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I'm covered in beads!
Oh! Nice! No suggestion, just thought I'd say I like it. Especially the Bill Cipher.

V6 BKA/BDA Voting: September 2016
It is time for the first BKA/BDA of V6! First, we're going to take a few moments to explain some changes that you may or may not be aware of.

First off, votes will remain hidden until the voting period has ended. This is to prevent a pattern we saw way back in V4, where handlers would vote more based on who they wanted to win of the characters getting votes than who they thought deserved to win overall.

Voting is, as in V4 and V5, anonymous. To vote, you must log out and post as a guest. You may not vote for yourself/your own character (and staff has a few ways to check this, and actually does). Also, please vote for the scene you truly feel was best, rather than the one your friend wrote. We get that they may be the same, but would really like to encourage everyone to really consider their votes.

Votes for different deaths/kills by the same handler/character will not be compiled, as was finalized in late V4. Each kill/death stands alone.

Now, the prizes.

BKA will, as in V5, get the winning character a weapon and a treat in the form of food.

BDA will, as in V5, get the deceased character featured in the scrolling quote. The quote will be chosen by the site, through a poll, with nominations available for a short time beforehand (and yes, the character's handler is eligible to nominate quotes of their choosing).

Also, a quick reminder from the V5 rule changes:

9. Deadlines for Deaths and Contests:

From here out both deaths and kills will be held to the death deadline as regards contests. V4 had way too many delays, often due to the killers as much as the victims. Therefore, from now on, if a death is disqualified from contention for BDA, the kill will also be disqualified from contention for BKA. We will also no longer be rolling over deaths and kills into the next month's contest, even in cases where an extension has been granted. The bookkeeping involved is too much of a hassle, and it in effect promotes slower deaths, which we do not wish to do.

Also, remember that you must give your reasons for your votes, or they will be disqualified. As they are anonymous, tracking down people who fail to provide adequate reasoning is a huge hassle, and staff isn't going to bother. So be sure to give your reasoning when you post.

Please be sure to read every kill and death before voting. Otherwise, it's super unfair to the people you skip, who may have produced really good work. We'd love to see a big turnout, but we'd prefer to see a small-yet-informed one.

Finally, a request: Please do not campaign for awards in chat. Please do not do the "Man, it'd be so cool to win BKA/BDA" thing. Please do not try to steer people towards one of your scenes if you have multiple ones up for consideration. Please do not, in short, try to influence the votes.

With that out of the way, it is time for the very first BKA/BDA of V6.

Isabel Ramirez, for killing Tina Luz
Nancy Kyle, for killing Scarlett McAfee
Kimiko Kao, for killing Cristo Morales
Alvaro Vacanti, for killing Barry Banks
Alex Tarquin, for killing Rea Adams
Isabel Ramirez, for killing Conrad Harrod

CondorTalon, for the death of Jennifer Su
CicadaDays, for the death of Tina Luz
Primrosette, for the death of Scarlett McAfee
backslash, for the death of Cristo Morales
Aura, for the death of Barry Banks
Empress Plush, for the death of Abigail Floyd
dmboogie, for the death of Harold Porter
Spinnentier, for the death of Rea Adams
RC, for the death of Conrad Harrod

This contest will run for five days, like we did in the past. The announcement will be up shortly after that. This should leave us on schedule to have mid-months at, well, the middle of the month.

Posted Image

A World Of Sadness
Penelope sat quietly waiting as Asuka no doubt considered what she should say.

Penelope could easily tell which people were the awkward types, she used to be fairly awkward herself. She knew how she handled situations during those times, and it wasn't hard to see the same behaviors in other people. Penelope thought for a moment after Asuka finished was she was saying, awkward pauses and all.

"My boyfriend? His name is Samuel, Samuel Howard. Although I just call him Sam." Penelope pursed her lips slightly before she continued. "There's a lot that I can say about him, not much of it bad. He's a big sweetheart that I can talk for hours with about anything, he bakes the best sugar cookies, he's so understanding about everything, and he's so humble about how great he is."

Penelope adjusted her skirt briefly, before continuing. "And he's not so bad in bed if you know what I mean." Penelope raised both her hands as finger guns, pointing them at Asuka. "Pew pew! Haha..." Penelope paused. "That... was a bit awkward to say, in hindsight," she said sheepishly, as she rubbed the back of her head.

"To uh... change the subject," Penelope began. "...That uh, thing about people being afraid of being boring I uh... get that, a lot. I'm so afraid of being entirely irrelevant in my life." Penelope looked at the floor, curling her legs up towards her chest and wrapping her arms around them. "I guess I had my worst fear realized."

Penelope's eyes flickered back and forth between Asuka and the floor. She had such a tendency to dominate conversations and not leave a whole lot of room for responses to her. She continued anyway. "I uh... besides my blood phobia, at least. Worst fear besides that." Penelope paused, before whispering into her knees. "That's probably going to be a huge problem soon too..."

Penelope leaned her head back to face the ceiling. "Eugh, this small talk is nice but... I think we're both ignoring the elephant in the room here." Penelope brought her head back down, looking once again at Asuka as she lowered her knees. "Do you want to know what I'm thinking of doing? And do you want to join me?"

"Because no matter what, if my plan comes to fruition, all of us are going to die, but on our own terms. Not theirs."

By the time you hear the next pop, the funk shall be within you
Isabel glanced at the bloody sword as Conrad pointed to it.

"Yeah. Amazing how quickly people snap under pressure."

Isabel looked at Conrad's arm. The break was horrendous to look at, there was no way his arm would be usable without immediate treatment. "About your arm, I might be able to like... make a splint or something? I'm not entirely sure how but I think there might be stuff in the first aid kit, maybe..." She looked at Conrad and his bag before craning her head towards the nearest solitary cell. "Here, let's get you inside here, just in case anyone dangerous comes along."

