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V6 Rolling List

  1. Min-jae Parker (backslash)
  2. Matthew Moradi (Privyet)
  3. Kimiko Kao (Deamon)
  4. Bryony Adams (Pippin)
  5. Fiyori Senay (Bikriki)
  6. Blair Moore (Espi)
  7. Alice Baker (Espi)
  8. Candice Banks (Somersault)
  9. Nate Turner (Slamexo)
  10. Alba Reyes (Laurels)

Turtle's Murder- I Mean, Relationship Thread
Updated lists accordingly.

V6 Nineteenth Rolls
I've run out of midmonth rolls jokes.

We still rolled four this time, though, and the kids that need to die are as follows:

#1. Emma Luz (KamiKaze)
#2. Jonathan Gulley (ToxieTheToxicAvenger)
#3. Vincenzo/a Gatti (Namira)
#4. Sandra Dyer (CondorTalon)

As always, three days for cards...

Posted Image

...and a further seven for deaths.

Posted Image

Please remember that, while you may get extensions beyond this deadline, failure to meet it may get you disqualified from BKA/BDA, as that will occur shortly after deadline.

Also, remember all the rules regarding death PMs, as well as to not gloat about not getting rolled.


Turtle's Murder- I Mean, Relationship Thread
Empress Plush
Jul 11 2017, 03:09 AM
I think Hel might know Richard as well. I'm mulling it over in my head a little and I have two ideas: one is that they're fairly professional team-mates who don't really gel personally but play well together and get along in-game since they both wanna go pro. The other is that they could be rivals of a sort, especially since their personalities just do not mix. Perhaps even one led to the other, where they tried to make a local team thing work and it blew up in their face and there's some tension still?
Updated the list accordingly based on what I thought. To respond to something specific (above): I like the idea of them being duo buddies but not really being friends otherwise. I could imagine them mainly talking strategy or messaging one another saying "hey I want to duo, join me?" or something along those lines and just NEVER interacting otherwise.

Official V6 Away Thread
I have returned.