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Y-Your reasoning is s-sound enough that I-I will leave y-you alone. F-For now.


One thing to bare in mind with the whole Penguin nightkilling Dom plan is that what if the person that roleblocked Ricky blocks Penguin or Penguin just claims to be blocked to play for time. Maybe it's nothing too important but it should be considered especially since no roleblockers have claimed/died yet. Unless Ricky was lying about being role-blocked...which doesn't really make sense unless he was pretending to be a cop and that's incredibly unlikely.

A-As for what y-you say there, th-that is even B-BETTER. Y-You see, the mafia kn-knows we have b-both a cop a-and vig running a-around. Th-They cannot kill th-the vigilante. L-Logically, if they w-want to keep th-them both from d-doing anything, they w-will kill Ricky a-and roleblock Penguin. I-If, come next d-day phase, R-Ricky is dead a-and there is n-no kill from P-Penguin, that will c-confirm P-Penguin as the v-vig just as w-well as her a-actually killing D-Dom.

B-But that is pr-pretty much the s-same, why is th-that better, you a-ask? Th-The mafia kn-know who is a-and who is n-not town. Th-They know that P-Penguin is going t-to be targeting D-Dom (A-Also, P-Penguin, do what T-Toben says and t-target D-Dom, I don't th-think anyone is g-going to object), so logically, th-they shouldn't block th-the kill if h-he is town, b-because that would g-get rid of a-a townie. H-However, if they D-DO block the k-kill, that means th-the mafia doesn't w-want P-Penguin killing D-Dom.

Er-Ergo, if the k-kill is blocked a-and R-Ricky dies, that m-means that P-Penguin is the v-vig and D-Dom is scum.

Right now, I have nothing. I know that there are at most two or three other cult members, but I don't know who they are, BUT I do feel that Psych was the recruiter for the cult, as he was killed last night attempting to recruit. Dom does seem like a good idea for nightkill.

I-Ignoring the horrible w-wording that you h-have there that m-makes me think y-you are part o-of the cult, th-this is intriguing:

Also, somebody blocked me Night Three.

S-So, you reveal th-that you have s-some sort of p-power role (because t-townies wouldn't kn-know if they a-are roleblocked because th-they have no r-role to be b-blocked) but n-not what. R-Right. Pr-Probably should have k-kept that under wr-wraps Decoy. Un-Unless you are a-a bomb and a-are trying to b-bait mafia kills, i-in which case g-good job (w-well, I ruined th-that now but wh-whatever).

A-As for suspicions c-concerning various players, I-I have to a-agree with P-Penguin and T-Toben in that D-Deamon reeks of sc-scum. Th-The fact that th-the only times h-he comes up a-and posts are wh-when he is t-targeted directly, and th-the fact that h-he so fervently d-defends himself and th-then immediately drops o-off the face o-of the thread m-makes me think h-he is even m-more suspicious than r-random inactives, because h-he is obviously p-paying attention but d-doesn't want to t-talk in order t-to avoid suspicion.


EBWOP: I-I just remembered wh-what night kill i-immune means. I-Ignore that I j-just said she i-is screwed either w-way.

*Goes into a corner and smacks herself for being stupid*

...A-An NK-Immune M-Miller Vig...

Th-This claim is s-so preposterous and h-hilarious (a-and provable) that I c-can't help but b-believe it.


Pr-Provided she is t-telling the truth, s-she can pr-prove it by k-killing at the t-town's request, and s-she is screwed e-even if she i-is scum because th-there is no w-way the mafia c-can ignore her n-now.

I-I would like t-to hear what T-Toben has to s-say about that c-claim though. *nudge nudge*

I-I don't really th-think that P-Penguin is scum, b-but looking at T-Toben's logic, this i-is definitely something th-that WE CANNOT P-POSSIBLY IGNORE.

S-Simply put, as T-Toben highlighted, the r-risks of leaving P-Penguin alive are H-HUGE. Sh-She is highly d-dangerous as scum, a-and if she b-became a backup r-recruiter to the c-cult (l-likely, given that Ps-Psyche is quite i-intuitive), that makes h-her the BIGGEST th-threat we can c-currently face. I-I would honestly c-consider cults MORE d-dangerous than the m-mafia, because while m-mafia can reduce o-our numbers one b-by one, cults c-can not only r-reduce our numbers o-one by one, b-but also INCREASE th-their own numbers f-for every single t-townie they take a-away from us.

L-Let's put it th-this way with p-possible scenarios if w-we lynch Penguin:

1. W-We lynch her a-and she hasn't b-been recruited AND th-there is a b-backup recruiter. W-We lose one t-townie and the b-backup is still a-at large. G-Given that there i-is probably a b-backup recruiter anyway, th-this leaves us i-in a really s-sore spot.

