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Avast, ye hearties!
Sara stood behind Sean, just out of sight, and listened to the confrontation. The boy had let out a scream and sounded extremely afraid. Why is that? She didn't think either of them were very threatening, although that large blade that Sean had might give someone the wrong impression. Regardless, he didn't sound like someone that came here to kill them both, he sounded like someone that came here to try and find a safe place, someone just as afraid as her. She went over to the railing and addressed the boy. "Um... you don't need to be afraid!" She yelled down. "We aren't going to hurt you!"

She meant it too. The boy was afraid. She didn't want anyone to be afraid of her or Sean. They weren't people to be afraid of. She thought for a moment. Perhaps this boy would like to join their crew? Assuming he wanted to find a place to stay, there would be no real reason for him to refuse, and someone to help them collect water and do other things around the ship would only be a boon to them. She just needed to talk to Sean about it, he is the captain after all, and much better at talking to people than her to boot.

She yelled down to the boy again. "Just... stay there for a moment." She turned to Sean. "Perhaps we could convince this boy to join our crew? He doesn't seem to be a threat, and actually appears to be scared, I think he just might want some place to stay. Plus, an extra pair of hands can't hurt, can it?" She said with sincerity. "No reason not to try, I think."

A New World Fool
Maddie ran straight into the treeline and ducked behind one of the front-most trees. She breathed hard and quickly, both due to panic and exhaustion, and her legs felt like gelatin after all that running. Was the boy following her? She peered gingerly around the tree and saw him as a dot nearby the edge of the cliffs. He hadn't even moved since she had started running. That was a relief, certainly. She turned back away from him and began moving further into the trees until she lost sight of the boy entirely. She breathed a sigh of relief, her breathing having already returned to normal by this time, and sat down next to a tree. She remembered that before that whole mess started, she was considering opening her map and finding a place to hide out temporarily.

She opened her bag and took out the map of the island. It took her a moment to figure out her location, evidently, through her wandering, she had found herself at the lighthouse point, as shown by the lighthouse that she could still barely make out through the trees. So, the nearest area that would sound like a good place to hide would be the homestead. She sat up and pulled the compass out of her bag. Instead of just wandering about, she needed to actually navigate in order to reach the homestead and there were no real features around to clue her into where she was going. She turned until the compass told her that she was facing the homestead. Eyeballing the map, she estimated that the distance from here to the homestead was about two miles or so.

She sighed, she had already walked a really long distance today, she wasn't really in the mood to walk even more, but this was her survival and safety on the line. She had to keep going to keep herself safe. She placed her gun-knife in her bag and zipped it up. She slung the bag over her shoulder. Hopefully it won't be late by the time she got there, as it was going to take her about an hour or so to walk that distance. With the map in one hand and the compass in the other hand, she started walking in the direction of the homestead.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in Setting Up Base Camp))

SOTF Grand Map of Doom!

Holy SHIT Swirly.


This is quite the achievement. I hope you continue updating the map as V5 progresses!

A New World Fool
Maddie heard the sound of a gun going off. She shrieked. He was shooting at her. The crazy bastard was shooting at her. She heard him shout something that she couldn't quite make out due to her hearing being dulled by the recent firing of a gun and over the air rushing by her ears, but it didn't matter, it was probably just a death threat or something similar anyway. She kept running. She ran as fast as her legs could possibly carry her. It was hard, running this quickly for so long. She was already panting from running, curse her lack of exercise! She wouldn't be surprised if the crazy bastard was chasing her already, eager for another kill. She couldn't let that happen. She couldn't wind up just another statistic, just another victim of the terrorist's twisted game. She had to live, she had to go home.

She had to break line of sight, make it harder for him to chase her. She desperately look around for someplace to run, a building, or some trees, but the closest thing that she could really run to besides the lighthouse was some trees presumably leading back to the big forest at the center of the island, but they were still at least a good 200 feet away. She had to try though, it was her only chance. She made a beeline for the trees, fueled by an energy that she had never quite felt before, presumably it was tons of adrenaline from the fight or flight response her body was no doubt going through. She needed to discourage pursuit, certainly this guy didn't want to die just as much as she did. She fumbled around with the gun-knife, clumsily placing a musket ball into the muzzle. With one arm she pointed it behind her in the general direction that she thought the guy was and fired.

