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The General SOTF Discussion Thread
May 31 2013, 01:52 PM
A quick count (this may be wrong!) suggests that only 36 rostered characters have not debuted yet.
Is that a good number? Or a bad number? Because that is about 1/5 of the characters, which you could say is a lot.

Avast, ye hearties!
"Alright! Thanks for the directions! I will head on up!" Sara climbed into the hole in the hull of the ship. Sean's comment about raising anchor and setting sail made her sincerely wish it was true, but the terrorists obviously wouldn't let such an oversight like leaving a ready-to-sail ship out in the open like this ruin their game. She reflected as she walked through the dimly lit freighter that this was probably the only ship on the entire island, and it was very obviously in no state to sail.

It really is hopeless. Isn't it? She pushed away that thought. She really needed to stop thinking back to the hopelessness of the overall situation and start focusing on the here and now. She went towards the bow of the ship, seeing the stairs going up to the deck. She noticed the partial flooding that Sean mentioned, and she began to wonder how the ship hasn't already been flooded completely and dragged back into the depths of the sea.

She started climbing the stairs up to the deck of the ship. She began wondering what her and Sean would actually do once she got up on deck. Would they simply hide out in the freighter until one of their psychotic classmates comes along and finds them? Alas, hiding out in the freighter was probably as good a plan as any, she certainly didn't have any plans of her own. With that last thought, Sara reached the top of the steps and emerged out onto the deck of the freighter.

Game On
Maddie paused from knapping the rocks. "You want to know what my weapon was?" Maddie pulled off her hat and reached in for the silver box. "I got-" She stopped when she looked up and saw Nina holding her weapon.

"What... is that?" Nina seemed to be just as perplexed as Maddie was. It looked like a small dagger, but it had the barrel of a gun attached to it near the edge of the hilt. Nina commented that it seemed to be neither a good gun or a good knife. "Certainly doesn't look like it from my angle. But, at least it is something. Certainly better than what I got." She pulled the silver box out of her hat and placed it on the ground. "All I got was a few sleeping pills in a silver box."

She resumed knapping the rocks together. "It's only really good for putting myself into a deep sleep and letting someone else kill me." Or potentially putting someone else to sleep, but, Maddie kept that little tidbit to herself.

"As for what to do after this, I don't know." She finished knapping the rocks and examined the one she tried to get to a point. "It's not flint, so I wasn't expecting it to be too sharp." She pressed her finger to the point. "But, if you put enough force behind it, it should be able to do some decent damage."

She grabbed the stick and small grass ropes. "Now to just complete it." She carefully tied the the rock to the end of the stick using the grass ropes and made sure it was secure, then stood up to examine her work. "This thing is pretty shitty to be honest. You could definitely tell it was just cobbled together just from a glance." The spear looked, simply put, like a sharp rock secured to a long stick, which is exactly what it was. "It's still better as a weapon of self defense than sleeping pills though, that's for sure."

She swung the spear around and stabbed the air with it. "At least it's stable and secure. If only relatively." She turned back to Nina. "As for figuring out what to do next..." Maddie pondered for a moment. "We could try finding the people we care about, our friends and such. Do you have anyone you would like to look for in particular?"

Avast, ye hearties!
Sara couldn't help but smile at Sean's introduction. Even though he was going through what is basically hell on earth, Sean still remained as cheery as usual. "I'm here the same reason you are! I think everyone is." She walked over to the freighter and began climbing up into it. "Do you mind if I come up?"

She started to reflect upon their fates here. She could handle the thought of her own death, if anything, after those several hours of wandering in a daze. But Sean? Sean didn't deserve to die. None of the kids on this island deserved to die. And yet, all but one of them were going to. She shuddered to think about what could happen to Sean if someone with a decent weapon and a psychotic streak got to him.

Sean was her friend, one of the very few she had, and she wanted to make sure he was safe, but she had doubts that she would be able to do anything to help if someone tried to hurt him. If anything she would take the bullet for him. She would much rather die in his place if it meant he could live just a little longer. She avoided thinking about the fact that Sean and herself were certain to die on this island. If avoiding the awful truth will keep her sane, then she will do just that.

