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A Breath of Fresh Air
So the boy who came up to the table's name is Adam. Interesting, Maddie thought. But she began to wonder why he came up to the table, from the usual shy look on Yaz's face, it was evident that she isn't friends with Adam, but she does know who Adam is.

Maddie was pulled out of her thoughts by Adam asking her about her book.

"My book? Oh, yes, it is a book about the string theory, it isn't for any classes though, it is just independent study on my part," she replied.

She was still puzzled as to why Adam is at their table. Did he want one of them to help him with his work? He said he skipped science, so maybe he is a slacker of sorts. Maybe she is misjudging him, perhaps he just likes meeting new people.

"Anyway, it is nice to meet you, my name is Madeline, but I prefer being called Maddie."

A Breath of Fresh Air
Maddie turned to the boy who came up to the table. She recalled seeing him before, but as to where she couldn't remember. She recognized his face, but for the life of her she couldn't remember his name.

She wasn't sure if Yaz knew the boy or not, but considering how shy she is, she probably doesn't know him or at the very least doesn't know anything about him. Maybe she was misjudging Yaz, maybe this boy was her friend. But it looks like Yaz isn't talking. She guesses she will have to start this conversation herself.

"Why hello there! And by chance your name would be..?"

A Breath of Fresh Air
Maddie heard a chair pull out and someone sit down. She looked up from her book to see who it was, and she quickly recognized the familiar face of Yaz.

Maddie met Yaz the first day she arrived at Aurora, and, while it took a little while for their friendship to get started, the two quickly became inseparable. Maddie never quite knew why though, their interests were quite different.

But it isn't like that really matters. Yaz is one of Maddie's best friends after all. Maddie could even trust her with her life, if they got into a situation that would demand it, but it isn't like that is going to happen anyway.

"I'm doing just fine Yaz!" She smiled. "I was just reading this book on the string theory, how are you doing?"

Relationship Thread #413612
Take a look at Matt. He would probably be friends with Maddie because of the whole video game thing.

Yes, I can see Maddie getting along quite well with Matt :) He would probably make a good friend.

A Breath of Fresh Air
((Madeline Wilcox, Start))

Maddie walked into the library quietly. She was not really in the mood to attract attention to herself. She walked over to one of the empty tables and sat down. She was hoping to meet up with her friends here, but it seems that none of them are around. She took her bag and opened the flap on it, flipping through the various papers that were in there, trying to find her book.

Where is it? I know it is in here somewhere. Ugh, I really need to sort this stuff, it is getting ridiculous.

After about a minute of searching she finally found her book, titled "An Introduction to String Theory and D-Brane Dynamics." She just loved reading about theoretical physics, although many people don't understand why she likes it so much. She opened the book and sat back in her chair. It was a breath of fresh air; to get away from the stress of normal life and to just think about the wonder of the universe.

She began to wonder if any of her friends were going to show up. She usually liked having a friend to talk to in the library, and none of them are here currently. After looking around a few more times to see if they are going to come in, she went back to her book. She had plenty of time, and until later she could simply read and wait for them to show up. She knows they will eventually, and if not, hopefully something interesting will happen, at the very least.

Relationship Thread #413612
I have Yaz if you want to take a look at her. Since she's a very friendly and kind person, she's also kinda shy. She enjoys drawing, photography and music so they could just hang out with each other.

Yaz looks like she could be a really good friend for Maddie. I could probably see her as a close friend for Maddie.

Gray just tends to be cool with most people and hanging out in general. So they could have met in Science class or the like. His interests include skateboarding, snowboarding and surfboarding.

I could see Maddie becoming friends with Gray, but I doubt they would become close friends.

Relationship Thread #413612
Alright. Got my character approved yesterday and I am looking for friends/enemies. Not looking for romantic interests at this time.

Madeline "Maddie" Wilcox

Link to full bio here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

In Short: Maddie has a passion for science and scientific studies, regularly plays video games, enjoys chess and occasionally enters chess tournaments, and goes camping regularly. Maddie is extremely shy, and rarely talked to anyone at her old school. She never really played any sports, because they never interested her. Upon transferring to Aurora High School, however, she decided to shed her shy exterior and make some more friends. Maddie is usually quite happy and and is very logical about most things, along with being quite cold to those she does not know. To her close friends, however, she is known to be very kind and caring.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Any takers?
If you have an idea about possible relationships with Maddie, shoot me a PM or reply to this thread.