The loud pop from the gun deafened her for a moment, probably damaging her hearing even more, and the recoil almost knocked the gun-knife our of her grasp, but she managed to barely retain hold of it. She had no idea if where she fired was anywhere close to the boy. She really didn't have any idea where the boy was, he could be chasing her, he could have decided she wasn't worth the trouble and stayed where he was, hell, he could have fired his gun more and she might not have been able to hear the shots. She couldn't really crane her head around to check either, she was too busy running for her life to try and twist her head around.

Maddie progressively got closer and closer to the treeline, her legs getting more and more tired and her breathing getting heavier and heavier as she ran. As she closer and closer to the treeline, she began to think more and more she would be able to ultimately avoid pursuit.

New League of Legends Thread
MK Kilmarnock
Jun 25 2013, 09:58 AM
It's vital to playing in general. Ideally, you want the camera unlocked but you leave 'center camera' bound to space bar so if you really need it locked for a second or you need to quickly snap the camera to you, you can quickly tap it.
I usually keep the camera locked on me at all times...

Maybe that is why I don't notice ganks very quickly. O_O

Gonna go change the center camera button to the space bar right now and hopefully I will remember to keep it unlocked...

Avast, ye hearties!
Sara, in her haste to bring the porthole back to Sean and not worry about where it came from, forgot to consider the fact that it was a tad bit worrying that the ship was falling apart. She shivered at the thought of the ship collapsing while the two of them were on it. She calmed herself though, the ship was certainly sturdy enough to keep together, the porthole might have just fallen off when the ship crashed.

She decided to just sit down and watch Sean work. As she sat down, and started watching him work, she heard a faint hello come from off the ship. She walked to the edge of the deck and peered over the railing to see an unfamiliar boy standing down below, clutching a golf club. Her eyes went wide. That boy had heard them talking. That boy knew they were up here, especially now that they had probably seen her. She started to panic, what if this boy was going to try to hurt them? The boy would probably not announce his presence to the two of them if they were intending to do just that, but what if that is what they WANT them to think? What if they were trying to lower Sara's and Sean's guard and then strike when the two of them least expect it?

She didn't know what to do. She turned to Sean. Sean might know what to do. "Uh... Captain... you may want to address the person on the beach down below." She worried more about what the boy down there was planning to do. She really hoped that the boy had peaceful intentions, because if he didn't, there would be no real way for her to defend herself.

A New World Fool
((Madeline Wilcox continued from The Game Begins))

Maddie had walked quite a distance. She had no idea where she was really going, she seemed to be aimlessly wandering without thinking too much about it. She was just going somewhere. She began considering looking at the map and trying to find someplace to hide out while everything went down when she heard the sound of a gunshot and froze. She quickly dove into a nearby bush and began panicking. Where did the gunshot come from? Who was it directed at? Was it directed at her?

She had better figure out what was happening, and quickly. She peered out of the bush in the general direction that she heard the gunshots, to quickly see a boy standing over another boy who was on his knees a good distance away. The boy standing up was pointing a gun at the other boy. A few more shots rang out, and the boy on his knees fell to the ground, presumably dead. That boy... that boy was a murderer. She couldn't quite make out the look on his face, but she doubted it was one of remorse. What was she going to do? She was about 50 feet from a murderer, hiding in a bush. She began to quickly run through what she could do in her head.

She could keep hiding in the bush. But, he might have already seen her, and if he did, there would be nothing stopping him from getting closer, and if he got close enough, there would be little stopping him from killing her. So didn't want to take the chance.

She could run. But, running would reveal that she knew he was there very quickly, and he would likely shoot at her. Hitting a moving target may be difficult, but there was always a chance he could hit her, and she didn't feel like dying.

She could fight. But, fighting could easily end in her demise as well as running or hiding. She doubted her ability to hit anything with the gun-knife, especially with how it is muzzle loaded and can only fire off one at a time. For that guy though, accuracy probably mattered less. She heard the shots go off in quick succession, so this guy could easily just fire a ton of rounds in her direction and hope he hits. Plus, that guy just murdered someone; he definitely had the psychological advantage.

