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Hecate on Roman Halloween
Stooped over his bowl of clam chowder, Billl contemplated the audacity of a perfectly serviceable restaurant throwing gimmicks at its patrons.

Trivia night. Such a stupid idea. Who wanted to deal with it? Not him, that was for sure. Sometimes a man wants to enjoy his goddamn meal after a long day of work. Ugh, the nerve of these people. Why did they-

"Hi! You wanna be on my team?"

((Henry Spencer continued from There's No Time Here in Space))

...Oh. This guy didn't look too happy. "What? No. Leave me alone, can't you tell I'm eating?" The man said. He sounded mad so Henry just smiled and nodded before wandering off. He needed a partner within the next 7 minutes or he couldn't play tonight. And he'd brought his quiz pen and everything!

Ah, quiz night. What a wonderful idea! Trivia, obscure knowledge, camaraderie with your fellow quiz enthusiasts, or 'quizists'. Trivia apparently dated back to ancient Rome and Greece, which Henry had learned that afternoon on the internet! Trivia about trivia, some of Henry's favorite trivia besides stuff about dinosaurs and the Mongollan Monster, an ape-like cryptid known to be seen in the county adjacent to Henry's.

Regardless! Teams were necessary, which was challenging when people were already teamed up. Henry didn't seem to be able to find a partner. A team needed at least two people on it to be a team. Otherwise it was hardly a team, but a solo player. So Henry needed another member. A teammate, if you will.

Henry glanced around the tables and booths, picking out the first person he saw (besides the cranky guy with the soup) and approached. "Hi! You wanna be teammates? I'm really good at trivia."

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Yeah at this point Lore's tactics, even if valid, are too confusing for me to buy. I'd be fine lynching them honestly.

Resource Thread

This might seem a little silly/obvious but if you ever need synonyms this is your best friend.

V6 Facemaker!
I'm also helping!

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The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over
Luckily, it seemed Alice had managed to coax Bryony into opening up. Now hopefully Bryony's problem was something that could be fixed, or at least, something Alice could be supportive of. Not that she didn't have faith in her friend, of course, but there was always the chance Bree was in trouble.

As Bryony paid for the statuette, Alice waited for her to return before replying, "No problem." She smiled reassuringly before moving towards the café.

Now, Alice was pretty confident she wasn't showing it too much, but inside, Alice was starting to feel worried. What if Bryony's issue was silly? Or she was doing something wrong and Alice would be better off not knowing? Or what if-

No, stop it. Bree was a good person, whatever the problem was, it wasn't her. Alice just had to do what made sense and, if nothing else, be there for her friend when it mattered.

Sitting down at a small table in a metal chair, Alice watched Bree, trying to read her face. The worry was clear as day, but Alice didn't know what she was worried about. Not yet, at least.

((Blair Moore continued from What a Day))

When Blair woke up that morning, she could tell something was wrong.

Blair had trouble sleeping as a rule of thumb; if she wasn't in just the right position, it aggravated her lungs and made it hard to breathe. She was grateful for weekends, since sleeping in was the only time she got 8 hours, especially when she stayed up late on Tumblr. Bad habit, but she didn't care.

Unfortunately, Blair woke up that Saturday morning with a jolt. She could feel the wrongness in the tug at her head when she shifted in place, and knew for sure when she tried to sit up and the pillow came with her head. "Aaaaargh!" She screamed, fury bubbling as she realized what had happened.

There was glue in her hair.

A lot if it.

"Miley!" Blair shrieked before dissolving into coughing from the force of her screaming. By the time her parents had rushed into the room, Blair was crying instead.


The red was all gone.

After a lot of yelling and general freaking the fuck out, followed by explanation, followed by more yelling and freaking out, the truth came out. Miley, her oh-so-beloved little sister/demon child, had seen fit to pour Elmer's glue onto a sleeping Blair's head. Apparently, Miley was angry that Blair had made fun of her at dinner for being in a musical.

So now Blair was half-shaven. The glue was stuck in deep, rubbed in by hours of tossing and turning. Blair's hair was stuck to the pillow like a disc on the side of her head. It would've looked funny if it wasn't fucking infuriating. Fucking Miley, that little shit, she was going to regret this. It looked like she did, crying and apologizing and carrying on, but she wasn't sorry. If Blair could read her mind, she knew what Miley would be thinking; 'worth it'.


Anyway. They'd had to cut the pillow away, cutting off a huge chunk of Blair's hair in the process, including her red-highlighted bangs that she loved. Now she looked like she'd gotten a buzz cut, and was trembling with anger by the time her mom was done with the scissors.

God. Fucking. Damn it.


Blair's hair grew fast, but it didn't matter.

She hadn't really liked the red anyway. Black was her color. But it didn't matter.