2. W-We lynch her a-and she hasn't b-been recruited, BUT th-there is not a-a backup recruiter. W-We lose one t-townie, but there i-is no backup st-still at large. U-Unfortunately, this would pr-probably leave us i-in a sour spot b-because we might th-think there is st-still a backup, c-causing us to pr-probably waste another d-day phase in th-the process.

3. W-We lynch her a-and she has b-been recruited, BUT th-there is no b-backup recruiter. W-We get rid o-of a scum a-and confirm that th-there is no b-backup. Th-This would be r-really good because w-we would have g-gotten rid of a-a scum and th-then confirmed the f-fact that the c-cult can no l-longer recruit, letting u-us focus on th-the mafia.

4. W-We lynch her a-and she has b-been recruited, AND th-there is a b-backup recruiter. B-Best case scenario. W-We hit a sc-scum and kill th-the backup recruiter, e-effectively shutting down th-the cult and a-allowing us to f-focus down the m-mafia.

E-Even if we d-didn't lynch Penguin i-in scenario one w-we are still l-left with a r-recruiter at large a-and with w-way less i-information, and if w-we didn't lynch P-Penguin in scenario t-two, while there w-would be no r-recruiter at large, w-we wouldn't know th-that and would l-likely waste day ph-phases trying to f-find the recruiter a-anyway.

I-In light of th-the fact that th-there is really n-no really bad sc-scenario for lynching h-her, VOTE: PENGUIN_ALIEN.

(Al-Although I would l-like to see h-her defend herself)

Th-This is troublesome. W-We have a c-cult. Ps-Psych is dead, b-but evidently his c-cultists didn't suicide w-with him. C-Considering that cults c-can recruit once e-every night provided th-the cult leader l-lives, that puts o-our highest estimate n-number of cultists a-alive at three (a-assuming recruitment every n-night).

N-Now, R-Ricky is alive, w-which is a t-tad surprising, but th-the mafia probably h-has him roleblocked a-again.

S-So, what now?

Maddie took the controls as she watched the intro to the fight.


She decided to give him a brief respite and let him win the first round. She still fought a bit, to make it seem like she was actually trying, but in the end she let him land one last coin from Johnny, and watched as Baiken was brought to the ground. Round one was his.

She smiled devilishly. Now the real fun begins.

Round two started. She unleashed every single combo in Baiken's arsenal that she could readily perform, not giving Micheal any sort of breathing room and keeping the pressure on him at a maximum. After a few moments, Johnny fell. Round two was hers.

Round three started. She let up a tiny bit, but still made sure that Micheal didn't have any breathing room and kept the pressure very high. Ultimately, it was still too much, and the stylish pirate fell once again. Round three was hers. Looks like I win.

She saw Micheal dig out his phone and starting tapping at his keyboard, and right after he stopped her phone vibrated. She checked the message on it. She smiled. She rapidly typed out a response. "It's the most fun when you give your opponent a moment of hope and then immediately destroy them right after. Demoralizes them." Shortly after, she sent another message. "Want a rematch?"

I-In the hopes o-of getting something d-done this day ph-phase, and the f-fact that I h-have to agree e-entirely with T-Toben on L-Laurel's behavior. T-To reiterate:

  • L-Laurels is usually a-active. H-He hasn't been a-active, and has b-been lurking.
  • L-Laurels jumped on E-Espi without reason (I-I wish I n-noticed this when I-I pointed out th-the people who j-jumped on him l-last day phase f-for no reason)
  • L-Laurels changed the d-discussion from useful t-topics to pointless th-things
  • L-Laurels waffled hard o-on the Slam i-issue
  • L-Laurels admitted to l-lying low to a-avoid net suspicion
  • L-Laurels jumped on V-Vyse for trying t-to be helpful t-to the town

A-And, to add, h-he has fallen u-under a lot o-of scum tells, n-namely:

  • "Wishy Washy voting patterns and wagon jumping."
  • "Voting without any good reason, or indeed any reason whatsoever."
  • "Deliberately avoiding/ giving half-answers to queries from other players."
  • "Trying to find out and reveal power roles (if applicable)"
  • "Gloating (any form of "complaining" about how bad the previous night was, how the doctor/cop was killed, etc.) Similar to 'congratulating the doctor'"


Amendment to the Staff Heirarchy System
I think a lot of people are using Indulgence (as am I) and the purple kinda mixes in with the background of indulgence.

Not So Quiet Time in the Lunch Room
Sara was still quite out of it as the table around her kept active.

Some illness strikes soon
Quick and deadly like a hawk
Ending someone's life

While others strike
Sluggish and sad like a snail
In execution

She didn't even notice Mirabella put her water bottle back in front of her as she though of that dual haiku.

She slowly snapped out of it after a moment and she then finally realized that she had finished her lunch. She packed her things up and stood. "Well, after I finish my lunch I normally head to the library." She waved to the people at the table. "It was very nice talking to all of you." She pushed her chair in. "Perhaps we can do this again in the future." With that last statement she strolled out of the cafeteria and started heading to the library.

