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Gwen listened to Michelle's words, sniffling. A novel idea, chubby little Gwen being so strong, but it made her feel better. In a way, she felt like a little kid again from how Michelle was taking care of her, but it wasn't in a bad, condescended or looked-down-on way. She felt a little more naïve optimism of youth, like maybe, just maybe, things would turn out okay. It'd be alright, if she just held it together.

And wasn't that the point? She just had to hold it together, just keep herself from falling apart and everything would turn out, if not alright, then better because of it. She might not make it home again, but...but that didn't mean she was lost.

"Thanks, guys." She tried to smile, blinked, and smiled again more easily before wrapping Michelle in a big hug.

When Gwen let go, she decided to try and talk about something else. It might take her mind off things. "So uh, how long should we stay here? If it keeps raining, other people might come in for the same reason we did, and they might not be friendly."

That didn't really help take her mind off things, sadly.

Mass Destruction
Theo returned to a question. And food.

The food was a chunk of dry bread and a ration bar, but it was a godsend to the starving teen. He was so hungry and thirsty, probably more than ever before. It'd been drowned out by fear, but now that he had food in his stomach he was amazed by how quickly eating this little bit of food helped him feel so much better. It was like being alive again.

Theo regretted that thought immediately.

"No idea. I can check if you want." He answered through a mouthful of bread., tugging his shirt. It was a bit loose and baggy on him, but it was warm and dry and not filthy like his stained clothes, so that was much better in his eyes. Not perfect, but he shouldn't gripe about things when they go right for once.

He swallowed and took another bite. "I dunno about cups, they might get knocked over or, I dunno, someone might see them and find you."

Mass Destruction
Theo grinned. "Thanks." He turned and grabbed a towel, wrapping it enthusiastically around him. It was soft and dry, which was a huge relief since it just as easily could've been filthy and gross.

He started wandering around the gift shop, looking for clothes to replace his wet ones. He was so glad that this was working out so well; if it'd gone wrong, he'd be screwed. Still, he wasn't safe yet; he needed to be careful with his word choice, and he couldn't allude to his past actions, or she'd figure it out. Who knows what'd happen then, but it'd probably be bad.

It took a few minutes for him to find some clothes. He circled through the store a couple times. Theo had selected a white t-shirt with a parrot on it and jeans, and he began searching the store for a restroom.

It took another couple minutes, but he found it, and walked in to begin changing.

Turtle Draws Things
Can you draw Gwen please?

Mass Destruction
Theo did his best to not show it externally how glad she was. She didn't seem to recognize him, which was awesome because it avoided a bunch of issues he'd have to deal with otherwise. He didn't want to fight her, he didn't know what she was armed with, and he was armed with jack squat, which put him at a disadvantage. Especially given that she was probably pretty strong if she exercised a lot and ate healthy and whatever.

He nodded eagerly when she mentioned the towel. "Yeah, I'm soaked, and freezing too." He looked at her bag, which he assumed had the towels. He needed supplies badly, and it was frustrating that he had no actual means of obtaining them without other people's help. Especially given how few people were willing to help him at this point, most likely.

"Oh, uh, mind if I ask something? Yesterday, someone stole my bag, so I haven't had any food or anything. Mind sharing a food bar or whatever with me?"

The Resolution Thread 2014
Be a better writer.

Be less angry and short-tempered.

Do better on schoolwork.

Eat better.

Lose weight.

Basically everything.

Merry Christmas SOTF!
So right now it's not actually Christmas in most of the US or Canada and the like but I'm an hour ahead so it's Christmas here.

Merry Christmas to those of us who celebrate it! And have a fab day to those of us who don't!

Feel free to share stories about how your day's gone.

Mass Destruction
Theo heard a voice respond and turned towards it's source, a blonde girl he vaguely recognized. Bianca...D-something, maybe? Theo wasn't sure, she wasn't the type he hung out with or anything, though she'd seemed nice enough. Not a bitch or anything.

He smiled. She didn't seem hostile, which meant she might be willing to share supplies or something like that. But first, he needed a name that wasn't Theodore Fletcher. If he said that, bad things would happen. He paused for a moment, thinking, before opening his mouth.

