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V6 Reduced Activity Notices
From the 26th to the 30th, I'll be busy with holiday stuff but will have pc access.

Alice was having a bad day, it seemed. She kept running into stressful situations, and this was no exception. As soon as she turned her wide eyes to Sandra, a voice echoed menacingly into the room.

For a deranged moment, Alice thought she was being accosted by some form of malevolent psychopomp. She dismissed it quickly, of course; the boy in the doorway was clearly normal and not supernatural, and what kind of absurd spirit guide wielded a lead pipe?

Unfortunately, that left the other option irrefutable. He was a student, but clearly not a friendly one. And Alice and Sandra were more-or-less unarmed. If he wanted, he could probably beat them to death, especially if he killed Sandra first and Alice couldn't fight himoffandhe-

Sandra spoke again and startled Alice out of her panic. She stared forward at Alan, holding his makeshift weapon, and briefly contemplated trying to blitz past him, knock him aside and run with Sandra in tow.

But she didn't. She froze. As was quickly becoming her modus operandi. She continued looking at him like a startled deer and wondered if he was going to attack or not.

Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge
((Blair Moore continued from What I Needed, They'll Pay))

You ever run into an old friend who you hate now? It's great, give it a try.

After returning to the shore, she'd waited around a bit, glad that no bodies were around, before moving on. She still wasn't sure if she could find her former companions, but it was worth a shot. Luckily, as she'd made her way down the beach for a few hours, trying to keep a sensible pace, she spotted a familiar figure entering the asylum across the bridge.

Now, Blair was stressed as fuck by the bridge, which was perfectly sensible in her mind. Luckily no bodies seemed to have manifested as she crossed, but she was making a lot of effort to avoid looking at the ground where corpses might show up.

Stay strong.

She hurried after Rene, too winded to call out for the other girl even as she followed her (friend? compatriot? ally?) into the entrance of the library, where she stopped, leaning against the outside of the door, her chest aching. There was a gross smell, too, which Blair would prefer not to acknowledge.

Oh, and right before she entered the room, she heard Caedyn Miller's voice. Fan-fucking-tastic. Caedyn and Blair...had a history. She didn't think Caedyn had come up on the announcements yet, but it didn't surprise Blair to think she'd been with Oskar Pearce, who had been. As a killer.

Blair contemplated her options. Show up and chase Caedyn off because screw that selfish, arrogant, psycho, and reunite with Rene. Or, she could wait around and see what happened.

No. Stupid idea. If Caedyn was armed, she might kill Rene, whose gun was probably still in her bag. Best to get Caedyn off-guard while she could.

"Hey." Blair said abruptly, stepping around the corner and standing next to Rene. "Glad I caught up to you." She looked at Caedyn condescendingly. "You playing nice? A bit late for that." Blair folded her arms and quieted her breathing, glaring at Caedyn with a furrowed brow.

((Alice Baker continued from Last Days))

Gently tugging at her captured arm, Alice looked up at Sandra.

A small part of her wanted to go back and apologize. But she knew better; Sandra had been concerned for her safety, and it wasn't worth it to throw that back in the other girl's face. She meant well, after all, and hadn't Alice been thinking better safe than sorry?

"It's okay. Thanks."

Alice looked around. The room smelled foul, and Alice didn't think she wanted to know why. But then, without thinking about it, she looked over at the dark shape by the wall, and realized it was a dead body.

She gasped and pointed. "Sandra!"

Last Days
Alice was tensed up, nervous and worried.

This whole thing had a chance of exploding, it felt, even if common sense dictated that getting into a fight in this cramped room was a disastrous idea. She really, really hoped Keith didn't do something, though.

He'd lost someone, it seemed. He'd made mention of Joshua previously, the boy killed by Jasmine (not Reed) two days ago. Alice hadn't known much about the context. Had he abandoned his friend, or was there something else at play?

Nancy Kyle came up again; Lizzie seemed intent on hunting her down. Alice didn't know why, momentarily assuming it was simple vigilante justice. But no, she remembered what Lizzie said, Nancy had killed Tina and Sabrina Luz, both related of course to Lizzie Luz. Vengeance.

Alice trembled suddenly, as it occurred to her that murdering murderers was a moral quandary she'd definitely have to face again. She'd had a similar thought before, when Lizzie had first mentioned it.