She couldn't just sit back and do nothing though, she has to do something. Perhaps she could scare him, fire off a shot and then run, let him know she can defend herself but ultimately doesn't want to fight. It was still risky, but it sounded better to her than any other plan she came up with. She pulled one of the musket ball looking bullets out of the bag and placed it in the muzzle of the gun-knife. She wasn't sure how this thing worked exactly, from a bit of testing she did earlier she just knew that it didn't appear to need gunpowder loaded into it, despite firing what seemed to be musket balls.

She leveled the gun-knife in the boy's direction. She didn't care if she hit him, he probably deserved it, considering he killed someone. But... what if she killed him? Maddie pushed that thought away. Right now was about survival, she could worry about whether or not she became a murderer herself after she got away from here. She pulled the trigger on the gun, feeling it kick back against her and emit a very loud pop. With ears ringing from the sound of the gun-knife firing she jumped out of the bush and began running diagonally away from the boy, not even looking back to see if she hit him or not.

TT Reads V5!

It is hard to give feedback on in progress stories, so I am limiting this thread to characters that are already dead or otherwise eliminated. However, once your guy/gal is dead, I will gladly give them a read as soon as you drop a post in here. :)

^This is a thing. I will read what people have already asked for (even if the character isn't dead) but please take this into account.

EDIT: However, critique trades are totally okay.

TT Reads V5!
(Mostly copied from TT Reads V5 Pregame)

So, since first rolls just happened I want to start reading a bit of V5. However, unlike the many brave souls that are reading all of it, I don't want to just dive in and see what happens. I thought that not only would I read V5, but I would give my opinions and feedback on the various colorful characters on the island, just like in my pregame thread of similar nature. The way this works is similar to Rattle's thread about him reading V4. Simply post in here with the character you want me to read and give feedback on. Please take note of these few things, however:

  • One character per handler at a time. I don't really have that much free time, so I don't want to be swarmed with 140+ characters.
  • It is hard to give feedback on in progress stories, so I am limiting this thread to characters that are already dead or otherwise eliminated. However, once your guy/gal is dead, I will gladly give them a read as soon as you drop a post in here. :) (critique trades are the exception to this)
  • Brutal honesty is to be expected. If I REALLY like your character, I will say so. If reading them makes me want to start readying a noose, I will say so. However, I will always try and say both good and bad things about a character.
  • I am no MurderWeasel (no one but Toben can possibly be a MurderWeasel). Expect the queue to move slowly and expect my feedback to not be /extremely/ in depth (but I will really try to give as much feedback as possible).
  • Generally, my feedback will be sorted into three things: the good (what was done well), the bad (what was done poorly), and the ugly (things that I disliked but are subjective in nature).
  • Finally, if you want to return the feedback I give in favor/revenge I would appreciate the critiquing of my two characters in PM.


The Game Begins
((Madeline Wilcox continued from A Trust Exercise))

Maddie walked away from the abandoned harbor still in a daze. Perhaps she should have been moving quicker, considering that Nina could wake up at any time, would likely be very angry, and would likely want to find her. Maybe Maddie wanted to be found, all things considered. Lost in her thoughts, she arrived at the scenic overlook without realizing. She decided to take in the view of the overlook, to try to get her mind off of the island and what was going on. It was quite beautiful, the view. The entire area itself was pretty nice, in fact. She finally took a good look at her surroundings. There were flowers, nice benches, and...

Maddie's eyes went wide. A corpse.

There was a corpse near the railing. A very bloody, mutilated corpse. She gagged. There was a corpse only twenty feet away from where she was. She couldn't tell who it was or even what they looked like, but she could see the blood. All of that blood... She felt sick looking at the corpse. She stumbled over to the railing of the overlook and vomited up half the contents of her stomach over it.

Who was it? Who's already dead? Who did this sick game already claim as a victim? She forced herself to get closer to the corpse, to get a look at who it was. Closing in on the body it took most of Maddie's concentration to keep from retching again. Once she got close enough to see who it was, she froze.

It was Gabriella Parker. Maddie didn't know too much about the girl, what she liked, who she was. All she knew about Gabby was that she loved to perform. But it didn't really matter who Gabby was, she could have been a massive bitch for all Maddie knew, she didn't deserve this. She didn't deserve to have her very last moments of existence be painful and scary. She deserved to have a full chance at life, a chance at success, a chance at happiness, just like everyone else. But the terrorists just had to take that all away from them, didn't they?