Conrad mumbled something and grunted in pain as she helped move him and his bag into the cramped padded cell, helping him rest against the wall. The cells directly around them were smaller than the one she had just been in, fairly claustrophobic. Isabel tapped her chin as she pondered for a moment, before turning her head towards the halberd and bloody sword sitting outside. "Here, lemme bring these in too. If someone finds those just sitting there while we're in here then we're sitting ducks."

Isabel rested the sword and halberd against the wall behind her, the halberd's point touching the ceiling of the room. Isabel looked in between Conrad's arm and his bag, before yanking his bag to her side of the cell and pulling out the medical kit. "Alright, lemme see if there's anything in here that I can use."

Digging around in the kit, examining the contents, trying to remember how to treat an broken bone, Isabel arrived at nothing useful, both in her knowledge and the objects in the box. Isabel leaned her head back and stared at the dim ceiling of the cell in frustration. Conrad could've been at least a somewhat useful ally to keep around until it was time to dispose of him. But if his arm was going to be stuck in the position it was, constantly causing him pain and making him more of a liability, that was for naught.

Conrad was talking about something, but Isabel tuned him out, lost in her own thoughts. She thought back to... an hour ago? She wasn't sure how much time had passed. She thought back to when she had been forcing the glass shard towards Tina's throat. How she felt this... sense of control, this... powerful feeling. Having that ability to decide whether Tina lived or died and how she died made her feel alive. It made her feel a visceral sense of agency that she had oh so little of in her life. Taking away the agency of others to empower her own sense of agency... it made her understand why her parents did it to her. Isabel let her neck relax, before rolling her head around to get the tension out of her muscles. She turned towards Conrad, her gaze no longer having the same concern it showed before. She had a helpless victim, one that would probably try to follow her around if she just left him alive, acting as a burden to her survival. A second kill might show the rest of the student body that she was not someone to be trifled with, and help Isabel steel herself against the horrible things she might have to do to survive. Maybe Clarice might want to go after her in revenge, but she could handle Clarice, she was no trouble.

And maybe, she might be able to once again feel that same rush that she got from killing Tina.

Isabel yanked the man-catcher out of her bag straps, Conrad seeming to not take much notice of her action. "Uh-huh." Isabel said as she looked at the weapon, feigning attention to Conrad's words.

Then, in one swift motion, Isabel turned and violently pinned Conrad to the wall, ensnaring him in the jaws of the weapon. She glared at him. "Stop talking." She said.

Not wanting to give Conrad time to escape, or even to process what was happening to him, Isabel brought the shaft of the man-catcher down against the other end of the wall with all the force she could manage, pinning Conrad against the wall, the spines of the weapon digging into the flesh of his torso. "Stay put, or the spines will dig into you more."

Isabel needed to make sure that Conrad didn't embed the spikes further in his flesh, since there was no point in making him suffer even more. Still, as she picked up the bloody sword, she watched Conrad struggle to break himself out of the jaws of the man-catcher with his one arm anyway. It didn't matter what he did, so long as he was pinned there, he was no threat. Safety first, no need to risk anything while taking Conrad down.

Isabel winced as Conrad screamed for help in the tiny room. She motioned to shut the door to the room, to deaden the screams. "Help isn't coming, Conrad." She turned back to face him. "You're going to die here." Isabel sat down next to him, on the side of his broken arm. "But look on the bright side, at least the pain you're feeling right now will stop momentarily, and you won't die alone. We'll be together."

Isabel stood back up almost as quickly as she sat down. "And, let's be honest. It's not like you were going to survive with an injury like that. Best to get things out of the way quickly, right? You have the whole of oblivion to look forward to."

Isabel lightly waved the sword around in her hand, judging the weight before turning her attention back to Conrad. "Goodbye."

Isabel took a deep breath, readying the sword. She would just stab Conrad in the the neck, like she did with Tina. It'll all be over quickly after that. No need for Conrad to suffer for no gain whatsoever. Conrad squirmed harder against the man-catcher, as Isabel raised the sword, desperately trying to escape, desperately pleading with her to let him go. Isabel lowered the sword slightly as she watched the spines dig into his flesh, Conrad growling and gasping as the pain got to him. She looked at Conrad's broken arm, twisting itself around, causing Conrad even more pain. All of it pain that she is indirectly causing. Seeing him squirm and inflict this pain on himself, it made her feel odd. It wasn't quite the same as the feelings of control and power she got from Tina's death. But it was similar, very similar to how she felt when she bullied people, but stronger, better.

"Maybe... maybe I'll... keep you alive, just a bit longer." Isabel said, as she lowered the sword, thinking. Conrad stopped struggling, presumably thinking that she was going to let him go. Isabel had no intentions of letting him go. Isabel instead was conflicted with what she was thinking. She wanted to explore this feeling she was getting, but it would make the most sense to her survival to just stab Conrad and leave him to bleed to death. No need to linger and drag this out, no need to waste valuable time that could mean the difference between nobody appearing to help him and someone stopping her.

Isabel clutched the upper portion of her arm that was holding the sword, biting her lip. She was about to make a mistake. Isabel sat down next to Conrad's leg as he kept talking more and more.

"I said shut up," she barked at him. She readied the blade of the sword against one of his legs, forced against the floor so it could barely bend. She stared at the sword for a bit, contemplating. "So... let's get started."