"Sorry, got a little distracted. Hi, uh, Bianca or something is it? You're like a health nut or something?" He winced inwardly as he immediately regretted that particular choice of descriptor.. "Sorry, that's kind of mean. My name's Noah."

A moment after he said it he realized with a pang that Noah was his sister Nancy's friend. That hurt, but he couldn't focus on Nancy now. He'd explain himself to her when he got home.

"So, it rained a lot yesterday, huh. Did you get caught out?" He chuckled. "First time I've ever used, "How's the weather" in a real conversation."

Mass Destruction
((Theodore Fletcher's story continues from Memories of the City))

It was way to early to be awake, but Theo was already walking through the courtyard nervously. He was still in need of supplies badly, but he'd had Kat's diet coke to tide him over for a little bit, though solid food was still a wishful thought.

Theo was a wreck. His hair was never in the best condition, and now it was a filthy mess of dandruff and grease. He was getting acne on his nose and forehead again, and he probably stank horribly from not bathing or brushing his teeth. At least his bruises were less painful, though still sensitive to the touch.

He was starved, though. Food, even the crappy bars they'd been given, would be fucking awesome right now, but there was probably nothing to scavenge from around the island that hadn't gone bad years ago. So he'd have to suffer until he found someone.

He was in the middle of the courtyard when he stopped. If he found someone, what would he do? Well it depended. If they knew who he was they'd probably attack or run. He might have to kill them, but at this point it wasn't like it mattered anymore. 3 people were dead by his hand, what was one more?

He shook his head. That wasn't good if he was desensitized. Life wasn't something you forgot mattered. Hopefully it was just hunger, like saying you'd kill for a steak, talking, not him losing his admittedly already fragile mind after five days alone for most of his time.

Besides, if he met someone who didn't recognize him, he could probably get some food. Explain some people stole his bag, which was mostly true. That'd be nice to have someone who wasn't out for his blood on this rock.

Not like he didn't deserve it, but whatever. He could be mopey and self-depreciative when he got home. Now it was just a matter of doing whatever it took to get home. Like Kat said, one death a day kept his death away. Theo didn't want people to die, but at this rate he needed to be more concerned about his own life, so if he needed to keep doing what he'd been doing, at least it'd kept him alive so far.

Still, it'd be nice to see someone. He couldn't be alone, there were probably at least a hundred people left or more. Someone friendly or dumb must still be in this area, right?

"Anyone there?" He shouted.

The blood. Virgil wrapped his arms around her. The smears of flesh and brain matter. Michelle touched her shoulder. The caved in skull. They wouldn't be burying the bodies, Michelle said; too much energy for nothing. The fresh stench of death. It was all too much for Gwen.

After four days of relative comfort and safety, she was faced with this atrocity of a crime against a human life and she couldn't handle it.

Gwen sobbed into Virgil's shoulder.

"I don't wanna die..." Gwen whispered through her tears. "I don't want this to be me, I can't...if it works, and they blow all the collars, this'll be all that's left." She wiped snot from her nose and tears from her eyes. "But if it doesn't, it might be anyways, someone like Theo or Hansel or, or even now Rosemary and Maddie, they'll kill us."

"I wanna go home." She broke into fresh sobs.

Whaaat, Lucian's not that good! Here, lemme try him again and see what the fuss is all about with-

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((Gwen O'Connor's story continues from All Our Yesterdays))

It had started raining just as they'd arrived, so at the time it had seemed to Gwen like the hospital was a sanctuary.

When they'd entered, they'd had to pass two corpses full of bullet holes, relatively recent but not fresh either. They'd decided to not settle near them, going up to a higher floor instead to avoid the decaying corpses. Gwen was depressed by the discovery, especially since she recognized Alex from the lighthouse when she'd woken up in the closet.

She was the only one of those three in the lighthouse who was still alive, since Daniel had been killed days ago. It was terrifying how going with either of them might've meant death for her, too.

It was shortly after she'd set her bags down with an exhausted sigh and sat down on an old cot that she smelled something, detected a strange odor drifting inwards from near the bathroom down the hallway.