Miley was grounded for like, a month, and Blair had nearly been buried under her parent's sympathy. But it didn't matter.

It was just hair. She was dying, for Christ's sake, why mope about some stupid shitty prank that wasn't even that big a deal?

It. Didn't. Matter.

Blair was pissed. Her devil sister had defiled her, ruined her look. On Monday she'd go back to school, and looking like shit, she'd have to explain why her hair was so short and ugly-looking. She'd have to stare in the mirror every night hoping that her follicles were working fucking unpaid overtime. But most importantly, Blair had been slighted, and even if it seemed petty, Miley needed to be taken down a peg.

Blair was going to have her revenge, whatever it took.

TvTropes Mafia Thread

Apologies for my low activity, I tend to struggle with this later on it seems ><

TvTropes Mafia Thread
((Apologies for my low activity, I tend to struggle with

I'm siding with Seth here, honestly. I like this Lore train because they've made some really aggressive and questionable comments. Still, the fact that Grim supported RC who was scum is pretty suspect. I'll hold my vote for now.

Also; last night I tracked Ricky, so no result v_v

There's No Time Here in Space
"That would be. So. Cool."

Henry's jubilation at this proclamation was palpable. He was almost bouncing in his chair. Him? In a movie? And a horror movie at that? His excitement was like a neutrino; it was uncontainable. Then again, neutrinos were really small, and his enthusiasm for Audrey's suggestion was very large. So that simile was somewhat innacurate.

Regardless. Movie. "I'm so in for that you have no idea. Indie horror is one of my favorite subgenres." Downing the last of his ice cream cone with a gulp, Henry wiped his mouth and grinned even wider. "What if we did like, a crazy psychological thriller-type thing, with creepy noises and minimal on-screen monster stuff, like Jaws?"

Ideas for possible monsters, settings and plotlines were rushing through Henry's head so fast he could barely focus. "Ooh, or what about a demonic possession thing? Oh, oh, or-" A memory triggered in Henry's head. Uh-oh.

"Crap, I forgot I have some homework from my English class. Hey, Audrey, here." Henry grabbed a nearby napkin, plucked a pen from his jacket pocket (he always kept a few on hand just in case) and scrawled something on it. Tossing it onto the table, Henry hurried off, calling back, "Call me later and we can discuss this!"

'Henry Spencer
Ace Protagonist
Call me =)'

((Henry Spencer continued in Hecate on Roman Halloween))

You're nothing if you're just another
Man, this was so cool! Henry was incredibly excited. The sensation of makeup was really interesting. Henry loved Halloween, naturally, and this reminded him of that really cool zombie costume he did last year with the green skin and bleeding tears. Man, that was awesome. Or that time he was a vampire with the white face. Geez, he was like six when that happened. Was that the first Halloween he remembered? Seemed so.

Hmm, what should he do this year for Halloween? He kinda wanted to be a werewolf. It was classic, a little cheesy, but it could be super fun to go full ham and just howl at the moon and stuff. He could probably find some decent costume parts. Worst come to worst, he could say he was a werewolf but since it wasn't the full moon he looked normal. That was kind of lazy, though. Henry hated laziness on Halloween. Why even do anything if you're just going to go out looking normal? That defeated the purpose!

Oh, right. Jae was a thing.

"How do I look?" Henry asked, grinning from ear to ear.

What a Day
Haha, Alessio was getting ganged up on. Damn, this Brendan guy was such a tryhard. 'Oh, don't be mean guys, let's all be friends and bake cookies or some shit!' Hmph. The kid clearly had no experience in the real world. He was probably some weird sadsack kid who grew up on Disney movies. Jesus, Blair was being cynical today. Eh, whatever, she needed to let off some steam.

"It's fine, Al. It can be hard to fess up to your mistakes. Just make peace and move on, I always say." God, she sounded so holier-than-thou it was sickening. The fact that Brendan was so quick to judge the other boy when Blair had been such a straight-up bitch was hilarious. How could someone be so dense? Blair was trying to smother her laughter when an idea struck her.

"Hey, you guys wait here, I'm gonna go grab something from a vending machine to give to Al. You know, since I ruined his cookies. Be right back!" She was lying, of course. Buy something for that little snot? As if! If anything, she'd be spending her hard-earned money on herself, thank you very much. Hell, if she wanted she might try to go home sick today and skip the rest of her classes. Not like it was hard to get out of class, just saying 'my chest hurts' was enough usually. The one advantage of her disease, she supposed, was that she could use people's sympathy against them when she wanted.

With another bought of hacking as a goodbye, Blair headed off towards the school. She didn't look back.

((Blair Moore continued in Stuck))

Reagan Wolfe
You know, I've done some soul-searching and I think I'll be saving Reagan for a future version. Consider this profile abandoned, apologies for any inconvenience.

