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Fallout New Vegas Thread: Mojave, Mo Problems
Just picked this up while it was on sale.

What do.

Resource Thread
Nose descriptions are something I've often had to research when writing profiles, so I've found an article that lists the different types. It's not especially scientific, mind you, but it could be a good resource if anyone needs help describing a character's facial features. Here it is!

Happy Holidays!
Happy holidays everyone! Enjoy yourselves, whatever you're doing!

My contribution was mostly feeding so that Toben could have a real challenge. ;)

Dungeon Master Namira would like to battle!
I like classical too, but I wouldn't be against a cyberpunk setting.

Dungeon Master Namira would like to battle!
I am very interested! I am free after 2:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, and basically all day on Saturday/Sunday. I'd favor a more traditional setting but am flexible in that regard.

Espi Draws
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Still taking additional requests as well!

V6 Concept Flash Prompts
Thanks Ciel! Mind hitting me up once more?

Isaac Brea: Full of himself track star. Tends to be a jokester and class clown, but often pisses people off. Likes playing guitar, partying and carves wood. Has a more mellow twin brother and an aloof big sister, along with a frosty parent relationship. Kind of self-centered and prone to pranks and screwing with people, doesn't really take stuff seriously. Not very nice.

V6 Concept Flash Prompts

Alice grimaced, trying not to look up from her book at the kitchen table while Molly dug through the refrigerator behind her. As bottles, jars and drawers clattered and clanged with Molly’s increasingly fervent digging, Alice gritted her teeth and reread the page again, shrinking into herself all the while.

It had been an accident. Molly had just bought a huge jar of Kalamata olives, her favorite snack, and stowed it away whilst instructing her 13-year old sister not to touch them. Alice had agreed, sincerely. But then, while Molly was out with a friend, Alice had gone into the fridge to get some yogurt and, to her horror, knocked the jar to the ground with a cacophonous crash.

She’d said nothing to anyone, just cleaned up the mess and closed the fridge, yogurt untouched. She knew Molly would get mad. The anticipation of this inevitability was killing her, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. To make matters worse, Molly had come home irritable already; apparently her friend had broken up with her boyfriend and gotten into an argument with Molly, as Molly had explained several times already.

So now Alice could only watch as Molly came to the logical conclusion. “Alice, what the hell? Where’s my olives?” Alice gritted her teeth again and looked over at her. “I, uh-“

“Did you eat them?!” Molly snarled. Alice winced, clutching her book to her chest. “No, I just-I didn’t!” But then Molly stormed over to her. “Are you frigging kidding me?” She said. “Alice, are you stupid? Didn’t I tell you not to touch them?”

“Yeah, but…“ Molly harrumphed and started away towards the stairs. “Where are you going?” Molly called back as she ascended, “Getting your allowance for 5 more dollars to buy another jar.”

Alice started to protest, but Molly interrupted again. “Mm-mm. You break my stuff, you buy me another.” She continued up the stairs without a word, leaving Alice sitting alone in the kitchen.

As the door slid shut behind her, Alice closed her eyes and took a deep, slow breath. Her room was a comforting place usually; she’d personally adorned it with a posters of musicians and book characters, her shelf overflowing with novels, and loads of paper and pencils and her drawings. It was homey and peaceful, with walls of pale blue and her bed covered in a soft navy quilt.

Now it felt violated, invaded. Molly had stormed in and taken something of hers and Alice couldn’t say otherwise.

She was scared. Scared of Molly, a little, but more scared of speaking. The idea of opening her mouth right now and fighting back seemed absurd. The more she thought of it, the more it seemed impossible to raise her voice. She had been at fault. She deserved this, deserved to pay Molly back.

Alice sat and tried to draw at her desk for a while, idly driving her pencil into her sketchbook, but nothing came of it. Just harsh, uneven lines.

Eventually, Alice realized she was moping. She was angry and sad that she’d gotten into a fight with Molly, and that was okay, but she didn’t need to sit around dwelling on it forever. It was five bucks and a sore ego, but she’d be okay. She just needed to quit thinking about it so much. She needed to find something better to do with herself.

She stood from her desk chair and carefully took her violin case from the desk, pulling it open and setting the instrument against her shoulder with the bow in her hand, in a movement so fluid anyone would think she could’ve done it in her sleep.

And she began to play.

It wasn’t a song she’d written, exactly, but it wasn’t anyone else’s. She wasn’t thinking of notes or stanzas or anything in particular. She just drew the bowstring across the violin and made it up as she went.

At first, Alice started with slow, melancholy notes, playing out a sorrowful melody. Suddenly, she burst into frenetic energy, whipping the bow back and forth across the violin with intense speed. The sudden burst of intensity made Alice grimace, but she kept going until her arm felt sore.

Then she slowed down again, and played more sad and high and sweet notes, and when she hit a particularly pure note she bit her lip. But she kept playing until she couldn’t take it anymore.

And so she went, bursts of speed and anger and wells of gentleness and sorrow, back and forth, until there was nothing left but serenity and the sounds of violin.

Yeah I dunno why this is suddenly twin version xD

Me and Random will be working on something, but thanks to everyone else who offered!

Never underestimate the Donger


DISCLAIMER: While I referred to twin brother in the original post, I don't mind if your character is his sister or not. I'm flexible about it.

So Naft's challenge for me gave me great inspiration for my fifth (AND HOPEFULLY FINAL) V6 character, Isaac. A track and field member and self-proclaimed "Nice Guy", Isaac also has a twin brother. But I don't have anyone for him to be twins with.

If anyone wants to, I'd love to set up some ideas with Isaac and his twin. I have no strong plans with him thus far, so I'm open to any suggestions! Post here or hit me up on chat/with a PM if you'd like to work with me on this, I'd love to hear from you guys!