Isabel forced the sword into Conrad's leg, fresh blood pouring out of the wound as he screamed in agony. Back and forth, she moved the sword in a sawing motion, digging into Conrad's leg all the way down to the bone. Adrenaline rushed through her as Conrad screamed and pleaded with her. She twisted the sword in the wound, Conrad's screams growing more violent as the sword scratched against the surface of the bone and sloughed the flesh from where it was anchored. She smiled. The feeling was all she could think about now. It was intoxicating, liberating, something had never felt this good before. This feeling invigorated her, gave her new purpose.

Isabel ripped the sword out of Conrad's leg, the blood pooling on the ground as the skin and muscle remained attached only by a single flap. Isabel brought the sock flail out of her pocket, before winding up and hitting the side of Conrad's jaw at full force. Teeth fell out of Conrad's mouth as his jaw lopsidedly hung from where it had broken off of the base of his skull. His screams had turned into moans of agony, his mouth no longer able to project his voice properly. Isabel dropped the sock flail to the ground before readying her sword with both hands. She brought the sword down near Conrad's shoulder, but instead ended up splitting Conrad's hand nearly in half down the middle as he tried desperately to stop the blade.

Isabel chuckled as Conrad let out another wail. "That was probably worse than what I was going to do. Good job." She yanked the sword out of Conrad's hand as he tried to pull it away, before readying it again. She brought the pointed end of the blade into Conrad's torso, up from under his ribs. He let out an agonizing noise that turned to choking and gasping as his lung was sliced open.

Conrad's pain was Isabel's passion, his screams her symphony.

Still, it looked like the fun was coming to an end, as Conrad choked, his eyelids wavering. He wasn't long for this world.

Isabel took note, and begged him to stay alive. "Nonono, stay awake. Stay awake." She said, as she brought the sword up to his face and began cutting into it. "Just stay awake a little bit longer, cling to life a little bit longer. You can do it, stay awake. Stay awake." Chunks of flesh from Conrad's face fell to the floor as Isabel carved into him like meat fresh from the slaughter. Shortly after, he gave out one last gasp that seemed like an attempted scream before he stopped moving. Isabel didn't notice, and kept carving, kept imploring him to stay alive, moving up and down his face and torso as she worked, cutting, slicing, ripping, tearing.

Isabel only stopped once she had made it halfway down Conrad's torso, to where the man-catcher was still embedded, and figured out that he was dead.

"...Damn. I wanted to keep that going," she said to herself, in the now lonely room. Isabel stood and gathered her things, pillaging Conrad's bag and keeping the sword and halberd to herself. As she opened the door to leave, she stared at her blood soaked hands, still shaking from excitement. Isabel hadn't made a mistake. She had made the best decision she had ever made in her life. Isabel glanced back at Conrad's body briefly, before wincing. Still, she created quite a grisly sight.

Isabel walked out of the cell with her new weapons in tow, her shirt covered in so much blood that you almost couldn't tell that it used to be pink. Conrad's unrecognizable body lay where it was left, the man-catcher still attached and pinned to the wall. Isabel took a deep breath.

Isabel walked out of the cell feeling, for the first time in her life, truly alive.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in 白色雑音))

By the time you hear the next pop, the funk shall be within you
((Isabel Ramirez continued from Rückenfigur))

Isabel trudged through the wards of the asylum, Tina's blood splashed upon her shirt and Tina's scarf wrapped around her neck, two trophies earned by the crime she committed.

Isabel was listening for other students, potential threats. The island they were on wasn't exactly very big, according to the map, and the asylum was a blatant, massive point of interest. She needed to get out of this place and stay out of this place if she wanted to stay safe, but the twisting hallways and manic architecture of the asylum left her befuddled and confused as to where she actually was.

So she wandered into another one of the wards, solitary confinement. The gates blocking off the ward were left open haphazardly, and as Isabel passed through them she couldn't help but feel as if something was horribly wrong. Still, Isabel continued further inside, hoping to maybe find a stairwell that would lead her to the bottom floor of the asylum. Isabel glanced into each of the solitary rooms as she passed by them, looking around for useful supplies or people who've already lost their minds.

Isabel stopped dead in her tracks as a scream echoed through the hallways, originating from deeper into the ward.

Isabel dodged into one of the confinement cells, hiding behind the massive metal door, sock flail in one hand and the man-catcher ready in the other. And there she sat, for a few minutes, waiting. She heard footsteps, pained grunts, and voices as they approached the cell that she was hiding in. The voices grew clearer, more distinct as they grew closer, one she recognized from earlier in the day. Clarice. It seemed the two of them had followed similar paths. Despite knowing that her voice should signify friendly faces, instead of leaving her cell, Isabel stayed inside of it. Everyone was an enemy, a potential risk to her well-being. She tensed as they walked past, only subsiding when their footsteps and voices were inaudible. Isabel stood, bracing the man-catcher again, and walked out of the cell. A trail of blood leading deeper into the ward had been left behind, presumably by the person in their group giving out those pained grunts.

Despite all of her instincts telling her otherwise, Isabel followed the trail of blood deeper into the ward, letting the yellow brick road of violence dictate her path. As she got deeper, she heard new grunts of pain and the sounds of crying. Someone else was still here. Still, Isabel kept walking, until the noises reached a crescendo as she turned a corner. A familiar face, standing, pressed against a wall. A twisted arm, blatantly broken. A bloody sword, lying on the ground. A wicked halberd, leaning against a wall.

"Oh hey, Conrad. Fancy meeting you here..."

Project: Wiki
Cicada Days
Sep 22 2016, 10:40 PM
I would prefer 'suicide by ____', myself. If we actually intend to take a majority opinion on it.

Suicide by [blank] is the more elegant way to put it imo.

Stewart Wilcox sat on his front porch as the sun set, taking a drag from a cigarette tucked in between his index and middle finger.

