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TvTropes Mafia Thread
I can't confirm his alignment specifically, unfortunately. His play in said channel is pretty convincing, though.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Indeed, I can confirm that Slam is a neighborizer.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I've received clarification that this change was NOT intentionally leading to anything, and so is probably not a big deal.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Yeah, looking more closely at the terminology used, you are correct. Flare is noted as going "nowhere", while you returned "no result", as did Grim Wolf on Night 2. Night 2 makes references similar to Night 1, indicating that there was some other shenanigans involved.

Also of note; Grim visited Slam the night he died.

The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over
Luckily, it seemed Bryony's parents weren't the issue, but her sister was. Alice vaguely recalled hearing Bethany's name come up before, at school if nowhere else. She didn't seem like a particularly problematic student, but if she was upsetting Bryony so much...

Ugh. Bullying was just...ugh. Especially among family members. Alice got picked on a lot by Molly when she was younger, and it was so difficult to speak out to her parents. Appeasing Molly was a source for so many of her decisions even now, it was kind of scary. Alice wondered sometimes how things might've been different if she were the oldest sibling.

That was not the point, though. The point was helping her friend. "Bryony, it's okay. You know Molly, my big sister? She did a lot of the same stuff, I think. It's hard to deal with, I know."

Alice paused for a moment. There had to be something specific here, some particular event that led to this fear, right? It could just be mounting dread, but she suspected otherwise. "What has she said to you?" She asked quietly, leaning towards Bryony a little.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Nov 24 2015, 03:59 PM
Nov 24 2015, 03:42 PM
I followed Flare last night, got no result.
Espi: Was it the same reply as when you followed me?
I believe so.

Also, I did not follow Slam or Yugi.

Barely Dead
Oh, goodie. Someone was here now. Perfect time to show off. And even better, they were complimenting her! Blair smiled at the guy. He was...vaguely familiar, but she couldn't place it. Lucky for her, he was kind enough to introduce himself.

"Oh, hi Mitch. Yeah, it's no big deal." Blair's grin widened a bit. "I've been roller skating for a while. Since I was like, 12 I think." Blair casually brushed her hair back. It was nice to have shorter hair, she supposed. The spikiness felt nice against her hand, like petting a cat. God, who'd have thought Miley screwing with her would turn out well for Blair?

Standing up from the bench, Blair smiled coyly at Mitch. Looking at him, she'd found that something in face was startlingly appealing. His eyes, maybe, or the way he smiled...

Anyway, she thought he was cute. "What about you? Come here often?" She giggled, folding her hands behind her back. "Cheesy as hell, I know. Serious question, though." She stopped herself from pointing out the rhyme. Best to avoid getting too chatty.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I followed Flare last night, got no result.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
This is false, checking times reveals that Christian had claimed before Grim did.

TvTropes Mafia Thread

Reasonably satisfied with his answer.

You're nothing if you're just another
Henry was so excited that as soon as Jae gave him permission, he rushed into the bathroom (which luckily was fairly easy to find) and looked into the mirror to see-


"It's not so bad!" Henry exclaimed loudly, but even he could tell it wasn't so reassuring. Darn. It wasn't pretty; the eyeliner around his eyes was too dark and applied too thickly, so it made him look like a creepy cartoon character. Hmm...

"You know, this does give me a cool idea for a Halloween costume at least!" Henry said as he returned, having wiped some of the makeup off with some tissue paper. "I could be some kind of creepy thing if I did that again!" He grinned.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Okay, so I keep following a person right before they die. Last night it was Turtle, before that Grim, before that Ricky, you get the picture. None of them visited anyone on those nights. So that's kind of a bust.

This goes into some speculative territory, but my best guess would be that there's about 3 more Mafioso. And if Christian's town, I'm Town, and Seth is Town, that leaves Slam, Yugi, Toben, Flare, Persy, Decoy and Goose to be potential scum. Of those, it's hard to say which are most likely scum.

Slam I feel has been making very good calls this game such that even when he's on the wrong track it makes sense from a town PoV, and I don't think he's scum right now.

Yugi I haven't seen enough of to decide either way. Call this a null read for now.

Toben I'm leaning scummy. He's zeroing in on particular people, right now Decoy, and trying to sway people in that Toben-y way. I'm suspicious in this case.

Flare/Decoy are too quiet to make a read on right now.

Persy I lean scum for as well. He tends, in my experience, to go quiet when he's scum, which we saw in SW mafia especially.

Goose is hard to read, since I'm less familiar with his mafia style, but I kinda wanna lean town for him for now. Something about his play, call it a hunch if you want.

For now:

Vote: Persy to get him to pipe up a little. I feel like he's buddied with Toben and soft-defended RC a lot, which I don't like.

Espi Draws
Alice Baker

Blair Moore

Henry Spencer

So these are some pictures of my V6 roster, one each in Paint and in Face Maker.

The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over
Alice nodded cautiously. Bryony was clearly distraught, and she didn't want to assume or misunderstand her friend's intentions. Still, her thoughts started racing, most of them rather outlandish. Bryony's family, last Alice had heard, were perfectly unremarkable, and Alice wasn't entirely sure what might cause her to avoid them. Perhaps she'd perpetrated some kind of offense and couldn't bear to face them?

That seemed improbable. Bryony was hardly the type to get involved in something irresponsible or unsavory. Maybe some kind of falling out had happened? More plausible, but hard to picture. Alice couldn't see her friend fighting with someone. This unconfrontational nature was something she had in common with Bryony. Even thinking of arguing with someone made Alice feel sick.

