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Mia Rose
Hey there, Pippin! Sorry for the delay, there was some slight miscommunication staff side and I thought Mia was taken by another staff member until I found out otherwise. In any case, I'll be the staffer critiquing Mia for today.

Unfortunately, Mia is DENIED pending revisions. My comments are in teal.

Name: Mia Abigail Rose
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
School: Cochise High Shool (School. :3)
Hobbies and Interests: BMX, swimming, cheerleading, soccer, watching sports, House music, cats

Appearance: Standing at 5'6" and weighing in at 147lbs, Mia is an African-American girl in excellent shape, all thanks to the wide range of sports she has participated in, as well as the exercise regimes she uses to stay fit for the sports which have most grabbed her attention. Despite attempting to take part in as many sports as possible, Mia is lucky enough to have suffered nothing more than superficial injuries over the years, the latest of these being a slight gash on her right shoulder and upper arm, obtained after a crash during a BMX session.

Mia has hazel coloured eyes, which are often hidden behind a pair of blue tinted sunglasses. Even when she is not wearing them, she'll almost always have them on hand somewhere on her person. She also has a single stud piercing on the left side of her nose; whilst she likes how it looks, Mia does have a small bit of regret over it, due to the slight hassle of having to remove it before the majority of her sporting activities. Mia's hair is naturally dark brown, although it currently holds a faint tint of dark red from when she dyed it the previous year. Her hair is shoulder length, and for the most part she attempts to keep it straight; however, it seems to remain curly towards the ends no matter what she does. (Could you describe her face a bit more? How her features look and are shaped, etc.)

Even when not taking part in her sports, Mia's clothing reflects her sporty lifestyle. She'll almost always be seen wearing her favourite pair of denim shorts, along with one of several pairs of trainers. In terms of tops, Mia wears tank tops and replica soccer shirts, or shirts sold by one of her other favourite sports clubs. Occasionally, she'll also wear track jackets and lightweight hoodies. Mia almost always has a pair of bright orange headphones around her neck.

When she was abducted, Mia was wearing an unzipped, lightweight orange hoody over a replica Colorado Rapids shirt, along with her favourite pair of denim shorts and a pair of black trainers. Her headphones were around her neck, as per usual, and her sunglasses resting on the top of her head.

Biography: Mia is the middle child of Kammy Rose, a prosecutor, and Ashleigh Rose, a postman. She has two older brothers, David and William (the latter of whom has moved out to study mathematics at college), a younger sister, Gabriella, and a younger brother, Alfie. Mia has a much closer relationship with her siblings than her parents; this is not to say she doesn't get along with them, but due to the constraints of their jobs, she spends a lot more time with her brothers and sister. (A prosecutor makes a lot of money, but with four children to take care of, money can easily be tight. I bring this up because you mention Mia's family being well off later on.)

Ever since she was young, Mia has been a cheerful bundle of energy, often trying to imitate whatever David and William were doing, and causing havoc for her parents whenever she tried to climb atop bookshelves and tables. For the majority of Mia's early life, because Ashleigh was working for most of the morning and Kammy would frequently have to leave the house for long and unpredictable periods of time, she spent a lot of time being looked after by childminders or her older siblings.

Both of her brothers played sports, with David focusing on football and William on hockey. They were both incredibly invested in them, and they would focus on little else for long periods of time, talking about games that they had played and games they'd seen on TV. Mia grew fascinated by these tales of last minute victories and one-sided stomps, especially because William and David were prone to embellishing them so they'd sound even more impressive. The idea of competitive sports appealed to her energetic nature, and she started to pester her parents to let her join a sports club. Both Kammy and Ashleigh were perfectly happy with this idea, as they believed it would be a good outlet for Mia's occasionally exhausting energy.

The first sport that Mia took part in would turn out to be one of the closest to her heart; swimming. She fell in love with it almost the second that she touched the water, as she loved the feeling of being in water and the almost weightless sensation it gave her. Mia had a natural talent for the front crawl and backstroke, although she constantly had troubles with the breaststroke. (Did her swimming hobby amount to anything later in her life? Did she participate in any competitions? How well does she do on swimming teams/clubs? Etc.)