She wondered what Sean got as a weapon. It was probably better than the roll of tinfoil that she got. She had doubts that Sean would use his weapon to hurt anyone, no matter what he got. He's far too nice to do anything like that. Isn't he? Sara wasn't too sure about that. She saw that video. The girl killing her best friend, smothering her to death. She didn't know if Sean would do that to someone. To her. She pushed that thought away, now was not the time to worry about someone betraying her, especially someone as nice as Sean. Now was the time to just meet up with Sean and hope for the best.

Game On
((Minor GM'ing Approved))

Maddie stopped and turned to Nina. "Sure. Partners."

Maddie began walking again with Nina following close behind. As they walked, Maddie made sure to keep an eye out for anything she could make a cobbled together weapon out of. "So, basically, I have a plan of survival. It's just a few simple rules to follow." She began to list off the rules she made.

She held up one finger. "Okay, so first, Rule One: Don't trust anyone. People on this island change, as shown in that video, and even your best friend could potentially betray you."

She noticed a long, decently thick branch sitting out in the open. She walked over, picked it up and tried bending it to test its strength. When it didn't snap, she was satisfied. She resumed walking, using the stick as a cane of sorts. She held up two fingers. "Rule Two: Kill only as a last resort. Basically, only kill someone in self defense. Killing people doesn't make you any allies, only enemies." She then held up three fingers. "Rule Three: Do not do anything that could lead to your immediate demise. This one is obvious, just don't do anything stupid."

She saw a small pile of rocks near one of the crates, walking over to it, she carefully selecting the two best medium sized rocks she could find. She put them away inside of her bag and resumed walking. She started to announce rule four, but stopped herself. She didn't want the terrorists listening in and deciding to kill her for thinking about an escape attempt. She held up four fingers. "Rule Four: Keep track of those who have killed. Essentially, make sure to know who are the big killers so that way just asking someone's name will let you know if they can be trusted more or trusted less."

They arrived near the edge of the shipyard. Maddie scanned the area, seeing a small patch of tall grass. "Bingo!" She said, loudly. She ran over to the grass patch and began pulling up tufts of grass and placing them next to her. "Now, you are probably wondering at this point why I have collected all these random things. The stick, the rocks, the grass, it's so I can make a makeshift spear." She took the grass tufts in her hands and began spinning the grass blades together into small, thin, makeshift ropes.

"I don't have a weapon after all, so I need something to defend myself with." She laughed, trying to hide the fact that the thought of being killed by or killing her fellow students made her sick to her stomach. Her tone darkened. "I just hope I won't have to use it."

It was at this point that Maddie realized she was hungry. Really hungry. Almost as if she hadn't eaten in days. For all she knew, that could easily be the case. She opened her pack and pulled out one of the power bars she saw in there earlier. "1500 calories eh? This will probably do the trick." She ate the power bar within a minute, gobbling it down faster than she has ever eaten anything before. She knew the hunger relieving effects wouldn't be immediate, but she was already feeling a bit less hungry. The bar left a rather dry taste in her mouth, so she took out one of the water bottles in the pack and drank some of it.

She continued. "Anyway, all you have to do to make a decent makeshift spear is knap a rock into a nice point and tie it to a good stick using bits of grass." She took the rocks out and began sharpening one with the other. "My dad taught me how to do this when I was younger, in case I ever found myself in the wilderness alone." She paused and looked at the ground. "I really wish I never had to use this information."

She resumed knapping the rocks. "So, anything you wanted to ask of me?"

Game On
The person noticed her.

Maddie panicked a little when the person shouted a greeting and began approaching her. Maddie tensed up. Was this person going to attack her? As the person got closer to her, Maddie could make out that it was Nina Clarke. Nina and Maddie had a class together, but Maddie never quite talked to Nina before in Aurora, besides basic greetings and other pleasantries. She began to go over what she knew about Nina from observations.

From what she had heard around school and from Nina's general behavior in the class they share, Maddie knew that Nina has a strong honor code and has a tendency to be very righteous. Even if she is armed, she wouldn't dare try to hurt Maddie unless Maddie decided to hurt her.

Rule One: Don't trust anyone.

But that doesn't mean Maddie is going to trust her with her life.

As Nina came with ten feet or so of her, Maddie relaxed her posture in her best attempt to look non-threatening. Nina asked her if Maddie was her name. "Yes, that is me." Nina continued on to say that she wouldn't hurt Maddie provided Maddie returned the favor. "That's fine. I didn't plan on hurting anyone, especially since I lack a weapon with which to hurt anyone."