The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over
Well that didn't work out how Alice had hoped it would. Bryony hadn't freaked out like she'd feared, but neither had she opened up, leaving Alice just as in the dark as before. It was apparent from Bryony's reaction that she was hiding something, but Alice didn't know what.

Pressing the issue might make Bryony snap at her, and Alice desperately wanted to avoid that. But leaving it be scared her; people always talked about this kind of thing. If it was a worst case scenario, Bryony might really need to talk to someone, and Alice was in a position to help.

So she pressed on.

"Bree..." She said quietly. She hadn't called Bryony Bree for a while, but now seemed a good time. After all, Alice was her friend, and she really did care. If Bryony needed someone, Alice was hopefully fit for the job.

"It's okay if you don't want to talk, I get it. But I want to make sure you're alright. I'm worried, you know? You're so on edge, and I want to help." Alice smiled gently. "So please, what's been upsetting you?"

Yard Sard
Jane blinked. "Ten bucks, you serious?"

That seemed like a lot. That was more thrift-store costs, not garage sale. It was a nice sweater and all, but it wasn't really warranting that kind of price. "Maybe five?" She said hopefully.

Regardless, her attention was redirecting itself to the conversation about Left Behind. Having read the first one, Jane wholeheartedly agreed about it being worthy of mockery. Like, it was such a dumb Christian thing. Jane was Catholic, though not a particularly devoted one, and frankly the idea that only Protestants would be saved was kind of offensive.

Really everyone should've been raptured except, like, the total douchebags and murderers and stuff. But whatever.

"Do you have any HG Wells stuff?" She called over to the other two, before making her way closer to the table they stood by.

You're nothing if you're just another
Henry held himself very still. Oh, this was going to be so fun!

Trying not to fidget was less fun though. It was hard for someone as excited as him to stay perfectly still while an exciting thing was happening. Eyeliner! Mascara! Elaborate tattoos! Well, maybe not that last one. Tribal tattoos were kinda weird and probably a little racist. Henry didn't want to be offensive. Just look cool.

Then again, he could always get a tattoo of something like a skull. Skulls weren't racist, unless they were like, blackface or something. Painted skulls would be pretty neat. They were pretty popular in revival South and Latin America, especially in regards to Dia de Muertos, or the Mexican day of the dead.

What a neat holiday. So spooky, yet spiritual, like a zombie priest doing undead sermons to his skeletal herd. Hmm, that analogy was a bit inaccurate. Did priests do sermons, or wasn't it like, some other position in the church. How strange. Regardless, it was traditional to refer to churchgoers as the 'flock' as 'herd' indicated cows rather than sheep.

Subtle differences are important in wacky mental fantasies!

What a Day
((Apologies for the delays))

"Why should I?" Blair said slowly, still setting her glare on the two boys. Ugh, people who were all, 'let's just be friends' and 'let's talk about our feelings' were so obnoxious. Sometimes you just wanted to be a bitch. So what? Blair did have an idea, though. Making Alessio the bad guy here sounded like a way to feel better.

"I'm the victim here, he's the one who laughed at me. Like..." Mind racing with nefarious plans, Blair settled on one unfortunate fact; to switch blame, she was going to have to actually own up. Damn. "Sorry for being a bitch, but I can't help get mad if someone makes fun of me, especially when I'm as hungry as I am. My lunch did just get ruined, after all."

Blair put on a sad face; slight pout, puppy dog eyes, the works. Getting this high-and-mighty loser to turn on another kid was going to be tough, but Blair would manage. And ooh, this would be a great story for her blog.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
EBWOP: For the record, this is Espi (I'm being Halloween-themed)

TvTropes Mafia Thread
"CPR Doctor: If the patient is NOT saved from death that Night, this doctor kills its patient."

if what Turtle says is true, it seems like Frogue accidentally killed Deamon, and someone else killed Frogue. So either the mafia both targeted someone and vig got Frogue, or some roleblock shenanigans went down.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Alright, so it's a little late for me to actually try to salvage my standing but I can try.

First of all, my original vote for Grim was because I thought he seemed like he was backpedaling. At some point he noted that he was suspicious of MK, then changed his mind, then changed again, plus sort of flip-flopped on Turtle, first supporting her then arguing that she might be scum in the same post. That was really what made me willing to jump on the wagon, though in retrospect it was a bit hasty of me.

Second, claim info. I am the Tracker for the town, and the first night I investigated MW and got a message saying that I was sick and didn't know what happened overnight. Make of that as you will; either I got roleblocked, or Toben has an anti-investigation power, which would be pretty suspect imo.

Finally, I apologize for my low activity this phase, I'd say I was busy but that's not really an excuse, I just lost focus/motivation for posting. Sorry again.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
I'll get up an answer tomorrow, sorry guys.