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Minus Something
Penelope smiled and nodded her head, more than happy with the fact that her friends were still supporting her–even if they seemed to be hesitant to do so.

She walked forward and wrapped her arms around Raina, hugging her as tightly as she could manage. "Thanks," she muttered, into Raina's ear, "that means a lot to me..."

She held the hug for a long time, trembling slightly as she tried to contain all of the conflicting emotions she had felt in this room over the last half hour. She hugged Raina even tighter, trying to express just how much she appreciated her friend, how she appreciated her in ways that could not be expressed in mere words alone.

As the hug was held, Raina eventually whispered into Penelope's ear that she was hugging her a bit too tightly. She relaxed the hug, only to nuzzle her head against her best friend's shoulder.

Times of crisis nearly always brings out the worst in people, but it also brings out the best in those who shine the brightest. You always look for the helpers, you always find people who are helping. They were the helpers, they were doing what's right in a world so inherently wrong.

For the second time ever on the island, Penelope felt truly good about herself.

She eventually let go of Raina, only to take her hand in Penelope's own. "Let's just... stay here for a while. I think we should all get a chance to cool down after all of that. Maybe we can move somewhere else later."

She sat down at one of the cafeteria's tables, the only one sitting untouched in the room, taking care to face away from the pool of Kizi's blood that lay festering on the ground nearby. She motioned for Raina and Johnny to join her, and she did what she had not done since before the trip; she decided to meditate.

She took a moment to focus her thoughts, she took a moment to relax, she took a moment to clear her head. Good would always win, in the end. Even if their little group of pacifists would wind up dying in the here and now, the terrorists that had murdered them wouldn't be able to do so forever. Their deaths may be just as pointless as any other, but she could take solace in the fact that no matter what, the tragedy would eventually stop.

She breathed in, and breathed out. Even with all of the broken dreams around her, even in her time of great distress, she could still find peace with those that she trusted.

((Penelope Fitzgerald continued elsewhere...))

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
May 28 2017, 09:04 PM
Vote: VoltTurtle

I wasn't convinced by your rebuttal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Not much to say then, huh? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Man I don't even know what to make of all of this rampant speculation.

I feel like a lynch on Frogue or Zetsu could be productive since it would verify whichever one isn't lynched, but at the same time Zetsu seems borderline confirmed as is. That leaves godfather possibility for Frogue but I think that's something that town can safely sit on for a while.

A hill I'm willing to die on though is that there being not only a bomb but two bulletproof townies seems bastard-levels of dickish to the scum team if they're all town and I refuse to believe that none of them are scum sitting on a safeclaim. Possibilities as I see them are as follows:

1. Decoy intentionally stuck in two of the same role to mess with massclaims, and thus both Boog and Flare are town.

In this case I'd imagine that Deamon is almost certainly scum, because again, I can't imagine how anyone would think it would be fair to have two bulletproof townies and a bomb in the same game, unless it is a bastard game (hehehe).

2. Decoy only made one actual bulletproof townie, and one of Flare or Boog are scum.

In this case (which I think is most likely), if we lynch one of them and get a town result we can lynch the other and get scum. Conversely, if we lynch one and get scum we can be pretty sure the other is town. Under this possibility I would still hazard to guess that Deamon's claim is just a really brutal safeclaim that Decoy put in, however.

3. All three are town and Decoy is really bad at building games.


4. Both Flare and Boog are scum and coordinated really poorly.

I don't really see this as being super likely but it's a possibility. If this is the case, Deamon is basically confirmed town.

So the most productive lynch I see is one on either Flare or Boog, since it gives us a lot to work with in the coming days.


To be contrarian, I'm going VOTE: Flare since I can theoretically see either of the two being scum/town just based on behavior alone. Flavor wise I suppose I can find myself agreeing with Ricky's assessment on EDI vs Grunt being more important, but I also feel like it'd be dumb for Decoy to not have a major party member be a scum safeclaim, and if we know for certain that Joker is town, EDI would be a logical townie to have too.

So that's where my vote is staying for right now. Once we really get down to the wire I'll hop on whatever train is the biggest, though, especially if it's either Flare or Boog.

10 year anniversary

Yugi Ranks 50 SotF Characters Chosen By You

I'm only going to put one character in here and it's Isabel Ramirez (V6) just because I know you don't like her and you've never really elaborated on why.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP: To elaborate on the boog suspicion:

I can buy a townie immediately not liking someone else having their role. If I was in the same situation I'd personally vote for that person immediately.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Yeah, Decoy easily could have included two bulletproof townies just to fuck with exactly what we're doing right now and help throw town off. Part of me wants to believe that both Flare and Boog are town, but at the same time... ehh?

Boogie casting immediate suspicion on him wasn't that bad, though.