Only a few weeks after she had started swimming, and shortly after Gabriella was born, an accident occurred at the Rose household. Mia had absentmindedly draped a cardigan over an electric heater in her room one evening, and whilst she was sleeping, it eventually caught on fire. Fortunately, Ashleigh, a light sleeper at the best of times, smelt the burning from Mia's room and managed to wake her up before rushing off to call the fire brigade. Whilst Mia was never in any serious danger, the fact that the fire had sprung up so suddenly in close proximity to her seriously affected her. (Even if Mia was ultimately unhurt, fire is a serious danger regardless of how big the fire gets. The wording here downplays why this justifiably affected her and it could be taken as a bit insensitive to people who have dealt with fire like that.) She began to have nightmares, consisting of worst case scenarios where the fire reached her bed, which eventually became a full blown phobia of fire in general, something that remains to this day. Even small flames from lighters and Bunsen burners are enough to make Mia become jumpy and nervous, and larger flames can cause Mia to have panic attacks. Although this accident was obviously traumatic for Mia, it did have one, small, upside, in that it encouraged Mia to focus even more on her swimming. The way she sees it, being in water is as far away from fire as possible, and further adds to her enjoyment of the sport. She also uses swimming as a coping mechanic in the rare event she's exposed to serious fires, as it relaxes and calms her down. (I like how you're commenting on the psychological effects of the fire on Mia, but you didn't really cover the other consequences or the actual damage the fire did. Did her family have to move due to the fire? Did it cause a lot of damage? Did her family suffer for a while financially due to the fire (not everyone has home insurance, after all)? Did Mia's parents blame her for the damages and potential risk? Did she blame herself for potentially risking the lives of her family and herself and doing damage to the household? I think there's more here that needs to be addressed.)

Ashleigh and Kammy both assumed that Mia would follow in the footsteps of her older brothers, and take up swimming as her sole sport of choice. (Wording here is a bit confusing. Add "taking up only one sport" onto "her older brothers" if you could.) However, despite the fact she adored swimming, Mia wasn't wholly satisfied. She wanted to experiment further with sports; there was such a huge variety to try out and so many that interested her. When Mia was around 12, she made a decision; ("She made a decision;" is a bit too fluffy for a profile. Perhaps say "she decided that" instead.) she wanted to at the very least try out as many sports as she possibly could. She would often bring home flyers and pamphlets advertising taster sessions for sports clubs, giving not so subtle hints to her parents by placing them on their bedside tables. Fortunately, thanks to Kammy's job, the Rose family were well off, and could afford to pay for those sessions that weren't free - although they did warn Mia that they wouldn't be doling out money for her to join as many clubs as she liked full time.

Despite this, Mia absolutely loved participating in as many sports as she could. She took on a wide range, from tae kwon do, (Taekwondo is usually one word.) to basketball, and she enjoyed the variety of skills needed in each of them. She tended to gravitate more towards team based sports; Mia is naturally very friendly, cheerful and positive, helping her to motivate the other members of her team and work well with them. Out of all of the sports Mia took part in, the one she enjoyed the most was soccer, quickly joining the school team. She simply enjoys playing the sport, generally playing in midfield on the left wing, and also enjoys the worldwide popularity of the Beautiful Game, making sure she watches the World Cup on TV every four years. In a similar vein, although there were many sports that Mia was not invested enough in to keep playing permanently, she was invested enough in them to keep track of their more professional side. She will watch matches on television whenever she can, and during the Olympics or Winter Olympics, she can generally be found glued in front of the TV, when she isn't outside exercising or playing sports.

As Mia grew older, it became evident that her life essentially revolved around sports, and she began to adapt accordingly. She wanted to stay at the top of her game when it came to her sporting activities, and so she started exercising regularly to stay in shape, generally going for runs around the neighbourhood, sometimes with her two German Shepherds, Pepper and Casey. She'll always listen to music whilst she does so, as it keeps her focused and helps to put her in the 'exercising mood'. In her attempts to find which music worked best with her exercise regime, Mia discovered she had an affinity for House music, and now listens to almost nothing but, even when not exercising. Her favourite artists include Porter Robinson, Hellberg, Madeon and Zedd, although she holds no bias; if she enjoys a track, then she'll quickly add it to her playlist. (What about house music does she enjoy/why does she enjoy it specifically more than other music genres? A listed hobby needs more than three sentences.)

Although Mia is generally incredibly focused on her sports and her exercise, she does have one weakness that will cause her to stop in her tracks, that being cats. She refers to them as ‘the most adorable creatures on this planet', and if she catches sight of one whilst running, she won't hesitate to hurry across and stroke it. Whilst part of her wants to get a pet cat, she already has Pepper and Casey, and knows her parents would absolutely say no, having four children and two pets to look after already.

