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TvTropes Mafia Thread
To Deamon and Ricky: Point taken, I'm a dingus.

Also, normally I'm not one to defend people often but, Grim, I would say that Ricky's play hasn't really been all that suspicious. Sure he's being subdued but he's usually pretty subdued at first in a game regardless of alignment. I wouldn't put too much stock into it, personally.

As for updates, I'm still really iffy on Prim but otherwise I'm not sure what to make of what everyone has said and done this phase. I'll decide who I'm voting for before the end of the phase, if at all.



Although I'm keeping my eye on you, Toben.

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TvTropes Mafia Thread
Alright time to post to dodge inactivity warnings. B)

To get the lie detector stuff out of the way (and avoid a voodoo doctor): I win with town.

Anyway. For proceedings, I have a few things to say.

Yugi was obviously joking as he's basically never not joking. Frankly, my opinions of Flare/Deamon/Ricky have soured due to the aggressive response towards him.

Prim is pinging me really hard. Perhaps it's due to inexperience, but it seems that Prim is trying to get on everyone's good sides as much as possible and that's generally a sign of extremely inexperienced town, or scum who's trying way too hard. Watching now.

For the entire situation about the game being multiball... I don't know entirely how to handle that. Multiball games can be pretty swingy and I'm slightly worried about the potential for scum to not hit each other at all and then take town down a ton of pegs to the point where town is basically completely out of the game. Additionally, it would probably be pertinent to remind everyone that scum is, often or not, just as clueless as town in these kinds of games, and as such common scum tells and interactions between scum aren't necessarily indicative of alignment and we should proceed with caution.

TvTropes Mafia Thread

Pretend I know how to format. ;w;

VOTE: MurderWeasel

Gonna do this even if it's a joke vote.

TvTropes Mafia Thread
Role confirmed.

VOTE: MurderWeasel


(Also, as a reminder, I pretty much never say anything on day one of a mafia game, scum or town. Don't judge anything off of my activity this phase or Imma smack ya.)

Penelope realized that they only exchanged a few words in the time she was staring at the clouds.

She watched as Adelaide turned and left, jogging off elsewhere. She decided that it was probably time for her to head off as well, since she would have to go soon anyway and people were leaving. She gave Alessio a friendly, comforting smile before grabbing her stuff and saying goodbye to him.

Penelope wandered off from the park bench she was just sitting at in the vague direction of home. She had walked this route so many times now that it was just instinct on where she needed to go, so she let herself walk there on autopilot while checking various things on her phone.

((Penelope Fitzgerald continued elsewhere...))

TvTropes Mafia Sign-Ups

Scrubs Mafia Fallout Thread
Wait wait what? Ricky was the serial killer?

I... what?

This is so troubling that it distracted me from gloating.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Oh hey you guys didn't end the day phase before I could come back and post.

So, it's down to just the four of us, eh?

Ime, I have no reason to believe that Ricky or Vyse are scum, and I know what was in my role PM.

VOTE: Imehal

It was a good game on the part of you/Goose/MW, but unfortunately it fell apart just at the end.

Inb4 Ricky is secretly scum and wins the game. :P