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The General SOTF Discussion Thread
Huh, it's almost like we had a thread about this exact subject not too long ago...

Sarcasm aside Slamexo and I talked at length about all the statistics that go into that assumption, and gave a little anecdote that it really all comes down to the person/character.

New League of Legends Thread
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So we stomped in a 5 lock...

Sub-Area Description: The Lobby
Nina Clarke's body is lying in the middle of the hotel lobby.

Maddie awoke some time later after passing out. The lighting had changed due to the shifting of the sun, judging from it, it was sometime afternoon.

Wait a moment...

Why wasn't she dead? She had passed out while she had a psycho over top of her beating the stuffing out of her; she should be dead and her corpse should have been looted.


She moved her hand a bit in an effort to get up and felt something wet brush her fingertips. She bought her fingers close to her face. Blood. It was blood. She turned her head to the side, hoping that what she knew she was going to see was not actually the case. But there she was, Nina, in a large pool of blood, just lying there, dead. She screamed and scrambled away from the corpse. She stared at Nina's lifeless body, the bloody gun-knife next to her, and the realization dawned on her. She had killed Nina. Her final movement before she had passed out ended up killing Nina. She vomited onto the ground next to her.

Sure, if she had not done that she would have no doubt been killed by Nina, but that didn't change the fact that she ended another human being's life. Another human being who probably wanted to live just as much as she did. She noticed that her sleeve felt damp. She looked at it. It was partly soaked on one side with Nina's blood, and in fact she had little spatters of Nina's blood dotted over the side of her jacket. She retched. She shook. She had killed someone. She took another person's life away. She did it out of self defense sure, but she had never really taken a life before, except for a few bugs she had swatted over her lifetime.

She was really no better than the killers she was keeping track of in her head. Taking a life is taking a life, no matter the circumstances. No doubt the terrorists would make her out to be some monster on the announcements next morning, and she would forever be branded a killer by her fellow students. Perhaps that was what happened to some of the other killers. Maybe they killed in self defense, or on accident, and the terrorists just twisted what actually happened to make it seem like the killers were cold blooded murderers or utterly psychotic.

She stared at the floor. She couldn't bring her eyes up to Nina's body, she couldn't stand the sight. She needed to get out of this place, collect her thoughts, and try to focus on living. Nina died so Maddie could live, in a sense. Everyone had to die if she were to live. She forced herself to stand. She had to live now, to make sure Nina's death wasn't pointless, to make sure everyone's deaths weren't pointless. She picked up her bag, partly soaked by Nina's blood, and picked up the gun-knife. The instrument of murder. The weapon she stole from Nina. She could barely bring herself to look at it. It had changed. It was no longer an instrument of defense, something to ensure people didn't harm her. It was an instrument of murder, and would now always be that way. She cleaned the blood off of it with her already bloodied jacket and placed it inside her bag. There was still no logical point in not keeping it at least.

She went through Nina's bag, grabbing her empty water bottles and unused rations, and placed them inside her bag. Nina wouldn't need them now, so Maddie might as well make sure they didn't go to waste.

She walked to and opened the door of the lobby. She walked out into the sunlight of the afternoon. She looked up at the sky, trying to clear her head, but nothing would get rid of the thought that sat at the back of her mind. The thought that wouldn't leave her alone as she made her way away from the hotel, not looking back.

She was a murderer.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in Nowhere to Go))


That's all Maddie could feel in that moment.

Blow after blow hit the back of her head, her hat having fallen to the ground from the force of Nina's tackle.

She guessed this was it. This is how she died. Beaten to death at the hands of the only person on this island that she had wronged.

She figured it was a sort of poetic justice, the person she had wronged getting their revenge in the form of her life.

There was nothing she could do. No matter what she could possibly try, Nina would just resume her savage beating.

She guessed that it was for the best that she gave up, accepted her fate.



She couldn't just give up now, she had things to live for; she couldn't just let someone kill her. She needed to try something, anything, to get her assailant off of her. She only had one chance at this, one chance to make sure she lived to see another morning. With one last surge of strength she flipped herself over, knocking her assailant off, and slashed out with the gun-knife near where she thought her assailant would be. She felt the blade connect with flesh as she lied flat on her back, staring at the ceiling. She was exhausted. That beating and her one final movement took what little energy she had left. She could do nothing else but stare at the ceiling of the hotel as she passed out from exhaustion.

