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New Official V5 Away Thread
Cicada Days
Jun 29 2015, 01:57 PM
I'm briefly logging on to confirm that my family situation has improved, at least to the point where I don't have to run off... Things are still hectic IRL but it looks like I can likely return in a few weeks.

Penelope opened her eyes when she heard a familiar voice call her name. She turned her head toward the sound and gave Alessio a toothy grin when she saw his face. He was one of the friendliest people she knew and a good friend of hers. "Hey Alessio!" She shouted, over the wind. She took herself out of her mediation position and stood up, giving the closest thing she could muster to a cat smile before poking Alessio in the nose. She often did this to her close friends as a way to express her affection in a way that other people typically don't. She doesn't bother poking friends who have a problem with personal space, but as a person she is very touchy towards people she is close to.

"Boop!" She said, as she poked Alessio's nose and continued poking him a few more times after that. "How have things been going, friend? I was just trying to relax here in the park for a moment, I do it pretty regularly if you didn't already know!" She sat back down as she listened to Alessio as he talked, and glanced over what was going on around her. She noticed Adelaide Walker not too far from them drinking out out of the water fountain. She was looking at them in between sips as they conversed. Adelaide was not the type of girl that she talked to very often, but Penelope at least knew her name. She brought her index finger up. "Just a sec, Alessio."

Penelope waved her arm in the air and shouted over to Adelaide. "Hey! Adelaide! Fancy seeing you here! 'Sup?"

SOTF's Tenth Anniversary
What a tweest.

Anyway, I'm with boogie here. I joined this site when I was a sophmore in high school, then I was suddenly a staff member in my senior year and now I'm getting ready to go to college. It's weird thinking about it all and how I've matured with the site.

Thinking about it just reminds me how much this site just means to me. It means so much that I probably can't even express it in words. To put it the best I can, without this site I would still be crappy at writing, I would likely not have one of my biggest gaming hobbies (League of Legends), I wouldn't have met so many nice people and made so many different friends, I likely wouldn't have matured as a person nearly as well, and given how the people of this site have helped me through some of the toughest times in my life I might not even be alive without it.

I could go on but those are the first things that sprang to mind. It deserves saying again: this site means a whole lot to me.

Cheers to SOTF. Live long and prosper.

Introduction Thread
Heya, Namira, and welcome to SOTF! You should take a look at the Mini, the chat, and the New Handler's Guide, to help you get an idea of how we work and how we differ from other RPs. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or any other staffer (we have purple names). We hope you enjoy it here!


Samantha "Sam" West
Hey Irene! Sorry for the delay on this one, Sam took awhile to get claimed and then I took her up from another staffer.

Anyway, unfortunately Sam is DENIED pending some revisions. My comments/revisions are in teal.

Name: Samantha "Sam" Maria West
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: 11
School: Cochise High
Hobbies and Interests: ghost hunting, supernatural stories/folklore, woodworking, sketching, running

Appearance: Sam stands at 5'7" and weighs 124 lbs. She has straight blonde hair that reaches down to the middle of her back. She has lightly tanned skin, light green eyes, and a somewhat angular face with a straight nose, thin cheeks, and a pointed chin. She prefers dressing in a simple, rustic style. She almost always wears blue jeans and tank tops or t-shirts of various plain colors, disliking wearing anything with writing or pictures, which she thinks look tacky. She has a few patterned clothes, but generally prefers to wear solid colors. She wears sneakers in the summer and boots in the winter.

She wears jewelry occasionally but will keep it simple, disliking anything big or gaudy. Her ears are pierced once apiece, although she'll sometimes go for weeks at a time without earrings. When she does wear earrings she only wears studs, usually small plain metal ones in varying shapes. She has no other piercings. She also doesn't wear makeup, not liking how it feels and how impractical it is.

Sam is slim and fairly athletic, running regularly on the track team and sometimes recreationally, as well as walking around a fair deal. While Sam doesn’t pay close attention to what she eats, and will sometimes splurge on junk food, she doesn’t overeat and exercises enough to keep her weight down.

On the day of the abduction she was wearing blue jeans; a white tank top; a dark red long-sleeved shirt; brown leather hiking boots; small, silver star-shaped metal stud earrings; and a small ring in the shape of a leaf on her left middle finger.

