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A Breath of Fresh Air
"Hello, my name is Alex, and I guess this is yours. So, what's your name?"

The words were spoken by a large boy who swooped in from nowhere. The sudden voice made Sara jump, and she just narrowly avoided falling in her chair by grabbing onto the table. She quietly looked up at him for a few silent seconds and realized he wasn't very intimidating. He was tall, sure, but he appeared to be thin and his face was certainly not malevolent. Realizing that she had not yet introduced herself and that Alex was holding out her paper, Sara quickly fixed her glasses and took the sheet back.

"My name is... S-Sara...!" She took a short breath and tried to calm down before continuing. "It is mine, thank you, Alex," she mumbled, giving a half-hearted smile. It seemed the group at the table beside her largely ignored her, moving on and talking about some other topic. Sara was glad that she didn't have to become part of the group, but at the same time, feared that being alone with Alex would just be more awkward. Failing to think of anything to discuss with him, she sat and stared at her paper, her face slightly red.

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Oh my. I've already hijacked your thread. I guess Sara and Maddie could possibly be friends?

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Ohh, so that's where everyone was getting these from...

When you find the time, could you do one of Sara? The outfit can be any generic one, but if you need specifics... The shirt can be a black polo shirt, similar to this, pants are generic blue jeans (no fancy tears or anything), and here's a random picture of a pair of shoes. Only accessories are glasses, which I've described in the profile.

A Breath of Fresh Air
((Sara Corlett - Start)

The first child
Was a boy of 16
His color was scarlet
Paranoia took him over
And left him unable
To trust his friends

He was never seen again

The second children
Twins of 17--

Wait a minute, Sara thought to herself as she gazed upon the words filling the sheet in front of her. "The second children" doesn't make any sense... but if they're two twins, and they represent one 'child'... How am I supposed to do this... Sara sat alone at a table within Aurora's library. She found it was the best place for her to write in, possibly due to the smell of other writers' works surrounding her. It was usually a quiet and peaceful place as well. She sighed to herself and began to erase the line in question. She hated having to erase her work, not only because it ruined her paper, but also because it meant her words had went to waste. I wonder what happens to all of the words people have erased... Do they disappear forever, or do they travel to another writer as he or she creates wordscapes? Do they--

By the time Sara snapped out of her trance, she realized that she had swatted the eraser segments off of her paper with enough force to knock it beneath the table next to her. Turning to look at the patrons of the table, she was first greeted with the sight of a tall, leather-clad student along with three other females. "Oh, no..." she mumbled under her breath. Taking a small gulp, Sara leaned over and faintly whispered to none of the students in particular. "Excuse me... could you please hand me that...?" She weakly pointed at the paper, half-full of words.

Magnum Opus
Emin7, Cmaj7, Dmaj7, Bmin7...

The chords rang out across the girl's spacious bedroom, echoing faintly as they collided with the walls surrounding. Her fingers gently stroked the keys, giving the chords a soft, warm sound, reflecting the girl's mindset. The accidental note of the major D chord gave the melody a slightly dissonant feel, but rather than being one of abrupt and unsubtle nature, it fit perfectly into her song, giving it a slightly mournful tone.

E, G, A, B, C, B, A, C, B, G, E...

The notes were played atop the chords with careful precision. Listening to the song she was creating, the girl began to reminisce about her curious, lonely childhood. She found that most of her inspiration came from both the stories she read, and her own life. With a soft sigh, she continued to press against the keys, thinking up new melodies as she went along.

A, G, F#, E, A, G, F#, E, D, F#...

The girl continued to think about her life as she grew older, her failed attempts to meet others. She remembered how much it hurt her to be thought of as a loner, a freak, a shut-in. It wasn't her fault that she didn't know how to be an extrovert. She tried being one, and it only hurt her in the end. The girl quietly wished people would realize this before labeling her. Moving her right hand an octave up, she began to play a bit more quietly.

E, F#, G, A, E, F#, G, B, E, F#, G, A, B, C, D, A...

She slowly progressed upward in a repetitive scale, which sounded as though it had crawled too high and began to fall. As she played this mournful melody atop the melancholy chords and remembered her own attempt to try so hard only to end up worse than before, the girl began to press on the notes more forcefully, subtly making the scale grow in passion.

E, G, A, B, C, B, A, C, B, G, E...

The melody from before returned, but this time, stronger and more emotional. The quiet chords from before were now large and overwhelming, the lead keys nearly pounding. The girl was finding it hard to calm herself down in this passionate state, repeating the same eight bars at a growing tempo. She could feel sweat sliding down her arms and forehead, but continued to play until she ended the song in a single, climactic chord.


She let the chord ring out for several seconds. It was an octave below her first chords, a hollow, low tone that the girl could feel as much as she could hear. Once the chord had fully lost it's volume, she slowly pulled her hand off of the keys that were now moist with sweat. Wiping her forehead with her arm and letting out a long sigh, she turned around and laid in bed. She looked over at her notebook, decorated with the name "Sara Corlett," and began to look at the empty pages, ready to fill them with words.

Sara Corlett
Alright, thank you for the help and advice. I've updated her profile once more to help clarify.

Sara Corlett
Alright, I believe I fixed most of the issues. There were a few subjects I didn't touch on, due to the fact that I simply like the idea of Sara being a socially isolated loner; however, if she is still denied, I'll gladly fix those as well.