A tear streamed down her face. The terrorists didn't care about what they were doing. They didn't care that they were taking so many lives, so many chances, so many futures, away. Whatever problem that they have with the United States, the kids of Aurora High School had nothing to do with it, and the very fact that they were hurting so many innocent lives just to prove some sort of sick point made her angry.

But she calmed herself. There was no point in getting angry right now. Getting angry would distract her from her number one goal: survival. She needed to save her anger for later, when she was safe and sound. If she was safe and sound. She might wind up just like Gabby. Thinking about the possibility of her own demise made her look again at Gabby's corpse.

She looked into Gabby's eyes. The cold, dead look of them, the emptiness of her gaze, made Maddie sick again. She hurried to the railing and leaned back over it, once again vomiting, this time emptying her stomach completely. She turned away from the corpse. There was no point in staying around it at this point.

Walking out of the scenic overlook, Maddie was left with one last conclusion.

The game has finally, truly begun, and she needed to be more careful than ever.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in A New World Fool))

A Trust Exercise
Maddie opened the door to the store, taking precaution not to make any loud noises. She walked over to where Nina was sleeping and spotted Nina's gun knife lying next to her. Maddie picked it up carefully, making sure not to disturb Nina while she did it. She examined the gun knife. This was the first time that she actually got to observe it up close. It was weighted oddly, like she heard Nina mention, and the barrel of the gun coming out of the hilt was awkward to aim and it appeared to be muzzle loaded. Not a good gun or a good knife, but it would have to do.

She walked over to Nina's bag and unzipped it. A gun was useless without ammo, so she needed to find some. After spending a few moments rooting around in Nina's bag, she pulled the satchel full of what looked like musket balls from it. She tied the satchel to two of her belt loops, keeping it at her waist for when she might need it. She looked down at Nina's bag again. The thought occurred to her.

I could just take anything I wanted.

But would she? She already felt bad enough betraying Nina's trust like this, taking her weapon, her only defense against people who could potentially try to kill her. Maddie needed a good weapon, not some spear that she cobbled together, but so did Nina. Maddie wanted to live, she needed to live. But, Nina wanted to live too, probably just as much as her. Maddie looked down at the bag. Bending over, she zipped it back up. I'm not that heartless.

Maddie picked up her bag from where she left it against the wall and slung the strap over her shoulder. Carrying the gun-knife in her hand, she opened the door of the shop up and then closed it behind her on her way out. She looked around the pier and then started walking down it. She had just driven away her only ally. But she couldn't afford to trust anyone, could she? Wasn't it too dangerous? She wasn't sure anymore. She had driven away the only person who had shown her kindness on the island so far, which might be even rarer than she thought. She wanted to go back now and put everything back, to wake Nina up and act like nothing happened. But she couldn't do that, she made her choice already. Regardless, she was going to be awfully lonely from here on out.

But that shouldn't really matter, because as the rule goes: don't trust anyone.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in The Game Begins))

Avast, ye hearties!
Sara's little rousing speech seemed to be enough to get Sean out of his funk, at least a little bit. He sat up and started putting together a plan, which was good, because she would be left up a creek without a paddle if Sean wasn't making any plans. She waited patiently as Sean thought, only for him to get up onto his feet and explain to her with gusto that they better get started soon, and they were going to need a dish of some kind, which Sean wanted her to find. "I can do that, don't you worry!" She said enthusiastically.

Sara stood up readying herself to head back into the inside of the ship while listening to Sean give one last encouraging statement and a note to bring up anything interesting she finds. "I will do it as quick as I can Captain!" She said with determination. Sara started making her way down the steps into the belly of the ship. She walked slowly though the inside of the ship, looking around and taking note to look harder in the dark areas that weren't lit by the light coming in from holes in the hull of the ship. She wandered into a small compartment that was almost completely dark, with no light spilling in from outside. She felt around for anything that might be useful for them, making sure not to accidentally trip over something in the darkness.

Then, she felt something, something oddly circular, and smooth in the middle, with a dip. It was rusted on the edges, and whatever it was, it was quite heavy. Sara lifted it up; she was able to carry it, but it was quite difficult for her to walk while doing so. She trudged over to the light so she could examine what the object actually was. In the light, she could plainly see it was an old glass porthole, probably from some part of the ship. The hinges attached to the porthole, evidently from wherever it originally came from, were broken and the metal was warped and jagged. She examined the dip in the center; it was probably concave enough to hold a decent amount of water, maybe a cup or two, but not a lot.