Suddenly, Alice saw Sandra dashing towards her, and Alice froze, screaming and holding her arms out as if any attack could be halted. But no, it took a moment to realize that Sandra wasn't going to kill her, that she had only grabbed Alice's outstretched arm and pulled her bodily from the room, her shorter legs struggling to stay upright and follow.

((Alice Baker continued in Restore/Restart/Quit))

What I Needed They'll Pay
((Blair Moore continued from Let's Awaken, By the Day))

Blair had nearly arrived at the docks when she collapsed.

The flight had apparently proven effective, because nobody seemed to be around. She heard voices in the distance, near the docks she'd bet, but she couldn't see anyone. Probably a good thing, because she was easy pickings. Her shitty useless lungs had her making ugly sobbing noises as she dragged in oxygen and expelled it in painful repetition.

She'd been stupid, she realized as she got up to her hands and knees, stomach aching from seizing up. She'd let her emotional state dictate her decisions. Already in a reckless rush from revealing her weakness and vulnerability, she'd made a poor decision that had almost cost her dearly.

She could've died.

The recognition wasn't a fearful one; she could've died in the hospital lots of times. She'd been scared then. But now? It hardly mattered. She had no hope of survival, logistically speaking. She was weak physically, unarmed. She didn't have any special survival skills or training with weapons. Blair had no future.


Hadn't she thought that two days ago, when she'd woken up? She'd been so sure she was going to die. After Jennifer, she'd been sure she was screwed. But nobody had done her in. That was an interesting situation to find herself it. Doomed from the start, but well past her expiration date so far. Blair sat up and crossed her legs, clutching her chest. heart palpitating. She wasn't sure what kind of greater meaning she was thinking of here, but there was probably something poignant about her continued existence. Maybe...

Was she as screwed as she thought?

Well probably. The odds were certainly stacked against her. But they were just odds. Maybe she'd gotten lucky so far. But she could easily be lying dead on the beach right now. Maybe Noah was back there, still. She had apparently lost him and Rene, and that other girl too. But she was alive, if nobody else.

Was she going to find them?

It was unlikely. They'd been looking for Sandra this whole time, and Blair had little doubt the group was all but totally scattered by this point. She bit her lip, he breathing slowing down at last. She might -hell, almost definitely-never see Noah or Rene again.

So where did that leave her? A quick dig through her bag left her with her rations; 4 energy bars, the untouched crackers, about half the bread, and two bottles of water were all that remained. Blair bit her lip harder. That was enough for, maybe three days left of food, maybe. She'd worry about that later.

But for now, she wanted to get going. Where, who knew. Why? Good question. Blair didn't know what she was going to do next. But she wasn't going to give up, not yet. As long as she was alive, she was going to fight to stay that way, odds be damned. For now, that meant looking for Noah and Rene at the beach she'd left. She needed some form of protection if she was going to stay alive, even if it was a person that was with her. She'd just need to watch her back.

Standing up and slinging her pack over her shoulder, Blair started moving towards the shoreline again, with renewed purpose. Stay alive, stay strong, and don't give up.

((Blair Moore continued in Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge))

Last Days
Things took a turn for the worrisome.

Keith said something snide, and Ty snapped at him. Alice didn't like it. She felt a knot in her throat, and swallowed hard as she hugged her stomach. She didn't want this to turn violent, of course; her own personal safety aside, she didn't want to see this group turn against each other when things had just started to go well.

She stepped back from the group, and found herself backed against the wall.

"Guy...guys..." Alice tried to speak up, but found herself choking on anxiety.

Ty might or might not be dying, and all Alice could think was that anyone in here with a weapon could spell disaster.

V6 Fifth Rolls
Disregard the above, Henry is gone.

I Will Find You, When All the Stars Align
Wishes don't come true.

Henry was bleeding out. Al took his bag but left the staff. In a way, it was karmic; Henry had stolen something, and now that same thing was being stolen from him. As his muscles weakened, starved of nutrients and oxygen, he fell from his knees onto his right side, laying helpless in a pool of blood.

He closed his eyes; tears were still dripping from his face, but he was too fatigued to cry anymore. Did it matter what he did now? He was dying, right? Not even a heroic death, doing something worthwhile with his final moments of existence like he would've hoped.