In the past two years, Mia has added two new sporting activities to her roster. The first was cheerleading, something Mia was interested in for a while but never got around to participating in. When she eventually found the time to join the cheerleading squad, Mia's peppy nature, enthusiasm and inexhaustible energy meant that she could fit right in with the rest of the team. (What does she enjoy about cheerleading? Why does she prefer doing it over other activities? Listed hobbies need more detail than this.) The second was BMX racing, again, (This "again" is extraneous and doesn't really make sense since BMX racing was not mentioned before in the biography.) something that had held Mia's interest ever since the 2012 Olympics, possibly more than any other sport she'd watched. There was just something about the high speed nature of the sport that drew her in. The main issues with Mia's interest in BMX racing were that there were very few convenient locations to actually pursue the sport, and that Mia didn't actually own a BMX. (BMX bike.) The latter situation was resolved when Mia received the bicycle for her birthday. However, despite the fact that Mia loves the sport, she is still forced to go out of her way to actually take part in it, severely hindering how often she can actually do it. She generally compensates by taking her BMX (BMX bike.) to the Desert Plains Skate Park (Skatepark is usually one word.) instead.

At school, Mia is a very popular girl, partially due to being in the cheerleading squad but mostly because she's simply very cheerful, peppy and friendly. She makes friends easily, and doesn't see the point in antagonising people for no real reason. Even with her bubbly personality, Mia knows there's a time and a place for it, and knows to be serious when the time calls for it. She's had a few boyfriends over the years, although none of them serious, and several crushes. Although she's never heard the word used before, Mia would describe herself as pansexual if she had. She's not exactly open about this; she's never made any headway on any girls she's had a crush on, but if anyone attempted to ask her about her sexuality, she'd probably shrug and ask why it matters so much.

The main downside of participating in so many sports is a fairly major one; Mia's grades have slowly but surely dropped over the years. She does excellently in PE, obviously, (The "obviously" is a bit too... familiar for a profile. These are supposed to be written by a detached terrorist's POV, after all.) but in every other class she just about scrapes by. She simply cannot find the time to revise efficiently in between sports, and any homework she hands in is clearly rushed and last minute. Mia has a couple of tutors to help her in various subjects, but she's currently in the middle of major turmoil. She either has to, at least for a while, give up on the sports that she loves in order to make sure that she obtains passing grades for her classes, or admit that she's just not geared towards academia and focus entirely on swimming and BMX racing. Mia's currently leaning towards the latter, but she's unsure of how her parents would react. Both of them are encouraging of her love of sport, but recently Ashleigh has been trying to push her towards working harder at her school subjects.

For the most part, though, Mia tries not to let this decision get her down, and she can still be found at school either wandering the corridors with a Rich Edwards track blasting out of her headphones or in the athletics area with a grin on her face and a cheerful greeting. (This block should be part of the block above.)

Advantages: Mia is in excellent shape thanks to the myriad of sports she's participated in, as well as her exercise regimes. She's weighted more towards speed and agility than pure strength, but she's not too shabby in that department either. Peppy and cheerful, Mia is popular at school and has a large circle of friends, and therefore, potential allies. Due to the fairly physical nature of soccer and the fairly frequent crashes in BMX, Mia has some pain tolerance, although not to absurd levels.
Disadvantages: While her upbeat attitude is generally appreciated at school, it might cause Mia more problems on the island; people may not think she's taking it seriously and could easily become grating. Mia has a crippling phobia of fire, severe enough to cause panic attacks, which could have extreme repercussions on the island. (Mia needs more disadvantages to help balance out her advantages. Grating on her allies is a minor disadvantage. Her fear of fire is a valid disadvantage but not one that would be as crippling in an SOTF situation as a fear of blood or open spaces, for instance.)

(Overall, one of the major issues is that the profile has a lot of life detail and history, which is good, but lacks detail on Mia's interests and doesn't include Mia's general life view. I went over the lack of detail on her hobbies/interests for each hobby individually, but for her general life view: try adding a paragraph that describes how she generally views the world and life, and her overall personality in a bit more direct detail.)

Once you have the edits done, post here and I will help you in round two. :)

Turtle's Swagtastic Relationship Thread
Updated OP to present information more readily and info that's relevant to Penelope and who she is without just linking to the entire profile.

Go go go!

EDIT: Also, to Cicada's and Boogie's respective posts: agreed!