He'd had been clean all the way up to three years ago. He used to smoke nearly a pack a day back in his teenage years, but he gave it up when he met the girl that would be his future wife. He had never wanted to look back when they had their first and only child.

But it's been about three years since his daughter died.

His breathing was ragged, heavy. All from remembering the day that she left to go on the trip, her mother worried that there could be an accident or that she could get in trouble. He told her not to worry about it, told her that their daughter needed to spread her wings and fly. He said there was no way any sort of tragedy would happen to her.

A tear rolled down his face, his left hand trembling.

He was so proud of her. Standing up for herself, making it clear who she was and taking measures to do something that he couldn't see as anything other than unimaginably difficult. She had grown so much into a strong, well adjusted young adult. She had been capable of taking care of herself. More capable than he had been at her age.

Then a couple of hours after she left, the news broke that her plane had crashed.

Stewart clutched the side of his face, shaking his head back and forth, mouth grimacing, trying to hold back the tears. The pain that he had felt that day had not dulled even the slightest bit.

He took another drag from his cigarette before flicking some ash off into the grass.

Maybe he and his wife would have been able to move on if it had just been a freak accident. As painful as it was, as tragic as it was, sometimes bad things happen to good people out of nowhere. They could've at least had peace in the knowledge that their daughter would have died quickly, surrounded by her friends and classmates, even if she had died scared and afraid. Maybe they could've handled that. Their lives still would have never been the same, they still would have felt the dull ache of loss to this day, but maybe the wounds wouldn't have felt so fresh for so long.

But that wasn't how their daughter died.

Once the news broke that the class hadn't simply died in a plane crash, but had been abducted by the terrorist cell responsible for Survival of the Fittest, a terrorist cell that America had thought disappeared after their fourth abduction went sour, Stewart and his wife didn't know what to feel.

Hope had returned, if only for a brief instant. Maybe their daughter was still alive, they thought. But even with that hope for her survival, they couldn't bring themselves to watch the footage, to see for themselves, to make sure. Instead they waited, hoping for their daughter to turn up safe. Even if it meant that all her other classmates were dead, it would all be worth it to see her again.

But she never came. Two months passed, and together they decided to look up the footage. To see what happened. To see how their daughter died.

To finally get some closure.

Stewart took a long drag on his cigarette, before hacking and coughing at the sheer amount of smoke he inhaled. He clenched his fist on his knee, remembering.

They saw her crying, begging them to forgive her. They saw her raise that wretched weapon to her chin before seeing her skull be plastered all over the wall she had been sitting against. That image of her body slumped there, not moving haunted him to this very day.

His breathing sped up.

And today, after all that his family and the families all around Seattle had went through, he heard on the news that it happened again. That a sixth class of students had been abducted. That another hundred families would suffer the same anguish and torment that they did.

Stewart threw his cigarette on the ground, stomping on it before going back inside. The house was empty and quiet it felt even emptier now, standing just inside, the dim lighting and silence taunting him.

His wife had taken her own life a little over a year ago. She was always saying that she felt responsible, that she was to blame for their daughter's death. That she couldn't bare the thought that their baby had died desperately trying to ask them for forgiveness when she was the one to blame. Eventually, even though he tried his best to convince her, even though that he got therapy for the both of them, it wasn't enough. Her feelings of guilt had become too much for her.

Stewart sat down in his recliner before turning on the TV only to be greeted by yet another story about the recent abduction. He reached over to the table sitting next to him, grabbing a bottle of vodka and his anti-depressants.

Her stared at the bottles he held in his hands, contemplating.

Maybe he'd follow in his wife's and daughter's footsteps.

V6 First Rolls
A little bit over five days until the death deadline.

It was done.

Isabel had stared at Tina as she struggled to breathe, to move, to make sense of what just happened to her. Isabel watched her writhe in her last moments before she stopped moving and died. Watching as the blood drained out of her and formed an ever expanding pool on the ground below her.

With Isabel's bullying, she never really felt bad for the people she mistreated, despite being told that she would feel bad if she just imagined herself in other people's shoes. But no matter what she did or how she thought about it, she couldn't do that. She couldn't put herself in other people's shoes. For a long time she wondered if something was wrong with her, if everyone else felt things one way and in some way, somehow, she was different. She just couldn't feel bad for others.

And that now she had committed a murder, she didn't feel bad about it either.

No, if anything, Isabel felt good. She felt powerful, and for a minute there she felt like she had real control over something important. Something that actually mattered. Agency over herself and others was such a strange and intoxicating feeling to her. She had felt it before, just a little bit, with her insults and rumor starting influencing other people's lives. But it didn't compare to how she felt right now. When it came to asserting influence over someone else, nothing comes close to being able to decide if they live or if they die.

...But even if she enjoyed herself, she didn't need to kill again. She didn't need more blood on her hands. She had the one kill she needed to make sure that she would get out alive if she was the last person left. She could just avoid everyone else now. No need to go overboard. No need to be a bad person.

Isabel remembered her hand and how it had been cut open by the same glass shard she used to kill Tina. The pain was returning now that the adrenaline from the situation was fading away. She reached into her own bag, pulling out an alcohol pad and some bandages. She hissed in pain as she applied the alcohol pad to the uneven laceration that went down the entire width of her hand, before wrapping it tightly in bandages. Good as new, probably.

Isabel turned to Tina's bag, now devoid of an owner. Opening it up and rifling through it, she tossed everything that could be useful into her own bag before finding a scarf nestled at the bottom. Despite Tina having terrible fashion sense, this scarf actually looked pretty good. Isabel liked it, the craftsmanship was fine. Probably made by one of Tina's relatives. She slung the scarf around her own neck and fastened it, before peering in one of the mirror shards. She looked pretty good in this scarf, definitely worth keeping. If she was going to survive, she was going to survive in style.

