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Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP: To add to my point; it is kind of a 'damned if you do, damned if you don't', which isn't fair for you. But it's also kind of a 'safe either way' sort of play to look pretty close to someone but be willing to lynch them. Then again, that's also pretty basic strategy, so I don't know.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Hm, fair point.

All I meant was if you defend Frogue on principle and he flips town, you look town. It felt like buddying to me is all, because you make a post construing the Frogue train as out of nowhere, single out the people leading the train (Vyse and Paige). Also, while you did agree to push Frogue, it was pretty reluctant, and I wouldn't be stunned if that was attempting to bus so if Frogue flips scum, you don't look like his cohort.

So yeah, I can see your point that that made your role out to be more definitive than it is, but hopefully you also see mine.

Creeping Doom
Ugh, this sucked.

It was so hard to enunciate why she wanted to warn Rene off of Caedyn. Having had years to ruminate on her ex-friend's flaws, Blair still couldn't quite put into words what was so bad.

Mostly, it was the fact that technically, Blair couldn't prove Caedyn had done anything wrong. The blood, the dress, the alcohol, Oskar's death? It didn't make sense to Blair, but at the same time she knew enough about science to know that a hunch was meaningless if you had no facts to back it up.

"I know it sounds crazy. But okay, we'd been friends for a long time, then we feuded, now we don't get along. But I still think she's a threat. She's selfish. Last night was suspicious as fuck, and I don't know, I just think she's dangerous, and sooner or later-"

Wait, what? Who the hell was that voice?

"The fuck are you talking about? Who the hell are you?"

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
I tend to forget how short day phases can be. Apologies ><

My eye is on . I'd like to at least find out Frogue's position since he's been so controversial and has disappeared recently it seems (though I understand IRL issues are part of that?)

Grim is sticking to his guns on Frogue, which is a little iffy even if Frogue flips town. I've got an eye on him for now.

Not wanting to drop a vote on Frogue yet (wanna give him a chance to defend himself before we really go in for the lynch) but he and Brackie are on my iffy list along with Grim. No hard scumreads yet.

People I'm reading as town include Zarina, Deamon and Paige, tentatively Vyse as well. Deamon gets big props for pushing for activity, since it's easy for scum to get away with sitting idle while town does nothing.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
(For reference: I got home and fell asleep, then had class, then had food, and then it took a bit before I remembered.)

-Zetsu/Zetsu's replacement (I don't feel like zetsu's done much to warrant suspicion other than grasp a little bit when singled out)
-Tentative Deamon since apparently he does this every game.

-Frogue (jumped Zetsu pretty hard, as previously noted)
-Brackie (mostly null but he read as somewhat defensive to me earlier.

Wanting to watch Flare/Vyse for now. Good lynch target imo would be Frogue or Brackie.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Apologies, my early game tendency is to lurk a bit, which I recognize is not always useful. I'll try to give thoughts in an hour or so when I get home.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Yeah on additional look I feel like Zetsu hasn't really done too much to warrant this accusation. For example, he says something about being confused after Frogue makes a comment toward boogie that is entirely silly, and then Frogue sort of jumps on him about that statement. It reads like muddying the waters with weirdness.

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
(Catching up on 10 pages, here's my initial comments)

Yeah I'm also seeing Zetsu as either inexperienced town or very clever/risky scum trying to feign inexperience and it backfiring. Though there's always the latter, the first is what I'm guessing so far.

Frogue's aggressiveness on this issue reads scummy to me, as well since there's only so much there to go on, he does have a point but there's a lot to be said about newbie play rather than deliberate scumminess.

Vyse's usual townplay is more aggressive if memory serves, so I could see the scum angle here. Paige I am tending to agree with on stuff, but am otherwise going to reserve judgment there.

Bikriki is a tough one, but I'd say he's reading a little iffy as well, less so than Frogue or Vyse, but still seems to be jumping on something awfully hard.

Overall, i'm not sure the zetsu train is one I agree with, but will do more analysis on the past few days. Will respond to other stuff soon-ish.

The Latest Story That I Know is the One That I'm Supposed to Go Out With
((GMing approved by Pippin)

The carnage that was one a classmate was intensely brutal. Alice listened to Caedyn's hysterical-sounding cries as she warded them off with the instrument of murder. All she could do was stare, wide-eyed and hands clenched into fists at her side. Out of anger or fear, she didn't know.