Biography: Sam was born (This should mention she was born in Kingman.) on September 14th, 1998 to Ellen and John West, who met in college. The couple had been dating for less than a year before Ellen got accidentally pregnant, due to poor birth control knowledge on both their parts. At the time, Ellen was 19 and John was 20. Ellen, who was living with her conservative Evangelical parents to save money, panicked when she found out she was pregnant. She and John ("then") had a very rushed wedding three months into the pregnancy.

After Sam was born, money quickly became an issue. While Ellen and John had found the cheapest apartment that would accommodate the three of them, they’d underestimated how much money it took to raise a baby. They’d both dropped out of college by this point, with John working full time as a salesman at an electronics store and Ellen staying at home to take care of Sam.

Over time, financial problems and the stress of being young parents caused more arguments between Ellen and John, as well as building resentment on both sides, but especially from John. He felt like this life had been forced on him, and felt trapped. When Sam was two, these tensions came to a head in a big argument between Ellen and John, and John moved out. Shortly afterwards, the couple got divorced, and John had no further contact with either of them, other than to pay child support.

After John left, Ellen started searching for a job, but because she never finished college it was hard to find one that paid well. She got a full time job at Target as a cashier, which combined with John’s child support and some government assistance programs paid the bills, but didn’t leave her with enough to put Sam in daycare. Ellen then turned to her parents for childcare help.
(Unnecessary paragraph break. You tend to have these quite frequently throughout, I've noted each of them.)
While they never knew the exact details surrounding Ellen’s marriage, her parents suspected enough to be disappointed in her, and to view her as sinful. This was reinforced by the fact that she later divorced her husband, even though they’d tried to persuade her not to. (I'm confused. Why did they not explicitly figure out she was pregnant before the marriage? Certainly they knew of the date of her marriage to John and also the date of their grandchild's birth. Logically they would put two and two together. Additionally, why would they blame her in this case? John got up and left, she had no choice but to file for divorce.)
(Unnecessary paragraph break.)
At first they were reluctant to take care of Sam partially because of this, partially because they didn’t really want to have a child around so much of the time. After seeing how much Ellen was struggling, however, they agreed to take Sam a few days a week.

This worked for a few years, but when Sam was about five or six they started teaching her some of their values, including those surrounding the concept of sin. Once Ellen found out about this, she became very angry, (Why? You haven't really established why Ellen dislikes her parents ideology, and you mention that she's a christian later anyway. Why the anger over teaching her child the thing she was taught?) and stopped leaving Sam with her parents, relying instead on friends and after school programs to watch Sam. (Being constantly tossed between caretakers can have a negative effect on a child's development and perception of their parents. You bring up the trust issues later, but I have to ask: did Sam have any resentment towards her mother because of this?)

After this incident the rift that had been growing between Ellen and her parents widened considerably, and now they rarely see each other, and when they do they’re usually cordial but distant. While Sam doesn’t have the same issues with her grandparents that her mother does, she’s always felt awkward around them, and isn’t close with them.

Sam developed some trust issues as a kid, partly due to the somewhat backhanded way her grandparents dealt with her (What do you mean by this? Was it how her grandparents tried to teach her their ideology? If so, wasn't she very young at the time and wouldn't have any problem with it because she's so young? Did her mother make her think badly of her grandparents?), as well as being shuffled around between caretakers so much. She sometimes feels like no one likes her or wants her around, and sometimes doesn’t trust the sincerity of the people she interacts with. She will often make quick judgements about people, which will sometimes deter her from forming closer relationships with people she doesn’t know very well.

When Sam was in fifth grade, Ellen started dating a man named Sang Tran (also nicknamed Sam), who she met at work. When Sam was in seventh grade, Ellen and Sang got married. Sang’s daughter, Jo, did not move in with them until Sam was in ninth grade, however. Before that Jo had been living primarily with her mom, but then her mom moved and Jo decided to stay in Kingman. Jo is one year older than Sam. (This last sentence could be stated when you first mention Jo.)[/color]

While Sam was somewhat apprehensive when Ellen and Sang first started dating, she quickly warmed up to him and Jo. She was happy when they got married, feeling like she finally had a family that was more complete. Growing up, Sam somewhat romanticized the idea of family. While she loves her mom, and the two of them are generally close, it bothered her that her life was missing something that most people took for granted. She grew especially close to Sang, as he’s the only father figure she’s ever really had. She and Jo are friendly ("with each other") but not close. Sam sometimes wishes that the two of them are closer, since she’s never had any siblings, (Why did Sam want siblings? What about having siblings does she find appealing? Simply never having them doesn't necessarily mean that you want them.) but she doesn’t want to appear needy and generally gives Jo her space.