Isabel stood up, before remembering that Tina had a weapon, a real one. The thing she used to give Isabel that nasty hit to the head. She didn't really know what it was, but she knew that all the kids came with instructions for their weapons. She dug through Tina's bag once again to find the slip of paper explaining what it was and how it was used, reading it over as she positioned the man catcher between her back and her bag in a stable positio-

Isabel froze as she heard a noise coming from behind her. She turned her head around, only to see the motionless hallways and rooms staring back at her. She trudged towards the door that she heard the sound come from, before turning the doorknob and slowly opening it.

Isabel stood, motionless as she listened for more sounds and scanning the area she could see just inside the door.

After a couple seconds of listening, she decided she probably just heard something and shut the door behind her, turning back towards the site of her crime. The pool of blood around Tina's body had officially reached where her bag was resting and was starting to soak in. Isabel took another look at the grisly sight before turning down the hallway and leaving just the way she came in.

Dead to rights.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in By the time you hear the next pop, the funk shall be within you))

The glass shard dug into Isabel's hand, her blood dripping down her wrist as she forced the shard closer and closer to Tina's throat.

Isabel could tell that Tina was already struggling to keep the glass shard away from her throat, and she wasn't even using both of her hands to force it down. She had already thought about doing so from the second she pinned Tina to the ground; if she was actually using both of her arms, Tina would already be dead. Isabel just didn't want to. For some reason, seeing Tina struggle against her and desperately try to keep herself alive made Isabel feel...

Isabel's thoughts were interrupted as Tina tried to shake her off again. Isabel reaffirmed her position, tightening her legs around Tina as she pushed harder on the shard, the jagged point now a handful of centimeters away from Tina's neck. Isabel had Tina completely at her mercy, and she felt... powerful. She had complete control over Tina's life, complete power over her. For the first time in her life she felt real control over something, for the first time she was asserting herself in something that actually mattered... and it felt good.

Isabel started smiling as her arm muscles strained to embed the glass shard in Tina's throat. She was enjoying this, she wanted to keep this going as long as she could. She wanted to keep this feeling of control and power for as long as she could manage.

Still, it looked like Tina was starting to give out. Figures that a shut in nerd would have no ability to keep up with someone athletic in a contest of endurance. Best to finish her off now and not wait for fear of some unexpected variable coming into play. She still needed to get this one kill so she could be certain that she could make it out alive later. That was the focus, that's why she was doing this thing that she was always told was terrible.

Then, Tina's arm finally gave out and Isabel's glass shard embedded itself in her neck.

Isabel swung hard and fast, a mere second in between each swing arc.

Isabel's swings missed as Tina dodged out of the way and Isabel misdirected her movements. She just needed to get this one kill. This was where she would get the one kill she needed, and she didn't need to kill anyone else afterwards. She could live with just one person's blood on her hands. All that mattered was getting out of here alive. There's nothing wrong with wanting to live, and if she was going to live, everyone else had to die. One of them by her hand. This was okay to do, she told herself. With every swing she needed to repeat her motivations. This was it, this where she would get her one kill. Tina had to die anyway, would it make any difference if it was by her hand and not by someone else's?

Isabel missed Tina's torso by an inch, she had Tina on the ropes. She brought her arms back and put all her strength into another swing, shattering Tina's elbow when she blocked the attack in desperation. This was it, an injury like that wasn't an injury that someone would easily recover from. Now all she needed to do was-

Tina's pole-arm struck Isabel directly in the head, a sickening crack echoing throughout the abandoned halls. Isabel fell to the floor, her side pressed against the wall while her flail skid a meter and a half away. She clutched the side of her head, trying to make sense of her surroundings. Tina had probably given her a concussion, her addled thoughts managed to piece together. There was no way she was going to be okay after this. Tina was going to kill her now and her effort would have been for nothing.

Isabel felt a tug from her bag's strap that she had slung over her shoulder. She opened her eyes only to see Tina desperately trying to get the bag off of her. She wasn't going kill Isabel, she was going to take Isabel's stuff and leave her for dead. Despite the fact that Isabel had started all of this, she felt like Tina had wronged her. Tina had injured her, and now was trying to take her stuff. In her first moment of lucidity since being hit, Isabel grabbed a glass shard off the ground near her and screamed at Tina, before tackling her to the ground.

Isabel brought the glass shard down, aimed at Tina's neck, before her wrist was grabbed and held back by Tina's unbroken arm.

"You no good lousy bitch! I'll teach you not to mess with me!"

A World Of Sadness
Penelope stood still, blinking as Asuka rattled off about herself.

Penelope wasn't sure what exactly to say in response. "I uh... wow. That was a lot of stuff."

Penelope sat down in front of Asuka, the dust on the gym floor scattering out in multiple directions. "So... I don't think I can introduce myself as quickly as you did. Let's start slow. My name's Penelope, it's nice to meet you."

Penelope tapped her chin as she thought of things to say. "I play a lot of video games! Like making them too. The ones I made weren't... that good though. Pretty mediocre, actually. I'd offer to show them to you but... yeah... uh..."

Penelope shook her head. "Nevermind all that..." Penelope rubbed the back of her head, thinking. "Oh, wait, you said you draw, right? I draw too! Got a decent number of followers on Tumblr because they like my art..." She paused, frowning. She hadn't even considered her Tumblr followers. They knew her full name. It wouldn't take long for them to realize that she was caught up in this. Penelope bit her lip, looking away from Asuka and at the ground. She hoped they didn't feel too bad knowing that she was gone. The last thing she wanted was her death to make others sad.