As she picked it up again to take it back to Sean, she began to wonder how a porthole got detached from the ship and wound up there, but she figured it best not to question it and be glad that she found it in the first place. She managed to get the porthole to the steps up to the deck before running out of breath. She sat down next to it to catch her breath, before slowly making her way back up to the top of the ship.

When she emerged at the top, she placed the porthole down on the floor of the deck, breathing a sigh of relief. "I found something Sean! I think it is an old porthole from part of the ship. It's kinda heavy and the metal is rusted, but it is probably concave enough to hold water!" She glowed with pride at finding it; even as shoddy of a dish it was, it was still a dish.

A Trust Exercise
((Minor GM'ing approved))

Maddie flashed a reassuring smile to Nina. "Don't worry about it. Go ahead and catch your breath. I will take as much time as you need to rest."

Maddie picked up her spear and walked out onto the pier. She didn't need to actually patrol any, or course. While she still needed to keep an eye out for anyone approaching, as at this point she couldn't guarantee no one was playing, she didn't need to actually patrol. She just needed to wait for Nina to fall asleep, then all she needed to do after that was take the things she wanted from Nina and get out of here as fast as possible.

She walked around the pier, taking a cursory glance at the surroundings. Broken down shops. Rotting wood. Rusty malfunctioning boats. Not much else was around here. It made for rather boring scenery, but, perhaps she is trying to focus on the scenery to keep her mind off of the fact that she is going to betray someone as nice as Nina just to give herself a better chance of survival.

She didn't like thinking about the plan; when she drugged Nina's drink she didn't even think when she did it. She just did it. She knew she was going to have to face the awful reality of what she was doing sooner or later, whether it will be after it all happens or just before. She stopped at the edge of the pier. She had walked all the way to the edge without even realizing it. She turned around and began walking back to the store, which was a fair distance away at this point.

She still had regrets about the plan, but there was no stopping it at this point. As she walked she hoped that Nina was asleep at this point. It would look sour for her to come back so early only for Nina to still be awake, or worse, Nina could try to take another patrol and stay awake in spite of the medicine. Looking up, she saw that she had arrived at the front of the store. She walked up to the window, peering into the dark glass to see Nina inside, asleep, just as planned.

A Trust Exercise
((GM'ing approved))

"Um..." Maddie feigned making a decision, obviously she was going to ask Nina to patrol first, but she didn't want to look. "Can you patrol first? I kinda just want to stay in here and think for a bit." She watched as Nina took her gun-knife, got up, and left the dilapidated store to patrol the area. Now was the time to get to work.

Maddie went over to Nina's bag, unzipping it and getting out the half empty water bottle she saw Nina drink out of earlier. She placed the water bottle down as she took the pill box out of her hat and opened it up for the first time. Inside, as the slip of paper said, were three ambien pills. She took one of them out and closed the box back up, placing it back inside of her hat.

She then went over to her bag, taking out the survival guide that she had found earlier inside of it. She ripped off a small slip of paper from one of its pages. Placing the paper on the counter in the store and placing the pill on top of it, Maddie picked up her spear from where it was sitting nearby. She walked over to the counter and carefully crushed the pill using the spear, getting the small flecks of the powder that were still on it off of it and onto the paper with the rest of the powder.

Putting her spear down, she picked up the water bottle off of the ground and unscrewed the cap. She carefully took the paper and poured the powder from the Ambien pill into the water bottle. Placing the cap back on the bottle, she shook the water bottle and watched as the Ambien dissolved into it. She placed the water bottle back into Nina's bag and zipped it up. Maddie had just enough time to place everything that she moved back into their original spots and sit back down where she originally was sitting before Nina walked back into the store.

Nina looked tired from her patrol, it seems she got involved in some sort of heavy activity while she was out and about. Perhaps she didn't need to get Nina running after all. Maddie took the opportunity to go over to Nina's bag and get out the water bottle she dissolved the Ambien in. She turned to Nina, putting on a look of sincere concern. "You look tired from that patrol, here." She handed Nina the water. "You probably need it."