<3 TurtleTyrant

Madeline Wilcox
The edits are finished! :D

Also, concerning the traps and explosives, they would not be any more complicated than a simple Apache foot hold trap, or a pipe bomb, so you guys don't need to worry about that.

Madeline Wilcox
There you go! :D I am honestly surprised I didn't need to edit it anymore than that!

Madeline Wilcox
Name: Madeline Wilcox
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Science, Video Games, Chess, Camping

Appearance: Maddie is a girl of average height (5'6") and weight (128 pounds). She looks rather wire-like, along with a rather flat chest. Her hair is long and brown usually tied back in a ponytail. She has a rather small, round face, with long eyelashes and a small nose. Her eyes are blue; and she generally has a clear complexion.

She usually wears blue colored clothing; the most common outfit of hers is her blue hoodie she is almost never seen not wearing and her indigo jeans. She occasionally wears a fedora, usually when she is going on a trip for school.

Biography: Maddie is an only child, her original name being Micheal, born to Stewart Wilcox and Melissa Wilcox. Both of them are fairly successful, Stewart worked at the local clinic as a nurse and Melissa was a professor at a nearby university. At least one of her parents are home, usually, as they alternate shifts in order to spend time with her.

She was assigned male at birth, and despite her parents raising her as a boy, she never self identified as a male, and starting from age 6 she consistently identified as a female. As she grew up she was taunted for acting girly and always playing with the girls rather than the boys. She grew up reading scientific books and playing video games, usually as a form of escapism from reality. She was depressed for a long time in her life, due to a combination of her gender dysphoria and the bullying from her peers.

Eventually at the age of 14 she learned about what gender dysphoria was in her school's psychology class, and told her parents about how she had it. Her parents reacted negatively at first; trying to convince her she was in fact a boy. Eventually they took her to a therapist, who told them that she did indeed have gender dysphoria. Her parents then began to accept her, and at 16 she changed her name and was allowed to begin hormone treatment and begin transitioning. The bullying began to get very threatening at her school, with many kids threatening violence against her, so her parents moved to a nearby suburb that was close enough to where they can keep their jobs, but Maddie could go to a different school, this new school being Aurora High School.

Along with reading scientific books and playing video games, she also enjoyed playing chess quite a bit, her mother having taught her the wonders of the game at an early age, and she occasionally entered a few tournaments. She occasionally went camping with her father, which was the only time she really bonded with him.

Due to the excessive bullying, Maddie became extremely shy, never really talking to anyone, and having only 1 or 2 friends. She usually hung out with the nerds, as that was the only group that really ever accepted her as she was. She did quite well in school, due to being quite intelligent, never really having trouble with any classes, but she never played any sports, because they never interested her. Upon transferring to Aurora High School when she was beginning junior year, she began to make many more friends than she had at her old school.

Maddie is usually quite happy (in contrast to her earlier depression) and bases most of her philosophies on logic, and as a result became an atheist later in her childhood. She is very calculating most of the time, and is quite cold to those she doesn't quite know. To her close friends, she is known to be very kind and caring, often helping them whenever she could.

Advantages: Maddie is extremely cunning and her wire-like frame makes her quite agile. Her scientific knowledge would allow her to make simple traps and simple explosives, provided she could find the materials for them. She is good at planning out her moves well in advance, stemming from her chess hobby. Her basic knowledge provided to her by camping with her father will give her a survivability boost on the island.
Disadvantages: Maddie is quite average in most other respects, especially physically. She would probably not be able to stand against someone who has played sports, unless she had another advantage. She is cold to those she doesn't know, making it hard for her to make allies past her small group of friends. She is also quite nervous and very cowardly, and would put her own survival above anyone else's, meaning she will probably lose any allies she does make.

Introduction Thread
Hello all! As with a lot of people, I am here because of tvtropes (wonderful site by the way). I am planning on participating in v5, and already have a character in the works (I just hope she doesn't die really fast :-/ ). And I am very much looking forward to being in v5. So I will see you guys later. ;)