Penelope looked back up at Asuka. "I uh... sorry about that. Anyway... if you want a little tidbit about myself. I sometimes have weird lucid dreams that last several nights in a row that tell like, a single story over the course of the different dreams." Penelope began fiddling with her bag's handle. "It's uh... kinda cool? Also kinda annoying when I get a dream that's not so fun."

"...And I guess that's all I really have to say about myself." Penelope finished. "I'm kind of boring, to be honest."

The two of them sat in silence for a few moments. Penelope's emotions started getting the better of her. The two of them were going to die. Two three-dimensional, one-of-a-kind, beautiful, yet flawed human beings were going to have their lives cruelly taken away before they were even allowed to begin. Penelope tried to hold back her tears, before a thought came to her.

"...Heh." Penelope sniffled. "What have we gotten ourselves into, huh?"

Penelope tried her best to chuckle. Barely even a joke, but humor was the only way she knew how to cope with things like this. "I guess... I guess the best thing to do would be to try and... I dunno, get out of here? See if we can gather other people up?" Penelope sniffled again. "I know I want to see my boyfriend, at least one last time. One last chance to be together..."

V6 First Rolls
One last thing: gloating/celebrating/sighing in relief about not being rolled, while not expressly forbidden, is in bad form. Please don't do it.

V6 First Rolls
It's that time of year again for the very first set of rolls of the latest version.

Before we dive right in, it would behoove me to remind you guys of the rules regarding conduct around the rolls that were originally implemented in V5.

5. Conduct Regarding Rolls

Due to various incidents during the course of V4, the staff has decided to place more concrete limits upon posts to threads containing rolls, and upon messages related to rolls. The following rules now apply:

  • The handler of a rolled character may post one and only one time per thread in which they are rolled to request that their character be saved. They may post more than that to request death ideas, but we do not want threads cluttered with repeat save requests.
  • Handlers who are not rolled should not post to the thread to commiserate, to gloat, or to discuss. If something merits discussion, a thread may be started in RP Discussion for that (though these may not be started to request Heroes). Handlers who are not rolled are allowed to post if they have business related to the announcement, such as if they are playing a Hero Card.
  • Handlers who are not rolled are never allowed to post to the roll thread asking for kills. This behavior is very impolite, and the staff has decided to expressly forbid it. Offending posts will be deleted, and further consequences may ensue for willful or repeat offenses.
  • Handlers of rolled characters are not allowed to PM other handlers asking for Heroes. This can be very annoying, and is therefore disallowed. If you receive unsolicited PMs requesting Heroes, feel free to report them to the staff.
  • Similarly, handlers are not allowed to send PMs to the handlers of rolled characters requesting kills unless the handler in question has expressly requested PMs in the thread containing the rolls. This was a very big problem in V4, so the staff will be taking it seriously. Again, if you receive an unsolicited PM, feel free to report it to staff using the report function.

As with the other rules, violating these will have serious and dire repercussions. Staff has the ability, for example, to turn off a handler's ability to use the PM system if they cannot use it responsibly.

Additionally allow me to remind you of the rules for death deadlines.

9. Deadlines for Deaths and Contests:

From here out both deaths and kills will be held to the death deadline as regards contests. V4 had way too many delays, often due to the killers as much as the victims. Therefore, from now on, if a death is disqualified from contention for BDA, the kill will also be disqualified from contention for BKA. We will also no longer be rolling over deaths and kills into the next month's contest, even in cases where an extension has been granted. The bookkeeping involved is too much of a hassle, and it in effect promotes slower deaths, which we do not wish to do.

11. Hard Deadlines for all Deaths:

In the interests of avoiding the massive delays on deaths seen in some past versions, the following rules are in effect:

A death which runs over the deadline (or the extension period) will be considered equivalent to a character going inactive, in that the handler will receive an inactivity warning. This warning will function just like any other warning, as in, if their characters go inactive in the future, they will become terminal rather than receiving a warning.

More than that, any death that runs late, after a handler has received an inactivity warning, will be subject to inactive killing at staff discretion. While the staff will normally strive to do its best to allow handlers to keep control of death scenes, any death which runs an entire period overdue (as in, to the end of the next allotted death period) will be handled through SOTF_Help. This will occur without regard to any plans in place, in the most expedient way possible, meaning that it is strongly in the interests of any killers to make sure deaths run on time, as doing otherwise makes it highly probable that they will lose rights to the kill. This rule will only be waved in extreme circumstances, such as if a handler is Away for the entire period of time after the rolls. No matter what, however, any death that runs two death periods late will be handled by staff, even in the face of extenuating circumstances, so as to prevent the game from grinding to a halt.

With that out of the way, on to the poor kids that are this week's victims!

We conducted eight rolls, which are as follows:

#1: Harold Porter (dmboogie)
#2: Raina Rose (backslash) - Cristobal Morales (backslash, Swap card)
#3: Alessio Rigano (RC) - Conrad Harrod (RC, Swap card)
#4: Hazel Jung (SansaSaver) - Joshua Bracewell (SansaSaver, Swap card)
#5: Rea Adams (Spinnentier)
#6: Rene Wolfe (Aura) - Barry Banks (Aura, Swap card)
#7: Scarlett McAfee (Primrosette)
#8: Alvaro Vacanti (Yugikun) - Florentina Luz (Cicada Days, Hero card)

As always, the period for playing cards is three days (72 hours) from now.

Posted Image

A further seven days (168 hours) is allotted for completing deaths.

Posted Image

Both of these countdowns will have a five minute grace period after they end, but I wouldn't suggest pushing it.

Rolling Logs

Isabel stood, smoldering as she stared at the unflinching Tina.

