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We faced a Riot employee guys!

In other news, Kog is great.

I Was Once Alive
Maddie watched Chris as he walked away from her.

He had told her that he was going to look for Michael, and she didn't object, Michael had been gone for awhile. She couldn't stand the thought of Michael getting hurt, he was too nice to deserve that. She told Chris good luck as he went and kept sitting next to the wall. She closed her eyes as she leaned back, assuring herself that Michael was okay and that Chris was going to be okay looking for him, since something could have easily happened to Michael and that thing could still be around.

Then, she heard the crack of gunfire.

Maddie's eyes bolted open and she was on her feet quickly. She turned her head to the source of the noise, but saw nothing. The sound must have come from somewhere outside of where Maddie could see. She quickly went over what she should do. Perhaps it was Chris who fired that shot, which meant that he had gotten into a fight with someone. Maddie listened for another noise, any other noise, but no noise came. If there was a fight, she figured she would have heard something more, a scream for help, more gunfire, anything. The fact that there was only a singular gunshot probably meant that a fight had ended just as quickly as it started.

She didn't know what to think. Was Chris okay? There was always the possibility that he was hurt, or worse, dead. Were they actually still fighting and she just wasn't aware of it? And what of Michael? Did that noise mean that he had been caught and killed earlier, and that's why he wasn't coming back? So many questions, so few answers.

Regardless, sitting out in the open likely wasn't the best course of action. Maddie moved all of their bags into the nearby store and poked her head out, watching. Waiting. Hoping that Chris or Michael would show up from around the corner, no worse for wear.

One minute, nothing.

Two minutes, still nothing.

Three minutes, all she could hear was the faint ringing from the blood running through her veins.

Four minutes and she had almost given up hope.

Five minutes and she was convinced that they were dead.

She picked up her own bag and slung it over her shoulder. She couldn't afford to stay any longer. If they were dead, that meant that whoever killed them was still in the mall, probably looking for her. If that was the case, she needed to get out, and soon. She considered taking Chris's and Michael's bags, they wouldn't need them if they were dead, but she still clung to the idea that they were alive. She decided that she would leave their bags, hidden just inside the store, just in case they were still alive so they could get them and go on without her.

She poked her head out of the store once again, half hoping to see one of them, but still she saw nothing. She turned away from the sound of the noise, towards one of the exits to the mall, and made her way out as quickly and quietly as she possibly could.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in Too Cold To Shiver))

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My sister was the Ashe and I was the Zyra.

She got her first penta in this game.

My protege is all grown up. <3

(In other news I had massive impact with le Zyra plays)

I Was Once Alive
Maddie put a little bit more of her weight on the wall, still rather relaxed.

Michael had wandered off, leaving his stuff. He had had an odd look on his face, maybe he was reflecting on something. She was sure he'd be back soon, in any case, maybe he just needed some air for a bit. Maddie understood that, she had needed air a lot so far on the island.

Then, Chris asked her a question. It was a good question, one she had put some thought into but not a whole lot. How long would this go on for, really?

She pondered an answer. "If I were to take a guess... I would say three or four more days. If I had to put a maximum? A week longer, but... I think that's a bit iffy if things keep going at the rate they've been going."

Three or four more days. Three or four more days for her to live or die. These next few days would end up testing all of them that are left. She had to prove herself worthy of being the last one standing, and hopefully not end up losing herself in the process. She once again quietly ignored the fact that everyone needed to die for her to be the last one standing, but she knew that thought would pop up again, it always did.

"One thing I do know though, these next few days are going to really force everyone to play the game like they intended... hiding and running just isn't going to work at this point..." She didn't like that her two primary tactics have stopped working, and that she'd be moved out of her comfort zone, but she was sure she could adapt to anything, given enough time. It was just a matter of if she had enough time in the first place.

But, she couldn't help but have the niggling feeling that she didn't really have any time left at all.

V5 Seventeenth Rolls
Oh gosh.

I really don't want to be rolled out quite yet, so any heroes would be greatly appreciated by anyone who wants to give me one.

I Was Once Alive
((Madeline Wilcox continued from The Faster The Treadmill))

Madeline walked behind Chris and Michael, sweating slightly from all of the walking they had done already that day.

It wasn't that hot out, she would actually call it pleasant, but the walking required her to exert herself. She had dealt with the shift in hormones the previous day, it wasn't pleasant and gave her a headache, but she survived. She was still feeling slightly off and a bit nauseous because of the hormonal shift, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it was the day before.

The three of them arrived at where they were heading, apparently, Maddie didn't really know where they were going, although she did know they had arrived in the mall and apparently were going to the top floor, she had just allowed Michael to take the lead. She put her bag down behind the two of them and drank some water to get her hydration back up.

She had found herself worrying about the smaller things, water, food, reasonable sleep, both yesterday and today more than she had on other days. Maybe she felt safer from potential harm from others so she just wanted to take care of herself, maybe she just wanted to care for her own needs a little bit more than normal. Regardless, she had more sleep the previous night than she had any other day, the recurring nightmares having given her a break, and also drank more water and ate more food than she had on previous days.

She put her water bottle back in her bag, half empty now, and looked back up at Chris and Michael. Just in time, Chris said something. He seemed to be talking to Michael which puzzled her, since Michael was deaf and Chris knew that now. She had heard him though, maybe that was the point even if he didn't seem to be talking to her.

"Yeah, it's a good thing too, gives a chance for us to relax a bit." Not that Maddie had not already been rather relaxed, at least compared to other days on the island, but actually having that relaxation justified dispelled any anxiety she might have still had. Maddie sat down and leaned up next to the wall, closing her eyes, taking the sounds of the mall and the island in. Peaceful, for the most part. She reflected on the fact that this island was probably a nice place to live at one point.

But now it's the place of a death game, and Maddie was prepared to survive it.