When Sam was in eighth grade, (This is the first mention of Sam's hobbies. Certainly she developed hobbies and interests before she was in eighth grade, right?) Jo invited her along to go ghost hunting. Sam agreed, eager to get to know her new stepsister, as well as being mildly interested in the subject. Despite her interest, however, she felt a little silly actually hunting for ghosts. After a few sessions, however, she began to enjoy it. She likes the mystery and suspense during the hunting sessions, as well as the thrill of the occasional possible encounters. (Did they really have that many places to go hunting for ghosts? I can't imagine that a typical city would have more than a few abandoned spots that would be good for ghost hunting. Does she have to travel a fair ways on weekends in order to do this regularly with Jo?) While these encounters could easily be explained rationally, believing in the supernatural gives Sam some escape from the problems and monotony of everyday life. She started reading more folklore and fiction related to the supernatural soon after, and found it to be a fun hobby. As Sam got older, however, she became more private about her enjoyment of the supernatural, not wanting to appear crazy or naive to other people. She still goes ghost hunting with Jo, although a big part of that is to spend time with her stepsister, since the two don't have much else in common.

Sam was raised as a Christian, albeit in a casual way. Ellen would occasionally take Sam to church, usually on holidays, but was not religiously strict. Sam believes in God, and will pray often, but is not a close follower of the rules of Christianity. (This goes back to what I was saying earlier about Ellen and how she thinks about her parents. If Ellen is Christian, why did she have such an issue with her parents teaching Sam about sinfulness?)

Sam's favorite class is woodworking. She took it on a whim freshman year and really enjoyed it. She finds it both challenging and meditative, depending on the project. She also likes the somewhat rustic aesthetic, and finds it a good creative outlet. She'll sometimes take small projects home to work on, although since she doesn't have most of the required equipment at home she can't work on anything big or complicated outside of school. (What does she like making in woodworking? Are there any projects that she particularly enjoyed?)

Sam's best academic subject at school is physics. She finds it interesting, is good with spatial awareness, and is pretty good at math. Her math grades are generally high, although she'll sometimes skip more of the homework than is wise if it bores her.
(Unnecessary paragraph break.)
She does pretty well in history, especially when she finds the subject material interesting. When she doesn’t, however, she’ll often slack on homework or studying, which will bring her grades down. She also has some trouble with memorization, and will often forget the names and dates relevant to the events they’re studying.
(Unnecessary paragraph break.)
Sam's worst subject in school is English. While she will sometimes read for fun, it's mostly folklore and light fiction novels. She has trouble with older novels, ("due to her") not having the best grammar or vocabulary. She also has trouble identifying and expanding on themes, so often her essays or analyses will fall short.

Sam draws sometimes while she's at home, mostly with pencil (comma) although sometimes with charcoal. She’s not good at blending colors, and likes the aesthetic of black and white, so she doesn’t do much with color. She mostly draws plants, still lifes (comma) and landscapes. She’s a decent artist, although will (Remove "will".) struggle(s) with shading and faces, so will generally avoid drawing people and animals. The feeling of drawing soothes her, and she likes capturing a piece of life on paper. She also likes being able to play with the visual aspect, sometimes trying to copy things faithfully while at other times putting her own spin on them and creating a new look. (When did Sam start drawing? Why did she start drawing?)

Sam has always been fairly athletic, and especially likes to run. In seventh grade she joined the track team at her mother’s urging, and liked it enough to stay with it into high school. She’s good both at middle distance running and sprints, although she struggles with jumps and hurdles. She also likes to walk, and will sometimes go on hikes or walk around town by herself. Running helps her think and relax, and she will often run to calm down when she’s upset, although she also runs purely for fun. (Did she participate in any competitions while on the track team? If so, how did she do?)