Penelope Fitzgerald
Edits made!

Cassandra "Cass" Prince

Cassandra "Cass" Prince
Sorry for the delay, I've run into some issues with school and I had to take some time off of SOTF.

Cass is looking a lot better, but there's still a few more things that need to be addressed before Cass can be approved.

Name: Cass Prince
Gender: Genderfluid (biologically female)
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Painting, drawing, romance stories, biking

Appearance: Cass is a 5'7, 130 lb person of African-American descent. They have black, thick, curly hair, which they keep cropped very short. They have a sharp-looking, angular face, with a cleopatra nose and round, brown eyes. Their body is fairly slim. When they are feeling particularly feminine, they wear a thin layer of makeup. Cass's ears are pierced, but they very rarely wear earrings, and when they do, they are simple, unobtrusive studs.

In general, Cass tends to dress very androgynously. In warm weather, they usually dress in either artistic-look t-shirts or dark tank tops, along with shorts. In colder times, they typically wear men's button-down shirts with jeans. For footwear, Cass wears a well-worn pair of black sneakers, finding anything fancier both uncomfortable and impractical. They prefer suits to dresses for formal occasions.

Biography: Zoe and Jake Prince, respectively the principal viola and trombone players of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, first met each other through their work. Soon after, Zoe invited Jason out for drinks, and the two entered a long relationship together, getting married after a few years. On March 16, 1996, Cassandra Prince was born to the couple in a New York hospital, who would remain their only child.

Three years after Cass's birth, Zoe's mother Gabrielle fell severely ill. As her husband had passed away several years prior, she was unable to continue living unassisted on her own. To support her, Zoe and Jake moved in with her at her residence in Kingman. When Gabrielle succumbed to her illness after several years, Cass's parents remained in the area, not wanting to uproot their child and having both found employment as music teachers at local schools.

Cass's childhood was ordinary, for the most part. When their parents were busy, Cass was often left in the care of Rachel Mason, the next door neighbor and close friend of Zoe and Jake. Rachel's daughter, Christine, was the same age as Cass, and the two became very close friends, considering themselves to be sisters. Once the two girls were old enough to begin their education, they were enrolled in the same school.

It was during their early education that Cass first discovered their affinity for art. This started when a simple assignment in art class to draw her (Pronoun consistency! Change this to "their".) favorite animal resulted in, to Cass's eyes, a sprawling epic that depicted the results of introducing a T-Rex into the ecosystem of Kingman. This greatly amused their teacher, whose encouragement prompted Cass to continue drawing on their own time. Their parents were very supportive of them, making sure to always provide them with an equal amount of praise and constructive criticism, to gently nudge them into improving themself.

As a child, Cass often rode their bike around the suburb where they lived, traveling to the nearby stores in order to procure snacks. As they grew older, Cass continued to ride, but more for its own sake. They needed the exercise, and enjoyed the opportunity to get outside and listen to their music. Cass tends to think of it as a form of stress relief, freeing themself of the need to do anything else but concentrate on the road in front of them. Though most of their biking is done in the city, Cass does occasionally travel outside the city to ride on dedicated off-road bike trails, mostly for the change in scenery.

During their last year of middle school, Cass and Christine met and became friends with a new kid in their grade, Marco Korsman. Before too long, Christine and Marco started going out. This continued until their Sophomore year of high school, when the two broke up after a heated fight sparked by Christine accusing Marco of being emotionally distant. Not wanting their two best friends to remain angry at each other, Cass attempted to make peace between the two. Unfortunately for Cass, all this accomplished was turning both of them against them as well.

Though Cass had always been a quiet person, losing their friends caused Cass to retreat even further into themself. Though they remained able to interact with others, Cass developed a crippling aversion to voicing their opinions to others. They became convinced that nothing good would ever come of them trying to persuade others, no longer having the confidence to even attempt to lead others. They have remained this way up to the present day, even after they reconciled with their friends a year later.

Even as a young child, Cass sometimes felt discomfort when describing themself as entirely female, a term that never seemed to exactly fit them. In their first year of high school, Cass signed up for Tumblr in order to more easily share their art, and was introduced for the first time to its LGBT community. Through reading the stories of others in the community, Cass came to the conclusion that they were transgender. Though this didn't sit entirely right with them, either, they assumed it to be the only explanation.

