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Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Also, Jesus Christ how do you and Vyse do it? My fingers are exhausted after that wall that I just kinda slapped up there.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Aug 29 2015, 01:07 AM
Vigilante. If I hit town, the next night I lose my kill.

Night one I shot RC. This was obviously the wrong choice. I have no clue if scum shot him too or if they lost their shot to one of our numerous protective roles.

Night two I did not shoot because of having missed night one.

Night three I tried to shoot Vyse but failed. I have no idea why--I may well have been roleblocked. It's been a huge part in my escalating scumread on him this phase, though.

I shot at RC because he was my favored scumread and early game it was unlikely that things would be too crippling for town even if I missed.

Last night, there was no reason to do anything but shoot, as it was potentially the only thing keeping us from losing. I targeted Vyse because I was getting bad enough vibes, wanted to preempt the same rodeo this phase, and figured worst case I'd at least not lose from trusting him too far this time.

I've been cagey as all heck this phase because while Grim was still here, I actually had the potential to turn a mislynch around if I hit scum with a nightkill. With him out, if we miss scum this phase it doesn't matter so there's a lot less to lose.

This claim could not be more convenient. You shot RC but that leaves a suspicious lack of a scum kill. Even with all of the protective roles that were in play, only two were active at any given point. RC obviously didn't get the protect night one, and I have extreme doubts that the doctor just managed to guess at the scum kill. With your role's nature of blocking you from a follow up kill if you hit town comes off as extremely convenient as a way to make your role seem more genuine and less convenient even though you could have totally just said you were roleblocked night two with Flare confirming that he blocked you. As for randomly getting blocked when wanting to shoot Vyse? I doubt it. I doubt it so much. All of this comes off as way too convenient and "unlucky" for you playing vig. I don't like it, I don't like it one bit.

Before I go on about what I think here, Toben, you are severely mis-characterizing my town play. As town I shoot from the hip and set fires without any sort of reasoning knowing full well things might not go down so well. I do so simply because I know that I'm really bad at this game and actually putting my thoughts into words and because I absolutely do not care. As town I throw caution to the wind and go for broke regardless of what happens. I know I can't convince people who disagree with me, I know that I will probably get mislynched or shot at some point because I come off as scummy because I do things without really giving reasons why beyond gut instinct. I used to not do this but I threw that away after playing a ton of Epic Mafia and realized that I'm so bad at putting my thoughts on who's scum and who's not into words. As scum, I'm cautious, quiet, I mince words and go over my posts to make sure they make sense, and I try to stay in the background. If I was scum I honestly wouldn't be doing the things I'm doing now because setting fires and starting arguments draws attention that I will always fold under because I'm super bad at lying (see: Buffy mafia).

Now for the topic at hand:

Honestly, Toben, the thing that's most making me want to pile on to you this phase isn't your play. If I was looking at this from an outside, 100% logical perspective I would think you are 100% town. This is what I did in PR mafia. You played me super hard in PR mafia and I was shocked when I found out you were scum. But I learned from that. When you play scum you respond to everything, you keep a loud but at the same time sorta in the back voice, you try to lead town one way or another with your statements that sound good assuming maximum certainty in your actions but would ultimately lead to town's downfall if they continued unhindered. You tunnel hard on people who are targeting you, you set up potential back ups and statements and things you can point to to go "oh yeah I can't possibly be scum because why would scum do this" in a very deep game sort of fashion. You do everything possible to come off as a good townie and set up scenarios where you can easily explain away criticism by pointing out that your play completely lines up from a logical perspective. As a news flash: townies don't have their actions make perfect sense. Townies don't have everything line up. Townies contradict themselves and don't recall things said several phases ago to prove their innocence. At least, that's how all the townies I see and the townie I play end up playing.

As town you are never certain of anything. You leave room for reasonable doubt even in the most obvious cases of someone being scum. You lay down your vote but you plan ahead in case you are wrong and make sure that town still has options.

This is why when you stated that you could lynch Vyse and then shoot me the following night, right there convinced me 100% of your current alignment. I don't believe that town Toben as the vigilante would make a shot when town is just going to go to another LyLo phase and therefore potentially lose the game if he was wrong. Town Toben would have things in the back of his mind saying "What if I'm wrong about this? I don't want to doom town's chance of victory all by myself." Town Toben wouldn't take matters into his own hands as the vig without proper input from the town and shoot willy nilly in a LyLo phase. All of this is scum Toben talking from a perspective of absolute certainty. Talking in such a way that doesn't leave room for doubt in how the game is going to go down if we just do exactly what he says. Talking in such a way to convince town that he's right when he's really leading them astray. Your lack of care, your lack of all the things I always see from town Toben... that's what's making me distrust you.

And all of that probably didn't sound very cohesive. Probably just sounded like an info dump I typed up but then didn't read over because I had no reason to because I'm 100% confident in my status as town. And you're probably going to respond with more rhetoric and guesswork but insist that you're right and act entirely certain just because.