While Sam doesn’t have any set career ideas, she’s thought about doing something along the lines of architecture. (Why?) While she wishes she could go to school full time after high school, she’ll probably have to go part time and work, since her mom doesn’t have enough money to pay for her college education.

Sam and Ellen are generally pretty close, especially since Ellen has been the one family member who’s always been there for Sam. They have their arguments like every other family; sometimes Sam will push her mother’s boundaries and sometimes Sam will feel like her mom is either not giving her enough attention or interfering too much in her life. They talk a lot, though, and Ellen is one of the first people that Sam will open up to with things going on in her life.

Sam is generally independent, and is good at finding ways to amuse herself. She’s fairly introverted, although while she’s generally the most comfortable by herself or in small crowds, she will sometimes get lonely.
(Unnecessary paragraph break.)
She’s somewhat socially awkward, and has a hard time socializing in big crowds. She is generally quiet, not liking to draw attention to herself around strangers, and is happier to be approached by someone new than to actively seek out new friends. She’s often shy with people she doesn’t know, and will sometimes phrase things more bluntly when she’s nervous. This plus her somewhat quirky hobbies means that she doesn’t have a lot of friends, but she has a small circle of people she feels comfortable with. She tends to make friends with people who share her hobbies, but she has a couple friends who are into different things from her. She meets most of her friends at school, either through her classes or hobbies that they share. Due to her trust issues, she has trouble making close friends, although the people that she does get close to she is very loyal towards.

She also has a pretty high tolerance for mistakes from people that she’s close to, so something that might turn her away from a superficial friend would be more easily forgiven if done by a close friend. If she’s pushed too far, however, or if her trust is broken, it’s almost impossible to gain it back, and she will hold a grudge against the person who wronged her. Sam will also sometimes idealize things or people, and either overlook flaws that appear or become bitterly disappointed when things don’t turn out how she wants them to, or if people don’t live up to her expectations.
(Unnecessary paragraph break.)
While Sam tries to be logical and practical about most issues and has a generally even temper, once she’s pushed past her limit her emotions will often override her rationality. When this happens she’s extremely hard to reason with, although she’ll often rethink her actions and apologize when appropriate later.

Advantages: Sam is fairly athletic, especially in her lower body from running and walking. This means she may be able to outrun any (Remove "any". After all, she can't outrun literally anyone.) aggressors. She is a loyal friend, so would be a good ally to people who she was close to before the game started. She’s independent, so would be able to take care of herself fairly well. Her trust issues could help her discern if her allies are planning to turn on her. (I don't really think trust issues help you determine if someone is about to betray you so much as make you paranoid about just that. Go ahead and remove this.)
Disadvantages: Sam’s trust issues might cause some misunderstandings between her and potential allies, which could possibly escalate into conflict. She sometimes overlooks flaws in people that she likes, or will give them more leniency, which could be dangerous if someone she’s close to is planning to betray her. She also has a hard time being rational in intense emotional situations, which could make her more likely to make fatal mistakes.

Post back here when edits are made, and I'll help you again in round two. :)

Penelope breathed in the fresh air of the park.

((Penelope Fitzgerald Pregame Start))

The wind danced across the beautiful scenery of the park, blowing Penelope's hair aside as she sat cross legged with her eyes closed on one of the park benches, meditating. She opened her eyes and took a sip from her bottle of tea. Things were quiet, serene. She loved Sumac Park for how nice it was to simply stay there and enjoy herself in the peace and quiet. It was certainly a joy for her to visit on the weekends, just so she could get out of her house and breathe in the fresh air of the park. Life was good, she was glad that she had the life she had. It was sunny and warm, as it usually is in Kingman, Arizona. She enjoyed the sunshine, even if she had to put on sun screen to avoid getting burnt due to her paleness.

