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Cochise High Golf Team?
Henry golfs, and might play on the team, though he's not very good.

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Aww, thanks again Fenris! Mind doing Isaac?

Isaac appearance

Espi's V6 Relationship Planning Thread
I've updated the first post with the things I went, "oh yeah sounds great!" at.

Things I liked;-Jack/Helen friends, Dante/Isaac friends, Ivy/Helen frenemies, Moira/Alice friends (I think maybe pre-revamp of Moira's personality? Sound alright?), and Danny/Isaac enemies.

As for Dante and Helen/Alice, Alice would think he's sweet but be somewhat mortified by any advance, and Helen might think he's cute but not really return his advances.

[Help!] I Forget Who I Have Relations With (´・ω・`)
Henry and Scout for BFFS

EDIT: Vanessa hates Jazzy because she's a weirdo.

Ricky's Tabletop Character Factory!
I'd like to see you make LeBlanc from League of Legends. Level 11 Human, Pathfinder.

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Aaaaaaaa, Alice is so cute! Thanks!

Mind doing Henry for me?

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Fenris does sprite stuff!
Double post so you see this, but apparently I screwed up my post somehow. I was going to request Alice in particular.

Alice description

Fenris does sprite stuff!
Hiya Fenris! I like these a lot. Mind doing one of my kids?

Theatre kids!
Helen is an actress who enjoys the stage, so she's definitely involved.

everyone took all the witty titles
Bradley+Isaac=BFFs y/n

(They sound like they'll be perfect for each other)

School Band?
Alice plays violin and would be involved in orchestra most likely.

Isaac plays guitar.

Espi's V6 Relationship Planning Thread
Sounds great @all.

Tessa Blackridge was done.

Emily sat back, staring at her computer screen and lifting her stylus from the tablet. She’d finished everyone. Every single victim. Drawn, colored, memorialized.

When the terrorist act had been announced last month, Emily was naturally horrified. But apparently there was more cause for concern than she’d anticipated, improbably enough given the awfulness of the situation to begin with. Not only was the so-called game happening at all, but supposedly they’d been disbanded and their leader killed. So the so-called “Version 5” of the SOTF Act was a big surprise.

Emily hadn’t known what to do at first. Her mom was pretty fragile; she’d cried a lot when she found out. Emily didn’t know why. Her dad seemed okay, since they didn’t live in the US. As far as, well, everyone knew, the SOTF terrorists hadn’t attacked Britain before.

Still, it was upsetting. A lot of Emily’s online friends lived in the US, and a bunch of them were really upset over it. Emily didn’t think she knew anyone who’d been abducted, but she might have known someone who did. A friend of hers from Japan, who went by Pandora on the forums, said she knew someone who supposedly knew someone from Aurora High. It seemed like a long shot, but that kind of thing stuck to Emily.

It was pretty upsetting, still. Kids her age! Dying or murdering each other and inevitably both. It was awful, worse than anything Emily hoped would happen to her. Shootings, stabbings, apparently some explosions as well. One of Emily’s guy friends, MythrilNight, was apparently a fan. They’d argued over it after it aired. He said it was, “just a show”.

Emily wasn’t talking to Mythril anymore. Still, he helped her decide.

When this kind of thing happened, usually there was a memorial and stuff. Emily figured she could help. She drew a lot, commissioned on occasion. What better way could she memorialize the victims of this attack than with her art? Preserving their images as they were before. Maybe it would help, maybe nobody would care. Some might dismiss Emily as a fan, drawing to satisfy some unhealthy attraction to this game.

But whatever. She wanted to help, and this might to just that.


It took a long time. Emily had to find pictures and references for each of her pictures. She went to some shady sites and saw some nasty people. People literally betting on the lives of the victims, deriding the “contestants” for not killing, even porn of the kids. It was sickening. But Emily found at least some images of everyone.

Then the hard part came. Drawing each of the 152 victims. It was exhausting; she was preparing for university at the same time, so a lot of work was piling up. She drew at least one person every day, sometimes more when she had the energy. Even then, she redrew a few of them she wasn’t happy with. All throughout, she couldn’t tell anyone out of nerves, and anxiety plagued her. She had trouble sleeping; she tossed and turned, unable to relax without feeling for those who wouldn’t wake up ever again.

Her mom didn’t seem as upset as she’d been at first, luckily. She didn’t talk about what had freaked her out, and Emily didn’t ask. She made up with MythrilNight, though it took some prodding to get him not to watch SOTF anymore. Pandora turned out to have been mistaken, which was a relief but also oddly disconnecting. Emily started going to uni for her freshman year, which was exciting and terrifying all at once. She couldn’t help but feel for people who didn’t get the opportunity. Like the victims of the SOTF Act.

Still Emily drew.


It took 3 months.

3 months of stress, work and tears on occasion, but Emily had drawn every single person who’d been victimized in the SOTF terrorist attack. Now she just had to upload them to her blog and her quest would be completed.

It was a big post. 152 images of smiling, happy teenagers who were now all dead save for one. Emily didn’t know anything about them, but she couldn’t help but wonder how they felt.

So she posted every picture, and took a moment to admire them. Full-body portraits, full color, names and everything. It was nice. Sad, too though. Like looking at an urn of ashes, acting like someone long lost was still there.

Underneath the post, Emily simply wrote;


Friends and stuff
Henry and Cameron would likely get along. Both are somewhat odd and talkative so I can see them chatting up a storm.

Helen and Trav would probably not get along, since Helen would likely think he's a lazy bum and a slacker.

what are friends, are they edible
I think Alice and Bryony would get along well, since both are artsy and somewhat quiet. Isaac would be prone to teasing her, methinks, since she's easy pickings and easy to fluster.

Astrid might do well with Helen; both are determined and stubborn, and I think they'd like each other okay, especially since Helen is an archer who's dad knows a lot about history.

Love Me & I’ll Bake You Cookies
Sounds good to me!

Love Me & I’ll Bake You Cookies
I think Henry and Joshua would get along, the two are a lot alike personality-wise. Helen might think of Joshua as a bit of a kid, but since they're both hard-working kids, they'll probably get along fine.

Hazel and Isaac are both in track, and I could see them being in a brief (possibly physical) relationship before splitting it off because Isaac and her wouldn't like each other much otherwise. They'd hate each other afterwards, I imagine.

Oskar and Alice might be friendly, since both like books and music and have several traits in common, but I imagine Alice would be a little shy around him since he's so clingy.

Let's get the relationship train going.
I could see Helen and Jojo getting along, since both are ambitious and driven kids. Possibly just acquaintances, but you never know.

We're all trapped in a maze of relationships
Isaac would possibly get along well with James; they have similar senses of humor and sound like they'd get along. Alice wouldn't like him for his "asshole" tendencies.

Leo and Henry have a lot in common, and I could see them engaging in chats about their respective obsessions. Isaac would probably pick on him a little since he's an easy target.

guys i need friends ;)
Isaac would likely pick on Alvaro since he gets anxious in social situations, and he likes to get rises out of folks. So put one down for enemies/antagonists if you like.