Nina asked if she was okay. Maddie looked down, staying silent. Nina went on to explain that she isn't a psycho and to not worry. "I didn't think you were a psycho. But okay is a bit subjective. I don't think anyone on this island except those goddamn terrorists is okay." She paused and looked back up at Nina. "It's nice to know that I have met someone friendly so early though."

Perhaps I can gain this girl's trust if I tell her my rules for survival. Make her think that I trust her completely.

"I actually had a plan on what to do, at least for the moment." She began walking past Nina. "If you want to hear it, come walk with me."

Avast, ye hearties!
((Sara Corlett, V5 Start))

Sara didn't know what to do with herself.

She had awoken several hours earlier. She remembered falling asleep on the plane. Awakening in that room, restrained to a chair. She remembered thinking it was just a nightmare she would wake up from. But she instead awoke again to find out it was all too real.

She had wandered around for hours, hopelessly looking for someone, anyone. She usually likes being alone, but now, she needed to know she wasn't the only one suffering through this ordeal. She needed someone, anyone, to let her know it was all going to be okay.

But she knew that would never happen. It will not be okay. She is cannon fodder for the people that are going to be running around, killing everyone in their path. She will be just another victim. Coming to the realization that all her hopes for the future are now nothing but a fairy tale had some bad effects on her. She may be walking with purpose, but she is not walking with peace of mind. If anything, the first person she meets will likely try to kill her.

And she honestly hopes they succeed.

Then, near the old drowned freighter, she heard a familiar voice.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me

There is only one person to whom that voice could belong. Sean Mulcahy, Aurora's resident pirate. Perhaps the friendliest soul she could have hoped to find on this godforsaken rock.

She walked in the direction of the song. She called out. "Sean! Sean! It's Sara! Sara Corlett! Are you there?"

Game On
((Madeline Wilcox, V5 Start))

Maddie's head spun as she came to. She opened her eyes tentatively, knowing what she would see, but she tried to deny it all to herself. Telling herself it was all just a dream, that she would wake up and it would all be over.

But it wasn't a dream, and she knew it. She sat up. Denying the events that transpired over what to her seemed like only minutes would get her nowhere. She looked around. Right next to her was a black duffel bag with the inscription G005 in large white block letters. She unzipped it and looked inside. Her eyes scanned over the contents. There was some food, a map, a compass... her eyes stopped when they came to a bright silver box. She took it out of the bag and examined it, noticing there was a small slip of paper taped to the side of the box. She took the paper and read it out loud.

"Silver pill box containing 3 Ambien pills."

Was this supposed to be her weapon? She thought back to that horrible conference. Being restrained to those plastic chairs, looking at the dead body of Mr. Davidge, listening to that awful man speak. She remembered him saying she would get a weapon of some sort. She guessed this small silver box was just that.

"How am I supposed to use this against kids with guns?!" She threw the pill box down onto the ground. It clattered a bit, but remained sealed despite her efforts. She put her head in her hands. Then the realization finally hit her. I am going to die.

She shook, unable to process that thought. It was almost entirely certain she was going to die. She distanced herself from that thought, in her best attempt to remain composed. She sullenly turned back to the duffel bag and continued looking through it. She noticed her backpack was inside it, and pulled it out. It was stripped of almost all of it's contents. All of her technology, her laptop, even her paper and writing utensils. The only things left inside were the clothes she packed and the small amount of spironolactone and estrace she packed for the overnight trip. She took a few of the pills out of their bottles and took them. Left for dead or not, she would be damned if she stopped taking them.

She placed the pill bottles back in her backpack and tossed it to the ground. She looked once more inside the duffel bag, and pulled out the first aid kit located within. She opened it and looked inside. Medical supplies, tons of them, only half of which she knew anything on how to use. She closed the first aid kit and placed it back inside the bag.

She turned back to the little silver pill box. She picked it up. Despite her best efforts, her thoughts returned to the game, to how everything was going to play out. She was going to die, and even if she somehow lived, she would have to live with the fact that all of her friends and all of the people she has met around Aurora, will be dead. She clutched the silver pill box, hands shaking. A single tear streamed down her face.