A Trust Exercise
Maddie knew that rescue wasn't going to come. Sure, some kids were saved last time, but now, now is different. Those terrorists were awfully serious, and she wouldn't be surprised if they set all of the kids collars to explode if any rescuers show up. Sure, the terrorists might be finally taken down for good by it, if the rescuers happened to be a government's military, but the kids, including herself, would all die.

Thinking about it made her painfully aware of the collar she was wearing. The collar wasn't heavy, but it was tight, menacing, serving as a constant reminder that the terrorists could kill her at any moment. She didn't like having the collar around her neck; it made her paranoid that it was going to blow at any moment because one of the terrorists thought it would be funny. She pushed the thought away and pretended it wasn't there, that the collar couldn't kill her and the terrorists totally weren't holding it over her head along with everyone else.

Maddie looked up when she heard Nina suggest that they patrol the area.

A... patrol? That's...

That's perfect for her plan. She could put the powder in Nina's drink while Nina is out patrolling, and then when it is Maddie's turn to patrol she can come back, panic stricken, and tell Nina that she heard gunshots and that they need to get out of there, and quickly. She looked directly at Nina. "A patrol sounds great. It could certainly go a long way towards keeping us safe and sound."

Avast, ye hearties!
After all of their stuff was all laid out, Sean spoke, struggling with what to say for a moment before getting out that he was talking about her tinfoil as the most difficult thing to figure out how to use. He said that if they could shape it into a reflective dish to start fires, and could also jury rig a water purifier out of enough of it. She had no idea that tinfoil could be used for those things, and she was decidedly impressed with how Sean knew that.

Sara noticed that what they laid out on the deck wasn't entirely congruent on both sides, ignoring their different weapons, as there was a survival guide on her side and not on Sean's. Just as she thought that, Sean picked up the survival guide that she laid out a moment ago, saying the only use for it was tinder for a fire before pausing for just a moment. "Sean? Are-"

She was interrupted by Sean loudly yelling out the word crap, and rolling onto his back before saying that he threw his overboard. So that is why he didn't have it on his side. She thought. She went over to the spot he was in and leaned over him. "You know, even though you messed up by wasting resources, I thought it was pretty awesome that you knew that tinfoil could be used to make a reflective dish and a water purifier."

"Here." She placed the tinfoil down in front of him. "Why don't we keep focused on doing things that will help us survive here in the freighter rather than focusing on the mistakes we make?" She added a bit of confidence to her voice. "After all, we just have to keep on sailing. Right, Captain Mulcahy?"

A Trust Exercise
Alas, Maddie did not see any good places. The entire pier was a wreck, and as far a she was concerned, almost any place they could settle down here would be pretty much the same for her. She hoped that if they stayed anywhere though, it was not in one of the old boats docked at the pier, they looked even more unstable than the rest of this place, and trying to sleep on a floating vessel would probably make her sea sick.

She gave a small nod to Nina when she asked if Maddie was okay with settling down. She looked up at Nina as they walked to the nearest store. Given what she was planning though, she might not need to worry about settling down anywhere with Nina.

Rule One: Don't trust anyone.

Nina was, unfortunately, going to learn that the hard way very soon. They arrived at the store's entrance, with Nina explaining that they can hole up here. Maddie stayed quiet as they entered the store and placed down their belongings. As she finalized her plan, she saw Nina start drinking some of her water and eating part of a calorie bar.

First, she needed to get Nina away from her things. Second, she needed to place and dissolve one of her sleeping pills in Nina's water. Third, she needed to get Nina to drink it all at once somehow, probably by exhausting her through scaring her into running with Maddie from a non-existent threat of some sort.

Finally, Maddie needed to take Nina's belongings, especially her gun-knife, after she fell asleep from the medicine.

Maddie had reservations about the plan, it clashed deeply with her own morals and she wished that she could bring herself to truly trust Nina. Nina was acting so nice to her, offering her protection and safety. But, the island might have already caused Nina to give up her morals, maybe she has similar plans for Maddie, only much more sinister in nature. Maddie couldn't afford to trust her; Maddie couldn't afford to trust anyone.

She was pulled out of her thoughts by Nina asking if she was okay. "Um, yeah, I am alright. I'm just scared is all; I've been scared ever since I woke up on this island."

