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Oh well as I said in the last one...

I have a lot of video clips of me and sometimes others being good at the game.

Have some "greatest hits".

Oh yeah so I have a lot of video clips of me and sometimes others being good at the game.

Have some "greatest hits".

At The End of Everything
Penelope tapped out a short message to Icy, explaining that Raina was over and that they were going downstairs to get some hot chocolate, before hitting send and moving towards the door.

"Alright, coming!" She shouted into the landing, before hurrying down the stairs to join her friend in the kitchen.

Life is often unfair, and sometimes the future holds undeserved misfortune, but on this day, all that mattered was this moment, preserved in eternity.


At The End of Everything
"Oh um... in that case, it's probably ready?" Penelope said, as she picked the cat off of her lap and placed it down on the bed beside her.

"Let's head down and get it ourselves," She said, while standing up and stretching her arms. "Hopefully my mom actually made it rather than forgetting, but even if she did we can always just make it ourselves. It's not too hard!"

She glanced over at her computer screen as she was passing by, seeing a Skype notification pop up as she did so. "Oh actually, one sec, lemme respond to... uh..." She leaned over, clicking on the Skype symbol in her taskbar. "Oh it's Icy. Let me respond to Icy real quick, you can head down without me."

At The End of Everything
Penelope snickered. "You see, now you're speaking my language. Humanity will fall beneath my metal heel!"

She sighed. "But yeah... maybe I would go if your parents wanted me to come with you for whatever reason, though I'd probably need some convincing, I wouldn't want to cost you guys a ton of money or anything."

She gently rubbed the head of the cat in her lap. "To go back to what we were talking about just now though, I dunno. I'm not sure if what I want to do will be what actually happens in my life. There's not really any correct path, and sometimes circumstance can really screw things up. We all just do what we can and get through."

She shrugged, raising her hands into the air. "I'd be happy with an epicurean lifestyle with a loving husband and a child that I can raise. But I know you, and I can't imagine that something that simple is something you'd want, am I right?"

At The End of Everything
"Ehh... I dunno, a trip all the way out there is pretty expensive. I know your parents are good for that kinda of money but, well..." Penelope sat up, disturbing the cat in her lap. "...my family has never had a whole lot of money, given the fact that my parents have to take care of three kids on jobs that really don't pay enough."

She bit her bottom lip. "It just seems... kinda wasteful to me, to spend all that money willy-nilly. If I had money like your family does, I'd just... try and live a quiet and comfortable life somewhere. Make video games that people can enjoy and care for a child of my own."

She gently ran her fingers through her hair. "Cause like... I've never really cared all that much about getting out in the world and doing things for the sake of doing them. All I've really ever wanted was to have a nice, simple life and leave a positive impact on the world in some way. So that way, when you and I and everyone we know now inevitably die and no longer exist... I won't be forgotten."

Sensing the sudden, sullen change in the atmosphere of the room, Penelope decided to dial things back a bit. "...Or, you know, get a totally rad robot body and live forever, one of those two."

At The End of Everything
"Aw well... it can get cold here but it's not that bad!" Penelope said. "And... personally, I actually like the cold more than the heat, really."

She leaned up slightly, gently caressing the purring cat in her lap. "Plus I doubt California would be... too much better, at least in the winter. If you really wanted a place that's warm all year around you'd probably want to go to Hawaii or something. But that might be a bit expensive."

She let herself relax again. "I think if I were to move anywhere, I'd probably go to Colorado. It's a nice place, I hear. They've got good commerce and legal recreational weed!"