Come on Madeline. Get a hold of yourself. This is no time to start getting emotional.

This was the best time to start getting emotional. She threw the pill box to the ground and began sobbing into her hands. After a few moments, she regained her composure. If anyone was watching, she couldn't let another person see her as weak, to think of her as an easy kill. As far as Maddie was concerned, she WAS an easy kill.

She calmed down. Not if I have my say.

She began thinking. Planning. If she wants to live, she has to come up with a plan. She needed rules, rules of survival. She needed to use what little she knew about this sick game in the past to her advantage.

Rule One: Don't trust anyone. She saw the video, of the girl killing her best friend, she didn't want to end up like that, the killer or the killed.

Rule Two: Kill only as a last resort. Having someone's friends hunt her down wanting her blood didn't sound too appealing to her.

Rule Three: Do not do anything that could lead to your immediate demise. This was probably to most important rule, she told herself. The one she needs to follow above all others.

Rule Four: If the chance to escape presents itself, take it, unless it violates rule three. Although after that big escape attempt in V4 that was all over the news, she doubts that the terrorists will let any escape attempt work this time around, she has to keep her options open. It was possible, however slim.

Rule Five: Keep track of those who have killed. Keeping track of the people who are killers could keep her away from those she should trust the least of all. If she can do this, she can keep away from big killers just by asking a simple what is your name?

She made a mental note of the rules she just came up with. Now, to get an actual weapon. She took off her fedora and placed the pill box inside of it, then quickly put the fedora back on and made sure it was on tight. She placed everything she took out of the duffel bag back inside and zipped it up. She slung it over her shoulder, and finally took a good look at her surroundings.

She was in a shipyard of some kind, surrounded on all sides by large, imposing crates. She walked around a bit. She figured if she managed to find a few rocks, sticks, and grass that she could cobble up a makeshift weapon of some kind. But there was none of those things anywhere around here. Or at least, that she saw. She sighed, she began walking between the crates, continuing to think about what she will do. She began to turn a corner around a crate when she saw a person just off in the distance.

V5 begins now
Hahaha V5 started right after I went to sleep. :c

TT Reads V5 Pregame
Just finished reading Katy's pregame.

THE SUMMATION: Katy's pregame was interesting if a tad boring. Honestly, with the exception to the first thread (which made me chuckle several times) it was rather bland. Katy's threads are all very similar in execution, usually involving Katy being caustic in some way. Variety is the spice of life, but her pregame is short, so this can easily be excused.

THE GOOD: You make Katy's personality very very clear. She isn't really conflicted with the fact that she is so rude and mean all the time at all, she is a bitch, she knows it, she accepts it, even if she is trying to fix it somewhat for her dad's sake. Also, despite my personal dislike of your sheer punctuality when it comes to posts, it DOES make for a far easier and quicker read, which I like.

THE BAD: Proof-reading your posts would be helpful (apologies if you already do). While typos weren't omnipresent, they did show up occasionally, and they often threw me out of my immersion in Katy's threads. As stated in the summation, variety would definitely be helpful for Katy's pregame as it is Katy being a bitch in These Dusty Shelves, being relatively subdued in You Hit Like a Girl and being a bitch in A Recursive Process. This can be partly excused because of how short Katy's pregame is, but if you plan on doing another thread with her, showing her being genuinely kind to someone (perhaps her dad as an NPC? just throwing around ideas) would add a nice little bit of depth to Katy's character.

THE UGLY: PARENTHETICAL NOTATIOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNSSSSSS. I despise parenthetical notations, as I have stated before (in this very thread!), and you have a couple of them scattered throughout. Again, some people are okay with them, so if you feel that they don't need to be worried about, that is fine by me. I am also not a huge fan of your writing style, as I stated above, you are very punctual when it comes to getting the most important information down (usually ignoring excess details) and I love details. Alas, it is subjective, so you don't really need to fret about that.