Penelope bent over slightly and reached down for one of the flowering weeds that dotted the park. She picked it and admired how elegant it was. Most people would not say that they like these flowers, due to their status as weeds, but Penelope could find the beauty in most things. As far as she was concerned, life in general is beautiful. She placed the flower behind her ear and leaned back on the bench, closing her eyes. She took a deep breath and sighed in contentment. She sat there for a few minutes, and then tilted her head back up. She pulled her phone out of her purse, which had been sitting next to her, and checked the time. She would need to go home soon enough, and she needed to know how much more time she had, but she still had a fair amount of time from the looks of it, so she put her phone away and relaxed again.

Penelope closed her eyes and took in a big breath before returning to her meditation.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Turtle is iffy, because I would have expected more from her than a vote on a joke wagon. I've gotten to expect small bursts of very analytical thought from her as Town, and they're usually not half bad either. I don't get why she sat the flavor discussion out.

While I usually take a step back on day one, I've been having... issues lately that have affected my productivity. It's why I was mostly silent, even if I did have some things I could've said. In any case...

I have an... odd feeling about this game. It seems to me that it's almost as if Yugi is handling this like the actual Dangan Ronpa with its trial format. To those of you who don't understand what I'm getting at, essentially in Dangan Ronpa, there was usually one murder (or two) per chapter, and one murderer. This murderer could be any of the students in the case that they just decided to snap.

Two things are telling me this:
1. The lack of flavor that several townies have in their role PMs, such as the late Ducky, despite actually having flavor of some kind.
2. This statement by Yugi:
Slam was found dead in his room, killed by Byakuya Togami. But who is Byakuya Togami? Find out if you can!

I might be wrong about this, but this is sorta telling me that this game simply has a bunch of Judas roles that have a different triggering condition than dying. Frankly, the idea makes me really uncomfortable and I'm not sure what to make of it. Thoughts?

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
I don't know what to make of any of these proceedings. As far as I see I don't trust either Doc or MW right now.


VOTE: ...

I'm really not sure which one to vote for. I'd be happy lynching both of them, so when the time comes I'll drop a vote if things are turning out either way.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
Curious why you did this?

I liked the plan. And if it's not obvious, it was a joke vote because I was voting for the mod.

Guh I hate D1 mafia because there's too much stuff for me to keep up with. I'll try and say stuff anyway. I didn't have any sort of flavor, either, to all the people who mentioned not having flavor in their role pms. I also don't have very strong reads since a lot of what people have been talking about is theory crafting regarding the setup, which in my experience can go either way in regards to scum/town.

I'll post more later today or tomorrow.

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread
VOTE: Yugi

I like this plan. ^_^

Super Dangan Mafia 2 Game Thread

Mia Rose

Best Bard ults NA.

Highlights of the Bard ults that helped our team (from both bards!):

+Bard ult from me that got Graves a double.
+Bard ult from me that caught Ashe and got us another kill.
-Bard ult from enemy Bard that saved our Graves from the enemy Zed (I was congratulated in the call on that Bard ult, cue laughter after I say that it wasn't me).
-Bard ult from enemy Bard that saves two members of our team AGAIN.
+Bard ult from enemy Bard that caught me and Elena, I followed up with my own Bard ult as our team closed in, cue three for one teamfight.

Mia Rose
Heyo! Sorry for the delay again. Some personal issues got in the way, but I'm here now. You've got most of Mia's issues sorted, she just needs a little bit more on her thoughts/life view.

Name: Mia Abigail Rose
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: BMX racing, swimming, cheerleading, soccer, watching sports, House music, cats


At school, Mia is a very popular girl, partially due to being in the cheerleading squad but mostly because she's simply very cheerful, peppy and friendly. She makes friends easily, and doesn't see the point in antagonising people for no real reason. Even with her bubbly personality, Mia knows there's a time and a place for it, and knows to be serious when the time calls for it. She enjoys talking to new people and generally finds it easy making friends with them. Whilst she's generally socially smart, Mia does have a tendency to trust people she's close to without question, and this has, on occasion, resulted in her getting hurt by people who weren't as close to her as she thought. She will attempt to remain friends with the people in question, but more often than not she ends up severing ties with them due to how betrayed she'll feel. (You did good adding a bit more about Mia's personality, but she could use a teensy bit more. Is she generally optimistic? Pessimistic? Idealistic? Cynical? Does she have any particular principles that guide her? You don't have to cover everything, but a bit more would be nice!)

Get this one last bit edited and you should be good to go! :)