Still. Bryony was willing to open up to her, and Alice needed to help.

Slowly, Alice said, "I see. Do you feel safe there? Because if you're scared, you can come stay at my place if you need to." She didn't want to be inquisitorial, so letting Bryony explain the situation at her own pace seemed logical.

In Regards to Jane Madison and Isaac Brea
Alright, so it's been a few days.

I'm going to hand off Isaac to DocBalance AKA DuckyB and Jane to Somersault.

Barely Dead
((Blair Moore continued from Stuck))\

...Damn, she looked good.

Blair was a casual rollerblade enthusiast, but you'd hardly guess it from watching. Despite her health issues (having recently overcome a pretty unpleasant bout of some-bronchial-infection-with-an-unpronounceable-name), Blair tried to keep reasonably active when she could, since it helped keep her lungs clear of the gunk buildup. Skating was her method of choice, since it was fairly aerobic and didn't require as much upper body strength as, say, football.

Plus, it was fun as hell. That feeling of movement and lightness from moving so fast, plus the thrill of nailing a trick, it was invigorating. But the thing taking up most of Blair's thoughts as she strapped on her skates wasn't any of that crap; it was her new look.

Blair's fauxhawk was now dyed a vibrant shade of pink, right between rose-colored and hot pink. The stripe down her scalp was newly added, and Blair couldn't be happier with it. After all that shit with Miley, she was glad such a stylish look came out. As usual, Blair made crap work. Turning her head as she winced in the glaring sun, Blair took a brief moment to appreciate the feel of her almost shoulder-length hair brushing her neck. Ah, how she'd missed it. The maintenance was a pain in the ass, but it was worth it.

Once she was done strapping in, Blair stood and glided easily towards the half-pipe. She planned to get in some more practice with her airing, since right now she wasn't quite sticking the landing. Falling hurt, but screwing up techniques hurt worse, so Blair was going to keep at it.

As she built up momentum on the curves, Blair narrowed her gaze in preparation for the actual trick. As she kicked off, Blair crouched, clenched her fists, and slid up over the edge...

Twisting in midair, Blair felt a sudden rush of glee and thrill as she landed perfectly, gliding down the slope and partway up the other. "Aw yeah!" She exclaimed as she executed a t-stop and slid to a halt in the middle of the half-pipe.

Glancing around, though, Blair found the glee slowly being replaced with pique. Nobody was around. The sun was out, but winter wasn't quite gone yet, so the temperature was in the mid-60s. Blair didn't care much, being that heat made her sweat and when she sweat things got bad, but other people generally preferred warmth when outdoors.

...Damn, that kinda killed her enthusiasm. Why bother doing showy tricks if nobody's there to admire your skill? Blair made her way to the nearby bench and sat down with a thud, feeling slightly dejected that the only witness to her perfect trick was, well, her.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I kinda am in agreement with Slam here. He's been a solid town voice for a lot of the game in my opinion, and Penguin in particular has been awfully aggressive on some bad leads that makes me a little suspicious.

Other than that, I'd be inclined to look towards people like Flare and Decoy who don't say a lot and tend to avoid suspicion.

A week after what her mom called, "her reckless little stunt", Blair was at her neighbor Sally Lanson's house getting her hair done.

Sally was a friend of her mom's, a hairdresser and a total chatterbox. It was probably genetic; Blair knew Sally's daughter, a 14-year old girl named Tiffany who was the type of girl who thought the 'carbonated' in soda meant it had a lot of carbs in it. Skinny as a rail and dense as a lead dumbbell, emphasis on dumb. Regardless, Sally was kind enough to repair the damage to Blair's hair for free, and as much as Blair hated to admit it, Sally was a good stylist.

It had been about a month since Blair lost her hair, and in that time it'd grown out about an inch. It was still uneven and patchy in places, but for the most part was almost as long as it had been. Unfortunately, it was so short in some places that there wasn't much that could be saved. So now it was time for a makeover.

Blair, after some preparation the day before when she'd set up the appointment, had a good idea of what she wanted. Shoulder-length and straight in the back with a fauxhawk-style cut in the front. It was tough to explain; Sally was used to haircuts for like, old men, not something stylish and modern. Still, Blair managed to convey her intentions efficiently enough that Sally got the picture eventually.

So now the process began. Blair glared into the mirror, silently ignoring Sally's attempts at conversation. First of all, they were not friends. They did not gossip because that's something you do with friends. What's more, Blair was expecting Sally to do a job, and Sally talking while doing it was not part of the agreement.

About 15 minutes of Blair mentally berated Sally for her unprofessionality and poor manners later, she was startled by the sudden declaration, "All done, sweetie!"

Blair blinked. The haircut was actually good. Her hair was short along the sides, about half an inch long. The fauxhawk was about two inches and stood up nicely. In the back around her ears and further, it was about 6 inches in length. All in all, it looked good.

Needed more color, though. Blair knew just the thing...

((Blair Moore continued in Barely Dead))

Yet Another Podcast
Glad to see there's some interest!

The guests would be informed of the questions/discussion points prior to starting.
Times would ideally be during the weekend, anywhere from like 10 am EST to 10 PM EST. I am fairly flexible as a host, but obviously not everyone is so we'd have to be accommodating.
Time for recording would probably have to be around an hour or two max, but we'd cut down on a lot of it to make it more coherent as a podcast.
As for your mic, you can use Vocaroo to record a sound bite of yourself and play it back. If it works, it'll be fine.

If anyone has any other questions, here is a good place to put them!

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Unvote: Seth Crimson

Sorry for the confusion, I'll buy it.