((GM'ing approved))

In a single moment Maddie went from confident that she could get away, if a bit nervous, to terrified. Nina wasn't letting go of her hand. In fact, Nina was squeezing her wrist so hard that it started to hurt. The way that Nina was talking, the way she was acting right now, it was very out of character for her. It seemed that Nina, just like everyone else on the island, had finally gone off the deep end. Which meant Maddie's life was in danger. After all, what would Nina do after she got the gun-knife out of Maddie's bag? Kill her with it, most likely. Stabbing her, shooting her, taking away her only defense and then beating her to death for thrills, it was all the same. Which meant there was no more choice in the matter. She had to fight. But what would she do?

For the lack of any better ideas, she slammed her head into Nina's head, causing her silver pill box to rattle around inside of her hat. She felt dazed, but the headbutt seemed to work, as she felt Nina's grasp on her wrist lessen and then release. Free of her aggressor's grasp, Maddie dazedly turned her back on Nina and bolted for the door of the lobby. She clumsily yanked the gun-knife out of her bag, her head still foggy from the skull on skull impact, and began fumbling to pull out and load a musket ball into it in case Nina chased her as she ran for the door. She had no idea what was about to happen, what Nina was going to do to her.

One thing was certain though.

It was Maddie or Nina.

Maddie was right, unfortunately. Nina wasn't about to let it go. In fact, Nina grabbed Maddie's hand as she was just to pull out the gun-knife to defend herself. She wanted Maddie to return the gun-knife and... anything else she stole from Nina? She didn't steal anything except for the gun-knife. She didn't quite know where Nina got the idea that she had stolen anything else from her. Her mind raced for a solution. Certainly there must be a way around this, a way to keep a fight from happening, a way to get Nina's guard down and use the chance to run.

She couldn't yank herself away from Nina; Nina was much stronger than her and it would likely just make her angry. There's no way she could fight Nina one on one, either. While Nina might not kill her per say, she could easily beat Maddie within an inch of her life. She needed to avoid a fight, and if push came to shove and she needed to fight Nina then she needed a significant advantage. No, what she needed was a way out, an escape. Oh how could she have let herself get cornered like this? She was better than this, smarter than this. The only peaceful way out, she presumed, was to give into Nina's demands, or at least pretend to before running for it.

"Okay... fine. I will return your weapon. For your information, however, I didn't steal anything but it. I wanted protection, I didn't want to kill you." She looked down at her hand that was currently in Nina's grasp. "The gun-knife is at the bottom of my bag; let go of my hand and I can give it to you." She looked back at Nina. "Frankly I find the prospects of fighting you more frightening than being left without a proper weapon, so there's no need to keep hold of me." She was lying, obviously. Nina wasn't very threatening; there were certainly way more people on this island that were more threatening than her. Although her demeanor was definitely serious, there was no way she had the heart to try and genuinely kill Maddie.

She hoped.

It seemed that Maddie did not go unnoticed either. She wanted to turn around, to run out of the hotel and maybe have Nina lose track of her, but she found herself rooted to the spot out of panic. Nina started interrogating her. She stammered. "I-uh... I-er... I..." She had no idea what to say. She had not planned for this exact possibility, which was foolish of her. She should have known it was possible for her to meet Nina again on the island, however unlikely. Her legs managed to finally start moving, and she began backing up slowly as Nina came right up next to her.

Then she realized that the gun-knife, the weapon she had stolen from Nina and that was essentially her only self defense besides her poorly constructed spear, was inside her bag, which was currently slung over her shoulder. Given all of her careful planning, she had forgotten to constantly be prepared to fight. Perhaps the dehydration caused by having limited water rations was finally getting to her. She began unzipping her bag very slowly with one hand, keeping her eyes trained on Nina. "I... I just thought that..." She needed to talk, to keep Nina from noticing that she was unzipping her bag. "I... I just needed a weapon, like, a real weapon, you know? I was nervous and scared and... I had a moment of weakness, so I drugged your water and stole your gun."

