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Seven years ago today...
*rolls around excitedly and has the turtles join the toast given by the Goose general*


The Faster The Treadmill
Maddie breathed a silent sigh of relief when Hansel put his gun on the ground.

What next?

That really wasn't for her to decide, if she had her way she'd simply disarm Hansel and tell him to leave, but the boy who had ended up saving her might have different ideas. Regardless, Maddie was calm. At least now that the danger had, for the most part, passed.

The thoughts of suicide were also completely out of her mind once again, since she could now reconnect with Michael. She could have another person, another friend, to help keep her sane. She shivered a bit when the image of RJ's dead body popped into her mind. She wouldn't let that happen to Michael, she told herself, even if it had to happen if she were to survive.

But, she was rudely interrupted from her thoughts when the boy took his gun off of Hansel and pointed it at Michael. Her heart started racing. This was bad. First, nobody was pointing a gun at Hansel anymore. He could easily just pick up his FAMAS and mow them down in response. Second, Michael was completely innocent, he wasn't some crazed killer like Hansel that needed to be coerced into dropping his weapon, and he didn't need to get hurt.

Maddie needed to fix those issues, now.

She quickly grabbed the gun-knife out of the sand and pointed it at Hansel, hands shaking heavily. She shouted over to the boy on the other side of Hansel. "No, no, don't point your gun at him! He's fine, I know him! Hansel's the one we need to worry about! He's the bad guy here!"

May 17 2014, 03:42 PM
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I think have discovered the secret to playing well.

Incredibly high amounts of caffeine.

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Stomped botlane so hard that Cait got a BF sword at 6 minutes and Vayne rage quit at 16 minutes.

The Faster The Treadmill
Maddie scowled when Hansel said he didn't want trouble.

Threatening someone at gunpoint doesn't suggest not wanting trouble. And if he really didn't want trouble then he was very bad at avoiding it.

Then, a familiar face, Michael. She wasn't expecting to see him here. She tried to remember if she heard him on the announcements at all. She couldn't. She wasn't even aware that he was on the island in the first place, until now. Seeing him made her remember the time in the castle, playing Guilty Gear with him and beating him pretty much every time. She missed those days, and she wished she could go back to them. But, even if she did leave this island alive, that would mean that Micheal wouldn't. Those days were over, nothing to be done about it.

She brought her attention back to the present. Michael had a shotgun... and he was trying to sneak up on Hansel. She couldn't help but crack a small smile at that. People were helping her when she was helpless. She didn't quite know why, her jacket was covered in blood and that was probably a sign that she needed to be avoided, but people were helping her nonetheless.

She glanced down at the gun-knife. Still sitting in the sand, musket ball still loaded from her near suicide. She just needed one open moment...

Her gaze stayed on Hansel. She didn't think anyone else was willing to do anything until Hansel did something, the rest of them were all being reactionary to him. He needed to act, to make a mistake. And once that mistake was made, he likely wasn't going to get out of this alive.

If he really wanted to get out, to avoid trouble like he said, he needed to put his gun down and leave peacefully, she thought.

But for some reason Maddie doubted that was actually going to happen.

The Faster The Treadmill
((GM'ing approved))

Maddie heard what Hansel said and she had trouble believing it. She didn't trust Hansel's words. She was going to leave her stuff behind and then he was just going to shoot her after she got a bit closer to him and then leave it at that. Even if he did actually let her live, she would just lose everything she had. No weapons, no food, no water. She might be able to manage, but her chances of survival would be sorely diminished.

But isn't that what she wanted? She wanted to die, no matter the source, right? Survival didn't matter anymore?

She didn't know what to do or think. She stood up, like Hansel asked, looking at the ground. She guessed that this was it already. She wasn't expecting her new plan to come to fruition so soon. She heard a voice. Another voice, not Hansel's. Her head rose, curious to the new presence. It was another person. He was pointing a gun at Hansel.

She wasn't sure who this new arrival really was, or why he was threatening Hansel Williams of all people, but he couldn't have come at a more convenient time.

But Hansel didn't even turn his head. She didn't know how to react to this. A normal person would have tried to see what was behind them. Hansel obviously was not a normal person.

Maddie kept her hands in the air, albeit lower than when she was sitting down, contemplating grabbing the gun-knife the moment Hansel's concentration lapsed and he looked away. She just needed one good moment to stick Hansel in a worse situation, make sure another person didn't die to him, at least for now.

Until then, she would keep her eyes locked on him, now standing her ground. She had a chance to get out of this alive, and despite her desire for death, she couldn't bring herself to not try.

Maybe she still wanted to live after all.

The Faster The Treadmill
Maddie heard someone greet her. She froze, her instincts already kicking in. She quieted them to the best of her ability, turning her head to see who exactly was behind her.

Her eyes got a little wider when she realized who it was. It was Hansel. She wasn't sure if he knew her, but she knew him. He was one of the few kids she could actually put a name and face to at Aurora, mostly because she didn't like him. She also knew all too well that he had the most kills out of anyone still presently alive, as she had still been getting a general idea of who had been doing the most killing from the announcements, even if she had stopped specifically counting who had which kills.

Not only that but he had a massive assault rifle in his hands, pointed at her.

Originally, this is exactly what she wanted. Someone dangerous to put her out of her misery, but at the sight of the biggest still-living killer on the island and his extremely threatening weapon, she had doubts. Doubts mostly created by fear.

She slowly and gently raised her hands into the air. Her voice shook. "L-look. I... I don't want any trouble..."