Anyway, I hope that feedback was good enough for you (sorry about the bad and ugly sections being bigger than the good :c ). Next up, Gwen O'Connor

MurderWeasel's Brutally Hardcore Realism Litmus Test
May 27 2013, 04:32 PM
May 27 2013, 09:52 AM
Is your character usually pale (if it's because they stay inside all the time, that totally counts)? +1 point
Was your character routinely bullied at any point? +2 points

MurderWeasel's Brutally Hardcore Realism Litmus Test
Does your character have hair longer than shoulder-length? +1 point
Does your character wear an unusual or iconic piece of headgear (like a hat that's not a common variety)? +1 point (not sure if this counts for fedoras, putting it in anyway)
Was your character routinely bullied at any point? +2 points
Did it cause them serious harm (physical or mental/emotional)? +2 additional points
Is your character exceptionally smart for their age? +2 points
Does your character avoid contractions in their speech? +2 points (only half the time, but I guess it counts)
Before the game begins, are you hoping that your character will make finals? +2 points (I think a lot of people are hoping for this, honestly)

Is your character usually pale (if it's because they stay inside all the time, that totally counts)? +1 point
Was your character routinely bullied at any point? +2 points

And I decided to run myself through it (totally not giving you exactly everything that gave me these points though):
So yeah. I imagine a 100% self insert of myself would be pretty unrealistic (so to speak). A lot of those points came from all the deaths in my family that have happened recently, among other things (knife proficiency, intelligence, etc.).

TT Reads V5 Pregame
Just finished Walk Slow, Talk Slow, Keep Yer Head Low.

THE SUMMATION: Very very good read. Conflict is very entertaining and pregame tends to have little to no real conflict. This, however, was an exception, and you could tell at a glance that Garrett and Hansel were both very passionate in their argument.

THE GOOD: Walk Slow, Talk Slow, Keep Yer Head Low is probably one of the most dramatic threads I have read. The flow is excellent as it is a back and forth argument between Hansel and Garrett, with minimal summation (something I need to work on). The audience really gets a peek inside the heads of both Garrett and Hansel as they try and outmaneuver each other. The thread really shows that Hansel really is just as stubborn as he is presented, but at the same time conflicted, troubled that the things that he believes in, the things he has built his entire philosophy and life around, might just be wrong. Thumbs up for both you and Doc making, dare I say it, one of the best pregame threads in V5.

THE BAD: Now to not sound like a kiss up, there are a few problems. You might want to consider proof-reading your posts before posting them (I apologize if you already do) as I spotted a few typos and punctuation errors throughout the thread, and while they were minor enough not to really throw me out of my immersion, they might be for some other people. Also, you could try to make your writing style a bit more unique, so to speak. Your adding of details is lovely and Hansel's thoughts during almost every moment in the thread are very clear, but ignoring quirks unique to Hansel, your writing style itself is a bit bland. Certainly not something to worry about on its own though, as your writing is fine and will probably develop its own style in no time.

THE UGLY: I hate- eh, fuck it, I can't really put anything here. As much as I want to hate Hansel I can't. He's troubled, and while I would definitely punch him in his face if I ever met him in real life, I can't really bring myself to hate him as a person/character.\

Anyway, I hope that was helpful. Next up, Katy Warren.

TT Reads V5 Pregame
Just finished reading Alex's pregame (I was quick because League is downloading on my new computer, I had no other priorities and Alex's pregame is short).

THE SUMMATION: I liked Alex's pregame. It was short, but it was nice. Kick Balls is a bit bleh, but that was mostly due to the lack of much happening in it, and it mostly served (for Alex) to give her something to talk about in Heart to Heart.

THE GOOD: I really love all the little things you put into Alex's characterization. On the surface, she appears to be arrogant, easily angered, and generally ornery. However, as shown in Heart to Heart, a lot of that simply stems from Alex's problems with herself and the world.

"So then I kicked their ball away, and they just laughed at that. Yeah, I'm smarter than them by like, a mile, and can program anything I want, but I can't kick a ball. That's so important, isn't it? World always needs new scientists and technology to get somewhere, but we really need athletes before that, because fucking sports man. Hell, look at everyone going to school on sports scholarships, whilst I spent my time working my ass off and didn't get any scholarships."

This line of her's suggests to me that not only is she frustrated with the America's general priorities when it comes to rewarding people of different talents, but she also feels inadequate about her own abilities, despite being arguably just as talented, if not more. And, despite appearing very confident (or at least defiant) during her confrontation with Mallory and Emily in Kick Balls, Heart to Heart shows that she really isn't confident at all, if anything she is the opposite. I love characterization like this, characters appearing one way on the outside but actually being deeply troubled on the inside and trying to put up a facade to cover it up, so thumbs up all around for that.