The bag was part of the way open. Just big enough to fit her hand inside of it. Any larger and it was incredibly likely Nina would notice. "It's all just water under the bridge now, isn't it?" She readied her hand over the small opening. "Can't we just let this all go? Forget all this ever happened?" She was not expecting Nina to let it go at all; in fact, she was expecting quite the opposite. She gave a sheepish, uncomfortable smile. "What do you say?"

((Madeline Wilcox continued from Setting Up Base Camp))
((Minor GM'ing of the nose approved))

Maddie approached the tall, almost imposing, figure of the hotel. She had spent quite a bit of the day roaming around the island, conveniently not finding anyone during her time spent travelling. She had finished off her last water bottle as she walked around though, as much as she was trying to ration her water. She needed to find some way to get more water, but in the meantime she decided to see if there was anything she could find in the large hotel building, at least from a rudimentary search.

She figured that after searching the hotel's lobby she could find a stream or brook, refill her water bottles, and use a few drops of the iodine she found included in the first aid kit to purify it. Her dad taught her how to do that when they went camping when she was younger. She stopped walking next to the doors of the hotel. She couldn't say she missed those times, she didn't, but she sure missed her home. She would do anything to be home right now, safe and sound in her room, playing TF2. She almost began to cry out of homesickness, but she didn't. She needed to stay resolute, it was her only hope for getting home, being safe. Thinking of how much she wanted to go home wasn't going to make her go home. This isn't the Wizard of Oz. This is murder.

She opened the door of the hotel lobby. A quick examination of the interior proved that this hotel was once a pretty snazzy place, but was now rather dilapidated, it's formerly shiny floors now lackluster, it's atmosphere foreboding in a sense. It was quiet in the hotel, silent almost. Dark, as well. With no power the hotel was dimly lit only from the windows around the lobby. She walked a bit further into the lobby, attempting to stay close to the door in case anything or anyone jumped out at her. She walked a bit further into the lobby. That's when she heard it, a sneeze, from across the room. She turned to the source of the noise. And there she was. The worst person she could possibly meet again this side of a murderous psycho.

Nina Clarke.

Setting Up Base Camp
Maddie felt a tiny bit of disappointment when Kam didn't want to stay with her. But, whatever, it was fine. It was probably better this way.


One thing she had said stuck out though.

"Maybe there isn't anyone special to you here. That's cool, I kind of envy you for it."

She did have special people, friends of hers, on the island. She had just not seen any of them. To be honest, she had not really thought of them much at all since she woke up on the island. All she had been thinking of was herself...

Should she go searching for her friends? It would likely be a very risky thing to do; she just needed to stay here and wait patiently in safety for this to all blow over.

Well... as much as it CAN blow over...

She grabbed the remainder of the power bar she was eating, gobbled it down, and walked back up the steps to the bedroom. She lied down on the bed, listening to the silence of the house, quietly thinking about what was to come. Her eyes became heavy as night fell, and she soon found herself falling asleep.

Maddie awoke the next morning to the voice of the man from yesterday's announcement. While the second day was rather uneventful for her, it seemed her peers were still killing out there. She quietly listened to the voice, quietly took note of everyone who died and everyone who killed, and quietly grew in resentment towards the terrorists. She had heard a few names she recognized, and a knot formed in her throat from the thought that all of those people are either dead or killing.

But then, something the man said stuck out above all others. Something that actively concerned her at this very moment.

"Our danger zones for today are Lighthouse, The Homestead..."

She was in the homestead area... wasn't she? The sound of a beep coming from her neck answered her question. She scrambled to grab her things and flew down the steps and out the door of the farmhouse as fast as she could, the beeping continuing and growing more and more incessant as she did so. She gunned for the forest around the area, running with the possessed fervor that one could only have when their life is on the line. She dove into the trees and kept running even as the beeping stopped; she kept running until the adrenaline from that situation wore off, and then collapsed next to a tree. She panted heavily from all the running, her legs feeling like gelatin. She lied there trying to regain her stamina for what felt like hours. Once she was able to finally stand again, she slowly began walking in the same direction that she had run, taking sips from her water bottle until she emptied it.

She walked, and thought that now would be a good time to try and find her friends.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in Nemesis))

New League of Legends Thread
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Really good (and weird) game as Jax.