planet cat planet
Gwen smirked. "No more of a dork than me, sitting alone and drawing stuff." In truth, she wasn't sure what the guy was doing alone; he was a lot more of a social butterfly than loner Gwen. He was an okay guy, but she didn't know him super-well, other than being a bit of a class clown on occasion.

...Why was it so hot? Because astronomy, and/or climatology, said it would be. Still, Gwen could totally go for perpetual winter, or maybe fall. Gwen liked fall and spring; not too hot or cold, and it was really pretty.

"But yeah, I'm doing pretty good. I mean, there's nothing bad going on, so I'd say I'm good." Gwen brushed a drop of sweat from her face again. She fanned herself with her sketchbook, which helped, but it was still unpleasantly sunny.

God, why was it so freaking hot?! Gwen wanted to sit down on her bench like usual, but she wasn't about to blatantly walk away from a conversation like this.

"So how're you doing?" She asked, but she didn't look at him while she did. She was giving a not-so-subtle glance at her bench in the shade, hoping he could take the hint.

Welcome to New Staff
Congrats, guys! And good job to the other people who tried. :)

Friendship topic... eleventeen.
Gwen O'Connor might know of him. She's also into poetry, and also art, and is also a vegetarian. She's friendly enough, but she also dresses in her version of Goth, is a pacifist, out of shape, and is into anarchy. She'd probably know the guy as another artist, and she might be acquainted with him. Read her bio to learn more.

As Long as There are Stars Above You
"Oh, Meera! How've you been?" Nina exclaimed at the pleasant surprise. "It is nice to see you, it's been a little while." She offered a cheerful smile to Meera.

Nina and Meera were pretty close, being both sporty and friendly girls. Nina enjoyed the moments where she could spend time with her friends, especially now that her schedule was rapidly filling up with work, studying, school, working out, volunteering and prepping for college.

The line shifted forward. Nina stepped up with it.

"I spilled my coffee, so I'm getting another one." Nina stepped forward as the line moved forward again. "But otherwise I've been great. How're you?"

Nina tapped her foot in anticipation of getting to the front. She wasn't one to wait around, and queues required it. Nina was more of a go-getter than an optimistic waits-for-things-to-get-better-er.

The line moved forward. Nina shifted with it.

V5 Sneak Preview #3
Of course, it's probably still on an island, or it'd be too difficult to keep things under wraps and/or hide the place.

James Connor
This thread contains Mr. Connor.

Wiping All Out
[[Theodore Fletcher continued from Joy]]

Theo generally enjoyed World History. It was a lot like a strategy game, which Theo liked. Alliances, backstabbing, tactics, all these things were fascinating to him. Plus, it had the culture aspect, which Theo found interesting, if not perpetually enthralling.

Mr. Connor was nice enough; Theo was fond of him, though he'd never dare try and bring up anything with him, lest he get in over his head in an argument he was doomed to lose, Theo thought he was a nice guy.

What Theo didn't enjoy about History was group projects. Heck, grouping in general was not something he liked. Sure, it was supposed to build trust, and teamwork and stuff, but it also sucked and made it harder for achievers when they had to work with slackers.

Theo visibly slumped in his chair when Mr. Connor quietly announced that there was going to a group project. Plus, he didn't even get to pick a partner! Theo's eyes narrowed at the papers Mr. Connor was handing out.

The project seemed reasonably simple, as Theo gave it the project requirements a quick scan; use the textbooks to research 5 rulers who's actions contributed to the fall of their society. It explicitly said to use the textbooks!

At least, it would be if Theo didn't get a partner who would be useless.

"Oh, uh," Theo paused. "Yes, I would," He said, and smiled at Yo-ah-keem. "Thanks. I guess I'll see you at school later, then."

Theo circled the boy, and sat down in the windowsill. He flipped open his book, searching for the page number, and then he lost himself in the pages, completely unaware of his surroundings.

It was a good book, but he didn't quite finish it over the next couple of hours; there were still a few pages.

It was only when it got dark that he looked up at the dimming light and decided to return home.

[[Theodore Fletcher's story continues in Wiping All Out]]

V5 Sneak Preview #3
Ooh, interesting.

For one, this provides excellent opportunities to those screwed by weapon rolls. This also implies at least one other inlet, probably to the west. I'm excited; this seems to be a very rural area, which is different from what we've gotten so far. I can't wait for V5!

"Oh, thanks. Sorry," Theo said, glad Joachim didn't seem that offended, by Theo's lack of speaking properly.

I think good, apparently.

It seemed Theo's question expertly diverted the attention from himself, so Theo was glad he'd done something right.

Brilliant. Now, as long as I don't say anything stupid, it'll be fine

"I go here sometimes, a lot on weekends. It's nicer than the school one, the lighting there hurts my eyes," Theo looked up to demonstrate his point. The lights here were much more soothing, far less fluorescent. "Plus there's a lot more books, which is nice."

Theo turned to Megan. "You don't come here a lot, right? I mean, I usually don't see you here."

What, am I playing keep-away with this conversation? Bounce it off of me and onto poor Megan?

((OOC: Eh, short post is short))

Theo smiled bashfully. And Megan said he was brutally honest!

The two introduced themselves, which made Theo feel a bit better.

Least he didn't run away screaming!

"Nice to meet you, Joe-Ah-Cheem." Theo was pretty sure he mispronounced it, so he tried again. "Uh, or is it Yo-ha-heem?" Theo felt like an ass, and probably looked it, too.

"So, you come here often?" Theo asked, trying to change the subject from 'Haha Theo is a dork'. Which was true, but still!