((Sara Corlett continued elsewhere...))

S-So I decided t-to think a b-bit on what h-has been going o-on. I-I decided to m-make a chart o-of all confirmed r-roles and such.


S-So we have 22 u-unconfirmed people, and (s-since mafias typically t-take up 25-33% of th-the players) th-there are a-about 6-9 members o-of the mafia o-out of th-those 22 (or 27-41% of them).

D-Didn't really want t-to outline my s-suspicions just yet (m-my p-posting restriction is v-very cumbersome), j-just wanted to g-give a little f-food for thought.

M-My apologies S-Slam. I-I think T-Toben got his v-vote stolen by a-a vote thief. N-Not entirely sure th-though.

After Micheal reminded Maddie that he couldn't read lips, she kicked herself for being so stupid. How could she possibly forget that? She pulled out her phone and quickly typed in everything she had just said and sent it to him, adding in "Also, really sorry about forgetting you can't read lips." After she did that, she noticed Michael had already stepped up to the controls and selected Johnny.

She turned back to her phone and began typing in another message. "So, what do you want to do? Best 2 out of 3, 3 out of 5, 5 out of 9? I have enough money to last however many rematches you want." She sent the message and smiled from her lighthearted taunt. She turned back to the cabinet and prepared to best him yet again.


Y-You know who I-I think we s-should go after? Th-Those people who l-lynched E-Espi without giving s-so much as a-a minor reason f-for it. V-Voting on someone w-without much reason i-is scummy behavior, b-but it is e-even worse if th-that person later f-flips town.

T-Two people stick o-out in particular th-though. J-Jimmydalad and D-Decoy.

I must say, I feel that Espaniol's claim is not strong enough for me not to doubt him. I'm sure others would agree with me when I say that one of the only things we are certain about is that there are townies in this game. His claim is quite easy to use to deflect suspicion from him. I do apologize Espaniol, but I feel that action needs to be taken.

H-He r-really just states th-that he doesn't b-believe Espi's claim. N-Not nearly as m-much as others st-stated.

B-But D-Decoy? D-Decoy is worse.

Oh, my GOD!!! Psychadelic just spent the last day tirelessly tabulating every single post while dealing with his illness from the confines of the toilet with his head in a garbage can! And I must say, his suspicions seem relatively grounded. I tend to agree.

I-It is just a-a simple, ME T-TOO! A-As stated before b-by many, this s-sort of behavior i-is incredibly scummy, a-and I feel th-this is at l-least worth looking i-into.


Not So Quiet Time in the Lunch Room
Sara stared absentmindedly off into space, listening to Sean interrogate Matt the same way he interrogated her. She heard Mirabella sit down nearby her, and she heard Mirabella say something to Sean, but she began to tune everything out and started to think again about what specifically she could write about later today.

She thought of her book, Cinder. Perhaps a poem about the horrors of disease? She was unsure of that idea when she Mirabella brought her back to reality by addressing her. She turned to Mirabella. "Water?" She looked at her water bottle. It was nearly empty, but it should be good for a mouthful. "Sure, go ahead and take the rest." She handed the water bottle to Mirabella. "Just make sure to give it back." And with that, she turned back to her lunch.

She looked at her sandwich. The sandwich she had was almost completely gone, only a bite or two left. She stuck the remaining portion in her mouth and went back to thinking about what to write as she chewed.

Apr 8 2013, 08:46 PM
I'm a bit suspicious of Turtle, for a few reasons. The first is that she hops onto bandwagons at about the same point every time, specifically in the first half dozen votes or so. That's early enough to avoid the brunt of suspicion but late enough to avoid the heat/scrutiny that comes with instigating a wagon. Also, all of her evidence is nitpicking; that's fine for pinning a liar down, but does not sit well with me when it comes to getting wagons going. It feels like a sort of early me-too-ism, and since SOTF mafia has learned all about how scummy a low-content late vote is, I can sort of see this as an adaptation to aggressively push lynches while at the same time deflecting net suspicion.
I-I'm sorry i-if I appear s-suspicious to y-you. T-To give m-my reasonings f-for the v-various things y-you brought u-up:

  • I-I didn't realize I w-was hopping on b-bandwagons at about th-the same time e-every single time, I-I have to c-congratulate you on n-noticing really small th-things like that. I-I can't really g-give an explanation f-for that one, I-I just tended t-to wait until a-at least a f-few people were v-voting and giving r-reasons to lynch s-someone before voting m-myself, while keeping a-active enough to n-not be one o-of the later v-voters.