Also Deamon, according to Zetsu he's a JOAT and he investigated Frogue, getting a town result. He also shot Prim.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
VT: Says she'd go after Vyse assuming Toben flipped town. Makes sense, I'd do it too if I were town, but doesn't really make much sense from her perspective, given that she'd more or less come to the same conclusions as Vyse, allegedly independently. Why would she scumread Vyse for getting the same conclusions as her, even if he was wrong? Why wouldn't she interpret it as town picking up a load of false signals? Rings false for me. There're some other things that I policy scumread for, like teh scumgloat thing, but this is main thing. Scumnull. I was trying to bait reactions with that vote, so rip that. I'm keeping the vote here, though. Turtle, can you produce some new reads please?

So I can't really come up with any new reads because I just got back from my sister's graduation and I'm carsick as fuck but I can respond to this.

Yeah in all honesty it probably wasn't a good call to say that I'd go after Vyse, upon re-reading things. We were obviously both townies that got pulled down the same bad choice road in hindsight so w/e. Had Vyse not been modkilled and Toben got lynched I probably would have realized that and not gone after the guy.

As for mass claims:

Amonkira, Lord of Hunters. Grant that my hands be steady, my aim be true, and my feet swift. And should the worst come to past, grant me forgiveness.

Posted Image
Posted Image

You are Thane Krios.

You were once one of the galaxy's best assassins. Now, Kepral's syndrome is starting to wear you down. But life is still good in some ways. You spend time with your son, and are making friends with other people. But you still get your exercise, and your son visits regularly. As such, you are a TOWNIE. You have your vote and your voice to go by, so make it count.

You win when all threats to the Citadel have been eliminated.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Kermit's dead.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Like I missed it because you ninja'd me while I was writing that post so like sorry. ;~;

At least all the kills have an explanation now. Guess we're looking at a singular mafia team without a SK.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread

*checks ISO*


I completely missed that.

And now I have nothing. ;~;

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread

VOTE: Frogue

Formatting is hard, guys.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
* VT: idk where this idea that VT is a strong safe town voice is coming from because from my interpretation she's been super non-committal and pretty much just acting like a townie instead of actually providing good townie info.


If you're talking about this day phase, I've been unsure of things because all of the people that died overnight and Toben being town.

If you're talking about the game as a whole, I was on Toben's ass the entirety of day one and two.

If you want me to pick a target that I'm starting to scumread and push it though, alright. I'll admit I've been a bit checked out since late day two.

VOTE: Frogue

Narrative spinning nonsense and seemingly trying to discredit everyone that disagrees with him, and has been doing that since he really stepped in.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
@turtle: thoughts on fogue, ricky, grim?

Grim and Ricky are both striking me as town players. Grim is doing a lot to help town without trying to control the narrative, while Ricky is striking me more as his confused townie self. Now obviously that means that he's probably the serial killer (see: Scrubs Mafia) but I'm willing to give him a shot anyway.

Grim's recent Frogue post is actually making me kinda vibe harder in that direction, though I'm not sure if I'm willing to call Frogue scum yet.

Also @Flare: Votes with no explanation make me sad inside.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP X2 COMBO: Also I quoted Frogue twice.

Hold on guys lemme go drown myself in caffeine so I stop being a fucking idiot.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
EBWOP: For some reason I said "one" option when there were two options (because apparently I can't think today), but either would mean Yugi was a town-aligned kill.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
May 23 2017, 02:38 PM
@vt a little confused by your yugi read. he's "essentially confirmed town", but you don't ask for role PM or question the fact that he's claiming vig but not taking credit for the scum!death? reads as off
@vt a little confused by your yugi read. he's "essentially confirmed town", but you don't ask for role PM or question the fact that he's claiming vig but not taking credit for the scum!death? reads as off

Unless someone counterclaims Yugi, his claim is really the only way to explain the fact that we had three kills last night.

One was the mafia, obviously. One could potentially be either a serial killer, a second mafia, or a town aligned JOAT. I doubt that there would be three scum-aligned killing roles however, so that leaves one option to explain the third kill: another vigilante or two scum kills and a JOAT. Yugi's claim explains things fairly well (if he was a JOAT I'm pretty sure he would have said so) AND came at the start of the phase, completely unprompted. Unless someone counterclaims backup vigilante or contradicts Yugi on who killed Kermit, I would consider him confirmed town.

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Votes with no explanation make me sad inside.

I'm willing to believe Yugi's claim just because of how ballsy it is, and trust that he's essentially confirmed town at the moment.

Anyway, the fact that Prim died and Yugi didn't do it means that there's either a serial killer or we're playing a multiball game. I'd personally bet on serial killer since Decoy's games tend to be pretty vanilla and multiball is not very vanilla in the slightest.

Dunno who to target at this point. All of my potential scumreads died overnight so I'm at a loss.

