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I forgot to screenshot it but I had an EUW game where I was Murderaka. Went 4/2/6 and drew first blood.

In a solo bot lane.


But anyways I like Annie quite a bit. Haven't played her in a while 'till I made a smurf and now it's like, "health bar? what's that?"

All Our Yesterdays
Gwen was awoken by the announcements as well, after an uneasy day and an even worse night. Sleep was becoming harder and harder from the stress and fear not to mention the permeating feeling of hunger pangs. Rationing food meant not eating as much as she was used to, and Gwen was a big eater.

She wouldn't kill for a burger, but some people would, it seemed. That was distressing.

Gwen sat up, bleary and cold from the night's sleep. The ground wasn't very comforting, and she had no blankets or anything, and she wasn't dressed for the relatively cooler climate here. Not fun.

She sat, listened closely. Then he spoke.

Then she screamed, grabbing her neck and squealed louder as the beep went off and oh god she was going to die-

And then she wasn't. A lie, a fucking lie just to scare people, probably into killing more so that didn't really happen. Fuck Danya, fuck him-

Wait, but...if it'd been true, she and Michelle and Virgil would've won, because that was their whole goal, right?

Gwen was distracted from continuing her potentially revelatory train of thoughts by Michelle speaking once the announcements were over. Was Virgil going to...what? Oh. Michelle was dating Kam, and Kam had...shot two people...? That was...

Gwen didn't know what to think of that. So she sat up with a grunt, unsure of what she could say that'd make Michelle feel better.

She hope this didn't escalate.

New League of Legends Thread
Murder Taric op.

Ricky knows.

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Yes they had 4 adcs in ARAM. And we had Evelynn.

Memories of the City
Theo didn't know. Kat's question completely froze him.

Why was he here, in this spot? If he was hoping for some closure, fat chance, not like Gabby was the only one. Did he regret it, yeah, but it wasn't like he could do anything to make it have not happened or anything. Maybe longing for his lost innocence or some bullshit? Possibly, but not likely, given that that didn't matter anymore. And there was no pragmatic reason, either, he wasn't getting any tools or anything, her bag was gone.

He supposed he just felt like it. Why not? It was a pretty view.

Theo shrugged. "I...made a decision, and...even if it's the smart way, the logical way, that doesn't make it the right way. I might live because I shot her, but..." He shook his head, and turned around to face the setting sun. It was nice and warm.

"Kat, why are you here?" Theo turned to face her. Time to flip the tables back onto her. "Why seek me out in the first place, why follow me here across the goddamned island, why are you still talking to me, if you wanted to, to kill me it's not exactly smart to start chatting and I think you're probably pretty smart. What's up?"

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
I second most of these, though Maynard Hurst, Michelle Wexler and Sean Mulcahy take my favorite slots.

MW's Loose Impressions of Your Character to Date
Please do Theodore Fletcher, I think everything's updated in my sig.

New General SOTF Discussion Thread
So hey, let's give a booster to some site discussion since there's been a bit of a lull 'cause of the crash.

What do you guys think of V5 so far? How's it compare to other versions? Who're some people/characters to watch?

The General SOTF Discussion Thread
So hey, let's give a booster to some site discussion since there's been a bit of a lull 'cause of the crash.

What do you guys think of V5 so far? How's it compare to other versions? Who're some people/characters to watch?

Espi Reads: V5
Okay queue full.

Espi Reads: V5
Eh, I'm bored and need to get back into V5.

Critique notes:

1: I kind of suck at reading things so don't expect a super fancy/in-depth critique. This is just a casual thing.
2: 5 to a queue at once so I don't get overwhelmed. Once I've done those 5 I'll reopen the queue.
3: I'll be critiquing in the thread unless you specifically request it be PMed to you.
4: Which you probably don't need to because I will try to say nice things and offer suggestions rather than go "THIS SUCKS AND IS BAD"

Queue 1 (complete)
1- Ami Flynn (Ciel/Seel)
2- Venice Pennington-Johannes (Un-Persona/Unpy/Persy/Un/Santa-Sona)
3- Alice Gilman (dmboogie)
4- Mirabella Strong (SansaSaver)
5- Madeline Wilcox (TurtleTyrant)

Queue 2 (Open)
1-Natali Greer (Backslash/Zarina)
2-Owen Kay (Pippin)
3-Jack MacDonald (Flare)
4-Zoe Leverett (Kalopsia/Rachel)
5-Ian Williams (VysePresident)

(INB4 thread gets 8 posts in 3.5 seconds)

Yes please. Main avatar I guess.