Cass brought the issue up to their parents, and while they were caught off-guard, they ultimately supported their child and suggested seeing a psychologist to allow Cass to fully work out their feelings. Through conversations with the psychologist, Cass came to the realization that they were truly genderfluid, not transgender. (Genderfluid is considered to be under the umbrella term of transgender. I think what you were going for is "a transgender male" rather than just "transgender". Make sure to adjust it in the paragraph above this one too.) This diagnosis was even harder for their parents to comprehend, but after discussing it among themselves, they decided that the most important thing was that their child felt comfortable with who they were, daughter or not.

After they had time to fully process what they were feeling, Cassandra requested that others refer to her (Pronoun consistency! Change this to "them".) as "Cass", and with gender neutral pronouns. However, due to worry of their community's reaction, they are only out to their parents and closest friends. Everyone else knows them only as a girl named Cassandra, thinking "Cass" to be just a nickname. Despite this, Cass has decided to stop wearing their skirts and dresses, instead switching to an androgynous wardrobe that they felt suited them more. The change in the way they present has made Cass feel much more comfortable in their own skin, but it still causes them anguish when others refer to them as "her".

Cass maintained their interest in art up through high school, continuing to hone their skills. They typically spent several hours a day either drawing or painting, finding both forms to be interesting in their own ways. Although Cass sometimes amused themself by drawing fan art of characters from shows they liked, along with various other random sketches, their true passion was painting scenes that told a story all by themselves, seemingly still frames from a grander work. Cass loved to subtly, painstakingly introduce details into a painting to reveal information about its subjects. They were able to successfully capture both technical details and evoke emotions.

Though Cass identifies as asexual, and has never been in a relationship, they consider themself to be a hopeless romantic. They adore the concept of two human beings meeting and coming to truly understand and love each other, and will tirelessly consume any media that satisfactorily conveys that theme, be it a book, movie, show, or game. They do, however, have very tight standards about what they consider to be a quality romance, detesting media where two characters arbitrarily come together for the sake of having a romance subplot. It is the legitimate chemistry between people they enjoy, not the act of romance in itself.

Throughout high school, Cass consistently got high grades, due to constant study and effort. Socially, they keep a very small and very close circle of friends, often preferring quiet isolation to the company of others. Cass is otherwise still perfectly able to interact with other students, but is usually too anxious to truly express themself, a fact that they despise and spend an unhealthy amount of time lambasting themself over. After graduation, they intend to attend the best-regarded liberal arts college they can get accepted into.

Advantages: Due to their issues with expressing their opinion, Cass would function well in a group, and likely avoid causing any conflicts. They are highly analytical and detail-focused with their art, which has also influenced the way they look at the world. They are healthy and in shape due to years of biking.
Disadvantages: Cass has self-worth issues, and would thus lack the required confidence to be an effective leader. Their withdrawnness would make it difficult for them to forge effective connections on-island. Their romanticism may leave them open for manipulation by others.

(Something that I mentioned in the previous critique which I think you might have missed is that we don't really know a whole lot about how Cass thinks. Include a paragraph or two about how Cass generally thinks, behaves, and views the world, her philosophy, personality, and all that.)

Finish up this round of edits and I'll be back (and quicker this time!) to help you again.

Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Mafia Sing Ups

Turtle's Swagtastic Relationship Thread
Okie. :3

Clarice Halwood

Good turn around.

Clarice Halwood
Hey Medic! :3 Sorry for the wait on this one. Staff has been pretty busy lately (myself included). Regardless, I'll be your staffer for Clarice's critique today. Unfortunately, Clarice is temporarily DENIED pending some minor revisions.

Name: Clarice Halwood
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Wrestling, film-making, romance-related media, theater, activism


Alice made sure to keep Clarice as in touch with her family and Navajo culture as she could. When Clarice was little, there were often drives to Kayenta for weekend-long stays with the rest of the family. To keep Clarice, an energetic child who was not accustomed to sitting still for so long, amused during the long car rides, she would often spend the time telling Clarice about the history (Of Navajo culture? Wording could be a bit more clear here.) and children's stories and whatever came to mind. She pressed the importance of remembering these things and knowing the history on Clarice from an early age, and it stuck. Because Gary only used English when talking to Clarice and Alice primarily used Navajo, Clarice ended up fluent in both.