Gwen would probably always regret walking down that hallway. She'd been curious, morbidly so, and tragically so. She'd walked down it, away from the others, and slowly approached the source.

When she saw the body, the still-warm, mutilated pulp of a boy she'd never recognize now even if she'd known Ray, she screamed.

And screamed.

And didn't stop.

All Our Yesterdays
Gwen was lost in thought.

Good, Michelle knew Maynard. That'd make it much easier to find him if there were more eyes who recognized him. Thinking about him was painful, suddenly and sharply. Gwen was scared, scared for him and all the other people here. She knew logically almost all of them were going to die, a thought that pained her with the mental picture of every one of her classmates. It was still surreal to be in this situation, but Gwen wasn't about to deny the truth of this situation. Everyone she'd grown up with, good and bad, was screwed.

Even the worst of them didn't deserve this.

So she had to hope Michelle was right, because if death was inevitable it should be on their terms right? it sucked, but it's better to die friends instead of murderers right? It sucked, but it was the logical plan right? No other way out, might as well make it not suck and be painful and all right?

This would work.


"Alright, let's get going." Gwen smiled a tiny smile and followed Michelle out of the courtyard and away from her worries.

((Gwen O'Connor's story continues in Reverie))

SOTF: The Game
Reserving a girl, please.

SOTF: The Video Game
I discussed this in chat earlier, but I think this'd be a lot of fun!

EDIT: Also I'd be totally up for writing characters.

Memories of the City
Theo nodded. "Catch you...later, I guess." He caught the soda can with fumbling fingers, feeling the cold metal and pressing it against his cheek. He'd have to save it for when he had a chance, or he supposed he could have it for breakfast. Didn't really matter.

He gazed out to the setting sun once again, and started his descent down the mountain trail to find a safe place to sleep for the night.

As he walked off, there was almost a smile on his pallid face.

((Theodore Fletcher's story continues in Mass Destruction))

Memories of the City
The hug was a surprise, but not an unpleasant one. Theo found himself in an embrace and it was comforting but at the same time more than a little upsetting. At home he was fairly huggy, and it was odd how little he'd thought of that habit until now.

This was likely the last hug he'd ever get. That was pretty tragic.

So Theo hugged her back, wrapping his long arms around Kat, and savoring the few moments they had before they went back to Island Mode. That was really all the time he had to spare of humanity; a few seconds tops. Also tragic.

After that, he pulled away and looked down at Kat. "Okay, so now what? We walk away, hope we don't see each other again until one or both of us are dead? Because eventually that has to happen, you know."

Memories of the City
Theo whipped to look at her. "I never said I was giving up or laying down to die." His calm broke and he turned to face her. "I don't want to have to kill people, but I will if it means I don't die tomorrow or the next day." He stared down at her; he had a couple inches on her.

After a moment his glare softened. "I know what you mean. I don't think having friends is going to work out anymore. It's us against them, killers and the victims." A pang of hunger made him wince; he hadn't eaten since the morning, and he was starved and thirsty.

He shook his head. "I've shot 4 people and killed 3 of them and now I don't have much left but a killcount and probably a lot of people who hate my guts. I lost my supplies a while back so I'm pretty much out of options."

He shrugged. "I guess that's the way things go." Theo paused. "You didn't really answer my question. Did you follow me because you want to be killer buddies, or what?"

All Our Yesterdays
Gwen was glad they didn't start fighting. It was going to be hard enough to keep things together without infighting, and if they didn't they'd surely fall apart. So luckily the conflict seemed to resolve itself for now.

She'd never say it of course, but she was really worried about Virgil and Michelle. They seemed to have a lot of issues like this, and she was worried that, if worst came to worst they'd just up and leave, and then Gwen wouldn't know what to do.

So she just had to hope they could stick together. It was all they could do at this point.

Gwen stood up and nodded. "Yeah, uhm, if there was one person I'd want to meet up with, it'd be Maynard. Maynard Hurst, that is. Short, curly brown hair, really sweet, likes poetry and books. I don't remember what he was wearing, sorry."

She missed him.

Elena plays Nami, too