Then, Caedyn ran off in a dead sprint, and Alice, having no interest in pursuing the crazed girl, turned to Bryony and leapt forward, nearly knocking the other girl over in her attempt to embrace her.

"I'm so glad I found you..." Alice said, suddenly feeling overwhelmed with emotion. She hadn't realized, after waking up in the church three days ago, how hard it would be to not see Bryony. She'd been so worried; Bryony was, for all her wondrous traits, sometimes seemed to Alice like she was made of glass, a delicate porcelain doll in need of protection, security and friendship.

That was what Alice needed to do. Protect Bree as best she could.

Tears in her eyes, still holding Bryony close, Alice smiled sadly at her friend. "Let's go somewhere safer, then we can talk. Does that sound okay?"

Battle Royale Mafia Game Thread
Role obtained!

Creeping Doom
Oh, looked like Rene was up and about. That was good. "I dunno, same shit I guess." Blair said casually.

Blair opened the door, and took a deep breath, or as deep a breath as she could manage without triggering her lungs. Lukcily she felt a little better than yesterday. Maybe she wouldn't get pneumonia here. That'd be nice.

Stepping outside the doorway, Blair rubbed her eyes and adjusted the shoulder strap of her bag. Rations were looking increasingly scarce, and she was starting to worry. Looting corpses was preeeeeetty sketchy, to be honest. Blair would prefer not to resort to that, but when the time came, she'd need to be ready.

"Hey, so about Caedyn." Blair started quietly, looking back at Rene. "She's not a good person. I know this, I'm sure you've seen it before, but...she's horrible. She really is."

The Latest Story That I Know is the One That I'm Supposed to Go Out With
((Alice Baker continued from Restore/Restart/Quit))

In a brief, glorious moment, Alice thought things might actually be okay.

They'd spent the night just outside the asylum, hiding from sight, waiting for the inevitable moment when that crazy boy found them again. Alice fell asleep still dreading that moment, her thoughts so incoherent that she dreamt of fear, nameless faceless terror.

Even after awakening, she felt awful.

She and Sandra kept going, though Alice was secretly doubtful that Sandra would be able to walk for long. She couldn't help but think Sandra might be more injured than she looked or acted, after the trauma of the situation before. Perhaps she was being paranoid.

The bridge loomed in the distance, so they went that way, since Alice hadn't left this side of the island yet. Perhaps she'd find Bryony somewhere else. It made sense; if Bryony was hiding out, Alice wouldn't expect her to be somewhere obvious.
But then again, she was standing right there in plain view.



"Bree! Bree!" Alice shouted, shrill with excitement, as she stumbled forward before breaking into her best attempt at a dead sprint. There was her friend, her best friend, someone who she had been so scared for this whole time, someone she could trust to be a good person. Not that other people couldn't be good, but Bryony was different. She was-

Alice stopped, freezing in place, as she grew closer she spotted something. She hadn't been running straight with the bridge, but at an angle. She could see under the bridge. So, numbly, she stared at Caedyn, covered in blood, a mutilated body with what looked like vomit all over, lying on the ground before her.

Then Alice wasn't numb anymore. So she shrieked.

Creeping Doom
((Blair Moore continued from Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge))

Blair spent the night in a room with a guy she used to like, which would've been awkward or fun if not for the guy being dead and all.

Mitch Settles was a pretty nice guy, into some extreme sports and all. Blair could get behind that; living life to the fullest, that kind of jazz. He'd also killed himself, two days ago, so she gagged when she first entered the room. Luckily, she got used to it. Sort of.

Regardless, at least the smell had kept people out of the place for the night, as far as she could tell. Awakened by the announcements, Blair took a moment to note the new killers (Alessio stood out) and Oskar's suicide (the connection to Caedyn was unclear, but probably existed).

Blair stood up, tussling her hair and cracking her neck. The first order of the day was getting out of this room and getting some fresh air, so she stepped over to the door and pushed it open.

Battle Royale Mafia Sign-Ups
I'm in!

Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge
Damn. That was fucked up.

Not that Blair fully bought what Caedyn was saying. Lying was like, 95% of what Caedyn did. She was a manipulator, through and through, and Blair knew that all too well.