Her mother returned to Kayenta. Although Clarice liked her mother's side of the family well enough, she didn't want to be uprooted and so stayed with her father. (Children often only get to decide on who they live with when both parents end up agreeing with the child's wishes. Was Clarice's mother okay with this?) The divorce put some distance between Clarice and her mother for a few years, as the distance and her father's unwillingness to drive her there as often as her mother had made visits harder. While she was upset to be distanced from her mother, overall the divorce was a relief to her.

...And that's it. Really spot on job with the profile, lots of detail and most of my complaints when I was going through were resolved later. You'll definitely be good to go after this round of edits. :)

Turtle's Swagtastic Relationship Thread
The Swag

Now that I have your attention with the silliest thing I could come up with, I present to you my characters character and the relationships that I would like them her to have.

Penelope Fitzgerald!


Hobbies and Interests: Video Games (both playing and developing), Drawing, Roleplaying, Fashion, Robotics

Penelope is known by her peers for being a very relaxed, kind, and fun loving person. She's extremely slow to anger and always tries to look at the bright side of things, lending to her getting along well with the majority of people she meets, even if she only has a handful of people that she would call her friends. Penelope has an issue with being impulsive, acting without thinking deeply frequently, resulting in her getting in trouble on several occasions. Penelope is an idealist and truly believes in the good in the world and those around her, and always sees ways that things could get better as long as everyone works together towards a common goal. Incidentally, Penelope is very empathetic towards other living creatures of any variety, and is a vegetarian and devout pacifist because of it, thinking that killing or hurting other living beings to be absolutely unthinkable.


Samuel Howard

Raina Rose
Lily Caldwell
Alessio Rigano
Irene Djezari
Cass Prince
Jeremy Frasier
Cristo Morales
Serena Waters
Olivia Fischer


Go go go!

Penelope Fitzgerald
Name: Penelope Fitzgerald
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: 11
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Video Games (both playing and developing), Drawing, Roleplaying, Fashion, Robotics

Appearance: Penelope is slightly shorter than average (5'4") and is of a normal weight (124 pounds). Penelope has a fairly average build with no outstanding physical features. She is light skinned. Her hair is shoulder length and straight, typically seen in a scene cut. Her hair is naturally blonde, but it is dyed black with red highlights per her fashion choices. Her face is full and round with a small nose and thin eyebrows. She has visible dimples when she smiles. Her ears, lower lip, and belly button are pierced, with small turtle shaped earrings, spider bites ring piercings on the left side of her lower lip, and a bead belly button piercing. She has relaxed, calm posture most of the time. Her eyes are bright green, and she typically wears eye shadow to emphasize them. Her nails are normally painted black or green.

Penelope is typically found wearing dark, form fitting t-shirts or tank tops. She usually pairs these with similarly dark colored skirts and leggings or skinny jeans, and is usually found wearing a pair of brown heeled boots regardless of outfit. She occasionally wears arm warmers to go with short sleeved t-shirts, usually for fashion rather than function. On the day of the abduction, she was wearing a black short sleeved t-shirt, dark grey arm warmers, black leggings, a black ruffled skirt, and her normal pair of brown heeled boots.

Biography: Penelope is the oldest child of three, born to Daniel Fitzgerald and Emily Fitzgerald in Kingman, Arizona. Two years later her two siblings, twins Alice and Annie, were born. Daniel works as an elementary school teacher and Emily works as a radiologist at the local hospital. Penelope generally gets along well with her entire family. She has a great deal of respect for both her mother and her father, and appreciates all the time she spends with them. As for her sisters, when she was younger she got slightly jealous at the attention that they would get over her, but she soon grew out of it, and has since acted as a mentor figure to the both of them throughout their lives. Due to her parents both working, when Penelope was younger her and her sisters were kept in daycare while their parents were away at their jobs.

In her early life outside of daycare, Penelope spent a lot of her time playing on her father's old NES and SNES game systems. Her initial interest was sparked when her father managed to find his old systems and games and gave them to her as a gift when she was four. She played games like The Legend of Zelda, Super Metroid, Street Fighter, and over time she became very good at playing them after playing them repeatedly over long stretches of time. Eventually, she got her own, newer systems with newer games, and eventually branched out into PC gaming, where she fell in love with roguelike games. Over the years she participated in competitive gaming in tourneys, namely with fighting games such as Street Fighter and Guilty Gear, and she usually ended up placing moderately high, but never quite at the top. Once in high school, she started becoming interested in creating games of her own. She started learning various coding languages and basic modding work, with most of her creations not seeing the light of day outside of her core group of friends. She hopes one day to be able to make a good, balanced fighting game or a challenging but fair roguelike similar to the games she plays.

