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The Labyrinth
Nina nodded, and held up her right thumb. Turning to Ray, she said, "Okay, you've got that, right?" and then bolted down the path without waiting for a reply. With a cry of, "Let's go!" she raced down the right path.

Nina turned right.

She passed two right paths, then turned left.

Following it, Nina stumbled as she turned too sharply. Her feet slid out from under her, and she crashed into the ground.

"Ugh, damn it." Nina muttered. Her left wrist, still splinted, was now very painful. She hoped she hadn't hurt it too badly. It was stupid of her to fall down, and it annoyed her that she'd been careless enough to hurt herself.

Picking herself up, Nina tried to get her bearings. Her left knee was skidded, not badly, but it hurt. "Ugh, that was stupid." Nina growled. Nina turned around, checking for Ray. She hoped he'd followed her properly.

Happy New Year, Jimmy!

And a happy New Year's Eve to those of us who are still in 2012. :)

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Nov 29 2012, 06:16 AM
*Stuff about gory deaths*
Well, for one, I totally agree. Gore for gore's sake is generally not meaningful in any way. But something that I think should be added is the fact that a lot of the gory stuff (choking someone with their own intestines, etc.) doesn't make any sense in the setting.

What we need to keep in mind with those kinds of deaths is the thought, "would Susie be in-character if she stabbed a guy in the groin?". For the most part, no. In Main, almost certainly not. The only reasoning I could think of is, "pre-made psycho in SoTV who wants to be remembered and goes out of his/her way to do gory deaths so people remember him/her."

Outside of that specific context, most teens, no matter how crazed or violent, are not going to commit chainsaw-horror movie-style murders if a simple gunshot wound would do it.

On a related (but different) topic; what do you think is a good means for a death post?

Of course, we had a BDA, but is there a particular style of death that people like? Gunshot wound, describing them dying immediately (brain/bone/blood blast optional)?
Or perhaps some dying thoughts and words before they slip away to an afterlife?
Or simply implying what happens, then they die (a recent example being Emily Barnes, where her death simply says, "she landed hard", before she dies)?

The Labyrinth
"Oh!" Nina said, momentarily startled as a boy loomed from the darkness. Recovering immediately from the brief shock, Nina glanced over him. He had large hair, dark skin and a small body despite being much taller than her; it was a very distinct combination. She recognized him as a boy named Ray, though she didn't know much about him.

Nina could immediately tell he was uncomfortable talking to her; his eyes had lingered momentarily, then he'd visibly turned away. She didn't mind; some people were just awkward around pretty people, and Nina was aware that she was pretty.

His offer to help was much appreciated, though; Nina didn't want to admit it, but she really wasn't sure where she was going.

"Oh, hey. Ray, isn't it?" Nina said, smiling politely. "Thanks for the offer; I was looking for my friend Sophie and we kind of got separated. If you could help, that'd be-"

Sophie called down from the tower around then. Nina glanced upwards, searching again for the source of her voice. "Thanks! Let me know where to go!" Nina called into the sky. Then, she looked back at Ray.

"If you want, we can go together." Nina held out her right hand. "I'm Nina, but you probably already knew that." She smiled politely.

Emily Rose looking for friends, enemies and relationships
((Hopefully not necroposting). I think that Nina and Emily could be friends, or possibly rivals. Both play piano, and are into sports, thought Nina does not play, per say. They seem like they'd be either friends, or friendly rivals.

Theodore Fletcher
Thanks, I'll keep the "show, don't tell" in mind. I really appreciate the compliments, I write a lot so the fact that you are good with my posts is really nice.

Theodore Fletcher
So now that Theodore is in the game, I feel the need to et up one of these. Basically I just want some criticism so I can improve my writing.

His Bio is right here with all of its many denials.

Theodore's first (and only main) thread is here.

Theodore's pre-prom thread can be found right over here.

And yes, all of the threads I start for him will be named after Persona songs. :p

Heartbeat, Hearbreak
Theodore was pacing outside of the Gilman residence, wringing his hands. Okay, decide already! he thought to himself. Ask her or not, just do something, for gods sake!

As a nervous habit, Theo began to think about his situation like it was a story summary.

The time; 5:00 PM, the day before senior prom. The sun was still high in the sky, but it was off-center, and the colors began to fill with gold. It was pretty, but Theo didn't notice.

The place; still the Gilman's house. Specifically, the home of Alice Gilman (his best friend) and her family.

Conflict; Theodore Fletcher wants to ask his female friend to the prom as friends, but isn't sure if it is a good idea or not! What will he decide?!

"God, stop thinking." Theo muttered to himself. "This isn't a story; stop talking like it is, and go up to the door, and invite Alice to the prom." Cracking his knuckles, Theo inhaled deeply so as not to hyperventilate.

It seemed silly that Theo was so worried; and he knew it. The problem was, he was so paranoid he'd screw it up it ruined his already-lacking confidence.

On one hand, this would be the last chance to go to a prom. He rarely attended them, but he wanted to go tonight just for the sake of a last hurrah of high school.

On the other hand, Theo might not just have a bad night; there friendship might be ruined! Logically, he doubted that would happen. But emotionally, he was afraid of losing someone he loved.

As a friend, of course.