Isabel didn't know what to do. She expected Tina to actually say something or do something, but all she got was silence and a cold stare. Tina was obviously not happy to see her, and the feeling was mutual. Of all the people Isabel wanted to see out here, of course it had to be someone who never gave her the satisfaction of reacting to her insults. Even though Isabel knew that it got to her deep down, as otherwise she wouldn't blatantly hate Isabel so much, it bothered Isabel to no end to not get the powerful feeling she got when she put someone else beneath her. She was more important and talented than they would ever be, she deserved to feel like she was better than them.

Isabel was always told that bullying others was wrong, but she didn't care. She knew that she felt good after she put someone down, and more importantly she knew that she never felt bad about it. Who cares what her victims felt like? If it was really bad for her to do it, she would regret it. But she never regretted it. The only times she did was when it got her in minor trouble, and that came from other people punishing her, not anything natural she felt directly from her actions.

Isabel's eyes narrowed as she thought. She took her eyes off of Tina and instead stared at the floor at Tina's feet. She thought back to the cliffs, and what she was thinking about then. She wanted to survive. If she wanted to survive, everyone else had to die. Maybe she wouldn't have to kill everyone else, but she needed to kill someone. And right now, she was standing in front of one of the people from Cochise that she hated the most.

Isabel broke the silence that seemed to last for minutes. "You know..." Isabel started walking, slowly, towards Tina. "...I've been thinking."

Isabel was always told that murder was wrong, by society and by her parents. She was told it was the worst thing that you could do. She was told that most murderers regret what they do immensely. But she was told the same thing about bullying people, that it was wrong and that she would regret doing it. Murder and bullying were treated like the same thing, just on different levels. If she never felt bad about bullying people, would she feel bad about murder?

Isabel kept talking as she kept walking towards Tina. "I really don't like you, you know..." Isabel brandished her sock flail. "...and, you know how everyone else has to die for someone to leave, right?"

Isabel hoped she was right, she didn't want to make a decision like this only to feel bad afterwards. She just needed to do this once. Then she could just avoid everyone else for the rest of the game, maybe defend herself if she had to. She just needed to make sure that she got that one kill, so she could make it out alive.

It wasn't like Isabel would just murder someone out of the blue, these were extenuating circumstances. After this was all over, she could go back to her life being normal. She could continue on with her education, get away from her parents, and finally have some control over her life with this horribly traumatic event behind her. Finally have real agency in her decisions.

Isabel sped up her walking, yelling one last thing at Tina. "...Well, I've decided that I'm going to thin out the competition!"

Isabel's speed walk turned into a full blown sprint, and in an instant she lunged at Tina, swinging her sock flail wildly.

Eclipse Phase: Robotic Turtle Edition
Also as a bonus I will draw your characters if you play~

Eclipse Phase: Robotic Turtle Edition

So I wanted to run a game of this tabletop that I recently found called Eclipse Phase!

Since it's fairly obscure, you might be wondering: what even IS Eclipse Phase?

Essentially, it's a science fiction, cyberpunk, cosmic horror tabletop RPG.

If that sounds even mildly interesting, here's some links to more information:

If you're at all interested, please post in this thread. Slots are limited, however, so I will need to know some important information so I can select players. Please fill out the following in your post:


[b]What days are you free, normally? [/b]
[b]What times are you free on those days, normally? Please use EST. [/b]
[b]What's your experience with tabletop RPGs in general? [/b]
[b]Can you use Discord? [/b]
[b]Can you tolerate a nerd who really likes robots as your GM? [/b]

I can probably take 5-6 players. Note that my own personal friend circle has been invited to play too, so it might not all be friendly faces you've seen on SOTF!

Regardless if you get in or not, you'll be able to see the horrific consequences of all the terrible, terrible decisions the party makes in here.

Get cracking!

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Sounds like 999.

Or Zero Escape in general.

((Isabel Ramirez continued from The Calm Before The Storm))

Isabel drank the last few drops of water from one her water bottles, sighing in relief and wiping her mouth after she finished.

Isabel had just made it inside the dreary, unsettling asylum building after an hour of walking from the cliffs. Crossing the bridge had to be the most worrying part of that journey, given how open it was and how dangerous being easily spotted at a distance was. Still, she made it across in one piece and found shelter from the chilly winds inside the wards of the abandoned treatment center.

Isabel stalked the hallways of the therapy rooms, glancing in at each of the individual rooms where patients in the past talked about their delusions and insanity. Isabel stored her empty water bottle away in her bag and kept walking, before she froze after hearing the hacking cough of another student. Her eyes narrowed as she scanned the hallways, slowly removing her sock flail from her pocket. Isabel had upgraded it slightly while she was travelling, now it not only had the padlock she had been given in it, but a fairly sized rock.

Creeping slowly towards the source of the noise, Isabel was doing her best to keep her presence unknown. She didn't know who had coughed, but they easily could be one of those kids who snapped immediately and started killing on the first day. There were always a few of them, from what she knew of the previous games. Of course, if they weren't one of the crazies, what was she going to do then?

Isabel stopped her movements and pondered. What would she do? If she wanted to make it out of here alive, all of the competition would have to be dead. The logical course of action was to kill if the opportunity presented itself to her at no risk to herself and her well being.

Isabel shook her head and tapped her skull with her fist. Murder was wrong, she had been told that murder was wrong her whole life. Even if she hadn't felt much of anything when she hurt people with her words in the past, murder was on a whole new level. There was no way she could live with herself afterwards, she had always been told that people responsible for accidental deaths always felt guilty and never got over it, she could only imagine how much worse that would be for unprompted murder. She wasn't going to become a murderer for no reason.

