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Mimi's Sprite Station v2
Hey Mimi! Can I get a sprite of Madeline from you? I would really appreciate it, after all, your sprites are amazing!

Oh, and if you need more details on her outfit, the hoodie she always wears looks like this but with the sleeves covering her hands except for her fingers, and she wears black sneakers.

A Breath of Fresh Air
So her name is Hiro. I will take note. Maddie thought as Hiro went about her business of plugging in her laptop and sitting down.

Hiro quickly started typing something into her laptop, and while Maddie was a little curious as to what Hiro was typing, she admitted to herself that she didn't particularly care. Just as she thought that, Gavin started to introduce himself to Hiro. He explained to Hiro that they were just discussing science and gave Maddie a small compliment and flashed a small smile at her. She felt a tiny rush of pride, she just loved compliments after all, but she quickly realized that the conversation wouldn't be concerning her right now, as Gavin was asking Hiro about what she was doing on her computer.

I guess I will just wait for the conversation to concern me again. She thought as she went back to her book.

A Breath of Fresh Air
After Maddie had finished explaining a small summary of String Theory, Yaz surprised her by saying saying something despite looking completely lost. She said that she still doesn't understand and she didn't get anything that Maddie said.

Just as Maddie was about to explain the various terms she used, Gavin quickly started explaining the various things that she left unclear in her summary, such as what the energy string were and the Theory of Everything, looking rather animated as he did it. Just a few seconds after explaining the theory of everything, a very small androgynous looking Asian came up to the table and squeaked out a small and nervous question of if she - Maddie guessed she must be a girl - can sit at the table with them.

Just as Maddie was about to tell the Asian that she can join them, Gavin piped up and told her of course she can join them, and asked her if she was having trouble with her power supply.

You know Gavin, you are the newest person at this table. It should have been me or Yaz to tell her she can sit. Maddie thought, annoyed.

Just after Gavin told her she could sit, Adam quickly said that the String Theory was interesting, turned to the newest arrival and said to her that she can have his seat because it is the closest to the plug, he then quickly got up from the table, walked over to retrieve what Maddie guessed to be his belongings, and left the library.

Finally seeing an opportunity to say something, Maddie quickly said to the girl "Go ahead and take Adam's seat, and if you don't mind me asking, what is your name?" She tried to say it in the friendliest manner she could muster, as this person looks even shyer than Yaz, if that was even possible.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Gavin took a seat with the rest of them at the table. Once he had himself seated, he quickly said that the book Maddie was reading was interesting. He then said that String Theory isn't a subject he would normally expect someone his age to be studying, and he complimented Maddie's ability to keep up with the subject. This made Maddie feel a little rush of pride, she doesn't normally get complimented, and when she does it usually makes her quite happy. He then asked why she would choose a book like this.

"Well, I like keeping up with all the various theories, and I really love learning new things," she said. "School doesn't usually teach me anything I don't already know in science, so I just like doing this occasionally in my free time."

Adam then asked her to give him a quick primer on String Theory, asking if it was the thing about other dimensions and the zombie cat. While yes, the string theory talked about different dimensions, there being up to eleven physical dimensions, she recalled, but it didn't mention a zombie cat. Was he talking about Schrodinger's cat? Schrodinger's cat didn't really have anything to do with the String Theory, but nonetheless he asked her for a primer on it, and she was damn sure going to give him that. Plus she just loved giving lectures.

"Well, to give you the basic gist of the String Theory, it says that every thing in the universe is made up of little strings of energy, approximately one Planck unit or 10^-35 meters long, and the way these strings vibrate and resonate with one another creates the various particles that make up atoms which makes up everything." As she said this, she made little motions with her hands. "The theory would help explain the standard model of particles, and help us reach the fabled 'Theory of Everything.'"

She realized that they were probably completely lost, as she used a lot of science lingo without explaining it. She also realized that due to the conversation switching to science, Yaz has been almost completely shut out of it. She felt a little bad, but she isn't good at changing subjects, so she is just going to let this conversation take its course for now.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Adam took a seat with Maddie and Yaz at their table. Yaz then asked what Adam was taking instead of science this year. Adam paused like he was thinking about it.

Interesting, I would also like to know what he is taking instead of science. Maddie thought to herself.

Adam replied by saying he was taking psychology, saying it was useful because he uses it everyday, unlike chemistry or something. Maddie liked chemistry class when she wasn't just sitting there hearing things she already knows, and the fact that he was saying that it wasn't useful annoyed her. Adam quickly covered for himself, saying that science is great if you are going to be a scientist, but it isn't his calling.

Smooth. Maddie thought.

Then a rather imposing gothic-looking boy showed up at the table. Maddie near instantly recognized him as Gavin Hunter, as he sticks out rather clearly in the halls. She has overheard things said in the halls about Gavin, mostly things about him being a weird loner. She could empathize with him being a loner, after all, she had been most of her life, but she didn't quite know why he was considered weird. He politely asked if he could join them at the table.

Well he seems alright enough. Maddie thought. Adam doesn't look like he is going to invite him to take a seat, and Yaz is quite shy, and Gavin is very imposing. Looks like I will have to invite him to take a seat.

"Sure, I don't see why not! Go ahead and take a seat. My name is Maddie, this is Adam, and that is Yaz."