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There are some things a man just can’t run away from.
Maddie felt like a battle between three heroes was raging in her head, and one of them had just been slain.

((Madeline Wilcox continued from Shallow Grave))

The headache she had wasn't very pleasant, but it had receded since she took some of the painkillers in her first aid kit about an hour ago.

Maddie didn't quite know where she had wandered. She had been moving slowly, aimlessly since her encounter with Katarina. Perhaps she was looking for someone. Perhaps she just wanted to move around. Perhaps she just wanted this experience to all be over already, to leave this place.

She heard gunfire.

She scanned her surroundings. At a distance, she saw the rough outlines of three figures, one on the ground, not moving. The other two were fighting. Then, she recognized one of them.


She got closer. She could make out the other two.

Joe. She had seen him earlier on the island, after injuring another person in a scuffle and running off.

And... the person on the ground. Michael. Hansel had got him in the end...

She felt a sudden surge of anger. Of resentment. Hansel couldn't be allowed to get away with this anymore. He had killed so many people. So many people that she knew, so many people who didn't deserve to die.

In the end, Hansel probably didn't deserve to die either. But it had to stop. She couldn't willfully allow this to go along any longer, she couldn't let Hansel get another two victims without doing anything about it, even if it would put herself in danger. This might be her final chance to make sure Hansel didn't continue to kill, after the time that she let him get away. She needed to make up for that. Because Chris and Michael died for her hesitance.

She pulled out the gun-knife and loaded it. Perhaps Joe could help her finish Hansel off, perhaps that was what Michael and Joe had been doing. Or maybe Hansel just randomly attacked them. She didn't know. She didn't really care.

She started running. She needed to get up there, quickly. She saw Hansel, standing over Joe. She saw Joe stand and yell something at Hansel that she couldn't make out due to the sound of air rushing past her head. She stopped, slightly out of breath, about ten meters away.

She aimed the gun-knife at Hansel and shouted. "Don't move, cowboy."

Shallow Grave
Maddie sighed a sigh of relief after Katarina was out of view.

She had not liked how Katarina had threatened to "find her" just before she turned around to leave.

She knew that she shouldn't worry about it; unless Katarina was somehow clairvoyant and could find her and kill her through omniscience, she doubted that Katarina would really be the one to end her life, even if she did die in the end. Even still, she couldn't help but feel threatened by someone who had so many kills under their belt.

She pushed the thoughts of dying out of her head. She needed to keep a positive outlook if she wanted to get out of this situation alive, and if push came to shove, and it likely would, she could always fight back and win against Katarina. At least, she hoped she could. In reality she doubted her ability to fight back against someone with superior killing experience and likely superior physical condition.

She stood up from the bench she was sitting down on. She needed to get out of this place. It was far too open for her to feel comfortable staying here for an extended period of time, she needed to be somewhere less exposed.

Regardless of wherever she went, she hoped that she didn't find someone she wouldn't otherwise want to find.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in There are some things a man just can't run away from.))

V6 Concepts Thread
Sep 9 2014, 06:07 AM
Here's some harsh feedback!

Don't let other people's opinions dictate your characters. Write what you like, and damn the consequences.

I'll play myself out.