But wishes don't come true. It was like some of his movies and books; in the end, none of it mattered. He would die, just like everyone else here, and all those deaths were wasteful.

Henry wished someone else was here. Jae, or his dad, or Asha, or someone he cared about. He wanted to be with them, selfishly, so he didn't have to be scared of what was to come. In his last moments, as his breathing became more difficult, as the bleeding slowed and his chest ached and his vision blurred and his head hurt, he wished for a companion to make things a little easier.

But wishes don't come true. He was all alone save for the gleaming camera he could see from the corner of his eye. He wanted to smash it, just because, but he couldn't even sit up anymore.

He didn't know what happened when a person died; nobody did, not really. Not anyone alive at least. He wished he knew. He wished that, when he couldn't see anything, as the last sound was his own ragged breathing, as he died, that things would be okay. He wished that he wasn't scared, or angry, or sad, that he could face whatever was left with dignity and a smile.

But wishes don't come true. So he died, soaked in blood and tears and other things, trembling and alone.

B014: Henry Spencer
82 Students Remaining

I Will Find You, When All the Stars Align

That was the sound Henry made when Al grabbed him by the shirt and slammed him against the wall.

"Hey, wait!"

That was the sound Henry made when Al picked up a shard of glass and-


That was the sound Henry made when Al stabbed him in the abdomen, right under the sternum, with the chunk of sharp ex-window, and-


That was the sound Henry made when Al stabbed him again, this time just to the right of his belly button.

Al let him go and ran. Henry slumped to the ground on his knees, holding his belly as blood came out and got all over his fingers as his insides leaked. He'd never been stabbed before, nor had he seen anything like it. It felt like he'd been punched all in his insides, and red stuff was everywhere,on his pants and shirt and making a puddle around him.

Inside wasn't much better. Henry wanted to cry, so he did, tears running down his face as he sobbed, loudly. He wanted his dad. He wanted to go home. He wanted Jae.

I Will Find You, When All the Stars Align
Al seemed baffled by Henry's question. His smile grew forced as he watched Al stand there, struggling. He took a step towards his friend, wanting to help, trying to find words to comfort the poor guy.

Then Alessio pulled out the gun and held it at Henry's face.

There were a lot of things Henry could've said or done, he supposed. He might've tried to talk his way out, or make a heroic attempt to leap and strike preemptively, or bolt for the door. None of it mattered, because before Henry could say or do anything but hear a scare chord in his mind, in harmony with the beat of his doomed heart, Alessio pulled the trigger.

A flag popped out. That was a thing.

Henry heard the sound of the 'gun', and flinched, eyes closing, but then, he opened them, almost out of morbid curiosity. He stood there, for a brief, silent moment, staring at the flag. Then he chose Option 3.

Henry darted past Alessio, but in his haste, he left his bag on the floor. He hesitated as he moved past the boy, and glancing at Alessio caused him to miss the turn towards the door out, and instead slam into the opposite wall.

Stunned, Henry staggered backwards a foot, nearly losing his balance in the process.

V6 Fifth Rolls
I'm also going to need an extension of 3 days; finding a killer took longer than I would have liked, and that plus a couple other issues with timing have made things difficult.

I Will Find You, When All the Stars Align
A shadow fell across the room, and Henry felt a jolt of surprise before turning to look. Oh hey, it was Al. Al was a reasonably nice person, kind of soft-spoken and shy but a nice guy. Henry grinned and stood up.

"Hey man, wassup!" He moved forward towards Alessio, still smiling. "Have you seen Jae anywhere? I've been looking for him all day and I've got no clue-"

He noticed Al's pocket bulging with the handle of a gun. Henry tried to not let his shock show on his face, but he definitely slipped a little. Still, best to brush it off.

"So...yeah. Everyone's armed but me, I guess." He chuckled. "So what's new with you?"

Last Days
The situation was intense; Ty Yazzie was a relative unknown to Alice, but he was hardly a threat at this stage. She stood up, clasping her hands together at her chest and wringing them.

His heartbeat was detectable, so she assumed he wasn't imminently dying. She had to hope she was right, because the only other things she knew of medical action was basic research for her writing, and even that was better for describing how something looked than actually doing it. She didn't know what, if anything, had caused Ty to collapse. For all she knew, it was just the pressure getting to him.

