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Shallow Grave
Maddie half raised her gun and nearly fired as Kat took another step forward.

But Kat only took one step, so she relaxed again. There was no point in making this situation escalate unless she had to.

"Funny you should say that. A cowboy has been causing me a lot of problems too."

She laughed a bit as she contemplated the second half of the statement that Kat made, partly due to her craziness act, partly because she considered the idea comical. If she had one last choice in the end, she certainly wouldn't choose to help someone like Katarina. Nor would she help Hansel. As far as she was concerned, both of them were just as bad, and neither of them deserved to leave.

She continued. "But... you act like I would actually help you, if it came down to it. I'm sorry, but I'm looking out for myself."

She contemplated. "And if I had no choice in the matter? I'd rather see you two fight it out."

She needed to reassure Katarina, keep her from losing her temper. "One thing I can say though, if I get the chance I can't say that I won't take care of that problem for you ahead of time. He's a problem for me too, after all."

She still wanted to get some sort of revenge on Hansel for what he's done to both her and others, but she couldn't find herself actually thinking through the act itself, killing is a difficult thing to do.

"Anyway, I'd suggest you just go ahead and leave me be... at least before I start getting trigger happy." She was getting worried that this standoff with Kat would persist and lead to violence. After all, all of the things she said were bold things to say to a known killer, and could easily bring Kat to violence. She didn't want to fight Kat, she doubted her chances, so she needed to give Kat some incentive to leave. But, Maddie was feeling bold since she had the edge, at least for the moment she was in control, and in this moment she needed to get Kat away from her.

And after all, didn't she need to take a few calculated risks in order to get out of this?

Shallow Grave
Maddie was taken aback by Katarina's behavior.

Kat nervously shuffled in place, presumably to throw of Maddie's aim, as she babbled about believing and problems. Maddie knew Katarina was a bit unhinged, but she didn't know that she was a nervous wreck that was blatantly off her rocker. She supposed that she couldn't blame her, if Maddie had killed as many people as Katarina had, she wouldn't be in a good place mentally either. Time to at least address what the crazy person was saying, she supposed.

"I doubt that those people that you killed were really "problems" that you solved." She shouted. "In fact, I'm willing to guess that most of the people you killed didn't even have any kills to their name, they aren't problems."

Then, Maddie had an idea. Abuse that paranoia that Kat was exhibiting. Maybe if she played up the crazy she could get Katarina to back off, or at the very least have some sort of sense to stay away. "Now, me? I have kills to my name, not a lot, but some. And you know what? I'm totally willing to kill again if you dare get on my bad side."

She gave a loud, half laugh, half chuckle, which slowly faded into an evil smirk; the whole time not moving her eyes from Katarina.

She thought that maybe she was going a bit overboard with her acting. Maybe the crazy from Katarina was contagious. Maybe she really was crazy and not just pretending.

"But, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders, at the very least. So I'll grant you this." She lowered her gun, no longer keeping it trained on Katarina, but she kept it ready at hand. "So, what "problem" do you want me to solve?" She shouted, while keeping the evil smirk on her face.

Inside, she was terrified of how this situation could go. But on the outside, she was more than ready to fight to make sure she kept on living.

Shallow Grave
Maddie's eyes narrowed as she saw Katarina approach her.

It was hard to not recognize Kat, her appearance made her stick out in a lot of ways. And that recognition was her downfall. Maddie recalled hearing Katarina's name several times on the announcements, detailing her various kills. She struggled to remember the number of people she's killed. Was it six, seven, or eight? Maddie supposed that it didn't really matter, all that mattered was that Kat was a prolific murderer, someone to not even be given a chance.

Kat seemed to be feigning weakness, showing that one hand was empty and that the other one only held a sword. Maddie wasn't about to be manipulated into making herself an easy target, Kat was not to be trusted, not even for a moment. She drew the gun-knife, chamber loaded and ready to fire, and pointed it at Katarina.

"What do you want?" She shouted, over the wind.