Once Penelope entered elementary school, she started out by being very shy until directly approached, at which point she opened up to being very energetic and fun loving. Soon she gained a reputation as such, and became rather well liked by the rest of her classmates, even if she never became particularly close to them. It was also during elementary school that Penelope showed that she was very smart through scoring exceptional marks on the standardized tests, but never made a big deal out of it for fear of getting bullied like the other gifted students in her class. Even so, her smarts allowed her to easily ace all of the work that was put in front of her.

In Penelope's later elementary school years, after being inspired by her school's art class, she began drawing regularly as a hobby. Her initial drawings weren't very high quality, but her parents encouraged her habit and she improved slowly over time, usually with the help of her art teacher or various books. By high school her drawings were of relatively good quality and workmanship, and she often would be found drawing fanart of whatever video game or webcomic she was obsessed about at that present moment, and posting it online on her tumblr blog.

Shortly after Penelope entered middle school, she soon found for the first time a real interest in fashion and the art of aesthetics after she felt a bit awkward about her own looks compared to the other girls and wanted to improve. She tried all sorts of different styles of outfits, having a lot of fun in creating them and seeing what looked good and what didn't, and enjoying how clothing can significantly change how one looks and how one is presented. Every outfit had its own personality to her, and eventually she began resonating with the personality of the emo/scene style after seeing some of the scenester girls at her middle school and trying out some of the style herself. Her parents supported her expressing herself, within reason, and she soon had dyed, styled her hair, and dressed in scenester clothing the majority of the time. Even after settling on a style, she still had a penchant for remaining in good looking outfits no matter what she wore, and eventually grew out of her scene phase, even if she did keep the hairstyle and the piercings that she got in early high school. To the modern day she still makes an effort to be fashionable and make sure that no matter what outfit she's wearing, it looks good and she looks good in it.

Penelope has a severe case of hemophobia. While the hemophobia did not have a specific event that started it, Penelope had always been at the very least uncomfortable when exposed to blood and bleeding, especially her own. This fear is usually triggered by the actual bleeding or blood leaving the body, usually not the blood just by itself, and the fear is never triggered by fake blood in movies and video games. The fear is enough to make her faint or become nauseous, and she usually has to take measures to keep herself calm with breathing exercises, stopping or covering the bleeding as soon as possible, and keeping her eyes away from any sort of blood or bleeding, such as when she got her piercings in early high school or had to get blood taken in the hospital.

In high school, Penelope soon found two new major interests; roleplaying and robotics. After her discovery of the thriving online roleplaying community, Penelope was soon enthralled and began participating in not only play by post roleplays but also IRC roleplay, usually pertaining to roleplay based in real life or in fantasy settings. She enjoyed the chance to think about how others with different life experiences thought and consider scenarios that she would never directly experience herself in significantly more detail than she would get in her gaming hobby. Her interest in robotics bloomed not long after she began reading the works of Isaac Asimov and was overwhelmed with the idea of how humans could potentially create intelligent creatures. She soon found the robotics club in Cochise, and while they didn't end up creating any true artificial intelligence, she still had a lot of fun learning about robotics and building robots with the rest of the club.

Penelope is known by her peers for being a very relaxed, kind, and fun loving person. She's extremely slow to anger and always tries to look at the bright side of things, lending to her getting along well with the majority of people she meets, even if she only has a handful of people that she would call her friends. Penelope has an issue with being impulsive, acting without thinking deeply frequently, resulting in her getting in trouble on several occasions. Penelope is an idealist and truly believes in the good in the world and those around her, and always sees ways that things could get better as long as everyone works together towards a common goal. Incidentally, Penelope is very empathetic towards other living creatures of any variety, and is a vegetarian and devout pacifist because of it, thinking that killing or hurting other living beings to be absolutely unthinkable.

Penelope does well in school. She rarely ends up truly challenging herself due to being a chronic procrastinator, taking mostly general courses outside of the sciences which she is passionate about, and focusing on her creative endeavors rather than school. She manages easy A's in all of her classes because of her intellect, despite her procrastination. Penelope is currently considering Arizona State University for her post-high school education, and wants to become a roboticist as a future career.