Standing further back from everyone else, Alice continued wringing her hands, a nervous habit since she was young. She felt useless, unable to contribute meaningfully to the situation, so she retreated into her thoughts.

Namely, Bryony.

Was she in a state like this? Alice knew that her friend was somewhat frail, easily stressed out, already having trouble at home. She had no clue how Bryony would survive here. She might be fending for herself well enough, or she might be dying. She might already be dead, Alice realized, but the announcements tomorrow would tell her.

She hoped she could find her before then.

Let's Awaken, By the Day
As she passed the tiny student, Blair felt a sudden drag on her arm. It wasn't much, certainly not a full-on grip, but it threw Blair off-balance and she stumbled to the ground.

That might have saved her life. She was in the process of shaking sand of of her hair, having all but faceplanted onto the beach, when gunshots echoed through the air and reminded her of the severity of the situation. Blair jumped to her feet, still in a state of adrenaline-fueled mania, and looked over at Nancy, ready to do...something.

But, in defiance of Blair's expectations, she found that Nancy was running down the beach towards some large rocks. Blair took a second to recognize what the assailant was intending, but a response sprung to her mind nonetheless.

"Let's run!"

Blair's stamina was of course less than that of the average person, but she figured a headstart on Nancy could get them out of the radius of death of her gun. So Blair dug her heels into the sand and took off away from Nancy, making a slight detour to grab her bag on the way out.

Because really? Fuck that bitch. Trying to kill her? Blair was probably going to die, but fuck if she was going to make it easy on these psycho fucks.

((Blair Moore continued in What I Needed They'll Pay))

I Will Find You, When All the Stars Align
((Henry Spencer continued from In This Starless Night))

In a way, returning to the asylum was ludicrous, patently absurd. He'd been here when he'd stolen from some others, and if they were still present, they might attack him if they were suitably angry. But Henry wasn't too worried about that; he could just give the stuff back, right? Minus two protein bars and half a water bottle, but still. Better than nothing, right?

Besides, he kind of wanted to explore. He'd never been to an asylum at home, after all!

Henry found himself in one of the therapy rooms, though, and was disturbed by the bloody scene of two very dead people. Abby Floyd was a complete sweetheart, and was now lying in a pool of blood from self-inflicted wounds. Henry looked down somberly, unsure of what to do. Abby had been of some religion, he thought, and he didn't know if there was some form of funeral rite he ought to perform. So he was silent.

There was a different body in the other room, though it was eerily similar; corpse of a young woman covered in blood and surrounded by shattered glass. Tina Luz, if he recalled. Both the bodies were starting to decay, having been dead about two days. It was chilling. He crouched next to Tina, who he knew very little about. The girl kept to herself, and Henry thought that was kind of sad. She didn't have a chance to bloom, like a flower caught in a midspring frost.

Henry studied her body, not touching anything, but examining. There were bugs, small maggots it looked like, and the smell was thoroughly unpleasant. Henry grimaced and stood back up.

He wondered where Jae was. If they'd ever see each other again, discounting metaphysical meetings in any sort of afterlife. Jae was Buddhist, after all, and Henry was pretty sure Buddhism believed in a cycle of rebirth, right? That was cool and all, but...Henry wondered if that was good for his class. Selfish, maybe, but Henry would be sad if they didn't get the chance to live as they wanted because of the stupid jerks running this thing.

He sighed and leaned against his backpack.

In This Starless Night
Henry watched as the girl ran off. She seemed uncomfortable somehow, yet with great purpose.

With a shake of his head, he closed up his bag and started walking away from the girls. He was here for something. Well not really. He was doomed, anyway, so it wasn't like it mattered. But he couldn't go telling himself that. That made people sad, and Henry didn't like people to be sad. Well not real people; in horror, sad was common. But in real life, it was a painful necessity.

Henry battled sadness his whole life. He put on a happy smile and did things to make himself and other people happy. And it worked! He was a happy person, and hopefully people around him were happy too. And now, in this dark and unpleasant time, people needed, nay, deserved any happiness he could get. And, and this was important, he needed to find Jae.

So he turned back, offered a grin, and told the two girls, "I must go. My friend needs me." He saluted them, though he might never see them again.

And he was off.

((Henry Spencer continued in I Will Find you, When All the Stars Align))

V6 Fifth Rolls

But Henry Spencer does, in lieu of Min-jae Parker.

Death ideas are welcome!