(Also if I'm coming off as mean, sorry! No hard feelings were meant.)

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Also, if I may mention, your play this phase makes perfect sense from a scum standpoint. Provided Vyse isn't scum and this is MyLo, you're latching onto his lynch as an easy way to drive town into the deep below. I voted Grim earlier in order to goad greedy votes out of scum players, and I was trying to see if you would bite. Grim killed my ability to use him for those purposes there, but there's that.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
The fact that Vyse also wants you dead has almost nothing to do with what I'm doing now.

I admit this is mostly on instinct, but the pieces fit together for me really well right now. I don't really trust Vyse, it's hard for me to trust him. But I feel like one way or another he's a waste of town's time right now. Also I'm starting to legitimately think he's town, at least until some of the heat is off of town.

As a side note to Vyse, if you're playing me, I'm going to be doing what Ricky's doing in future games. Also I will make you into Vegeta in this TFS clip:

As for you, Toben, on the other hand...

Almost everything you have done this game has benefited scum one way or another while maintaining a general "pro-town" vibe throughout it. I understand you, Toben, I know the only reason you're good at mafia is because you know how to play people's emotions. Additionally, you have some tells. As scum you aggressively target weak town players as scum and use this emotional appeal (and legitimate logic regarding their play) and turn that into a case that everyone else latches on to. As town, you're way more passive and cautious about votes and lynches. This game you've thrown caution to the wind in all but cases that could potentially end up hurting scum. Everything you've done has seemed helpful on the surface through your (really good) scum play, but really hasn't been in town's best interests. Looking back on your posts I'm having extreme difficulty actually seeing good town intentions and town Toben behind nearly any of them. You were playing me like a fiddle with you reaching out emotionally to town just like everyone else. I'm done being manipulated.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread


VOTE: MurderWeasel

Totally killed the vibe by forgetting to unvote.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Uh. Oh dear.

If Grim gets modkilled that would essentially be a mislynch since he's counting for the town vote, and town would lose as a result.

...Unless we lynch scum, but then we're just back in MyLo.

Fuck it.

Toben, your play this phase has made me extremely suspicious of you. Going back over the thread, I'm starting to look at your actions in a scum light and they are really lining up to me. You've been a big voice behind a lot of what we've done this game, and most of what town has done has ultimately resulted in town losing ground. I'm seeing a lot of PR mafia in this, so:

VOTE: MurderWeasel

Let's break the ranks or go down in flames.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Since nobody wants to mass claim and I'm starting to feel this lynch again:

VOTE: Grim Wolf

I have a feeling this will answer the questions I want answered no matter how this turns out.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
1. You're really confident in your ability to catch someone out in a contradiction. Unfortunately, this is something that only works if you're town and right, and I'm not convinced of either of those things since you've also been attached to bad lynches.

This is basically it. CONFIDENCE.

Also, Toben, I love you but you hurt me sometimes. I thought you would be able to figure out why mass claims can reveal scum to the town without taking roles into consideration. I can't elaborate on why because it has to do with behavior and response to a mass claim being prompted. Honestly your massive determination not to go for a mass claim at MyLo is troubling to me. :\

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
I'm not sure what to make of all of this. I'm not sure who to trust and who to yell accusations of guilt at.

So I'm just going to do what I always do and go with my gut.

On gut, I'm convinced of Goose and Ime being scum. Goose, whenever he posted, always seemed to know exactly who was and who was not scum. He's not the cop (as I am believing Cake's claim) so I'm pretty sure he's scum. As for Ime... a lot of it has to do with just how I feel about her, and I'm not getting good vibes.

As for the last member of the scum team, I don't know. It could be any one of Vyse, Toben, or Grim. Ricky's been too bullheaded this game for me to think he's scum. Psyche's claim is believable enough, but the lack of any of his targets still being alive brings me pause.

As for the subject of a mass claim... I want a mass claim. I acknowledge that the scum team presumably has either safe flavor or safe roles. However, I doubt that Persy would give them both. Giving scum 100% safe claims like that is putting a crazy amount of power in scum hands, and I haven't seen powerful town roles (eg Watcher) to compensate for that. So, if they don't have both, mass claims can still be incredibly valuable for town for way more reasons than just getting everyone's role and flavor out there. Why that is I can't explain, because it would ruin all ability for us to catch scum out in lies or contradictions. HOWEVER, after the mass claim is done I will drop why it was good that we did that, and I guarantee we'll catch someone out on it.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
So. We are at an impasse.

On the Cox claim: I don't think Flare is lying. I'm almost certain he actually is Cox and that he's a roleblocker. It's just that given the flavor reasons that Doc mentioned line up with what I've read on the wiki, and since Kelseo was town I'm betting on Flare being the scum roleblocker rather than a town roleblocker.