Maddie was prepared to fire, if she had to, but Katarina managed to survive this long, so she doubted that Kat was going to do anything she might regret. She thought that the best route might just be to kill Kat right here, get her out of the way for later, but at the same time Maddie couldn't bring herself to kill someone without very good and immediate reason. Just because she might become an issue later doesn't mean it's justified to kill her now. And besides, all Maddie theoretically had to do was simply survive, no reason to get ahead of herself and start murdering indiscriminately.

Instead, she would simply let Kat decide if she wanted to be shot now or later; she just needed to make one wrong move.

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Shallow Grave
((Madeline Wilcox continued from Too Cold To Shiver))

Maddie felt a chill as she covered ground in the Quad.

The wind was blowing, making the already chilly air feel even colder. Her jacket shielded her from the worst of it, but she still felt the occasional chill as she walked.

She had not seen anyone the previous day and today, so far. She was happy about that, she'd rather avoid conflict, especially since she found out what happened to Chris and Michael on the announcements. Michael was alive, at least, but Chris was shot by Hansel, the same person that he saved her from. She hated Hansel. She had disliked him at Aurora, but now she outright hated him.

If she got the chance, she might even kill him. Not only would he have to die eventually for her to get off the island, as far as she was concerned he didn't deserve to go home, not after all that he has done.

She wasn't sure if she deserved to go home, if she was being honest with herself, but at the very least she knew that Hansel didn't.

She brushed a bit of her hair that the wind blew into her face out of the way as she sat down on a bench. She wanted a break from walking everywhere, half looking for people and half trying to avoid them. She wanted a break from a lot of things, including just being on the island itself. She wanted to go home.

And if she had her way, she was going to. Soon enough.

Three sentences about your kid: Critique experiment.
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Too Cold To Shiver
((Madeline Wilcox continued from I Was Once Alive))

Madeline sat alone in the park after making her way away from the shopping center.

She ate some of the bread that she had pulled out of her bag, although she wasn't really hungry. She wasn't sure why she was eating, to perhaps help her with the fact that she was all alone again? She didn't know. Although, she really couldn't blame anyone but herself for being alone now. She should have gone with Chris, at least she would have known what happened to him and potentially have known what happened to Michael. Or she could have instead joined them in whatever fate befell them.

...Whatever that fate was, she doubted that she would have wanted to share it. She drank a little bit of her water. She would probably need to get more, and soon, but for now she wouldn't worry about that.

She thought to herself about what she has done on the island so far. Really, everything she's done has been the same, day in, day out. Eat, drink, avoid conflict, talk with allies, occasionally fail to avoid conflict, kill or scare somebody off, sleep. All the while half ignoring what was going on in order to keep her sanity.

And now she was alone, again. At this point in the game, there was no chance of her making any new allies. She was on her own. If anything, even, she would probably just end up meeting one of the many surviving violent people.

With just a few days left, she could afford being alone. She would have to be anyway.

Maybe that would change that formula just a little bit.

Maddie took the loaded gun-knife out of her bag. She needed to have it nearby from now on, at all times. She couldn't afford to trust anyone anymore. It was obvious that everyone left was either violent or unhinged, arguably including herself, given whatever happened to Chris and Michael when they both went off for just a few seconds.

Ultimately, she didn't want to go back to the hostility and mistrust that she had on day one, she still felt bad about all of the actions she took during those first few days and in hindsight she could have afforded to be a little more civil given that most of the people alive were still sane. But now? The only people left were the paranoid, violent ones. The ones who were willing to do nearly anything to live. The ones like her. At this point she had to be paranoid and hostile in order to compete, in order to live. But, she thought, by receding back to the paranoia, she was just helping to contribute to the violence of these last few days.


She decided she was okay with that. She did what she had to do to survive, and in her situation, who could really blame her?

She put away her things, albeit still clutching the gun-knife in her hand. It was her only lifeline, an ill-gained, stained-with-blood lifeline, but a lifeline. A lifeline she needed.

These last few days were going to be hell, but she was ready to take on the world.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in Shallow Grave))