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Epic Mafia!
So recently in chat we had a rush of games of Epic Mafia.

It's like normal mafia but using chat instead of forum posts, making games significantly easier to digest and quicker.

SO I figured that creating a thread on it in our mafia forum would be a good way to set up regular games! (But, of course, you can always just set them up in SOTF chat)

For those of you who want to set up a game, I have a handy balance guide that I came up with in the spoiler below.

Balance Guide

And remember to password protect the games with "sotf" or something along those lines so no random off site people join.

Happy playing! :)

Community Mafia: Game Thread
All of you are sniveling little whiny brats and I hate you. :D

To start off, the obvious joke vote shall be thrown at BRO because he is voting for my bestest fwiend.

VOTE: BROseidon

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