Avast, ye hearties!
Sara's heart sunk as Sean said that he had no plan. Maybe it was too much to expect Sean to have a plan when she had no plan of her own. Sara looked up to see Sean give a hearty laugh and walk towards the right side of the ship, only to give his actual plan; simply that they wait out the game here in the drowned freighter. She kept quiet about her reservations concerning the plan, as it was always possible for them to get forced out in some way, either through the violent actions of their fellow classmates, or the subversive actions of the terrorists.

Sara noticed Sean started walking back towards her, and he took the courtesy to point out that tinfoil can actually be very useful with the same sort of energy that he always had even before this incident. She began to question how her tinfoil could be useful in any way, but before she could open her mouth, Sean requested that they lay out their things. She quickly obliged, opening her bag and placing the things in it out in the open.

In total, there was a map, a compass, her tinfoil, a flashlight, some sort of sarcastic survival guide, her bag for the trip containing her clothes, ten powerbars, and a first aid kit. She didn't quite understand why the terrorists would give them anything at all, especially a first aid kit as fully stocked as this one. She just assumed that the terrorists just wanted all of them to die, why make it easier for the kids to avoid doing just that?

After she finished spreading out her belongings, she looked back up towards Sean. "So, what you were saying earlier, about the tinfoil... how exactly could it be useful?"

A Trust Exercise
((Madeline Wilcox continued from Game On))

Maddie had a lot of time to think as she and Nina walked to the Eastern Inlet. She stared at the ground, thinking about this... sick game that the terrorists set up. She began questioning, wondering, why? Why did they do this? Was it to punish them? None of the students of Aurora deserved this, no matter how vile they were. They were kids. Older kids, but still kids.

Was it to scare America? No matter how powerful this group of terrorists are, they are in no way as powerful as the USA, and going by how the United States has acted in the past, the only thing they would do is make America angry. So why?

Was it to prove a point? What point could they prove? That everyone is truly savage on the inside, no matter how much order there is? The more she thought about the last possibility, the more she thought that was right. But... why like this?

She forced herself out of her thoughts for a moment and looked up to see that the Eastern Inlet was getting close. She still had more time to think, so she tilted her head back down. She began to entertain the thought of possibly getting off of the island alive, but no matter which way she thought about it, it always came back to one thing.

In order to get off the island, I would have to kill someone.

Could she kill someone? She had doubts. The thought of killing someone, even killing someone that is trying to kill her, sickened her. There would be no way she could possibly do something like that, not on purpose, not unless she absolutely had to, and even then only as a last resort.

But... the plan that she was slowly assembling in her head, the one she had for her and Nina, it was just as morally bankrupt as murder. But, Maddie needed a weapon. A real weapon. Not a shoddy spear that was probably going to break apart after one good use. She looked up at Nina, she was oblivious to what Maddie was thinking. Maddie pulled off her hat and looked at the silver pill box.

I guess I will get use out of you after all.

She looked up and realized that they had finally arrived, at some sort of abandoned harbor no less. Nina turned back to Maddie as Maddie placed her hat back on her head. "Uh, yeah, a place to rest would be nice!" Her endurance was poor and her legs were already starting to hurt from the distance that she walked, so a place to sit down for a few moments would be a nice change of pace.

Game On
Nina didn't seem to want to look for any of her friends. She said it was probably more important to find a safe place to hide out. "Yeah, I agree that finding a safe place to hide out would probably be the best way to go about all of this." Maddie saw Nina pull out the map she had, and Maddie did the same with hers. As this was the first time that Maddie had actually examined the map up close, she studied it and memorized the various locations imprinted on it.

The nearest areas are the Eastern Inlet, the Aviary, and the Hospital. She heard Nina comment as she stared at the map that the best place to hide out would probably be the aviary. Maddie silently took a moment to look over each of the nearby areas. "I disagree about the aviary. I think this Eastern inlet, which is also closer, would probably have a ton of buildings that we could scavenge from or hide out in, while an aviary would probably only have a bunch of large cages for birds and not much in them."

Maddie packed up her things that she left out and zipped her bag closed. She hoisted it up and swung the strap over her shoulder. Picking up her spear, she turned back to Nina. "If this all sounds good to you, then we can go ahead and start heading there now."

Maddie quickly turned away from Nina and began walking in the direction of the inlet, quietly keeping what she was really planning for the two of them to herself.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in A Trust Exercise))