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The Faster The Treadmill
((Madeline Wilcox continued from Dreams Walk On Powerlines))

Maddie sat and stared out into the ocean.

She looked tired, as if she hadn't slept in days. She was having trouble thinking.

She didn't quite know where she was. All she knew was that she was at a beach somewhere. Somewhere probably close to the scene of the two grizzly murders. One she participated in.

But Veronica deserved it.

Didn't she?

Maddie tugged on the bottom of her jacket, looking at it. Despite seeing it just some time before, she still had trouble looking at it. Being a mess of blood, both dried and fresh, made it difficult to feel comfortable looking at it. She brought her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them. She shook a bit.

She was a monster. Maybe killing Nina could be justified with self defense. But Veronica? After she accidentally killed RJ, she was a defenseless wreck. And Maddie brutally murdered her out of rage in the moment. She didn't deserve to die. None of them did.

She held her face in her hands, suppressing the urge to sob. If she thought she might have been able to go home before, that was gone now. She didn't deserve to go home. She could never go back to regular society. Not like she was.

She unzipped her bag, slowly. She needed to get something. She pulled out the gun-knife, still coated with blood, hand shaking heavily. She loaded a musket ball into it, her shaky hands making it difficult.

Then, she brought the barrel of the gun to her head.

She could stop the tragedy that was her continued existence easily. One pull of the trigger and she would be gone. Her whole body shook.

Her finger slowly began to squeeze down on the trigger. One tiny muscle movement and she would never think another thought ever again. She breathed in and out quickly.

She let go of the trigger and the gun-knife, and it made a small thump as it fell into the sand. She couldn't do it. No matter how much she wanted to end it, death scared her too much for her to actually go through with suicide.

She trembled and started crying shortly after.

What was she going to do? All she wanted was to die, to atone for what she's done. But she couldn't bring herself to commit suicide.

Maybe she would work up enough nerve to simply commit suicide given enough time.

Or maybe she could intentionally look for dangerous people. If she did that, she could put herself in enough danger that she died. Suicide by player, so to speak.

Simple enough, and it would work.

But she was far too tired to seek anybody out right now; her body screamed for a break. She stayed sitting in the sand, closing her eyes, listening to the sounds of the ocean and the island. It was peaceful. She felt at peace.

She finally had a plan again.

Final Fifty
Apr 16 2014, 11:17 AM
Did an inactive or an unrolled kill happen and I just didn't see it?
Veronica died.

Anyway, yeah, woo! Congrats to everyone who made it to the top fifty, I'm honestly glad I managed to make it to the top fifty, I was convinced that I'd be rolled out in the first two roll sets at first. ;_;

Dreams Walk On Powerlines
Maddie cried for the friend she had made on the island.

She didn't cry for her friends at school when she heard their names on the announcements. Or maybe it was because she hadn't seen them die right in front of her, maybe the island had drained any ability to empathize with someone that wasn't right next to her out of her. But she cried for this friend, the friend she had made, the friend she had been through so much with.

The two of them had spent a lot of time together, they got to know each other, and she genuinely cared for RJ. She didn't truly know if he returned the favor, but she liked to think he did. She liked to think they were friends, forged together in the fire that was the game. She placed RJ's hand back on the ground, the life having been long gone out of it at this point. She gently placed his jacket back on him, almost as if it was a blanket and she was tucking him in for the night.

And then Veronica spoke. She didn't hear what she said; she didn't need to. All she needed to know was that Veronica killed RJ, had killed her only friend that she really had left, since her other friends had already died in the days past.

If she had only pulled the trigger earlier, ended Veronica's life so that she could have never taken RJ's. She made a mistake, and RJ payed for it.

Her hands shook as she picked up the gun-knife.

She needed to now correct that mistake.

Maddie sat on the bench inside the store, a few feet away from where Veronica's dead body was.

She didn't quite know exactly what she did. She had killed Veronica in a blind rage, brought on by her desire to avenge RJ's death.

She looked at her hands. They were shaking, as was her whole body. Not only that, but her hands and her jacket now had fresh blood on them, from a new victim.

She and the gun-knife now had two kills to their name. She placed the weapon down. It was an awful weapon, a bloodthirsty one, and she was an awful person, a murderous one. She wiped the blood on the gun-knife off on her already ruined jacket and placed it back in her bag. Bloodthirsty or not, awful or not, she needed protection, even if she didn't deserve it anymore.

She looked at her hands again, the blood on them. She didn't even deserve to leave this place anymore.

She picked up her bag. She looked over at the two corpses, and their bags. She had grabbed the excess food that RJ still had after she killed Veronica, but she wasn't going to loot Veronica's bag. She didn't deserve to.

Madeline opened the decrepit doors of the shoe shop and left it, and the two bodies behind.

Where she went now, she didn't know. All she knew is that wherever she went, it was too good for her.

