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Swirly's Patent Extra-Extra-Spicy Critique House
I suppose you can go ahead and do Theo if you want.

New League of Legends Thread
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First pentakill in any game, and this was a PvP. So proud ;~;

National Novel Writing Month 2013
I am WightMage.

National Novel Writing Month 2013
I've been planning on doing one this year. I've got some ideas, mostly modern fantasy-style since that's the easiest genre for me. I don't expect it to be good, but I think I can finish at least!

The Place
((Glomp GMing approved))

Nina looked up.


She leapt up and wrapped Daniel in an all-ensnaring hug.

"Oh my god, Daniel! I'm so sorry!"

A variety of colorful emotions flooded through Nina's mind. Joy that someone else was here, sadness that he was dead, too.


And crushing regret and despair that she had watched him die and run away like a coward.

"I saw you...after..."

She buried her face in his shoulder, unable to contain her emotions. She cried.

"I'm...I'm sorry."

The Place
Nina Clarke was...not entirely sure what to think of this.

Her family wasn't particularly involved in religious stuff one way or the other. They weren't atheist, weren't super-devout, it just never really factored into their daily lives. Nina, personally, figured other people could believe in whatever the damn well felt like as long as they kept it their business. She didn't care about people's religion as long as they didn't shove it in her face, so she didn't really think about the afterlife much.

Hell, even faced with a high chance of death, it wasn't that big of a deal. Nina had thought of dying a lot on that fucking island, but not much about what came after.

The girl sat, legs drawn to her chest and arms wrapped around them, in a red chair. Her face stared forward, expressionless, at the wall of screens. She couldn't bear to watch, so she wasn't; it was just distraction, a background noise to fill her mind. She couldn't believe this. She...she'd done something, something unacceptable, she'd tried to kill another girl who'd really done nothing to her. Call it stress, call it the situation, whatever you call it she had tried to murder someone.

Could she forgive herself?

But, more importantly, would she be let into Heaven or Nirvana or whatever? She was dead. DEAD. It was like a TV show; she was in Purgatory or something, and any second someone would come into the room and ask her name and a cool intro would play or something. There were other people here, too, but Nina paid no attention to anything but the screen and her own mind.

Death...it wasn't something she liked. It was lonely, depressing, and it was scary.

Nina was scared right now. She didn't know what was going to happen. And for someone like her, someone confident who tried so hard to be prepared and in control, that was potentially the scariest thing of all.