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The Faster The Treadmill
Maddie did a tally of her belongings while Michael and Chris got to know each other.

She had a decent supply of food and water, having been mostly pilfered off of other people. She was in pretty good standing with a lot of supplies. Except... she looked at her pill bottles. She had one day's dosage left in each of the bottles. She hadn't had a chance to take the last dosages this morning, with her being stuck in a danger zone with RJ, and it later slipped her mind. She downed the last dosages of each medicine with some water and put the pill bottles away, despite not needing them anymore. The fact that they were gone upset her, she didn't like the thought of having to deal with male hormones again for the first time in nearly two years.

But she needed to. If she ever wanted to go home, if she wanted to continue living, she had to. She had to endure, not only the sudden hormonal shift, but also everything else, the death, the misery. She had to make it to the end, be the last person left. The sole survivor of the tragedy that was Survival of the Fittest. Maddie looked behind her, hearing the other two walk off. She zipped up her bag and hoisted it over her shoulder. She had to keep looking ahead, despite all that's happened to her, she had to keep going forward. She had made it so far already, the end was slowly coming.

She pushed away the ever present nagging thought about how if she lived, everyone she knew and loved at Aurora, friends, acquaintances, peers, would all be dead. Including Michael and Chris, the two she was now grouping up with. She needed to push it away, if she focused on it, she would be unable to really go on. Maddie needed to push away all of her emotions, really, not let them get in her way. She needed to do awful things to keep moving forward, if she let her emotions run wild, she would die. And she accepted this, sadly, there was really no other way. That was probably the point anyway, of the game. Either you died or became a monster, maybe both.

You're going to make it out of this, she said to herself, as she began following Chris and Michael. And she would make sure to do her very best to not become a monster in the process.

She only hoped that she wasn't a monster already.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in I Was Once Alive))

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In other news, I got a triple at the end and also I'm buying Morde.

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This is an occurrence that most certainly took place.

The Faster The Treadmill
Maddie gave a small, friendly nod to Chris after he shook her hand.

She turned back to Michael only to see that he had another note for her. She took the note and read it. Michael's idea of forming another group would probably be a good idea, it would mean that none of them would have to worry about being alone. Maddie certainly didn't want to be alone, and she didn't think that Chris wanted to be alone either. Maddie finished reading the note, but before she could respond, Chris asked about the notes that Michael had been passing.

She turned her head to Chris. "Oh, the notes? Michael's deaf, he can't really speak all that well. It's more out of necessity than anything." She handed the note back to Michael. "I think for now we should just group together, like you said. Although, you will probably need to ask Chris about that and see if he's fine with it." Maddie gestured between Chris and Michael.

"I'll leave that to you two, I need to collect myself for a bit."

With that, she crouched down and started rummaging through her bag, beginning to think about what supplies she had, what had happened over the course of the day, what was to come in the next few days, and how she was going to plan for it.

What? Seems like just a nice game of 3s.

Nothing to see here, obviously. Move along.

Please note: I was camping the hell out of Syndra.

She told me to camp more.

I did.

She told me that there was a tent sale at Wal-Mart.

Bought that tent and pitched it outside of mid. It was a good deal. 10/10 would buy tent and camp again.

The Faster The Treadmill
Maddie got a rough answer from both Michael and Chris shortly after asking her question.

She read the note that Michael had given her while listening to Chris. She agreed with Chris that sticking together would be a good idea, it meant that she didn't have to be all alone again like she thought she would be after RJ's death.

She frowned and looked down at the ground, suppressing a sob. Seeing RJ die right in front of her wasn't a pleasant experience, and then proceeding to murder his killer in a rage was an even less pleasant experience after the fact.

She blocked that out of her mind, she needed to focus right now. She went back to reading the note, Michael's handwriting was actually very neat, she had just been reading it slowly because she was distracted by both her thoughts and listening to Chris. After she finished reading the note, she looked up at Michael and shook her head, frowning a bit while doing so. She handed the note back to Michael and turned her attention to Chris, responding to what he said. "I think sticking together would be a great idea. Good to keep yourself surrounded by the few sane people left in this place." She looked down at her jacket and frowned. "...Even if I'm not the most well adjusted myself, if I'm being honest."

She looked back up at Chris and extended her hand. "But... now that all of that is over, it's nice to meet you." She extended her hand, keeping a warm smile. "My name's Maddie, yours?"

*sees Espi posted the game already*

*posts screenshot she took anyway*

the struggle is real


Thankfully telling my sister to dive Kog'Maw finally managed to get her to do that in that last teamfight...

Jun 1 2014, 06:08 PM
Drophacking gets more/less popular based on Riot backend stuff that I don't really understand. There have been times where every other game I was in was getting drophacked.

It's a pretty infuriation experience. Right now it's once every 10-15 games, maybe a bit less frequent.
Jeeze, every other game? How many people are doing this/know about it? O_o

The Faster The Treadmill
Maddie stood, still not sure of what to do, pointing the gun-knife at Hansel.

Chris told him to leave his stuff behind. Good, disarming a killer is always a good idea.

Then, Hansel leaned down towards the FAMAS, making a move to pick it up. She started panicking. Hansel was probably just going to gun one of them down as soon as he got the FAMAS in his hands. Chris didn't look like he was going to stop Hansel. She had to.

She took aim at Hansel, hands shaking, and fired.

She hit the sand near Hansel, not actually hitting him. Hansel jumped backward when the musket ball hit the sand at his feet. He said something she didn't quite catch, and then pointed to his wounded arm. Then, he picked up the FAMAS and just left. She didn't fire another shot, neither did Chris. She stood there, stunned that Hansel didn't try to kill them, and that he had just gotten away with that. She put the gun-knife away, nestled in her pocket, unloaded. She looked back at Chris and Michael.

They had all just made it out of that situation unscathed, and Maddie didn't have to leave her stuff behind. She wanted to thank them, especially Chris, but she wasn't quite sure how to do so.

She settled on something simple that could be later turned into her gratitude.

"So... what now?" She asked, projecting, but not quite yelling.