Isabel began moving again towards the source of the noise, the coughing continued until it ended with the noise of shattering glass that was all too close. Isabel rounded the corner, ready for combat, only to come face to face with an old enemy. Florentina, of the infamous Luz family. Isabel almost wanted to jeer at her just from seeing her face. Florentina was an ugly, loser introvert with crappy taste in music that had so little control of herself that she actually let herself get addicted to nicotine. Very few people made Isabel feel as much contempt as Florentina. It made her even angrier to think about how Forentina never even cared about her insults.

Isabel tried her best to look friendly, her face contorted, obviously holding back a sneer. "Hey there... Tina."

G063- Winters, Natalie[/DECEASED]

Name: Natalie Winters
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: Junior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Drawing, Comic Books, Video Games, Watching Cartoons and/or Anime

Appearance: Natalie is a relatively short girl, with a height of 5'3", and a weight of 125 pounds. She has short bright red curly hair that extends towards the middle of her neck, though it barely touches her shoulders. Her eyes color is brown, and her cheeks are slightly chubby. Her nose is rounded, and there are some signs of freckles dotting her cheeks. Her face is rounded, and she has light skin.

Natalie doesn't display any preference of clothing style, with selections of clothing being worn for functionality over style. However, she does show a particular liking of jackets of almost all kinds. Most days, she would be seen wearing a jacket over her clothes whenever she was allowed or had the chance to. On the day of the abduction, she was wearing a white jacket with a hoodie, a green T-shirt, as well as some baggy jeans.

Biography: Natalie Winters was born an only child in Bakersfield, California to Joseph and Marie Winters. Joseph and Marie had met before in college, and continued to pursue jobs in the same field of work, civil engineering. The two eventually got closer in the workplace, and having a side of romanticism, both decided that it was fate that they'd meet, and the two eventually got married.

Due to her parents' job, her family tends to move around a lot. Joseph was a projects manager at a large oil company, and that required him to travel to many places to oversee the work that his company does. Because of this constant fact of life, Natalie didn't really make a lot of long-lasting friendships. In preschool, her mother would let her visit neighbors who had children her age. There, she began activities such as crafts and drawings. She thought of drawing as a good way to connect with people, mostly influenced by the various drawing activities she had in pre-school.

Eventually, her family decided to settle in and not move often. Her mother retired when she was around 8 years of age, and her father became a work-at-home person. Her mother had wanted to live a quiet life, far away from the cities they used to work, but also not move to a popular or large city. Because of this, they looked over some small towns and settled in Kingman, Arizona. From here, Natalie wanted to connect with old friends that she had made as kids. She got herself access to her dad's laptop, and used IM services and forums to vigorously find them. Her parents became worried that she might stumble into some unfortunate areas of the internet, however, and began restricting access to her browsing. Though they thought she wouldn't notice, in fact, she did. This made her resent her parents and the concept of restricting access in general.

To deal with this, she began to do the thing she felt connected her to her friends the most, drawing. She practiced her drawing skills for most of her elementary life, and began looking at other art to improve hers. She looked up comics, games, anime. She looked for anything with the possibility of 2D art, and took it as inspiration for her own. Eventually, she began spending her days absorbed into the media and her art, to the point that she'd become slightly anti-social by the time she reached age 10. She preferred to sit in the corner and doodle in class rather than pay attention to her schoolwork. As a result, her grades began dropping.

Worried, her parents thought it'd be a good idea to rejuvenate her socially active side once more. They began giving her more freedom, and even bought her her own laptop. Needless to say, it was hard to reignite that socially active side after a few years, especially as she entered middle school.

In middle school, she began to be self-aware about her actions, and realized that she needed to focus on her studies if she had any hope of making it in the future. While she shows little interest in core school subjects, she does give enough work and attention to at least pass the classes. She still wasn't too active, and is not the type to join any school clubs or extracurricular activities (unless her parents won't get off her back about it). She also maintains a close knit group of friends, about 3-4 mostly in her social circle, never really seeking to expand beyond that.

At Cochise High, Natalie's already thinking about how she'll make it in the future. Being an only child, her parents were very attentive to her needs, oftentimes to the point of exaggerating things that should be normal issues for a girl her age, such as putting heavy emphasis on Natalie's grades, making sure Natalie is able to always take care of herself, and pointing out how important it is not to constantly ask for help when she's stuck. This has caused her to become constantly worried about her grades, and also makes her tend to over-emphasize any losses or failures she has. She's already thinking about what college degrees and is already making choices for college since the beginning of her Junior years.

If there is anything that serves as stress relief to her, it's chatting with her close group of friends, reading and/or watching her favorite series, or her favorite activity, illustrating. She's gotten herself a large desk in her room, for sketching and drawing purposes, and even has a tablet to draw digitally. Once she draws, she almost never stops unless she has to.

Advantages: Natalie is extremely independent. She's used to not relying on others for help, and doesn't expect it in return. Because of this, she is not the type to panic easily or make rash decisions, especially not when separated with any groups she might form. She will almost always be on her guard when meeting people she does not share a close bond with, which can help with her survivability.
Disadvantages: Natalie is also a very stubborn person. Once she makes a judgement call, she will likely not stray away from it without force or extreme persuasion, regardless if it's good or bad for her. She also dislikes being ordered around and prefers to be on equal status with anyone she meets, rather than having a leader/follower-type. Because of her stubbornness, she may find herself committing to a decision that can endanger her or the lives of her group, and she likely will not realize it until it is too late.

Designated Number: Female student no. 063


Designated Weapon: Polaroid camera (20 shot reel included)
Conclusion: Independence and calmness are good traits to have on the island. Just remember to keep options open, and don't be stubborn to the point of getting yourself killed. Keep your mind open and you just might make it out of here. - Boris Petrikov