  • W-When I add m-my vote, at th-that point a-a lot of th-things have already b-been said (t-typically, by you) s-so I have t-typically nothing to a-add past my n-nitpicks that I n-noticed, but I v-vote because I a-am genuinely suspicious o-of those people th-that (t-typically, you) bring s-suspicion to.

  • I-I am not e-exactly /trying/ to a-aggressively push lynches w-while deflecting suspicion, y-you give me t-too much credit. I-I am trying t-to finger whoever I-I find suspicious a-at the time, a-and since voting a-and discussing is a-all town can d-do when someone i-is suspicious, I d-do just that, I-I throw my v-vote on w-whoever is the m-most suspicious and d-discuss.

N-Now, as to w-what else you s-said, I have t-to agree with y-you. It's evident th-the mafia doesn't h-have some sort o-of strongman, as R-Ricky isn't horribly m-mutilated and dead. I-If Slam is t-telling the truth, h-he is screwed u-utterly anyway because th-the mafia probably h-have their cross-hairs on h-him now. I-If he isn't t-telling the truth, aka. h-he isn't dead b-by next day ph-phase assuming we l-leave him alive, th-then we lynch th-the fuck out o-of him th-then because his c-claim would be o-obviously bullshit. G-Given what you h-have said, I a-agree that u-ultimately lynching him I-I guess isn't w-worth it.


I-I also have t-to agree with th-the fact that L-Laurels h-has contributed absolutely f-fuck-all to th-the discussion i-in all 11 of h-his posts and I-I agree that h-he is a very g-good target of s-suspicion c-considering th-the S-Slam lynch is a b-bad i-idea. H-Hate to prove y-your statement on m-my bandwagon jumping s-sorta r-right, but


Apr 8 2013, 04:38 PM
Oh snap you're right, I suppose I couldn't have considered her as a sanity check because I don't have any foresight, and even if I did it would be impeded by the horrible nauseous feelings from the whole dying thing.

Though my fact that she was basically a confirmed townie still holds ground.
T-The sarcasm B-BURNS. B-But no, s-seriously, I w-was stating th-that I f-found it u-unlikely that y-you would th-think of th-that very sp-specific idea wh-when tr-trying to pr-protect P-Penguin, rather th-than the m-more general "O-Oh a c-confirmed townie" i-idea. I d-did not c-completely rule o-out the p-possibility (n-notice I u-used passive w-words like "I-I doubt" or "I-I think" w-when accusing y-you), I j-just expressed th-that I d-didn't think y-you would th-think of th-that, considering th-that no o-one else th-thought that th-the cop i-in this g-game might b-be insane u-until after th-the fact (n-not even o-our cop h-himself).

Apr 8 2013, 03:39 PM
Sure, I can clarify. The target of my night one protection was, in fact, you! I figured the kill would either come down to you, Doc, or myself, and considering that I couldn't protect myself nor was I all that comfortable with whether or not Doc was scum, I went for the one who I figured was confirmed townie and who the mafia would probably like to pick on for the sake of getting rid of that sanity check. Whether or not I succeeded in preventing more nauseating bloodshed we'll never know until the fallout, but at least I know I wasn't blocked then.
S-Slam. B-Bad move. Y-You just c-contradicted yourself.

A-Adding on t-to what R-Ricky just st-stated, th-there is a pr-problem with y-your st-statement. Sp-Specifically, this b-bit: "I went for the one who I figured was confirmed townie and who the mafia would probably like to pick on for the sake of getting rid of that sanity check."

I-If you pr-protected P-Penguin on d-day one f-for the p-purpose of pr-protecting a c-confirmed townie, th-that is f-fine. B-But why w-would you w-want to pr-protect her b-because the m-mafia might w-want to g-get rid o-of a p-potential sanity ch-check? Th-The whole i-idea of u-using P-Penguin as a s-sanity check w-was first br-brought up b-by T-Toben in th-this post in d-day T-TWO, which i-is after th-this s-supposed protection h-happened. I-I doubt, a-as the d-doctor you cl-claim to b-be, that y-you would w-worry about th-the c-cop, who y-you wouldn't h-have known th-the identity or p-potential sanity of at th-the time, using P-Penguin as a s-sanity ch-check. I-If anything, I-I think y-you added i-in that p-part about th-the potential u-utility as a s-sanity check t-to make y-your claim s-sound more l-legitimate, like y-you were w-worrying about th-the town, wh-when it in f-fact did e-exactly the o-opposite and p-pointed out h-how bullshit y-your claim a-actually is. I-I think y-you are a-as R-Ricky said, "You're scum, this is one final attempt at saving yourself when you should've been dead on day 2."


V5 Final Countdown and Character Application Deadlines
Grim Wolf
Apr 6 2013, 12:55 AM
Is it considered bad form to post on the profiles of those in queue mocking them as the deadline approaches?
Presumably. Very.

I-If my c-counting is c-correct, th-the n-next vote o-on E-Espi will b-be the h-hammer.