Advantages: Penelope is smart and clever. Penelope is an idealist and optimist, which could keep her from being overcome by despair come island time. Penelope is likeable, relaxed, and kind, which could help her make and keep allies. Additionally, Penelope's ability to stay calm and relaxed no matter the circumstances should help her keep her head come island time.
Disadvantages: Penelope has a severe and completely irrational case of hemophobia that developed suddenly when she was young, and could easily faint at the sight of her own blood and the blood of others. Penelope is a pacifist, and would be unlikely to ever try to hurt or kill others, and at the very least would likely make her hesitate at critical moments. Penelope is also impulsive, which may lead to poor decision making in stressful situations that she might wind up in.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
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Good luck, town~

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
I mean, sure, if you're willing to allow someone that you're sure is scum skate through another round. I was pointing out opportunistic behaviour and potentially scummy play, not slapping you with a leather glove.

It was more the "someone that they have been soft pushing since the start" that bothered me, because (perhaps I didn't make this clear enough) but I don't actually think that you and Toben are scum, I just note that just to always have it in the back of my head that you guys could be lying through your teeth, and you saying I've been soft pushing you guys when I really haven't been trying anything of the sort bothers me. I also forgot to mention this in my >:C moment, but I want to see you claim just as much as Toben. As for Frogue, if they're scum their abilities aren't super threatening and can wait, especially since it seems like only Vyse is with me here when it comes to Frogue being really shady.

but TT leaves me very suspicious because of her playstyle, but her immediate switch to Naft makes her look paranoid and defensive, and that's not alright

I don't even know how you expect me to respond to this other than "I have a very verifiable night action that would confirm me as Amumu and you're ignoring that pretty blatantly."

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
More or less, this. I'm not really surprised at the developments - what mostly surprised me was VT's hopping on when Toben and I have been 'guilty until proven innocent' pretty much the entire game. It reads as somewhat opportunistic for her to join the charge on Frogue when one of her two consistent soft pushes has a train forming.




As you wish.

Anyway, the longer this goes the more I miss being a vigilante. My gut feelings I like to think are fairly good but whenever I put words to it I have people who immediately use it as a train to try and lynch me without fail. I am almost certain Frogue is scum, mostly because of the oddly inconsistent and very opportunistic behavior but also the fact that I'm pretty sure that Ricky wouldn't put Teemo into a League Mafia game as anything but scum. BUT, Frogue can wait because I really want to see how NAFT flips and because he seemingly challenged me like he did.

Maddie: Okay, here's the deal. Your power has me rather suspicious because it is very easily faked among a scum team. In fact, your claim had me questioning Yugi's, which isn't a good state to be in. So here's what I think we should do: in the next two nights, whichever night Frogue does not commute, he should target you. Your attempt to move the wagon to him without anyone else on it suggests a lack of collusion that means I'll be willing to trust Frogue to verify your role. If Frogue fakes targeting you and lies about it the results, well, we trade one for one town for scum and it's in our favor, especially given the density of nightkill immunity/PGOs.

1. That doesn't work with how Frogue's power works, which he just explained.
2. If you're capable of targeting me, Toben, you could target me if you wanted to tonight and see for yourself.
3. Like, really, anyone who's doubting me at all, target me tonight.
4. If you're paranoid and don't want to target me or believe that I wouldn't shoot myself in the foot with this, don't target me.

Honestly I don't really have much to add here. I never have much to say, mostly just "this person is really vague and scummy."

If you want the other people that are giving me bad vibes, it's mostly the people that are about to be modkilled and have very few posts so it's sorta moot.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Also, before I run off to school.

VOTE: Frogue

Why am I voting Frogue? I'm pretty sure he's not lied about his abilities or the fact that he's Teemo.

You heard me.

Three things:

1. The champions listed so far on the scum team (Darius and Shaco) are generally ones that are considered toxic and unfun to play against. Teemo fits both of these criteria.

2. Frogue listed one of his abilities as Teemo's blinding dart, which "blocks investigations for the night." Now, to me that sounds like an ability you would never give to a town player because it would be far more harmful to town than scum, even if scum had an investigative role.

3. His other ability, a commute, makes a damn lot of sense to give to a scum player given how much firepower town has been shown to have. Commuters are not necessarily town aligned, they're just a self protection role.

League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
May 1 2015, 05:32 AM
@Turtle - I'm curious, will your name show up in the flavor? Or are you just offering to confirm your posting restriction ability?
Pretty sure my name won't show up in flavor, since no one is actually dying.

Essentially I'm offering to confirm my posting restriction ability, yes, which I would imagine also would confirm me as Amumu, given how he's the only sadness related champ in the League.