Sara Corlett
Name: Sara Corlett
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Playing piano, Reading and writing various forms of literature, Day Dreaming

Appearance: Sara is 5'6 tall, coming in at about 135lb, making her fairly average. Being somewhat of an indoor person, her skin has a slightly pale appearance, but not enough to make her stick out amongst the crowd. Contrasting with her pale skin is her silky, straight brown hair, coming down to her shoulders; her bangs fall just above her almond-shaped blue eyes, which seem to have a perpetually sleepy appearance to them. She wears a burgundy pair of thick-rimmed glasses due to her less-than-impressive eyesight. Her small nose is slightly thin, as well as a bit pointy, and beneath it is a thin mouth with curved, plump lips. Her eyebrows are thin and dark, appearing almost black. Sara prefers to wear clothes that won't make her stick out much, such as black and white t-shirts with a plain pair of blue jeans.

Biography: Sara's parents, Jonathon Corlett and Maria Caldwell, met in March of 1993. Jonathon was published fiction author, and Maria was a school teacher who loved to play piano. After they knew each other for a few months, the two went on various dates and eventually got married. In October of the following year, they discovered Maria was pregnant. Sara was born on July 16th, 1995, and went on to be the only child. From birth, Sara had poor eyesight, resulting in her wearing glasses for most of her life and being unable to see things that are far away.

Because Sara was the only child, she lived a very protected life due to her parents' over-care. Instead of playing outside like most other kids, she would be found in her bedroom, usually reading a book. She never resented her parents for their worry, as she found reading to be more interesting than playing anyway. She learned how to read fairly early, and was reading through short novels during her first years at elementary school. This lead her to become somewhat distant from the other children, who'd bully her for being the odd one out. This resulted in most of Sara's childhood being spent alone, with few friends, and being introverted to this day.

During the time she spent without a book, she would cope by day dreaming. Since she was ridiculed for reading about fantastic worlds and tales, she would create her own stories in her head. By the time she was finishing elementary school, Sara was incredibly creative and would write short stories in her free time, putting the imaginary worlds on paper. When her father read her stories and saw that his writing was rubbing off on her, his encouragement only fueled her inspiration more. Sara continued to read and simply imagine things past her bedtime, causing her to spend many days tired. She began to find that expressing her creativity with words wasn't enough for her, and approached her mother, asking to teach her how to play piano. She quickly learned the basics; she knew the various keys and chords by heart, she could read sheet music, and she soon began to improvise her own pieces. Her love of playing piano was rivaled only by her fear of attention, and so Sara kept most of her songs a secret, afraid of any criticism she'd receive or mistakes she would make playing in front of other people.

By the time Sara began middle school, she vowed to break out of her introverted shell and make a few friends. Most of her attempts to do so ended in failure -- the conversations she tried to have with strangers were often strained and awkward. She couldn't find many students to relate to, as most of them weren't as interested in reading, writing, or playing piano as she was. Many students started to slack off around this time, procrastinating and failing to do work, and Sara found that she was the only one who enjoyed reading and writing assignments. In an attempt to fit in more with the others and get friends, she stopped doing homework, focused solely on day dreaming during class, and tried to do as little as possible and still drag by a barely passing grade. When she did write stories, the topics covered were much darker than before, touching on subjects like betrayal, death, and various types of horror. She read only in secrecy, but her tastes in reading had changed as well, transitioning from fantasy stories about wizards and dragons to gritty, realistic murder mysteries and such. Her mother, Maria, was both upset and concerned at Sara's sudden behavior, both threatening to punish and offered to help her daughter. Sara, feigning apathy, merely ignored her mother's words and took any punishment.

Her misbehavior didn't help her at all, as she discovered that simply doing bad in class wasn't going to help her relate, and that most of the darker, emo classmates were essentially anti-social to begin with. By the time she realized this and panicked to do better, she found that her lack of attention caused her to learn very little over the past months. Under the stress of fixing her grades, she went many nights with only an hour or two of sleep, and a few without any sleep. While her grades in reading and writing classes managed to find their way back on track, Sara's grades in math, science, and history courses never fully recovered, causing her to get mostly C's and B's in said classes for the rest of middle school.

Giving up on her attempt to become more social, Sara returned to her antisocial lifestyle by high school. She went back to wearing bland, uninteresting clothes and spending most of her free time reading and writing. In school, she hardly socialized with other people, only talking if it is absolutely required. She's constantly anxious that they'll ridicule her for being her, and rather than face rejection, she chooses to let herself go unnoticed. She'd withdraw herself to the emptiest corner of the cafeteria during lunch, writing poems and stories. At first glance, many people assume she is just a shy girl, and nothing special. She dislikes living such an isolated life, but realizing her past attempts all ended in failure, she merely accepts it. She considers her ideal future after school to be living alone, in a quiet place, writing poems and stories, similar to her idol, Emily Dickinson.

Advantages: Sara is a convincing liar due to her ability to create stories. She is also secretive, unwilling to let others know about her. Her issues with trusting people can also help her avoid falling into the hands of a potential threat.
Disadvantages: On the other hand, her social awkwardness can make it difficult for Sara to find allies, and her fear of being an outcast can scare her away from joining a group. Her poor eyesight also renders her unable to see well in long distances, meaning she could be threatened by an enemy in hiding or be unable to hit a far away target.