THE BAD: Nothing I can really come up with that you did wrong. If her pregame was longer I might have been able to come up with something, but other than Kick Balls being a little bit bleh, I think you did a fine job with Alex's short pregame.

THE UGLY: Parenthetical notes in IC posts. Ugggggggghhhhh. You only had the one in Alex's first post in Kick Balls, but I was really lacking anything to put in this section. I dislike parenthetical notes in posts, because there is usually a better way to express the information in them and they tend to throw me out of my immersion, due to the seeming switch between character's POV to the narrator's. 'Tis subjective though, as some people are okay with these sort of things.

Anyway, I hope that feedback was satisfactory. Next up, Hansel Williams.

TT Reads V5 Pregame
So, if you can't tell by the topic title, I want to start reading a bit of V5 pregame. However, I don't want to just dive in and see what happens. SO, this is where this topic comes in. I thought that not only would I read V5, but I would give my opinions and feedback on the various colorful characters in Aurora High School. The way this works is similar to Rattle's thread about him reading V4. Simply post in here with the character you want me to read and give feedback on. Please take note of these few things, however:

  • One character per handler at a time. I don't really have that much free time, so I don't want to be swarmed with 140+ characters.
  • Brutal honesty is to be expected. If I REALLY like your character, I will say so. If reading them makes me want to start readying a noose, I will say so.
  • I am no MurderWeasel (no one but Toben can possibly be a MurderWeasel). Expect the queue to move slowly and expect my feedback to not be /extremely/ in depth (but I will really try to give as much feedback as possible).
  • Generally, my feedback will be sorted into three things: the good (what was done well), the bad (what was done poorly), and the ugly (things that I disliked but are subjective in nature).
  • Finally, if you want to return the feedback I give in favor/revenge I would appreciate the critiquing of my two characters in PM.


Anyway, yes Turtle, we do 'ave something more to discuss. I've found a power role wot may be either the roleblocker or a second protection role. I need everybody to offer me explanations/guesses for why a person would target MK at any point from night two to five, on a night by night basis. (Obviously I didn't inspect every night, but I don't see any point in saying which ones) Do you guys think we 'ave a nurse?

S-Simply put, (probably) no. I-I find the pr-prospect of a n-nurse to be v-very unlikely, considering w-we had a n-normal sanity doctor a-and a JOAT. N-Not entirely ruling o-out the possibility, b-but I find th-the idea of th-there being a n-nurse to be a sl-slim to none ch-chance. O-Other reasons why s-someone would target R-Ricky?


B-Bodyguard, for one.


W-Watcher, maybe but t-targeting Ricky several n-nights wouldn't reveal n-new information (u-unless he was k-killed), and i-it raises the q-question of why th-they wouldn't have c-come forward with th-this information.


E-Even after extensive m-mafiascum reading, I c-can't really come u-up with much o-other than that, th-though. I-I do suggest th-though, Vyse, that y-you consider telling u-us this person's identity a-anyway, because it i-is highly likely th-that you will d-die this night ph-phase anyway, and i-it is l-likely you found th-the mafia roleblocker. Y-Your discretion however, a-and if you r-really think revealing th-this person would b-be a bad i-idea, you should pr-probably hope that th-they (i-if they are a-a bodyguard) choose to pr-protect you.

O-Okay guys, we n-need to decide wh-what to do, s-since barely anyone i-is talking and d-delaying a lynch t-to allow more d-discussion time isn't v-very productive when n-no one is t-talking.

F-First: Do we g-go ahead and l-lynch Persy? C-Considering the mafia c-could easily have a-already come in a-and quickhammer'd Persy a-at this point i-if he was i-innocent, it makes h-him look slightly m-more suspicious in m-my eyes. B-But, someone might h-have something else t-to discuss. Wh-Which leads me t-to...

S-Second: In the e-event that we d-don't go ahead a-and lynch him, i-is there anything e-else to discuss? I-If there is, bring i-it up! A-And we will d-discuss it! St-Staying silent helps n-no one but th-the mafia.

Th-Third: If you d-don't have anything e-else to discuss, a-and we don't g-go ahead and l-lynch Persy, give your th-thoughts on the wh-whole thing! D-Do you trust V-Vyse's judgement? O-Or Persy's roleclaim? S-Some new insight o-on the matter c-could either seal h-his fate or prevent u-us from mis-lynching.