My vote stays on Flare. If we end up getting to the last bits of the phase and it looks like Flare isn't going to be hammered...

If Vyse ends up being at L-1 during the last few hours of this day phase, I will hammer vote him.

(Especially since he didn't get hammered before.)

If Vyse doesn't go to L-1 and Flare DOES go to L-1, please, one of the people on the Vyse train, switch to Flare.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread

...Why those blocks?

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Alright, few things.

First, Flare, post count doesn't mean much of anything. Actually attaching meaning to post count gets you absolutely nothing beyond just acknowledging low post counts. It's content that matters, and I've been providing plenty of it (compared to the one sentence posts of the other low post count folks that aren't Imehal).

Second, as for acting like changing votes frequently in all of my posts actually amount to anything suspicious towards me, I have been posting once a day. A lot can change in one day, such as roleclaims and new discussion changing my opinions on the proceedings. I'm not a player that holds votes, I throw them down without any sort of hesitation. You're looking too much at numbers, and not enough looking at what is actually going on.

Third, you can use "she" when referring to me like everyone else has been. No need for the gender neutral "they".

As for your roleclaim... I'm going to have to ask someone who knows more about scrubs about that. My vote stands. (Also you should probably post your roleclaim again in color just so it is easy to spot.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP: Wooooooooooow my timing couldn't have been worse. Reading new post now.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Well I'm putting my foot down.

Flare, I saw you reading the thread earlier. Everyone wants you to claim. There's absolutely no reason to not claim at this point unless you are scum and have to fabricate a claim. Claim in the next twelve hours or...

Well, if Flare doesn't claim in the next twelve hours, I urge the town to immediately hammer him. No room to breathe.

But don't worry Flare, you've got nothing to fear if you are town.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Yo, Vyse, not sure if this helps at all but if you ever need someone to talk to I'm pretty much always around. Stay well, and don't let a silly game get you down. :p

Anyway, Flare's recent posts have made me more sure of my scum read on him. Way too one dimensional and dodgy. Also I take personal offence ( :p ) to being called a non-factor (and I take offense for Ime too) since we've been talking, just not spamming the thread with wall posts.

My vote stands until a roleclaim happens. And even then it will probably be a lynch anyway since I seriously doubt Flare's ability to come up with a sound roleclaim (since I'm basically 100% sure he's scum at this point).

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
I am completely fine with forcing Flare to claim, honestly given how close we are to lylo I wouldn't be adverse to a mass claim, but I'll leave that up to the rest of town.

Other than that not much has changed since my last post. Still want Vyse dead, still think Flare's a good lynch. I think it's pretty rude for Doc to not read Vyse's posts, but I can see where it is coming from and I believe it's coming from a good place.

Also, while I'm here:

VOTE: Flare

Roleclaim, buster.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
Thread moves fast. Sorry about not posting yesterday, but my mental stamina was drained after finishing two mini-courses for college on alcohol safety and sexual responsibility.

For various scum reads, I'm still sitting on that group that I mentioned the day before since (with the exception of Imehal) they've all been quiet and trying to avoid suspicion for the most part. I want Vyse dead, still, namely because I was extremely salty about him getting away solely because nobody came in and hammered. Vyse: to be clear, the reason people want you dead is because you were doing that whole "just give me one more phase" thing that you did several times as scum and not only got away with but also ended up basically winning you scum games.

I'm still more than willing to lynch Flare, mind you, given how he's jumped to every single passing bandwagon with shoddy justification and seems to be all over the place in his thoughts and strategies, but if we end up all voting for Vyse, count me in.

As for all the criticism leveled against me and people wanting my 0.02 on it, I already explained most of what I could in my response to Vyse's massive post against me. Other than that I can only point out that everyone thinks I'm scum regardless of whether I'm scum or not unless I'm a confirmed townie, and then shrug my shoulders until people ask for specifics.

((Sorry for the huge delay, real life and writer's block hit me fairly hard in the last week and a half and SOTF took a back seat))

Penelope sat back, content with the response she got, and let their conversation continue uninterrupted.

Penelope stared into the sky, day dreaming a bit as the two of them talked about cats or something. Penelope hadn't really been paying attention to the topic at hand in between her usual lapses of attention and being bothered about what Adelaide thought about her random hugging.

She looked at the clouds, absentmindedly thinking about what they looked like. Those clouds look like walruses, she thought. No, wait, baby seals. Wait, no, polka dotted baby lions. She smiled and squinted a bit, satisfied with her assessment of the cloud's shapes.

Penelope pulled out her phone and checked the time. She would need to be heading home soon. Things to do, people to see, all of that. She looked back at Alessio and Adelaide, wondering if their conversation had gotten interesting.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
I am extremely disappointed.

Scrubs Mafia Game Thread
I don't like begging but... please someone hammer it. Vyse is doing exactly what he always does when he gets caught out as scum (aka ask for just another phase). We need this flip if we're going to get anything done this game.