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Weapons List on the Wiki?
What if we had a wiki page where we listed varying weapons people have been given?

Since it has ranged from Dildos to Furbies to laptops to tons and tons of guns, I think this would be very informative, especially to newbies to help them know what they should expect.

I know this would involve a lot of extra work for the already-busy staff (making the page, researching every singe weapon, dealing with dulicates, etc.) but perhaps if enough people liked the idea...

Anyone else enjoy the concept?

Characters sharing your name
Just wondering, since I imagine it's happened loads of times.

Personally, I'd probably root for them, but the only character with my first name (Skyler) died offscreen in a test run, so...yeah.

General SOTF Discussion Thread?
A great concept, just for the reasons you listed.

Your problem (people being rude) could probably be alleveiated by some rulings. Things like, :you should never diss the writing, just the character" After all, a character you hate is probably well-written. If your reasons for hate the character were intended, the handler's done their job. Things like that.
Don't break the rules, you'll be good.

Plus, having a modmin check in every so often would make sure nobody is being rude; Santa Weasal is watching, after all. ;) But an excellent idea.

Do you sneak some of your own traits into your characters?
Occasionally, but only by accident. Theo is basically an author avatar in personality, but I totally didn't intend that at all. :$

How do you come up with your character names?
I picked "Other", because I like to make up names that I think sound cool.

Amusingly, I just looked up two characters (in progress) named Gwendolyn O'Neil and Zoe Smith; Gwen is apparently a heavyweight boxer from Guyana, and Zoe is a record-holding weightlifter. Excuse me for a moment *Runs off to edit*

Sexual Orientation/Gender Thread 3: Electric Boogaloo
I put down bisexual male, but I'm primarily attracted to males. The bi part is mostly due to the fact that I'm currently "making an acception" for my awesome girlfriend.

Single Handler Seeking Good Info
Never mind.... Figured it out...:unsure:

Single Handler Seeking Good Info
A few questions, to make sure I don't bungle up the first post and turn V5 into a trainwreck by some dumb misunderstanding. Yes it is very long, but I want to cover all my bases.

1: Are our locations when we first enter the game randomized, or can we choose?

2: Is there actually a way to get a Roll Null now that the Best Death Award no longer offers it?

3: Would controversial matters (i.e. having a character who is a pregnant teen, gay, religious nut, racist, etc.) be against the rules?

4: Just to be clear on the review/post order-You post in order of the first post, so if I go first on the new thread, the order is me->me. If Person X posts after me, and Person Y goes after X, the order becomes Me->X->Y->Me. If, during a later rotation, Person Z posts after Person X but before Y, the new order is now Me->X->Z->Y->Me, and the order only changes when you die. And this also applies when getting your characters approved, right?

5: Is it against the rules to have your own characters working together?

6: Is having relaives of non-winners (say, you make two siblings, or you and another person make a dating couple, or you are related to (with permission) a person who died earlier) allowed?

7: Is it just frowned upon or outright rule-breaking to have a character who has practice in gymnastics, fencing, boxing, wrestling, sharp-shooting, or other combat skill?

Introduction Thread
Hi there. My name is Espional (Ess-Pee-Oh-Nahl), and I am a Lv. 2 Roleplay Nerd.

I read about this and squeed. I love Roleplaying, and Battle Royale is a concept borne of awesome.

I like reading, writing and gaming. I have Asperger Syndrome, but I will not use that excuse to explain me sounding like an asshole. I hate it when I think I sound like an asshole, so let me know if I soundlike an asshole.

Favorite Books: Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, anything Sci-Fi or Fantasy (generally).

Favorite Movies: Inception, Avengers

Pet Peeves: Prejudice, people who act disruptive for no reason

Favorite TV Shows: Primeval, Gravity Falls, Leverage, cooking shows

I have read most of the rules and announcements pertaining to V5 ,so I am reasonably comfident in my competence, but let me know if I did something wrong! Also, question; do I need to read any previous threads to understand beyond: Class kidnapped and made to fight to the death by terrorists led by Mr. Danyas?