Context? They knew each other well. They used to be friends, actually. Then they'd had some sort of tiff, a little thing. Caedyn had retaliated by spreading a rumor about Blair, something about her getting it on with some sleaze who hated her. Two birds with one stone or something, but that didn't matter. They'd been enemies ever since.

So with this whole crazy-Oskar-thing, Blair knew that Oskar killed Jane. The announcement had confirmed it, as far as she recalled. But for all she knew, Caedyn was involved. She was a potential threat. But worse than that was that Caedyn knew Blair's weakness. So Caedyn was all too aware that Blair absolutely HATED being wrong. She was so rarely wrong, and being unable to prove her point pissed her off to no end.

Blair didn't know how to argue with Caedyn right now. She felt her face go red, because as much as she instinctively wanted to disbelieve anything Caedyn said, she couldn't prove that she had lied. Hell, if it wasn't CAEDYN, she wouldn't even be sure herself.

So she stood there, face heating up, anger welling in her chest. She looked Caedyn over with her eyes, as if trying to spy some flaw in her story manifest on her body. "Wait." Blair said slowly, grasping at straws to change the subject, lessen the impact.

"Where the hell did you get booze?" She tried to sound accusatory, but it didn't really work. "Ugh, never mind. I need some, at this point." After mumbling that last sentence, Blair folded her arms and looked Rene. "I don't wanna stay here. You can come with me or not, but I'm going to find somewhere else to sleep for the night."

With that. Blair shot one last glance at Caedyn and walked out the way she came in.

((Blair Moore continued in Creeping Doom))

She glanced back. A mistake.

She saw Sandra get hit, get back up and keep going. After that, she closed her eyes and ran, but the image burned into her mind. Just keep going. Sandra was right behind her. A white lie, what people in movies tell children when they know they won't make it out but don't want to hold the kid back with regret.

Alice wasn't a kid. She knew Sandra might die. But she ran. She ran with the hope that in a few moments, minutes or longer they could meet up and Alice could breathe a sigh of relief that she wasn't abandoning someone to their death. Like she had left Scarlett, only for the other girl to die maybe minutes later. She hoped that didn't happen again. But it probably would, somewhere on this island.

The sounds of savagery and conflict followed Alice even as she fled.

((Alice Baker continued in The Latest Story That I Know is the One I'm Supposed to Go Out With))

Rank (Your Own) Characters!
In no particular order:

1-Alice Baker
2-Blair Moore
3-Lucy Williams
4-Henry Spencer
5-Gwen O'Connor
6-Nina Clarke
7-Theodore Fletcher
8-Riley Parker

Alice to Lucy I feel really good about, save for a couple missteps of varying severity. Henry and Gwen I felt were middle of the road, not cripplingly flawed but not spectacular. I liked Henry's pregame a lot, though. Nina, Theo and Riley I feel were pretty weak overall, and I'm not super happy with how they turned out.

Forlorn and Forgotten Knowledge
Luckily it seemed that Rene wasn't stupid enough to immediately trust Caedyn unconditionally. Knowing her, though, Caedyn was out to plant the seeds of malcontent amongst her classmates. Whether it was for kicks as usual or with a more evil motive in mind, Blair couldn't be sure. Still, she had an idea.

"You could say that." Blair looked at Caedyn, who was clearly trying to put up a sympathetic face. Blair remembered when Caedyn had played that card on her, trying to guilt her. She knew better now. Especially...

"Where'd that blood come from?" Blair examined Caedyn's dress from afar. It was stained with brown, and the smell of blood was lingering from it. Had someone attacked Caedyn? She didn't look injured. "What have you been up to these past few days?"

Blair cocked her head, an expression of mock inquisitiveness.

Alice had no idea what he was talking about, but he was terrifying nonetheless.

She shrunk back from him as he spoke. Was this for real? Did a boy like this really exist in school, waiting for a moment where he could menace two innocent girls in a dark, isolated corridor? It was bizarre, how he spoke, with casual nonchalance. Alice was frightened.

Sandra spoke, and it took Alice a split second to understand. It was only when the other girl charged at the boy that her companion's direction made sense. She was providing a distraction.

Alice reacted quickly, bolting towards the room, keeping along the edge of the wall to expand the gap between her and her assailant.