((Madeline Wilcox continued in The Faster The Treadmill))

Dreams Walk On Powerlines
Maddie's eyes grew wide as RJ jumped in front of her and took a hit from Veronica's tire iron. He was on the ground a moment later.

"RJ!" She shouted, as she immediately dropped to her knees, completely ignoring Veronica and focusing on RJ. Veronica might just take a swing at her while she was vulnerable and checking on her friend.

The blow had made a sickening crack as it hit RJ directly in his torso. She opened RJ's jacket as quickly as she could, to help assess the damage that he had suffered from the blow, and it was sickening. A large, black bruise began forming on his torso where the tire iron had hit, partially covered by the bandages he was wearing. Not only that, but his torso looked deformed and lumpy in several spots, as if some of his ribs had been broken.

She ran through all she knew about first aid for blunt force trauma and shock. Elevate the affected areas, keep the person warm, place something cold on the bruises. Nothing she could really do at the moment, there was nothing close enough to warm RJ beyond maybe using his jacket as a blanket, nothing cold to use on his bruise, and her trying to elevate his head and torso in his current state could wind up causing her to do more harm than good.

Not only that, but his injuries were severe enough that he'd likely need professional medical attention if he was to survive. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized there was nothing she could really do to help RJ. "RJ... you..." She trembled, her lip quivered. The one friend she had really made so far on the island, the one friend she had been through so much with. "You..." She was cut short by RJ's hand coming up to her face, gently tapping her chin while he shushed her. She grabbed his hand and held it there, still shaking as the tears rolled down her face.

There were no more sounds after that. Just her sitting there, holding his hand as he got progressively weaker. She didn't know what Veronica was doing, she didn't care. RJ was dying and there was nothing she could do about it. She held RJ's hand tight, as sort of lifeline to him.

And just like that, a few minutes later, he was gone.

Dreams Walk On Powerlines
Maddie didn't get her answer before she saw Veronica's leg muscles move.

She pulled the trigger on the gun-knife, the pop being somewhat deafening in the small room. But the kick still came, she had missed. Veronica's foot hit the side of her thigh, causing her to lose her balance and crumple. As she fell forward, she made a desperate swipe at Veronica with the gun-knife, before catching herself on the floor.

Now that she was on the ground, she was vulnerable. Vulnerability meant death. She quickly rolled away from where she fell, hearing the sound of Veronica's tire iron hit the ground where she just was with terrifying force that she didn't know the girl was capable of.

She scrambled to get up on her feet, to put up a fight against Veronica. She refused to go out like this. Even if she did die, she was going to go down kicking and screaming, so help her.

Dreams Walk On Powerlines
Maddie nearly pulled the trigger when Veronica said that she was playing.

Veronica was indeed trying to kill her, she didn't know why, but she wasn't about to care. Trying to murder her was trying to murder her, no matter the reason. She had the gun-knife pointed at Veronica's head. She wasn't moving, neither of them were. It was a standstill, and Maddie could end it with one pull of a trigger.

But, she didn't want to. She couldn't bring herself to take another person's life. She wanted to look for a reason to simply let Veronica go, tell her to leave and get out of here. But, at the same time, she didn't want to give her a chance to do anything. The safest option would just be to kill her, and deal with the emotional trauma afterwards. But, as easily as she could end it right now, as safe as that would be, option wise, she didn't want to.

She decided to give Veronica one last chance. "Give me one good reason that I shouldn't kill you right now."

Dreams Walk On Powerlines
Maddie stood, looking out the window of the store, watching for people. Veronica was doing something behind her while RJ was off doing who knows what.

Maddie was keeping watch because she needed to be the first to know if anyone showed themselves, to make sure to keep everyone safe. Of course, since RJ was out, the only person she was really keeping safe was herself, she still didn't entirely trust Veronica, even if her uneasiness over her was mostly gone. One doesn't just try to threaten two people and then suddenly become completely stable and safe to trust.

Then suddenly there was no noise from Veronica coming from behind her. She didn't turn, simply kept listening. Still quiet. A sudden drop in noise followed by regular noise is one thing, but an extended quiet is too odd to ignore. There could be multiple causes of an extended quiet, but most people make minor amounts of noise from just being a normal person. The only time people don't make noise is when they are trying to avoid making noise. Maddie swiveled her head and torso around a bit, to just catch what Veronica was doing, and her eyes went wide she she saw Veronica not a few feet behind her, tire iron raised. Veronica was trying sneak up on her and kill her.

She immediately jumped to the side, flipping around while doing so, just to put a few extra feet between her and Veronica. She pulled out the gun-knife quickly, pulling it out at a moment's notice was something she had gotten good at during her time on the island. She pointed it at Veronica, even if Veronica was uncomfortably close to her. Close enough to be able to lunge at her. She spoke, as quickly as she could. "Okay. Just what the hell are you doing?"

Turtle Draws Things
That would be six, plus an extra. I'll do Ohm's character anyway because of Naft's weird request mucking things up.