Minus Something
In an instant, everything that Penelope was working towards was gone.

She didn't move or speak when Al and Lili left–there was nothing else that could be said. If all of the words she had already spoken could not change Raina's mind and could not convince Al and Lili to stay, then nothing she could possibly say would.

Ben and Kizi had joined the ranks of the dead. Al and Lili had left, presumably permanently. Penelope and Raina had both admitted to not believing in the other's plans, and Johnny was as clueless as he had ever been. In just a few minutes, the pacifist group had broken up, and now outside of government intervention, there wasn't a shred of hope left for the lot of them. The terrorists had done it; they'd broken them. They'd put the class in this situation, and her classmates had decided that eating each other alive would be better than just accepting what had happened.

There was no hope left for any of them, and yet she couldn't even kill herself because Lili took the guns with her.

Penelope sunk to her knees and covered her face, hiding her tear streaked cheeks. Stinging water began to build up in her eyes yet again, despite her desire to stop crying and start doing things. Her actions had done nothing to stop what was coming, her willpower pointless and ignored.

She had no idea why she had even bothered to try. Deep down, ever since her confrontation with Astrid, she'd known that her plan would fail in the end. If her friends could be pushed to murdering one another for the sake of self-preservation, convincing them not to continue living–even if their continued life would be awful–was objectively impossible.

In spite of her words no longer holding any meaning, words nonetheless poured out of her mouth as she lay crouched and crying in the abandoned mess hall. "I... I knew that this would all fail in the end, Raina, but not like this. I didn't... I didn't think that our group would fall apart, just that we wouldn't be able to convince everyone. But apparently... apparently we couldn't even convince ourselves."

She continued to cry, weak sobs escaping her lips every few seconds. She sat, ashes still clinging to her lower body, mascara still staining the skin on her face, clothing dirty and lightly torn in places. How could she have ever believed that an abject mess like herself could accomplish anything? Nothing she had done in her short life prepared her for the situation she found herself in. She just wanted to be back home again, see her sisters and parents one last time.

Her sobbing slowed to a halt as her sadness turned into numbness. Everything they had been doing turned out to be utterly pointless, their entire lives reduced to nothing but statistics to be gawked at in a history textbook decades from now. Where she had simply accepted the pointlessness before, she now felt herself wanting to embrace. Their lives and struggles were nothing in the grand scheme of things; why even bother to care? She would just hurt herself and make her short life even more of an unbearable experience.

She spoke again, her hands coming off of her face. "This... this is all some kind of sick joke. We go about our lives trying to do our best to be happy and then suddenly we have all of that violently ripped away from us, never to come back." She frowned. "And then... and then when we try to affirm ourselves, our rationality, our meaning, it crumbles in the face of what we are. A bunch of animals who can't handle the futility of their own existence."

"I can't even handle it myself. I'm so afraid... so afraid of dying. But I thought that maybe... maybe if I managed to do all of this, my sense of triumph would over come any of that animalistic fear that I still felt, but I was wrong. I'm still afraid, and Astrid was right. The only thing left to do in a situation like this is fall back on those base instincts. Everyone out for themselves and all that nonsense."

She inhaled and stood up, keeping her gaze aimed at the floor. Gears were turning in her head as she plotted a new course for herself. "...But I don't want to do that. All I've ever wanted since I got here is to fuck shit up, in my own way. And... if I can't convince everyone to put down their weapons and join together, then I guess I'll have to just rely on myself, and those that I know I can trust."

She looked back up at Raina and Johnny, her eyes tired but focused. "If we can't escape, and we can't get everyone to give up, then... maybe we could just mess them up in another way. They... they said that if you were the last one left and you didn't kill, you wouldn't be able to go home. But if someone like that managed to make it to the end, then that would show them the same thing that I wanted to show them. That you can't corrupt everybody. You can break us, you can beat us down, but you can't make all of us turn on one another. We would show them that their goals are just as pointless as everyone else's."

She rubbed the back of her neck, stiff from the hunching over she had done. "I know that whoever would take up that burden would have to deal with everyone else dying only to die not too long after. It... it isn't something that I think anyone could handle, but... I'm willing to bear that burden, if it comes to it. As much as I'd rather die right here and get everything over with, I don't know if anyone else would want to do it."

"So... are you guys willing to try to walk this path with me?" She asked, her voice timid and tinged with fear of disapproval. "You guys are all I have left, and I would hate to lose you too..."

Mass Effect Mafia Game Thread
Self voting isn't inherently town, RC. Especially only on the second day.

Sorry for being MIA up to this point, the last week has been a bit anxiety ridden for me.

Not much else to say as of now other than RC's correct on asking for people to speak up more. Just got to wait for the flip naturally or for a super majority to pop up.