N-Now, to abide b-by my whole th-thing ^here^ I th-think we should j-just go ahead a-and lynch him. A-Anyone else concur?

The Mafia Waiting List
Sign me up for TurtleTyrant's Bastard Mafia.


EDIT: Oh yeah, 26 players.

Vyse has been really, really clear on why he's not doing that, and it's in large part that doing so may very well out some pro-town roles. So thank you very much but no, he should absolutely not sound off.

Cr-Crap. M-Must have missed h-him saying that i-in the massive w-walls of text I-I had to sk-skim through. G-Going back through n-now though, I u-understand. I-I retract my e-earlier statement and m-my apologies to V-Vyse. >_<

Next, I find the feeding Un opportunities to better defend himself also rather, shall we say, unbecoming. Doubly so when coupled with an unvote (yes, I asked folks to stop voting, but unvoting moves us away from a lynch and that is a bad thing. Four left to lynch means we won't get blindsided). Triply so when combined with a request for deadline clarification.

W-Well, I thought th-there might be a-a grain of tr-truth to his cl-claim, and I th-thought getting his r-reasoning for each o-of his (p-possibly supposed) actions c-could either condemn h-him or convince p-people. I-I find it tr-troubling to put a-away a gunsmith, s-so I haven't b-been very sure i-if Unpy really i-is guilty since h-his claim (a-although my statement th-that the mafia m-might have safe-claims st-still stands). A-And the unvote w-was to make s-sure the mafia d-didn't come in a-and quickhammer him i-in the event o-of him being i-innocent. B-But, since you i-insist:


As to Un's claim? I find it shaky. Why? Because the role in question tells us next to nothing (since it at best gets flavor which can probably only identify the killer, vig, and cops). Since the cop and vig claimed before Un did, that means he has like a 1/16 chance of accidentally fingering the killer as not having a gun, except, wait, he is almost certainly the killer. That means, no crap nobody else has a gun; Un already knows the identities of everyone who does!

W-While I agree th-that his claim i-is a bit sh-shaky (a-as his actions s-seem too... convenient, s-so to speak) you are i-incorrect about how th-the gunsmith works. Th-The gunsmith is a-actually just a w-weaker cop. Th-The gunsmith gets positive r-results on ALL m-mafia members (n-not just the k-killer, and not in-including mafia doctors) a-and anyone who w-would logically be c-carrying a gun (C-Cop, Vig, PGO). I-I think this cl-claim of his c-could easily be a-a safe-claim (l-like I mentioned th-the mafia probably e-each having), b-but the possibility o-of lynching YET A-ANOTHER POWER-ROLE d-doesn't sit well w-with me.

I-In short: I-I wasn't trying t-to look scummier th-than a sewer, I-I just wanted a-a little info fr-from Vyse (wh-who I no l-longer want info fr-from since I w-went back and s-saw what you m-meant when you s-said he made i-it clear he w-wasn't going to d-do that) and Unpy.


F-First, to avoid g-getting an early h-hammer on Unpy.


A-And second, to st-still sorta pressure h-him.

N-Now, for actual st-stuff, I want t-to hear Vyse's f-full list of a-actions for all f-five nights, like U-Unpy listed off. H-He might have a-already s-subtly listed his a-actions o-off, but I a-actually want him t-to actively list e-each and every o-one of his n-night actions off f-for us to s-see. I-It could help u-us figure out i-if Unpy really i-is lying or i-if he is r-really really unlucky. I-I also want t-to hear Unpy's r-rationale for each o-of the people h-he targeted each n-night, aka, why h-he targeted those sp-specific people out o-of everyone else h-he could target.

I-I also want t-to point out t-to everyone that d-due to the n-nature of each o-of our roles h-having names that c-coincide with our p-posting restrictions, the m-mafia could easily e-each have a-a safe-claim in a-an attempt to k-keep mass-claims o-or being forced i-into a position wh-where they have t-to claim from o-outright exposing them.

A-As for what e-else I think, I-I need to w-wait for Vyse a-and Unpy to g-give me what I-I asked for.

((Also, Namira, when does this day phase end? You didn't say in the opening post for this day phase.))