All Our Yesterdays

((Gwen O'Connor's story continues from That's Crate!))

Gwen had traveled the rest of the day thinking about herself.

To be honest she genuinely, legitimately, had no clue what she believed in right now.

Michelle was nice, and so was Virgil, though they didn't seem to get along super-well with each other. Gwen's issue wasn't that, though. Gwen also didn't doubt the plan, because at least in theory it was the most moral and defiant solution to the situation.

Gwen just doubted if it would actually work. People were already fighting to live. Would any of them, Theo, Hansel, Katarina, the others, be willing to give up their lives now? It just...it seemed so unlikely, that murderers, inherently selfish people, were willing to do something so selfless.

Gwen also thought of Maynard that night.

She'd been distracted from him for a while, but it came back to her a short time later. Maynard, the sweet and quiet boy she'd hung out with, chatted with, gone to prom with, someone who didn't deserve to be here. He was probably here, if he wasn't dead.

And Gwen wanted to see him again.

She didn't love him, not romantically, she didn't think so at least. But she cared about him, she cared about him a lot, and if she never saw him before they...died...it would be too much for her to take. But now wasn't the time, now was the time to check on Michelle, who was sobbing in the corner.

Gwen knew how she felt, but she tried to hold back the feelings from drowning her.

Gwen crawled over to Michelle, and sat down in front of the other girl.

"Michelle, are you alright? Do you need to talk?"

Memories of the City
"Oh, uh, yeah."

Screaming, panicked, stupid decisions, explosions as the gun seared his hand and blew gory chunks in her.

"Gabby Parker."

Friendly greeting. Gun's out, aim, slam! Bat in his arm, scramble for the gun, huge overreaction, paranoid fear, explosions as the gun seared his hand and blew gory chunks in him.

"So, you followed me here."

Resting on a bench. Approaching, gun out, not his, a dirty trick, lies and attacks, a scramble, grabs the gun, explosions as the gun seared his hand and blew gory chunks in him.

Slam, bang, crunch as he is beaten. Punished.

"What do you want from me?"

Memories of the City
"Apparently. What is it this time?"

Theo spoke without thinking, because he recognized Kat's voice in an instant.

Huh. Apparently Theo was easier to track than he'd expected. Or at least, he was easy enough to track that Kat had managed it, and in all honesty he wasn't sure whether he needed to be afraid or not. Sure, he'd blatantly run away earlier, but she couldn't be persistent enough to want to kill him and chase him across the entire island, right?

Theo hoped not.

Theo stood up, and turned around to face Kat, who was holding her scythe. Theo wasn't sure if it could reach him from this distance, but it probably didn't matter. She could attack him and there'd be nothing her could do about it, other than maybe run and hope she didn't think to shoot him. He nodded at Kat, brushing back his absolutely filthy hair.

"Didn't feel like sticking around with Steven?"

Memories of the City
((Theodore Fletcher's story continues from Memory))

Theo had traveled for a while before he decided to return to Gabby's body.

After he felt comfortably far from the other killers, he'd walked along a few roads and paths, following his map and compass, before successfully navigating his way to the overlook. It was just as good a view as he remembered, with the exception of the dried blood smeared on the ground.

Not to mention the rotting stench. Disgusting and, more importantly, a disturbing reminder of how close he was to death at all times.

He noticed Gabby's body laying, draped haphazardly in a bed of flowers in what was presumably someone's attempt to memorialize his first victim. Theo kind of wished he'd thought of that, but it didn't matter now. He'd murdered her, stupidly, and now he was deep in blood and gore.

Theo needed to make a resolution. He sat at a clean bench, and gazed off the cliff. He could jump it, go the way of his hat, and die on his own terms. Or he could choose to not waste his life, or the lives of his victims, and make it as far as he could, and win this. He was at a disadvantage, sure, but he could recover, get some tools, lay low, anything it took to score his prize.

His life, his future, his destiny, escape his fate and move on from this island. That was his goal.

Theo sighed, and kicked a rock over the edge. He listened to it bounce down the cliff face. He was such a melodramatic jackass. He wanted to live, so he was going to keep trying to do so. He wasn't going to stick to morality, because that was suicide. He wasn't going to be honorable, noble or good, because that was also suicide.

It only made sense. Strategy, logic, smarts, pragmatism. He was going to use these tools to stay alive, and not let all the shit he'd done be for nothing.

Simple, right?

Theo laughed. Yeah, right, he wished,

I would appreciate a Lucy (from TV2) critique. I think all her stuff's updated in my sig.