Theo shook his head, and his hair got into his face. Tossing it back, Theo stretched and inhaled, like yoga but not really yoga at all. He jut had to get it over with, and accept the consequences of his actions.

Striding to the door, hands casually inserted into his pockets, Theo rang the bell.

"Oh, god, please let this go okay."

The Labyrinth
Nina sighed. She'd been dumb to get lost like this; she even had what was effectively a map, and she messed up. Nina hated getting lost; she hated being powerless, and it pissed her off that she was apparently incompetent enough to get lost even with someone telling her exactly where to go.

When Sophie offered her a fix, Nina shouted, "Thanks!" before turning back to take the proper route.

Then she her a male voice call out from the other side of the dead end. "Hello, is anyone there?". Nina didn't recognize the voice.

Turning back to the wall, she called, "I'm here. Who is this?"

The Labyrinth
Okay, turn left, right and then left. Nina repeated this to herself twice, then took off.

The plan suddenly fell apart when Nina hit a dead end. "What the heck!" Nina muttered. How did she get here? She didn`t realize that she`d turned left at a smaller branch instead of sticking to the main path.

"Where did I go?" Nina yelled upwards. She had no idea where she`d ended up; she did not even know where Sophie was.

The Labyrinth
Nina shrugged when Sophie confirmed her well-being. That was good.

A second later, she heard Sophie shout from a tower. Jump up and down? Uh huh. Okay.

"Okay, jumping like a schoolgirl in 3..2...1!" Nina leaped into the air, her leg muscles springing her a little more than a foot. She tried again, crouching, and leaped even higher. "Do you see me?" Nina shouted.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
Just finished (I'm a really fast reader) and holy crap.

I felt so bad for Josee. When she left the boats to kill Ericka, and then thought Cisco (who was so sad...) was dead, I actually got a couple tears in my eyes (didn't cry, though). Excellent job, Limisios.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
Theo: Hmm...I don't really want to pick. If I had to say, my favorite is probably Alice Gilman. She's really smart, and I consider her a good friend.

Least favorite would be someone who acts like a jerk all the time. Cody Patton, for example, is the classic cliche sports bully.

Nina: Favorite person? Hard to say. There's a lot of people I don't like, like Amy Bachelor. She's always trying to start something with me.

If you won a million dollars, tax-free, what would you do with it?

The Labyrinth
"Oh, yeah, I like lots of music. I actually really enjoy orchestra!" Nina replied. She swallowed hard; her throat was starting to hurt from all the yelling.

Glancing at the wall, Nina absentmindedly traced the path of a specific vine.

"What other kinds of-"


A scream pierced the air. It was definitely Sophie.

"Hey, what happened? You okay?" Nina shouted, her voice slightly scratchy.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
I'd appreciate a character, please.

The Labyrinth
Nina nodded, then shouted, "Yep, I hear you! You must be getting closer!"

Nina rubbed her face, passing the time. She hoped that little roughness on her cheek wasn't going to form acne; she'd hoped she'd be done with that kind of stuff already.

"So, acoustic? Sounds neat! That's the kind they'd use for country, right?" Nina paused, then said, "Yeah, I like piano. It's great for dexterity. I bet guitar is, too, though!"

The Labyrinth
Nina sighed. She didn't want to say anything bad about Sophie, but it seemed like a difficult mistake to make.

"Okay, I'll just keep talking, then!" Nina shouted. "That way you can find me!" Nina paused, thinking, before continuing.

"So, uh, you like music, right? What do you play? I've been a pianist for years, so I really like music, and I'm pretty good, too."

She cracked her fingers, then stopped; she wanted to listen for Sophie's response, and making sounds wouldn't help. Nina started playing with her hair instead; there were a lot of stray hairs, so she started fixing it up.

The Labyrinth
Nina smiled: Sophie's positive energy was very contagious. With a cheerful shout of, "Hey, wait up!" Nina followed her. Taking the right path, Nina found that it branched out, east and west. Nina found herself at a fork again.

She realized she'd missed which way Sophie had turned. "Crap." Nina muttered, brushing a stray hair from her face. With a deep breath, she recovered quickly.

Cupping her hands around her mouth like a megaphone, Nina shouted, "Sophie?! Which path did you take?" in a strong, clear voice. She then stood, waiting for an answer.

((I assume this isn't GMing, but let me know if this post is unacceptable))

Want to be Close
Checked out the characters; I agree on most of your points.

The Labyrinth
Sophie was clearly very enthusiastic. That was good, because it made it easier to get things done. Nina was a big fan of getting things done.

She did wish Sophie could've spent a second planning, though.

With a chuckle, Nina trotted after Sophie, a smile on her face. It was nice to have some fun. She oughta do this more often.

After the path turned right, it doubled back east. "Geez, this is crazy!" Nina said. She was much more comfortable now that Sophie was here; being alone in the maze was getting a bit creepy. Plus, she was somebody to "compete" against, though there was no real competition.

After the turn to the east, it went north. Nina suddenly wondered how close they were to the Minotaur. "There's a fork in the path." Nina panted as she stopped. The left path seemed to curve slightly back towards them, to the south. The right path went straight on until there was a dead end. Nina wasn't sure which way it turned.

"So, where to?" Nina asked, turning to Sophie.