I'll have everyone's character's (and Naft's request) done as soon as whenever.

Turtle Draws Things
Apr 12 2014, 11:12 PM
Draw Vahka and Dougie playing tug-of-war with Regina.
Not sure to count this as three people or one request.

For the sake of hilarity, I'm counting it as one request (please don't do this to me otherwise, people ;~;).

Turtle Draws Things

It only took me three and a half months. Getting better at this. B)

Now, without further delay, drawings!

Bikriki's Aileen Aurora Abdallah

Espi's Gwen O'Connor

DocBalance's Gabriel Munez

Sansa's Marcus Redder

NotAFlyingToy's Hansel Williams

And because I kept you waiting so long...

Bonus Top Hat Turtle

Now, for this next round, I will be taking six characters instead of five and I will be doing them in batches of two instead of all at once.

Otherwise, have at it.

Dreams Walk On Powerlines
Maddie stood there watching as they hugged. It was sweet, in a slightly awkward sort of way.

She took a step back from them and re-positioned her hat, silver pill box still safely tucked inside. She sometimes forgot it was there, but she wouldn't forget it if she needed to put another person to sleep.

Thinking about it, if Veronica proved to be too unstable to keep around safely, she could always put her to sleep just like she put Nina to sleep. It would hopefully not later end with murder, though, like in Nina's case.

However she shouldn't need to do that. Her uneasiness over Veronica was beginning to fade and she thought that Veronica should probably be okay to keep around, especially since RJ knew her.

She decided to speak. "So... I see you two are getting along. Want to come inside and help set up temporary camp?"

Dreams Walk On Powerlines
Maddie stood idly by as Veronica and RJ awkwardly caught up with one another. Looking between the two of them, she decided it was probably for the best that she just let them go along with what they were doing.

She walked into the store that they stopped near and put her stuff down. She gave a cursory glance around the store front, seeing nothing really of interest. She stretched, relaxing some of her muscles. She hadn't done that since she had woken up; it felt nice.

She looked back outside at RJ and Veronica. At least something good had happened, two people reuniting. Good things were a rare commodity. She took out one of the calorie bars and took a bite. Still tasted awful, but it was food, at the very least. She wished it was better food, but any food at all was good, she supposed. The terrorists could have easily not given them food in the first place and just laughed at their pathetic attempts to scramble for food.

She wondered why she was still bothering to contemplate things like this; she'd contemplated a lot of things about the island before. At this point it was quite pointless and seemed to just be an attempt by her to take up time. But perhaps it was good she was taking up time. Boredom was a very real threat on this island, along with many other very real threats.

She finished up the calorie bar and tossed the wrapper aside, into a waste bin that was still sitting out. It wasn't likely to ever actually get picked up, but she didn't feel like littering, even if no one would care. She stood and dusted off her jacket with Nina's brown, dried blood still present. She's not sure why she still wore the jacket; perhaps it was just serving as a reminder of what she did. Or perhaps she just didn't want to take it off out of apathy. Whatever the case, she walked back out the storefront to check how RJ and Veronica were doing.

How To Write Southerners
As a person who lives in Kentucky, I can vouch for all of this being accurate. (Except some of the farm stuff since I personally have not lived on a farm.)

This guide is very handy and I <3 Zarina for doing this, but just... make sure to do your research people. If you don't know of something first hand, research it! As a person who does a lot of research for all her characters (and everything really) I know how much it helps in making the acceptance process for characters (and the writing of that character!) as smooth as possible. As an added incentive, if you don't research I will find you and stare at you while you sleep. O__O

Dreams Walk On Powerlines
Maddie lowered the gun, per RJ's request. She kept her gaze locked on the girl, although less hostile in intensity.

RJ's girlfriend. Maddie couldn't help but express a bit of surprise at that. RJ didn't seem like the romantic type.

Whatever the case, at least someone knew the person that was confronting them. Maddie slipped the gun-knife away, making sure to load it with one of the musket balls she has kept in her pocket in case she needed any quickly. She wasn't quite ready to trust this girl, even if she had ties with RJ. Too dangerous to just trust people on instinct, even if doing just that did get her an alliance with RJ originally.

The girl still looked intimidated. Maddie guessed that the show of aggression worked, almost too well.

She guessed that she should try to diffuse the situation herself, at least somewhat. "Well, gun's away. Everyone can calm down now."

Dreams Walk On Powerlines
Maddie's question was interrupted by RJ stepping in between her and the girl threatening them.

Getting it solved? The girl was obviously deranged, just like most of the other people on the island. She needed to be avoided, and if threatening her back was the only way, then it was the only way.

But the girl reacted oddly. She dropped her tire iron and backed up a little. She looked like she recognized the both of them, especially RJ. Certainly these two reactions were related. RJ wouldn't normally risk his life for some random person they met, and a sensible person wouldn't drop their weapon unless specifically prompted.

Couldn't hurt to ask a question.

Maddie addressed RJ. "Do you two know each other?"